After everything was arranged, Wang Yuan just watched the changes and her life went on normally.

She has been going to the gym very frequently recently. Affected by the last incident, she feels that it is more important to exercise and improve fighting skills. Wang Yuan also asked her fitness instructor to help take a few sets of photos.

After the exercise, sweating, she sat cross-legged on the yoga mat and began to edit the message.

After a while, Wang Yuan's social platform added a set of photos.

This social account has always been handed over to the company team to take care of it. Apart from posting some news about her activities, it stays forever. There are only three pieces of news edited by herself so far. One is a photo taken last time with Ni Ying, another is the statement made some time ago, and this one is freshly released now.

[Wang Yuan actually updated the news! At this time, in addition to apologizing and retreating from the circle, she also dared to publicize herself. Isn't she afraid of being overwhelmed by the saliva of netizens?]

[Her statement is full of sprays, and it is terrible to be scolded. Other people have closed comments for a long time. Isn't she unaware of the comment function when she has been on?]

[Oh my god, I have seen a lot of black material on her, and I have turned dark, but these photos she sent are really good-looking, how can such beautiful muscles be trained?]

[I originally thought that DU sucking was nothing but vain. It's impossible for people who exercise regularly to suck DU.]

[Maybe I have a history of DU sucking, but I have quit now.]

[The figure in the indecent video is completely incomparable with me, so I can be sure that it is not her.]

[The video is blurry, how do you know it's not.]

Netizens were amazed by Wang Yuan's good figure, some pictures of her if she didn't get out of the entertainment circle, and then there were a lot of fans and sunspots.

One of the netizens left a message: [Weakly ask, this group of photos has no captions, does it mean "bright muscles"?]

Soon after the comment was sent, I received a reply from Wang Yuan: [Guess it!]

Netizens blew up again with a roar, sending messages one after another, what do they mean, are they going to fight? There are all kinds of guesses.

Wang Yuan didn't read the comments of netizens anymore, and got up to take a shower. When she was about to leave the gym, she happened to meet Qiao Yu, who came to work out. She thought of posting on the Internet that he was going to terminate his contract with Tianyu, and Tianyu asked him to pay the sky-high liquidated damages. Wang Yuan thought for a while and walked towards him.

Li Xiaoyun just fed her son, holding her upright and gently stroking her

The child's back makes him burp milk. When she was pregnant, she never thought about breastfeeding by herself, she wanted to get back in shape and go to work as soon as possible. When her son was first born, she was in a bad mental state due to physical reasons, and asked her son to take milk powder. Later, her son's jaundice, loose stools, poor digestive tract and other newborn problems followed one after another. She regretted not allowing her son to take breast milk. Her son's illness had nothing to do with the milk powder. She still felt guilty. Later, she wanted to feed her by herself, but she had already returned to milk and had no milk.

Li Xiaoyun's mother came in with her mobile phone and told her that the agent was looking for it.

Li Xiaoyun gently handed her son to her mother, answered the phone, and listened to the agent's urgent and excited voice on the phone, and hurried to read the news.

Li Xiaoyun asked: "What news? Whose?" Is there a bigger melon than Wang Yuan.

Wang Yuan was hacked by the whole network, Li Xiaoyun was a little bit relieved and a little bit worried about it. She was unhappy about Fan Jiangliang coming forward to speak for her ex-wife, but she also felt that she did not find the wrong person. Although her husband was a little older, But the character is really good.

"You'll know when you open W blog." The agent said mysteriously.

This news does not need to be searched at all, and it goes straight to the top of the hot search.

Li Xiaoyun turned on the phone and it was a video sent by Wang Yuan! All major media platforms are forwarded throughout the network.

Li Xiaoyun quickly opened it.

The place where the video was filmed was in a box, and the video picture was quite clear, but the faces of a table of people were marked with Masek, only Wang Yuan's was not marked.

Wang Yuan was wearing a white soft silk suit and sitting on the periphery of the wine table that day. A fat man staggered and walked to her with a wine bottle, seeming to be looking for her to drink, she just got up and staggered, pushed open the box and went out.

Li Xiaoyun saw the barrage on the video passing by——

[This is a wine bureau, it's not easy, I'm so excited, wait for the big melon to fall.]

[Why are there mosaics? Don't block it! We have to look at the real person, why is Wang Yuan alone and didn't fight. Can other people not meet people?]

[Gosh! I found that the person sitting between the two middle-aged men seemed to be our Qiao Yu. Ahhhhh, he won't be caught by the unspoken rules, he dare not look at it——]

[Confirmed to be our idol, although it is in mosaic, it can still be recognized. Only Qiao Qiao is the best in the whole network!]

[Who is that old man, can anyone come out and identify it?]

[What does that big fat guy want to do? Walking towards Wang Yuan with a wine glass

In the past, hahaha, was directly ignored.]

[Someone used to say that Wang Yuan did not participate in social and wine bureaus and was really hammered. She must be sold frequently, but she was not discovered.]

[The one in front is blind, what's the situation is not clear now, you jumped out and yelled.]

[Fatty walked towards me towards Qiao Qiao, ah, no…]

[Damn! How dare you reach out and touch our Qiaoqiao ass, you can't kill this girl.]

[Oh my God, Qiao Qiao was touched… I was so angry that I was about to smash the computer.]

[Come on, let me know who this fat guy is, a disgusting group, die for the old glass!]

[Maybe it's glass, it's a double plug. I was going to see Wang Yuan just now. It's disgusting.]

[Qiao Qiao beat him, dropped the cup and left, good job!]

[Ahhhhhhh! We'll support you forever!]

[I recognize it. Sitting next to Qiao Qiao is a senior member of Tianyu. It is definitely him! I worked as an intern at Tianyu and met this person.]

[Ah, no wonder, the high-level personnel came forward to escort Qiao Qiao to accompany the guests? Fortunately, Qiao Qiao did not succumb!]

[Qiao Yu wants to terminate the contract with Tianyu, probably because he doesn't want to be manipulated by them. However, I heard that I have to pay a lot of liquidated damages.]

[Tianyu don't want to tie us to Qiao Qiao and be used as a money-making machine by you. Qiao Qiao must leave this broken company. No matter how much the liquidated damages, our fans will definitely help you raise funds.]

[We must leave Tianyu!]

In the video, Wang Yuan walked in and passed by Qiao Yu.

[It's so nervous and exciting. I guess Qiao Qiao is gone. Their next target is Wang Yuan.]

[Wang Yuan, run!]

[Run +1]

[Ah… the old man at the main table came over and walked towards Wang Yuan.]

[Sure enough, I was sitting next to Wang Yuan, and the woman next to her flashed so fast, she immediately gave up her seat for him, she seemed to be another pimp.]

[What do you say? I think Wang Yuan's face has changed. What did this old man say when he was so close?]

[Same as curiosity, it feels like nothing good.]

[Why do you want to expose these people to the mosaic!]

[He pushed his wine glass to Wang Yuan's side, do you want her to drink, don't drink it… Uh, I saw a salted pork knuckle.]

[The pig really did… Ah, if Wang Yuan did a good job, she would splash his face… It was more fierce than I thought, and she kicked him over.]

[this is not pig, it's a toad, with all four feet upright, cool, hahahaha…]

[I understand, it was to overturn a big man, so Wang Yuan was retaliated against the entire network, Tianyu did not stand up to public relations for his artists, because they pimped the business failed and became angry and angered.]

[The one in front, you are the truth!]

[No wonder so many sunspots before, all the navy invited by this big man.]

[What I am worried about now is whether Wang Yuan can go out safely.]

[The salty pigsman stood up, and called in two bodyguards, two very strong, worried that nothing will happen to the queen.]

[Although I know that Wang Yuan is safe now, she is still very worried, she didn't suffer any loss, right…]

[Recognize that box, it is the XX club. The owner of this club is surnamed Sun. He has a lot of assets and companies under his name. I feel that this person is him!]

[No wonder that Wang Yuan can be blackened all over the Internet, and no one dares to speak up.]

[I brought up a lot of bottles of red wine, do you want to fill it? Afraid!]

[The two bodyguards passed around Wang Yuan, and the one surnamed Sun waved his hands, and she must be caught by someone.]

[What to do, Qiao Qiao left too early, if he stayed and could help, he would never sit back and watch.]

[No one else came forward, those are still not men, they are all standing and watching, or they are all surnamed Sun.]

[Recognize a well-known director again.]

[Isn't this the movie that Wang Yuan and Qiao Yu were going to make? It turned out to be a party party, no wonder they all participated. The salty pig hand is undoubtedly the surname Sun, he invested in this movie.]

[Now is not the time to recognize people, worry about how the queen will deal with it.]

[The two bodyguards surrounded them. Is it still too late to call the police? They are actually forced to submit to the women and send them to jail.]

[Ah, Wang Yuan, be careful!]


[I actually did it, oh my god, I dare not look at it…]

When Li Xiaoyun saw this place, she was also a little nervous, and she really didn't know how to relieve her trouble when she was in this situation.

She has participated in this kind of banquet before. In fact, it is not just investors, like directors, producers, and producers. As long as they have some power and resources, many will use it to make use of artists. She had suffered a small loss before, and she was able to retreat because she still had a bottom line. In the end, she was swallowed and poured into a few glasses of wine, but she would not carry it like Wang Yuan.

She saw two muscled bodyguard over 1.8 meters tall walked towards Wang Yuan, feeling that she was set at a loss.

When the two people stretched around to catch Wang Yuan, she suddenly violent, and a side kick hit the front door of a bodyguard. The bodyguard was kicked back several steps.

Then he lowered his waist and crossed his elbow, and hit the abdomen of another bodyguard with his right elbow. When the bodyguard was caught off guard and bent down, Wang Yuan kicked him in a beautiful whirlwind and knocked him to the ground.

Waiting for the bodyguard in front to endure the severe facial pain and stepped forward again, Wang Yuan confronted him, and after three or two hits, she completely smashed the person down.

Seeing Wang Yuan directly tackled the two bodyguards in a short period of time, the President Sun and the men couldn't help but step back.

Li Xiaoyun's beating heart finally calmed down. Although she still didn't like Wang Yuan, she still felt very refreshed when she saw this scene.

[Well done, so cool!]

[I have seen the most beautiful whirlwind legs, none of them!]

[I want to learn whirlwind legs too, my wife is so handsome!]

[My way turns into a fan, the queen is invincible! Heizi, you have to be careful and give you a kick directly.]

[I thought there would be a hero to save the beauty, or the actress would humiliate and drink and apologize, but I didn't expect that she would go on and do it right away when she said something wrong.]

[Wang Yuan used to expose her muscles, and I also said that she was all P for shows, and it's really fast to slap her face!]

[Is this a new way of film promotion? It's special effects! Or the person in the video is not Wang Yuan at all, and the Olympic Taekwondo champion was invited to perform the scene?]

[Think of the Lu Chuan assassin played by the actress, and the fight is so clean. If this surnamed Sun had seen her assassin, he wouldn't dare to stretch out his salty pig hand in front of him.]

[Wang Yuan seems to be walking towards the man surnamed Sun with a red wine bottle… It won't be a bar back to him, excited to watch the show.]

[Hahaha, the surname Sun seems to be clamoring, but he is obviously visceral and his legs are shaking.]

[The fat man who touched Jojo's ass just now ran to the door, is he going to call someone again? be careful……]

[Uh, in front of you, you can just call Fatty or Pig, please remove the prefix, don't remind us of Qiao Qiao being touched by him.]

[Hahaha, I didn't expect this fat man to suffer first. He wanted to call someone. Fortunately, the queen found out and caught him back in time.]

[It's so happy to see Wang Yuan pulling him back by the collar, can you please give him a few more feet after taking the photo for me? Our Qiao Qiao revenge.]

Qiao Yu is also watching the video.

At the gym that day, Wang Yuan stopped him and told him that there was a camera in the box that day. Wang Yuan said that she will do some processing of the video and post it on the Internet. Do you want to pinch off his part?

Qiao Yu knows what Wang Yuan means. He should know that he is talking to Tianyu about canceling the contract. If the video is released, Tianyu will be in a passive position, but there is a scene of herself being harassed in the video. Wang Yuan is probably worried that he does not want to Announced.

Qiao Yu thought for a while and told Wang Yuan to send it out with her. He was just curious about how Wang Yuan got this video, she was not like someone who would put a camera in the box in advance. It's just that Wang Yuan didn't say it, so it was inconvenient for him to ask.

He hadn't watched the video before, and he saw it just after Wang Yuan posted it.

Qiao Yu didn't think that after he left that day, so many things happened. Watching the video, he was so angry that his fists were clenched. The company and the surnamed Sun were absolutely lawless, and they directly attacked Wang Yuan. He was rejected. I plan to subdue her to drink wine. If Wang Yuan is not good enough, and she was forced to pour in the bottles of red wine she brought up, it would have happened by now.

Seeing the scene where Wang Yuan subdued the two bodyguards, he was also very surprised. Instead of him, he was not sure that he would be able to subdue people quickly. These two bodyguards are not good at looking at their size and the movements they just shot.

Worthy of being the real mother of a boy with a strange force!

Ye Yuran was also watching the video. The hand holding the phone was always shaking. She was very afraid that she was molested and did not resist by the surname Liu in the video. Fortunately, the video clip was cut and not released. Later, Wang Yuan's several scenes of beating people, although she couldn't cut them off on the screen, they had mosaics all over her body.

She saw that some netizens had guessed that she was also there, because she was the original second female of the movie, and later became the heroine. Netizens with magical powers cannot fail to find out. However, the fans' comments are all about comfort and hatred, and no one has bad associations with her.

Ye Yuran didn't dare to put it down. The original video was in Wang Yuan's hands. As long as Wang Yuan released the original video, he would be ruined.

With Wang Yuan and Qiao Yu's refusal before her, she endured being molested by Liu. The public would not think that she was bearing the burden of humiliation, but that she would accept the unspoken rules for the sake of her superiors. Ye Yuran is a little sad and unhappy, Wang Yuan is the first to become famous, Qiao Yu is becoming popular, how can he be with capital if he is not as hard-hearted as they are?

Ye Yuran felt really relieved when he saw Wang Yuan dragging Liu from the door, and Liu struggled. When Wang Yuan raised a palm to scare him and dared not move like a dead dog, he felt really relieved. She was angry that Wang Yuan didn't kick the surname Liu at that time, she had better stomped his claws.

Qu Hui was also watching the video, and she was shaking all over. The video was taken by her, and the original film was also on her computer. No one knows why Wang Yuan could get it! She rummaged around the house, looking for traces of someone invaded in the house.

She looked around the study room and felt that the normally familiar room had suddenly become unfamiliar and dangerous. She wondered if anyone was put on a camera here.

Qu Hui hurriedly sat back in front of the computer, searched for the information on the computer, and found that they were still there. She was terrified in her heart and composure. She planned to call Wang Yuan. She just found out her contact number and let it go. She told herself to calm down and watch the changes first.

Qu Hui reopened the video to watch and saw netizens scolding and applauding. She knew that Tianyu's reputation was completely stinking this time. Fortunately, the netizen did not recognize herself, but she did not hold out much hope, and felt that it was a matter of time before she recognized herself.

She didn't expect that Wang Yuan's counterattack this time turned out to be a video she recorded. She thought she really missed her, thinking she was the same little white rabbit before. She should have known Wang Yuan since the reception that day. It's not easy to mess with.

Wang Yuan asked herself to talk about the camera. It was obviously her own words. Why didn't she delete the video right away when she came back.

Regret now is of no avail.

When Qu Hui watched the video, Wang Yuan knocked the two bodyguards down and put a bottle of red wine in front of Mr. Sun. It felt like she was back on the scene that day.

Wang Yuan: "Mr. Sun, I have the same hobbies as you, that is, I like to drink alcohol. But I will order until I am so embarrassed. I will only pay you back for the bottles of red wine you gave me."

Although Mr. Sun's legs were a little weak, he didn't show up on his face. He sneered: "Don't think that you are good at being able to threaten Lao Tzu. Get out of here, I will let you…"

"Stop talking nonsense! Do you want me to drink it with you, or do you honestly dry this bottle?" Wang Yuan picked up the bottle, put it down heavily, and asked, staring at Mr. Sun.

"Wang Yuan, stop till you click, don't go too far!" Qu Hui persuaded her.

"Wang Yuan, what do you want to do, you are still not an employee of Tianyu? Do you know who Sun is always? Don't think about offending him……" President Bai didn't finish his threatening words. Wang Yuan glared at him and closed his mouth obediently. He didn't want to get a kick on his head like the bodyguard who fell on the ground.

"President Bai, do you want to drink a bottle of red wine too?" Wang Yuan asked with a sneer.

Mr. Bai said nothing.

"Ms. Wang, it was a misunderstanding just now, or you should go first, there is really no need to go on the trouble again." The producer stood up and said.

"When President Sun was about to pour me a drink, what did you do? Dare to stand up now?" Wang Yuan glanced at him, and curled her lips in disdain.

"We, we call the police!" Mr. Liu, who was picked aside by Mr. Wang just now, took out his cell phone and said loudly.

Wang Yuan felt that today was a gain in her knowledge. She couldn't help but laughed: "The first time I heard that a gangster called the police to protect herself, I very much agree with you to call the police. I don't know if anyone took out a cell phone to help me call the police. I'm so grateful, but no one. It's not too late to call the police. I believe we can always make things clear when we go to the police station."

The faces of the others have all changed. If they enter the police station together, they will be able to make headlines within a few hours. No matter what the final result is, everyone will die together.

Wang Yuan watched Mr. Liu's face turn into a pig liver color, slowly put down the phone, she turned her head and shouted to Mr. Sun: "Don't be inked, give me a drink! Just say some foul language and stretch out the salty pig's hand. Get some strength!"

Everyone looked at Mr. Sun.

The surnamed Sun didn't say a word, his eyes slid around, then smiled at Wang Yuan, and said kindly, "It's the honor of my grandson that the queen invited me to drink. One bottle is nothing, one more. The bottle is okay." After speaking, he reached out and picked up the bottle.

Everyone was lamenting that Sun Zong was able to bend and stretch. Suddenly Wang Yuan kicked back with a "bang" and kicked one of the bodyguards who got up from the ground and was about to attack her. She quickly retracted her foot and grabbed the one on the table. The bottle of red wine directly hit the hand of Mr. Sun who attacked her.

With two clanging sounds, two bottles of red wine fell one after the other and broke on the ground. The red wine flowed all over the floor, meandering on the ground like blood.

The one surnamed Sun was hit by Wang Yuan directly with a wine bottle on his assailant's arm. The wine bottle in her hand fell and she hurriedly backed away, clutching her injured arm.

Another change happened, watching Wang Yuan once again unscathed to avoid the front and back attack, the people in the box were silent.

This noise finally alarmed the people outside the box, first the waiter pushed the door in, followed by two other bodyguards. Everyone looked at everything in the box, and they were a little surprised. The waiter saw two people lying on the ground and the red liquid flowing from another place. He was so scared that he screamed again and again, and hurried out to shout. people.

The two new bodyguards saw their boss covering their hands, and both of their companions had fallen to the ground. They immediately increased their vigilance, looked around the suspicious people in the box, and took a defensive posture.

"President Sun, it's really not easy to invite you to drink. We will discuss it next time when we have the opportunity." Wang Yuan picked up the backpack on the chair and smiled at President Sun. After talking about turning around, he will leave the box.

"Grab her!" Mr. Sun shouted to the new bodyguard.

The two talented people reacted. What they had to deal with was this soft-faced queen in silk suit. Although there was still some unknown reason, they intuitively reached out and prepared to catch someone.

The paws were about to touch Wang Yuan, bang bang bang several times, within two minutes, both fell to the ground at the same time.

The waiter who ran away has already called the manager and the security guard to come over. Wang Yuan didn't want to suffer the immediate loss, so she hurried away and ran away.

"Mom, did you watch the video?" Qu Xiaoxiao pushed open the door of the study and rushed in, shocked Qu Hui, who was thinking about the scene while watching the video.

"Get out!" Qu Hui scolded. She is not in the mood to chat with her daughter.

"I recognized you in the video! What's the matter? Wang Yuan is related to you? You know how bad netizens scold you now. I think your company is about to end."

"I told you to go out! I don't have the time to talk to you now."

"Ha, you have no time to talk to me, you have the time to see what the netizens say! You guys saw that Wang Yuan was almost bullied by a few people that day, and no one helped! Fortunately, she had the time to escape. Otherwise you are all accomplices! Netizens said that the man is an entrepreneur with the surname Sun? Isn't he! This man is almost the same as □□, if he doesn't take advantage, he will kill others. How do you deal with this kind of person!" Xiaoxiao snapped and said, after all, after watching the video, the first thing she thought of was her mother, worried that she would be involved in this matter.

Qu Hui's head is as big as an ox now. When she was about to talk, her cell phone rang and she was the boss of the company.

"What's the matter? Who recorded the video?" The stern voice passed through Qu Hui's heart, making her feel cold.

Qu Hui held her breath: "I don't know, it should be Wang Yuan. I didn't expect her to be prepared!"

"Do a good job of public relations immediately, and don't let Tianyu get involved!"

"Okay. I'll take care of it right away!" Putting down the phone, Qu Hui found sweat all over her body.


[The queen is mighty! Unexpectedly, there will be a reversal, but fortunately there is no injury!]

[The B*tch Sun is so disgusting, he and the two bodyguards are engaged in a surprise attack, but it is a pity that they encountered a strong shadow queen, and they were beaten to the ground again!]

[Hahaha, fortunately, Wang Yuan didn't hit Masek on her face. I think she forced the surname Sun to drink. She looks so aggressive. I can imagine what she said!]

[Pleasant version of the video, please do not code the video!]

[Just let go of the surname Sun, so unwilling, why does Wang Yuan stop beating him.]

[Do you really think that the queen is Superman? The waiters have all gone to call people. This club is named Sun Kai. If you don't leave, she will suffer!]

[I don't think Wang Yuan needs to be so stiff. She was also wrong about this. She was a little too excited. She left early if she didn't want to drink. Why did she stay and fight and make trouble? She also recorded the video in advance. The purpose is not simple.]

[Upstairs is sent by the surname Sun! You said she was too excited? Change your mother and your sister to see if you are excited or not.]

[Upstairs is either a brain damage or a navy!]

[The video is not necessarily recorded by Wang Yuan, otherwise she would have released it a long time ago. Why did it take such a long time to release the video? She must have obtained it through some channels.]

[Regardless of who made the video, it is clear what happened anyway. The surnamed Sun and Tianyu didn't succeed that day, and they joined forces to put black material on the Internet to discredit Wang Yuan, hoping not to let these people go. I wonder if the law can punish them.]

[Please be punished, these wicked people cannot be easily let go!]

Because of the video incident on the Internet, this real sledgehammer is much more interesting than the rumor that was unfounded and insinuated some time ago. There are movie queens and traffic who are bullied, entertainment companies are involved, and capital is rampant. Every one of them can be discussed for a long time. It is simply a grand event in the entertainment industry.

Many Tianyu artists are a little worried and worried about being caught in the storm. Their peers are happy to watch Tianyu's jokes and want to directly hammer them to death. Some previously silent stars jumped out and rushed to express their support for Wang Yuan, as if Being one step behind in solidarity is like partnering with another group of villains.

Wang Yuan didn't know that her online supporters and celebrity friends had changed so much. She was contacting Qi Kuang and asked him how his investigation was going.

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