Rumors that the black material has been fermented for a period of time, although the heat has slowly dropped, the power and consequences of it have begun to appear.

First, Chunzhen Milk removed the popular milk advertisement and various publicity boards and posters related to Wang Yuan, and proposed compensation for the termination of the contract by replacing the spokesperson.

The movie just made for the National Day gift, because Wang Yuan is the heroine of a unit movie in it, now the producer is anxious and regrets it. Several phone calls a day asking how Wang Yuan responded. Is there any way to suppress public opinion? If it spreads, I am worried that it will affect the release of this movie.

Economically and professionally, the impact will also affect life.

Wang Yuan sent Mario to school on Monday. The reception teacher of the international school reminded Wang Yuan euphemistically that the direction of their school's education for students is not based on performance, but pays more attention to the improvement of student habits, conduct and overall quality. I hope that the parents of students are also excellent professionals, and they can't have moral defects. Wang Yuan can only say that she will deal with the issue of public image as soon as possible.

During this period of time, Wang Yuan hasn't paid much attention to the black material on the Internet that is totally unfounded and can't stand scrutiny. She has been concerned about the entertainment industry in the past, but she doesn't really understand the industry, and she has only been involved in this field in the past few months. Thing.

The initial response she made was to post a statement online and entrust a lawyer to investigate the legal responsibility of the real-name rumors. It is impossible to delete all these innuendo remarks. She felt that over time, the true and false were revealed.

Until the harm of rumors is not just that they can be avoided without hearing, it has spread and affected their lives.

Especially her own children, who have been hurt by it, this is something that Wang Yuan will never allow. Rage and fighting spirit surged, overshadowing the Buddhist side of his personality.

Wang Yuan reviewed the whole story, some details that had been overlooked before, and now slowly recalled it.

She dialed a phone call to the agent who had not been seen since the incident and asked her to meet.

The meeting place for the two was chosen in Wang Yuan's original mansion. This house was vacant for several months, and there was not a trace of popularity except for the faint dust, until they came in.

"No tea, no coffee, let's go directly to the topic." Wang Yuan said, looking at the agent. This was the first time the two met and talked after the banquet that day.

Qu Hui subconsciously avoided her gaze: "I didn't do a good job of what you encountered this time.

The job of a broker, but this is also for a reason. You completely offended the top of the company that day, they won't let me come forward to solve the problem for you. The company has not stepped on you in this matter. It is worthy of cooperation for more than ten years."

After speaking, she seemed to believe what she had said, her back relaxed, and she leaned slightly towards the sofa, regaining her usual self-confident and capable posture.

Wang Yuan smiled: "You have two problems with this. One is the contradiction between me and the company. Tianyu and I have a cooperative relationship, and we do things in accordance with the terms of the contract, which does not include my need to go to major public relations clients for Tianyu. Tianyu used unobtrusive means to help me meet with your business partners. What happened afterwards can only be said to be stealing chickens and failing to lose money. As for the contradiction between me and Mr. Sun, it is that I met an old gangster who exercised justice. Defense. In summary, the company has violated the contract, failed to protect the public image of the cooperating artists, and completely failed to do anything about rumors that hurt the contracted artists.

The second point, you said the company did not step on me? you sure? But I knew that after Xue Ping came forward to spread rumors and denigrate me, Tang Yanyan immediately signed to Tianyu's banner."

Qu Hui leaned forward to look at Wang Yuan, her eyes sharpened: "Your changes are really great. Before you encountered this kind of thing, you would not calmly talk about it. Including your performance that day, it made me Surprised, I don't know when you practiced taekwondo, then a few big men can be beaten to the ground by you. Do you know, if I'm not an atheist, I suspect that you committed suicide once and changed another person."

Wang Yuan looked back at her and laughed: "Why, there is a new copy? Would you like to have another impact topic? For example, Wang Yuan was crossed by someone?"

The corner of Qu Hui's mouth pressed down, and the thought flashed in his mind just now, the words that he blurted out were indeed a bit stupid, and Wang Yuan took the opportunity to ridicule.

"The company's attitude and my attitude are already here, and will not change. If you want to get help from me or want to make a conversation as a recording evidence, you can definitely tell that these are useless. We have cooperated for ten times. In the past few years, in the past ten years, I have not been sorry for you. During the trough period of these two years, I have not left you, let alone embarrassed you. It is also considered as benevolent. Today's situation is completely caused by you. Yes, I'll give you a suggestion at last. You don't care about your fame and income, so why not just take this opportunity to leave the circle. Acting as a drama or acting as a teaching instructor is what suits you."

Wang Yuan thought, if the original body heard these words, she would feel hurt, she is the one who has been with Qu Hui for more than ten years.

And she didn't catch a cold at all of these ruthless and beautiful words that Qu Hui said.

"Yeah, what's the use of recording your voice? If I have the ability to predict, I might record the events of that day in advance. How to say, now it is Sun Liuman who is behind the scenes, as long as he can be exposed, That matter may be easier to handle." She said while observing Qu Hui's expression, "Unfortunately, it's useless to say these now."

The muscles on Qu Hui's face twitched unconsciously, and she immediately twitched the corners of her mouth and smiled: "You know, people still have to look forward. To be honest, no matter how good the PR team is, it can't be solved. It's specious. Rumors are the most difficult to deal with. We can only wait for a long time, and the public slowly forgets."

"Yes, people want to look forward, but you can also take stock of some details in the past and learn from experience and lessons." Wang Yuan said slowly, "I remember now that when you called that day, you stood in a good position. If you put a miniature camera there, you can see the whole audience clearly."

Qu Hui's face changed completely. She pretended to be calm and asked: "What do you mean by this."

"It's not interesting, it's purely small talk." Wang Yuan smiled, "I sent you an email to terminate my contract with Tianyu Company. Please help me resolve it as soon as you receive it."

Qu Hui stood up and pinched her fingers in her purse. She didn't believe that after Wang Yuan had said that, she just put it down so gently. Don't ask if you have a video, or ask yourself to hand over the video?

After taking a deep look at Wang Yuan, she realized that she really didn't understand the artist." I want to let the company's big boss decide on the termination of the contract. He is also very angry about this matter, and she does not rule out that he will delay it. Or ask you to compensate you for high liquidated damages."

Because Wang Yuan mentioned the camera just now, Qu Hui felt a little unsure, and kindly reminded Wang Yuan before leaving.

"I have to terminate the contract with Tianyu." Wang Yuan smiled and resolutely said, "I am most afraid of litigation now, I believe the law will have a fair judgment."

Online rumors spreaders are difficult to pursue, but real-name slanderers are not easily let go. Wang Yuan sued the media for publishing inaccurate information.

Taiwan's response was very quick, and they pulled down the news to issue apology letters.

Wang Yuan also used a piece of paper to sue Xue Ping. Xue Ping again complained in front of the public. She refused to admit that she was slanderous. Wang Yuan ignored her and gave her full power to Lawyer Lin to help him collect information. Evidence requires Xue Ping to pay for her words and deeds.

The previous media's ability to issue an apology letter so quickly is also the credit of Lawyer Lin. After the incident, Wang Yuan was still looking for a lawyer she had previously cooperated with. She didn't know whether it was because the lawyer's ability was inadequate or because her firm and Tianyu had a close cooperation relationship. The efficiency of handling the prosecution incident was very poor. Moreover, the information given to Wang Yuan is that this kind of remarks lawsuit is the most difficult to fight, and it will take at least one or two years, and evidence needs to be collected slowly.

When Wang Yuan decided to fight back, she first contacted a lawyer. At this time, Lawyer Lin took the initiative to take over Wang Yuan's lawsuit. Wang Yuan readily agreed to hand over the defamation lawsuit to him.

This time she did not find the wrong person. As soon as Lawyer Lin took action, the media immediately apologized. He also collected almost the same evidence in the Xue Ping case, and waited for the court to begin.

After this incident, netizens all lamented that no one stood up to speak for Wang Yuan, saying that she was not good in character.

Wang Yuan thought, this has nothing to do with her having no relationship or friendship with the people in the circle. Even if there is friendship, no one would dare to jump out and speak for her at this time, for fear of getting dirty. This is the rule of survival in the circle.

In addition to Fan Jiangliang's official statement supporting Wang Yuan's condemnation of the rumors, only Lu Ziming and Xu Dao mentioned on their social platforms that they cannot spread rumors.

It doesn't matter whether anyone supports Wang Yuan, and the support statements issued by some stars can't dispel the rhythm of rumours spread by the navy and the sunspots.

Suddenly there was a news that clearly supported her. Not only did the Internet start to explode again, Wang Yuan also felt a little surprised.

"Qiao Yu, why don't you discuss with me when you send the message." Qiao Yu's agent said angrily.

"Discuss with you, you will definitely not agree with me to send it." Qiao Yu said, holding the barbell.

Agent: "Know that I don't agree with you and send it back. At this time, you will get involved. Are you afraid that these sunspots will make up and send out new rumors?"

"I just did what I should do and said what I should say." Qiao Yu put down the barbell, picked up the towel and wiped the sweat on his face.

"It's okay if you resigned as the actor in this movie, but you really shouldn't reply to the comments made by netizens.

Support Wang Yuan, she is now trapped in a tornado, whoever wants to pull her will be swept away together."

"When I resigned from acting in this movie, I was already involved. Mr. Liu and Tianyu would not let it go. I will tell you in advance that I plan to terminate my contract with Tianyu. Do you want to go with me? Qiao Yu looked at the agent, with a relaxed attitude like asking him if he would like to have dinner.

The agent was so scared that he almost jumped up: "When did you decide? So suddenly!"

"Last year, the owner of Tianyu retired, and the successor came up, and the company's business style changed. Now the company is cooperating with people like Mr. Sun. In order to get the resources in his hands, he often contacted the artist's dinner. The last time Mr. Liu… …It's really disgusting to me. I think the movie they are cooperating with is not simple. I checked the movies that Sun's head office invested in before. There are some problems. I don't want to get involved in these things. I would rather spend all my savings over the past few years. You have to leave after paying liquidated damages."

"Okay, when you think about it, I will contact you to cancel the contract, hoping to compensate as little as possible for the liquidated damages. After we go out, we will simply set up our own studio and no longer be shackled by the company." After the agent figured it out, he was full of enthusiasm. He is famous for bringing out Qiao Yu, and the relationship between the two is extraordinary. At this time, he must be advancing and retreating together.


Qiao Yu responded to a message from a netizen, and it was top searched within a few hours.

The reason was that some netizens left a message under his social account, asking him to support the removal of inferior artists like Wang Yuan from the entertainment circle, and don't let her have the opportunity to appear in the public again.

Generally this kind of message artist will not reply.

Netizens only vented a message.

Unexpectedly, Qiao Yu actually replied.

[Teacher Wang Yuan is a very good senior in the performing arts industry. Many of the remarks made against her on the Internet now have no basis in fact. There are many mistakes and mistakes in careful analysis. I hope that everyone will treat it rationally.]

As soon as the news broke online, Qiao Yu is now the most famous new-generation male star, with tens of millions of fans. Fans and passers-by came over after hearing the news. Fans who supported him said that he was a clear streamer in the circle and dared to speak out, worried that his fans said he should not be deceived into the black circle, and speculated that he and Wang Yuan had a close relationship. Personal previous scandals are brought up again.

His news also attracted the group of naval forces and sunspots, but this time the naval forces were a little misguided. They just splashed some dirty water on Qiao Yu and immediately welcomed his huge fans.

The group's fierce counterattack, fans can persuade themselves to worry about idols, but these sunspots are definitely not allowed to discredit their idols. The navy was quickly defeated.

Qiao Yu played this beautiful first battle, instead of being hacked, it attracted praise. Many passersby turned to him, including Wang Yuan's fans. Immediately after, Ren Jun and Wu Ziqi and other celebrities who had collaborated and interacted with Wang Yuan also sent messages asking everyone to treat the rumors rationally.

Wang Zining has been following the news during this period of time. Grandparents confiscated his mobile phone and computer, so he rubbed Liang Wentao's mobile phone. After Qiao Yu stood up to speak for his mother, he was very happy. He felt that he could be taken away from him next time he played soccer. call!

When Wang Yuan saw the news, she thanked him very much. The two work has never cooperated, it is rare that he will stand up at this time. Fortunately, after he uttered his voice, he was not treated like his ex-husband Fan Jiangliang.

"Baby, how's it going? Did you find it?" Wang Yuan put down her phone and asked her son who was operating the computer next to her.

She took Qi Haoran back from the school and asked her son to help with things, hoping that it was not because she wanted her son to do things in vain.

"Mom, as long as she uses the same computer to open the email you sent her, I can find it." Qi Haoran said with her little hands busy typing on the keyboard, staring at the computer screen without looking back. That day, Wang Yuan sent Qu Hui's contract cancellation email that was a Trojan horse virus programmed by Qi Haoran.

"I have imported all the information in her computer. There is only the most basic firewall installed in her computer. Are you sure she will store important things in this computer?" Qi Haoran asked.

"Son, for our average computer users, the basic firewall is enough. Who knows that there will be computer experts like you who will invade their computers."

Wang Yuan saw that the file that was brought over was very large, and there was a lot of information in it. Wang Yuan saw that there was a folder full of videos. She was worried that there were scenes unsuitable for children, and asked Mario to ask him to go away first. After a while, let my mother come to find information.

Qi Haoran was very upset with her mother's attitude of throwing it away when she used it up, but at the request of her mother, she still walked away and took Xiao Erha for a walk.

Wang Yuan found that the file names of the video were all dates. She opened the video on the date she went to the banquet. After opening it, the familiar boxes and people appeared in the video. Sure enough, Qu Hui put the camera on.

The reason she thought about it was that she remembered that Xiao Wang had said that she did

After Qu Hui's assistant, he bought a batch of expensive miniature cameras for Qu Hui. Xiao Wang also joked that Qu Hui bought the cameras and didn't know who they used to monitor.

That day, Wang Yuan asked Qu Hui to come out, mainly to test her. She had a great reaction when she asked about the camera, and she was convinced that she was guessing in her heart.

Originally, she didn't want to involve her youngest son in doing this, but her son is the only one who has this computer technology and is safe and reliable.

After watching the video, Wang Yuan was a little surprised. She didn't expect something happened when she went to the bathroom that day, no wonder Qiao Yu left early.

She watched other videos and found that they were all similar business banquets. Some of the videos were quite unbearable. No matter which one was released, it was a landmine, which could bring the entertainment industry half way. She also saw some documents and found that the relationship between the company surnamed Sun and Tianyu was closer than expected, and some aspects of the cooperation involved many people. The film to be made this time also had problems, and it seemed that there was money laundering. Suspicion.

These documents are all photos of financial accounts and contract agreements taken with a mobile phone. Wang Yuan thinks that these documents should have been secretly collected by Qu Hui. I don't know how deeply she participated.

Wang Yuan thought for a while, picked up her mobile phone and made a call.

"What's the matter?" the familiar arrogant voice, "You are now hacking the entire network, want to come to me for help? No time!"

"It's a matter of looking for you, come to my house in an hour, come here quickly!"

"Hey, what do you mean, you can be there on call, uncle, you…" Qi Kuang heard the beep from the phone, and was so angry that he didn't hang up before Wang Yuan actually hung up. She asks to go, is Uncle Qi so kind?!

An hour later, the door bell rang, and Qi Haoran ran to open the door.

When Qi Kuang saw his nephew, he stretched out his hand and rubbed his head. He saw Qi Haoran standing at his feet, who was barking at him. He grinned and said, "It's well raised. I thought you would throw it away. It."

"Uncle, don't say this in front of Xiao Erha, it will take it seriously." Qi Haoran reminded Qi Kuang carefully.

Qi Kuang curled his lips, what does the puppy know, wrong, what is it?

"What do you say it's called?" Qi Kuang looked at the puppy, looking badly.

Qi Haoran suddenly covered her mouth. Oops! He accidentally called out Xiao Erha's name, and his mother asked for help from his uncle. Uncle knew that they gave the puppy the same name as his nickname, would he get angry and stop helping.

"I just heard you call it by name! Xiao Erha? You chose this name on purpose! Change it immediately and change the name or I will take the dog away and throw it away!" Qi Kuang threatened.

Xiao Erha looked at the stranger who was a little excited and called out, but he had forgotten that it was the uncle who sent it here.

"Let's go quickly, don't make uncle angry anymore." Qi Haoran bent down and picked up Xiao Erha, and ran away with his short legs.

Wang Yuan came over, beckoning to let Qi Kuang pass.

"What the hell is it with you? I'm very busy. The movie is about to start. I don't have the time to sit here and chat with you." Qi Kuang said as he walked.

"Isn't your movie investment pornography? You want to make it?" Wang Yuan asked.

Qi Kuang jumped his feet with anger, "What's wrong? The investment is okay, and it went smoothly."

Wang Yuan: "What do you want to drink?"

"Freshly ground Blue Mountain coffee."

"No freshly ground coffee, drink a bottle of milk, healthy!" Wang Yuan took a bottle of pure milk that Wang Zining often drank and put it in front of Qi Kuang.

Qi Kuang: …

"Let's talk, what's the matter? I know you have been scolded very badly by some people on the Internet recently. Who are you offending? I don't think your company has come forward to help you. This is that you are usually too bad, you have to review yourself "Qi Kuang said, lifting his chin.

"I offended some people. Do you know XX Enterprise?"

"Of course I know that the boss of this group is surnamed Sun. I heard a bit of a black background. He grabbed a deal with Qi Lao Er a while ago and was cut off by Qi Lao Er. He…this time he won't be the one who is doing you. Damn, you are totally tired by Qi Lao Er, you should look for Qi Lao Er, why are you looking for me?" Qi Kuang yelled.

Wang Yuan said with a smile, "Because you are a kind hearted man."

"You are beautiful… No, you are ugly and disgusting. You did my thing before. I haven't had time to settle the account with you. Don't think I forgot. When I am busy with the movie, I must look for it. You ask for it back." Qi Kuang breathed, picked up the milk in front, pulled out the straw, and drank it.

"I hope you can check for me, what's the opponent of this surnamed Sun? Who is the biggest competitor now or whom he has enemies with. It would be better if you can find out what's wrong with his company? ."

Qi Kuang bit the straw and sneered: "I knew his opponent was Qi's second child, and now I am revenge with you. Also check his black stuff? Do you think I opened a detective agency?"

"Because you are the third master of the Qi family, such as

If you want to inquire, there must be a way to inquire. I won't let you work in vain, you help me this favor, your movie, I will invest for you."

Qi Kuang heard the milk dripping from the corner of his mouth. He recovered and hurriedly took a sip, "You can really blow it. Do you have that much money? It's a big tone! In fact, you don't need to make this complicated. You go directly to the second child of Qi, and he will definitely be able to help you handle it. I saw the problem for so long, and he was put on an expired green hat on his head, and he was already angry. Based on my understanding of this second brother Guimao , He must be waiting for you to beg him now."

Wang Yuan sighed: "Little San…"

"Who's your name is Xiao San!" Qi Kuang roared.

"I'm sorry, I was taken crooked by you." Wang Yuan just heard Qi Kuang take a mouthful of Qi's third child, and she blurted out and called him a junior third.

"Qi Kuang, Qi Ying and I have divorced. Some things are not convenient for him. Besides, you also know the character of Mario's father. You can imagine his attitude towards people who ask for a visit. No one can stand him. Yin and Yang look weird. And I didn't have a bargaining chip to discuss cooperation with him, and you are different from him, you are generous and enthusiastic and helpful, you also gave our puppies, we can cooperate with each other completely, you use the relationship at home to help me Check the details of the surname Sun. I will invest in movies for you to help you fulfill your dreams. Isn't it a good win-win result?"

Qi Kuang glanced at Wang Yuan, "Speaking of puppies, your dog's name…"

"I'll change it right away, I'll let the children take another one." Wang Yuan said immediately.

"Do you really have money to invest? It's not other movies, but my current "Parallel Space"?" Qi Kuang wanted to confirm, fearing that Wang Yuan would cheat with him. He hung up the house, but couldn't find a buyer for a while. He wanted to sell it at a lower price. The agent advised him not to worry.

How can you not be in a hurry! The agreed time for the investment to reach the account has passed, and he sold the house, which is still tens of millions.

"I still have some savings over the years. I can't do it. I can still sell a house." Wang Yuan said, "I know that your second investment is only tens of millions. I can still use this little money."

Hearing that Wang Yuan was about to sell his house to invest in him, Qi Kuang suddenly felt indescribable, "Well, I will go back and consider it, and I may not be able to help you find out."

"Thank you in advance! Happy cooperation!" Wang Yuan smiled.

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