"How is the matter for you to check?" Wang Yuan asked.

Qi Kuang said lazily: "I found it, I will send you the information later."

Wang Yuan should be good, and she doesn't want to get involved in the battle between capitals, and it is not convenient to come forward. The information in hand is just given to the opponent surnamed Sun, and I believe that his opponent will not be unmoved when he receives these empirical materials.

At this time, she really admired Qu Hui. She was able to collect so much detailed information. She didn't know what her purpose was for collecting these materials, which did not prevent Wang Yuan from thanking her for her contribution.

"I've seen all the videos on the Internet. Are you good at playing such a big trick quietly! Was the video secretly recorded?" Qi Kuang asked curiously.

Wang Yuan: "No, someone in the box put it. I just got it."

"I thought you were just showing off your legs with fists, but you didn't expect your skills to be okay." Qi Kuang said, "Next time we have a contest, you used to throw me on the back. I think you are a woman and I have never dared to beat you. As an opponent, I will have a formal competition. I have also practiced Taekwondo. I can see that you have a bit of skill."

"Okay. It just so happens that I often punch in the gym recently, so you can find me then." Wang Yuan said cheerfully. If you have someone to practice, why not do it.

"I helped you investigate the surname Sun. Is it countless if you want to invest in movies?" Qi Kuang worried that Wang Yuan would regret it, and he would not be able to chase her for money. When does Qi Sanshao need to ask someone else? Asking for money, it should be for him to invest.

"Of course it counts. I didn't forget. I also talked with Ni Ying, the screenwriter of "Parallel Space". I am very optimistic about this movie. We will make an appointment as soon as possible. We will meet with the crew to determine the investment."

"Okay, you don't need to forget it." Qi Kuang felt a little more comfortable seeing Wang Yuan so refreshed, but he suddenly had a bad premonition and asked suspiciously, "…You won't fool me like the one you gave to the song. A handful?"

Wang Yuan: "…How is "Little Apple" fooling you? Didn't it make you popular? Now when you are walking on the street, men, women and children, who do not know you!"

"Who wants such a red way!" Qi Kuang sprayed. On the way now, he sings the song most often in the squares and kindergartens, either dancing with the aunts or doing morning exercises with the children. His image is gone.

He cares more about the movie he is going to make now, pointing to the character in "Parallel Space" and telling the audience that he is the noble and arrogant Dongfang Zheyan, not Erha!

"Don't worry, I don't invest in a movie to lose money. I will definitely cooperate with you to make this movie well!"

Qi Kuang suspiciously: "What is a good match for the filming? You just need to invest money. If you make money in the movie, you count it. If you lose money, I will pay you back."

"I'll talk about it when we meet!" Wang Yuan said haha.

The day after the video was uploaded, the spokesperson of the XX Group contacted the media for an interview and announced that they would take legal action to sue Wang Yuan. Without the consent of the parties in the video, they secretly photographed and edited false videos, affecting the group's principals. Image, Wang Yuan will be held criminally responsible.

As soon as the interview was released, I was scolded by the majority of net names, saying that the XX Group did not confess to themselves. The person in the video was indeed the top of their company. At this time, he did not clamp his tail to be a human, and he dared to jump out and shout. Do you really think that the public can fool around casually.

The law enforcement agencies have also paid attention to this news on the Internet for a long time. They asked Wang Yuan for the original video. After confirming the authenticity of the video, she asked her if she wanted to sue the people in the video. Wang Yuan had beaten people by herself and relied on this. The video will not be able to nail down the surnamed Sun, and will involve more people, she said that she will not be held accountable for the time being.

However, she took the video down anyway. Anyway, the video is spreading all over the Internet, and it doesn't matter if she deletes it.

Subsequently, a message was posted on the official website of the law enforcement agency, expressing support for the legal self-protection of artists, and warning certain personnel not to explore the edge of the law.

The sender of XX Company silently withdrew his announcement, and never dared to jump around again.

At this moment, Tianyu did not initiate any remarks against Wang Yuan, but issued a statement saying that the previous incident was the personal behavior of a high-level company. Now it has been dismissed from the position of the high-level Bai and will carry out internal rectification. And self-examination. In order to appease Qiao Yu's fans, he no longer embarrassed him in terms of liquidated damages, and the termination of the contract went smoothly.

As for Wang Yuan's contract, Tianyu's boss didn't want to terminate it yet, but Qu Hui persuaded him to terminate the contract smoothly.

Tianyu did a good job in this incident because of the crisis public relations, including guiding public opinion and the termination of the contract without any difficulty or delay, but it calmed most of the netizens.

Wang Yuan thought that Qu Hui would contact her afterwards, but she never called. Wang Yuan once again admired her calmly.

Innocent Milk originally proposed compensation for termination of the contract, and the milk advertisement was launched in time. At that time, the person in charge who proposed to withdraw the advertisement was severely criticized by the boss of Innocent Milk. When the matter was not clear, he left the spokesperson, which not only made the company financially. Suffering losses, there is also a gap between the spokesperson. The person in charge who made the proposal to terminate the contract is estimated to be very helpless. When he proposed this decision, no one opposed it. Now the wind has changed and it is all his responsibility.

In order to keep Wang Yuan, Chunzhen Milk increased the endorsement fee by 30%, hoping to continue cooperation. Both products and brands of Chunzhen Milk are okay. Wang Yuan will not have trouble with money, and she readily agrees. The spokesperson in the contract is obliged to maintain the requirements of his own image. Previously, the black material did have an impact on the brand, but now her topic is hot and her image is positive. I believe that the brand will not lose money by increasing the endorsement fee by 30%.

The image shown in Wang Yuan's video this time is undoubtedly like starring in a popular movie, and the popularity of the drama has risen. Many popular variety shows and advertisements want to find her to cooperate, but unfortunately because Wang Yuan has not found a new agent and affiliated studio, they can't get in touch with herself.

Those who couldn't find Wang Yuan's cooperation regret not to mention it for the time being, the crew that had just cooperated with it really benefited a lot.

The film producer who gave a gift to the National Day can completely describe the experience of the filmmaker during this period of time. There was despair before, but now he is so excited and excited. This time the film originally gathered all the well-known directors and the most important actors. After the release, the box office should be guaranteed. However, after the popularity of Wang Yuan, the box office on the day of the premiere directly rushed to the top three in history. All the way to crush the works of the same period, a foreign blockbuster was crushed by it, it is simply unexpected.

While the film is still in theaters, the case of Xue Ping's rumor and slander of her biological daughter is about to begin. Attorney Lin has collected a lot of evidence, including the testimony of a teacher and classmate of the Wang Yuan Dance Troupe in his early years, and the source of resources that Tang Yanyan recently obtained . In the first instance of the case, Xue Ping was found guilty of defamation because she was disseminating to the masses through the media, which had already disrupted social order and could be sentenced to a heavy sentence.

He wanted to negotiate a settlement, and only asked Xue Ping to apologize publicly and compensate for his mental losses.

Xue Ping originally disagreed with the negotiation result and wanted to appeal again, but her lawyer told her that the evidence is now in favor of Wang Yuan. Xue Ping was interviewed by the media and slandered her biological daughter in front of the public, so the law and the favor Not on her side, persuaded her to accept the results of the negotiation.

Xue Ping had to bite the bullet and accept it. Some time ago, everything was moving in the direction she hoped. The filial eldest daughter accepted the public's trial and sanctions. The caring little daughter signed a big company and got a lot of resources. Thinking of everything reversed so quickly. Not only did she face the possibility of imprisonment, her youngest daughter was also terminated by the company, and the school expelled Yan Yan from school in the name of serious absence from school.

Xue Ping was so angry that her heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys hurt. Now the situation is better than others, and she has no choice but to apologize and compensate.

This time the lawsuit went smoothly, and I would also like to thank Tianyu Materials for its refreshingness. Wang Yuan thought, Qu Hui thought she would threaten her by holding her handle, so she cooperated so happily.

Speaking of information, she has already sent some of the materials of Mr. Sun Qu Hui collected to his rival company, but it seems that there has been no movement. Therefore, she did not dare to relax the protection of her children.

When Wang Yuan sent out the video, she considered that Mr. Sun or Tianyu might retaliate. Only two children can threaten and hurt her.

Regarding the two children, Wang Yuan invited bodyguards to protect them. Now that Wang Zining goes to school, no matter where he goes, there are people behind him who follow him to protect him. He didn't know at first, and he almost fought with the bodyguard who secretly followed him. Later, he knew that he was sent to protect him, and angrily asked his mother to reason. I feel that I can protect myself and I don't need to be followed all the time.

Naturally, his protest was invalid. Whether it was Fan Jiangliang or Grandpa Fan Jiang, they knew about this situation and agreed that someone would protect their grandson. If Wang Yuan did not have this arrangement, they knew that Wang Yuan had offended someone with a strong background. In the future, I will definitely find someone to protect the child 24 hours a day.

Brother Qi Haoran has been in confinement for more than a month and can't go anywhere. Brother Qi Haoran is also the same. Usually in boarding school, Wang Yuan told the school's teachers that no one can see anyone except her and Qi Haoran's father.

He may take him away, not in their name, and the parents must be present. The bodyguard sent by Wang Yuan to protect her little son came back and told her that it seemed that another team was also following them. Wang Yuan called Qi Ying and knew that he had arranged it, so she was relieved.

When talking on the phone, Qi Ying would not let go of this opportunity, sarcastically saying that she caused a lot of trouble and could affect his son and so on.

Wang Yuan replied: "You can't get rid of the matter of the surname Sun."

Qi Ying shut up, and after a while, he said in a deep voice that he would take care of the matter with the surname Sun.

When Qi Kuang went around asking about things surnamed Sun some time ago, he felt that something was wrong, and asked Qi Kuang back. Although he didn't tell the truth, he tried to ask him a few words. He was helping Wang Yuan. Inquiry.

Qi Ying has always been concerned about Wang Yuan's hacking on the Internet, and he has found someone to find out about it with the surname Sun. Knowing that the one surnamed Sun was robbed of business by himself and looking for Wang Yuan to vent his anger. He originally wanted to wait for Wang Yuan to be unable to solve the problem. He would not bend over to himself if he retired from the lap, he was also angry and wanted to see her do it on her own.

Who knew that she actually asked Qi Kuang to find out about the surname Sun. Qi Ying didn't know what Wang Yuan wanted to do. He played a trick on the materials Qi Kuang gave Wang Yuan. Realizing that Wang Yuan actually had tax evasion and money laundering materials surnamed Sun in his hand, he was a little surprised and wondered how his ex-wife got it. Fortunately, Wang Yuan was not stupid. Instead of handing it over to the law enforcement agency, she wanted to send it to a competitor surnamed Sun to expose the matter.

After he received the materials, he began to arrange them. The reason why he is still standing still is because he doesn't want to involve Wang Yuan again, not to protect her, but to protect Qi Haoran, he said to himself.

Of course, Wang Yuan didn't know that the black material surnamed Sun was now in Qi Ying's hands. She was being urged to invest by Qi Kuang, and she was planning to hold an investor meeting to finalize the matter.

But before that, she must first calm down the little emotions of her little son.

"Mom, why don't you let me help you?" Qi Haoran asked unhappy. Since hacking the computer of his mother's agent and exporting the information to his mother, he discovered that he was under strict surveillance and supervision. When his mother sent him to school, his computer was confiscated.

With his smartphone, when he came to pick him up on weekends, there were a few bodyguards who followed. Now he is taking Xiao Erha for a walk downstairs, and there are people following him closely.

He felt that there was no personal freedom, which was very irritating.

He doesn't like being treated like children, as long as his mother tells him which bad guys he is, he will find a way to eliminate them.

"Mario, you have done the most for your mother. If you hadn't helped your mother find the video, people would still misunderstand me. You are already very good. Naturally, those bad guys have laws to punish them, and we don't have to worry about it anymore. It's up." Wang Yuan persuaded gently, "My mother is now looking for someone to protect us just in case. Things will be resolved soon, and then we can live a normal life."

Qi Haoran was still not convinced after hearing this. He said angrily, "Originally, we were going to Disneyland to play on the eleventh."

They had already taken a long holiday for the eleventh, and all the planned itineraries were cancelled. Now they can't go anywhere except downstairs in the community. He is angry and disappointed.

"I'm really sorry, it's because my mother didn't handle the work well, which affected your life." Wang Yuan kissed her son, her face full of apologize. During this period, not only is the younger brother, but the older brother is also very uncomfortable. The original simple living environment has been restricted.

She protects her children in all respects, preferring to be too careful of herself and not wanting to have any accidents.

"If you believe me, I will help solve it." Qi Haoran confidently said.

Of course, Wang Yuan would not involve her son again. She thought for a while and said, there is one thing you can help mother.

It seems that we still have to find something for the little guy to divert his vigorous attention.

The film crew of "Parallel Space" got together again for an investor meeting. The film has had many twists and turns, and it is now a bad pit, and the main staff of the film have no confidence in it.

Wang Yuan and Qi Kuang came in together and exchanged greetings with the film crew. The producer was surprised when she knew that Wang Yuan wanted to invest. She was first asked to act in this film, but she refused. Later, a series of investors alternated to the present situation. She did not expect that she would appear as a new investor. It can only be said that the story of the early stage of the film's investment is more exciting than the content of the film.

"Mr. Qi and I introduced this film, and I have a great passion for movies like him, so I decided to invest." Wang Yuan smiled and said to everyone," screenwriter Ni Ying is also a good friend of mine. I believe she can adapt this movie to a good look."

Qi Kuang sat on the side, tilted Erlang's legs, raised his head, and nodded his chin slightly, expressing satisfaction with Wang Yuan's statement.

Ni Ying glanced at Qi Kuang calmly, then turned to look at everyone again, and wanted to see if you could still be so calm later.

Producer: "Teacher Wang can invest in this movie, so we have more confidence in the movie. You can rest assured that we will make the movie well." Wang Yuan is now a big hit, although she did not participate in the movie. But she can invest in this movie, and she can also play a good role in promoting the movie and drive the movie's popularity.

"I heard that your plan to change the protagonist's gender has not been approved by Mr. Ni Kuang?" Wang Yuan asked with a smile.

The producer coughed slightly: "We are actively contacting Mr. Ni Kuang. Ni Ying has shown the adapted script to Mr. Ni Kuang. The problem should not be big. As long as he knows that we are capable and capable of making the movie. Okay, he should agree to it."

Previously, Qi Kuang had to invite a foreign special effects team to do it. Although the increase in a huge amount of capital investment was also to convey a signal to Mr. Ni Kuang to show the strength of the crew.

Wang Yuan nodded, "Are you ready for investment contracts?"

The producer quickly showed it to her.

Qi Kuang is a little uncomfortable. Tens of millions are not much in his opinion. Unfortunately, he is now financially controlled by the old Qi and needs the help of the former second sister-in-law. He thought that if the movie made money, he would give Wang Yuan his share of the reward together, and he would be grateful for her support.

Wang Yuan wants to invest 50 million yuan, which happens to be her income from endorsing innocent milk. She invested in movies this time, not only for the transaction with Qi Kuang, but the most important thing was that she wanted to cheer up and manage her business after this wave of events.

The actor's career has actually been achieved by the original body. She has already reached the pinnacle of her acting skills and acting, and her pursuit may be simpler and more tacky. Now her idea is to make more money first. With sufficient financial support, she can retire early. When that happens, she will take children, travel, translate some articles she is interested in, and other things she can't think of now, but want to do in the future.

She feels that investing in a movie is a new attempt. 

The film industry's return is naturally good, otherwise there won't be so many people joining in, and the project she is familiar with and interested in is "Parallel Space". Although this movie has not been favored by everyone in the industry, Wang Yuan feels that It has a selling element.

First, it is a big IP adaptation with a certain audience base; second, the story of the movie is good, and the director has also made a popular movie of the same kind; third, the story focuses on suspense plots rather than sci-fi visual effects, as long as it does not match the big picture In the production route, the release of movies will not be too large, and the cost will be easily recovered. On these foundations, add some publicity and popular elements, such as her addition, I believe that as long as the film is not shot, it should be good.

After turning over the contract, Wang Yuan asked Qi Kuang, "Have you read the contract?" This is an additional contract to his investment contract.

Qi Kuang: "I have studied it for a lawyer."

Wang Yuan's sign was refreshing.

When she made the final stroke, everyone was relieved and felt that the movie could finally be reopened again.

After signing, Wang Yuan smiled and said to everyone: "I am also one of the investors now. I have something to confirm with you."

Qi Kuang nodded. He just wants to make a good filming of the actor. He has no objection to other aspects of the movie. Since Wang Yuan supports him so much, then he should take the lead in expressing one's attitude.

"You can also give advice about the movie. If you have some questions, please contact the crew directly, and I'll be with you!" Qi Kuang said in a majestic manner.

Wang Yuan smiled: "I plan to play the heroine of the movie!"

Ni Ying, who had already known the news in advance, lowered her head at this time, secretly observing the expressions around her.

The producer was stunned, and the director was surprised.

Qi Kuang-with an incredulous expression on his face, he stood up, staring at Wang Yuan, and asked word by word: "What do you mean?"

"I plan to play the heroine of the movie, and you can play the male character in the movie, that villain."

With a bang, Qi Kuang slammed his fist on the table, and a cup in front of him vibrated. He stretched out his hand and slammed it directly onto the ground, breaking it to pieces.

The people in the conference room suddenly became nervous, wouldn't they have a fight here?

Qi Kuang's agent hurriedly got up and pulled him, for fear that he would impulsively step forward and be beaten down on the ground. He had watched Wang Yuan's video several times carefully and didn't think Qi Kuang could beat the opponent.

"Teacher Wang Yuan, you are a bit too much. Why do you want to take the lead role. Moreover, we are the biggest investors. We decide the lead role. You don't have the right to make this decision." Remind Qi Kuang in disguise that they still have the initiative. Although Wang Yuan's proposal surprised them, as long as they disagree, it will not be implemented.

"Yes, you think you can be the protagonist if you want to be the protagonist? I'll tear up the contract now and don't need you to invest! If you want to be the master of this uncle if you are 50 million, you have a dream!" Qi Kwong shouted, He was really angry. Sure enough, this woman couldn't believe it, just like the last song, she had already thought about cheating him.

The producers wanted to cry. Why did he meet such investors, every one of them is right and confident, and give him a blow at the last moment, this movie is really impossible to make!

The director looked at the producer's depression, endured the mouth that he wanted to grin all the time, and whispered to him: "What are you worried about? Wang Yuan is the heroine of this movie, and this movie is back to normal. As long as you get Qi Kuang and ask him to agree, this movie is scheduled for next year's best film selection."

Which director doesn't want to cooperate with Wang Yuan? Not to mention her acting skills, just because she has always had a legend about the director, it makes people fascinated. Director Huang had only a suspense film the year before, but he was not a top-notch director. At first, he heard that Wang Yuan would be invited to play the leading role in the film. But then she resigned and went through a series of oolong investments. People, the script made a mess, and Director Huang wanted to quit.

Originally, he didn't want to come to the conference anymore. Knowing that the new investor was Wang Yuan, he came to see him and hoped to make a deal in advance to pave the way for future cooperation. He didn't expect that there would be hope for cooperation so soon. He now hopes to be together. Qi Kuang, the second generation ancestor, can agree not to ruin this movie that might be a big hit.

"Qi Kuang, let's discuss this matter calmly. You invest in the movie, you definitely want to make money. You changed the S*x of the protagonist of the novel, and you haven't got the consent of the original author. I don't know what the movie will drag. Filming can only start at a time."

"If you want to be a leading actor, you can find a suitable film in the future. You stick to your decision now. When you are not enough in acting skills and reputation and you want to change S*x, then you invest in this film and spend money on it. What's the different?"

For a while, Qi Kuang was silent, not because he was persuaded, but because he felt that this was so familiar, as if he had told others here–

It's Yu Xinxin, he said something similar when he attacked her.

Did Wang Yuan treat him as that silly woman Yu Xinxin?!

Qi Kuang was so angry that he rushed over again, and the agent held him tightly behind him.

Seeing this, Wang Yuan walked directly towards Qi Kuang.

Everyone in the conference room was shocked, Qi Kuang did not consciously leaned back, swallowed a mouthful of water, and he was not afraid of fighting!

"Let's go to the next room and chat alone." Wang Yuan beckoned and said, "I will make a good point with you until you agree."

Director Huang cried inwardly: Come on!

Producer: If Qi Kuang is injured, it should have nothing to do with our film producer, right?

Ni Ying: I am very happy that the script is back on track, but please be merciful!

The assistant secretary and others in the meeting room: Ah, are you going to fight? I'm so excited, can you watch it secretly? I want to see those beautiful whirlwind legs on the spot!

The agent yelled, "Just talk about it here, we won't go to the next room with you!"

"Don't you dare to go?" Wang Yuan asked Qi Kuang.

Qi Kuang broke away from his agent and sneered: "Who wouldn't dare! Go, my fists are itchy." After speaking, he gave Wang Yuan a provocative look, her fists squeezed loudly.

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