The two entered the next room, the door slammed shut, rejecting everyone from the door, and someone curiously leaned on the door with their ears to hear a little noise.

"Why are you more like a child than Mario? Can you wake up and realize the reality. Why don't you make money that is not a loss-making business?"

"You have a big face! You make money when you play the leading role, but you lose money when I play?"

"Except that you have a problem with my face recognition, the following is true!"

"I'm so mad, I said I would compete with you a long time ago, don't blame me for beating a woman today, I really can't bear it!"

"When you really can't fight for the result, you can decide by fighting. Who wins and listens to whom?"


"That's it, don't shame if you lose!"

"You just lost, I have to hold you down!"


"Why don't you do it without saying a word!"

"Quick battle!"

"You, wait a minute, let me stand up first, you are not allowed to sneak attack!"

"Bang bang bang bang… dong dong…"


"Do you want to fight again?"

"It was your luck just now, I'm going to be real next, so be careful!"

There was another booming sound–

The people outside the door listened to the sound completely, and they were scratching their hearts and wanting to watch the live version. Suddenly the door was opened.

Wang Yuan looked at the cat in front of the group of people, and smiled: "I have happily discussed with Qi Kuang, this movie is still the heroine, and the starring role is me. Let's get ready as soon as possible, and hope to catch up with the Spring Festival. It will be released on schedule."

The agent saw that only Wang Yuan came out, he hurriedly pushed open the people at the door, and ran into the house to see if Qi Kuang was still alive.

Qi Kuang didn't want to go out to meet people at all now. He touched his sore shoulder, gritted his teeth and cursed Wang Yuan secretly, why he was so stupid that he was scammed by this woman again and again. I wanted to teach her a lesson, but she was beaten by her. She couldn't win the fight. How can we turn defeat into victory and let Wang Yuan suffer a loss!

Screw up this movie?

Then I am embarrassed!

Seeing the agent running towards him, he dragged him anxiously and asked if there was anything wrong. Qi Kuang couldn't help asking: "Come to me a way to hit Wang Yuan severely once."

The agent carefully said: "You didn't win?"

Qi Kuang glanced at his agent, won't he hide here after winning?

Asking such stupid questions?

The agent also realized that he had asked the wrong question, and remembered what Qi Kuang had just asked, "Should we divest? She can't make a movie with 50 million."

"I want you to find a way to beat her, not even to fold ourselves in! I put money in and then take it out, I can't afford to lose this person, there are people like the old Qi in the family, the woman surnamed Shao, and the second child of Qi. Waiting to see my jokes."

The agent looked sullen, thinking that you can do nothing except money.

"Then you agree with her to play the leading role, and you play the villain?" the agent asked cautiously.

Qi Kuang glared at him angrily, and finally did not speak.

Wang Yuan communicated with the people on the film and planned to leave first. Before leaving, she remembered it and smiled at the director and said, "Have you found the physical technology consultant for this movie?"

Director Huang smiled and shook his head: "Not yet. I have already contacted the physics professor of H University and asked them to help guide." The movie does not require S*x changes, and the protagonist is still Wang Yuan. He thinks that today is really a day when his wishes come true. I don't know how good it is now.

"I recommend someone." Wang Yuan said, "My youngest son Mario, I think he is very suitable to be our scientific consultant."

Director Huang's smile suddenly collapsed, and he asked carefully, "Teacher Wang, how old is your youngest son this year?"

"Seven years old!" Wang Yuan said with a smile, "The virtual age is seven years old. The actual age is about to reach six years old."

Director Huang's expression hadn't changed yet, he just heard a burst of arrogant laughter.

Qi Kuang cleared up his mood, and came out of the fighting room with a stinky face that no one would get close to, just in time to hear their conversation.

"Director Huang, do you still think it is a whimsical thing for me to change the protagonist's gender? You know it now, the woman in front of you is the real master of cheating. You can regret it now, as long as you don't support her , I have a way to let her leave honestly."

"Qi Kuang, don't you believe that your nephew has this ability?" Wang Yuan said dissatisfiedly.

"Huh, it's not that I don't believe it. Normal people wouldn't let a seven-year-old child guide the technical issues of the film." Qi Kuang touched the corners of the slightly blue mouth that had just been kicked, and laughed coldly.

"Uncle, I will prove you wrong." Qi Haoran followed a few bodyguards from outside. He came over with his mother today and was always in the outside room.

When she waited for her, she just wanted to come in and remind her mother that it was the appointed time to leave, just in time to hear her uncle questioning him.

Qi Haoran was very upset. Her mother said that she would ask him for help, and wanted him to be a physics technical consultant for the film. Qi Haoran faintly looked forward to this, but she didn't care about it. He didn't expect that the first person to doubt him was his uncle. He will do this job well and make his uncle regret what he said.

When Qi Haoran was studying the novel "Parallel Space", Wang Zining was practicing his whirlwind legs in the yard.

He kicked the rubber dummies in the yard to the ground again and again, and he was still not very satisfied with his legwork. Liang Wentao and Zhang Ding stood by and kept applauding him.

"Wang Tou, your family is too good at martial arts!" Liang Wentao praised sincerely. He had watched Aunt Wang's video and was impressed by her chic fight. Today, he and Zhang Ting came to Wang's house as a guest and saw him practicing in the yard. He didn't expect that such dazzling whirlwind legs and Wang's head would be able to do it casually. He kicked it out, but didn't know what he was not satisfied with. After kicking it again and again, his brows were still frowning.

"My posture is wrong, and the kicking force is not enough." Wang Zining said.

"You are too demanding of yourself. Anyway, I haven't seen what's wrong. Your strength is not enough? This is a dummy. If you stand here instead of a real person, you would have been kicked and beaten." Liang Wentao Tao.

"Wang Zining, you are very good, you can do it just by looking at it." Zhang Ting said in a sincerely convincing way. He belongs to a person with uncoordinated hands and feet. I don't know how envious it is to see Wang Zining, who is born with developed motor nerves.

Wang Zining wiped his sweat and greeted the two friends to come into the house.

Wu Han had long asked Aunt Lin to prepare fruits and snacks for them. She did not disturb her grandson's classmates gathering, leaving room for them.

The three of Wang Zining ate the watermelon, and Liang Wentao asked Zhang Ting: "Does that video website still invite you to contribute?"

Zhang Ting nodded shyly: "Yes, I didn't write well, and many of the stories I gave them have been returned. I am also studying now, hoping to write more interesting things." They put it right after school started. The small video matter was put down, but the website still contacted Zhang Ting to continue cooperation. He has a good story idea and will provide it to the website, and the website plans to find someone to make an animated version of the historical story.

Zhang Ting is just one of the many writers invited by the website, no

Now he has made tens of thousands of dollars by writing short stories. This was something he didn't dare to imagine before, and he didn't expect that he had this talent. Now I have been charging myself, and I usually watch many variety show talk shows and other programs, hoping to get some inspiration to write more interesting things.

"You are very good, let me write a 500-word composition, half of my brain cells will die." Liang Wentao boasted.

"Yes, I am most afraid of writing." Wang Zining echoed.

"Tell you a secret." Liang Wentao suddenly lowered his voice and looked at the curious expressions of Wang Zining and Zhang Ting before beginning to say, "Zhang has a long beard!"

"Cut!" Wang Zining said indifferently about what happened, "This is still a secret? Zhang Chao himself has been preaching it everywhere."

"When did you hear about it?" Liang Wentao was curious, he should have mastered the first-hand information.

"On the 3rd, we played together, he said proudly to the team. He also asked people to touch his chin." Wang Zining said with a cold voice.

"He has a bigger mouth than me." Liang Wentao complained. He looked at Wang Zining with some curiosity, "Wang Tou, you are taller than all of us, why haven't you started to develop?"

Wang Zining said in disgust, "I don't want to become a drake voice like Zhang Chao, my voice is terrible."

Liang Wentao smiled mysteriously: "Hey, all of us boys have to go through this stage. The physiological hygiene class that we took at the beginning of school was very clear to us."

Zhang Ting said worriedly: "I don't know if I can grow to 1.7 meters in the future."

"If you want to grow taller, you must learn from Wang Zining in this respect, drink milk every day, and exercise for no less than five hours." Liang Wentao told him.

"Let's run with Wang Zining every day from now on." Zhang Ting suggested to Liang Wentao.

"Don't, don't look for me, I plan to grow naturally. My dad took me to test my bone age and said that I can only grow up to 1.7 meters. Alas, I have no hope of being a giant in my life. Now I plan to cultivate my brain and practice my tongue more. I will talk about cross talk or talk show in the future." Liang Wentao has already planned his career.

"There is another news to share with you. Our class Wang Yaoyao has fallen in love with a transfer student from Class 5." Liang Wentao said with gossip.

Zhang Ting glanced at Wang Zining, and asked hesitantly, "Wang Yaoyao is not happy

Is Prince Huan Ning?"

Wang Zining glared at Zhang Ting, and denied: "Nothing!"

"These girls are easy to empathize. Wang Yaoyao is a fool. She thinks that transfer student is very cool. In fact, she is a gangster. I heard that he was transferred because of a fight and trouble. His family had some money to get him to our school. To be a student. I thought that the threshold for No. 1 Middle School is very high, but that's just the case." Liang Wentao also has opinions on the school.

"I know, he seems to have come to our class to inquire about Wang Zining, and heard people say that he wants to stand alone with Wang Zining." Zhang Ting was worried and authentic.

Wang Zining looked dumbfounded, is there anything else? He didn't know at all.

Liang Wentao: "It is estimated that I heard that Wang Zining from our school is the most powerful and wants to come to Liwei. Wang Tau has been following a few bodyguards behind get out of class every day recently, and he didn't do anything. This person is very arrogant now, and I want to see him being killed by the king. Looks like a headache."

"Wang Zining can try the whirlwind legs you just practiced on him." Zhang Ting also became excited.

Wang Zining: "I won't fight with people for no reason."

After the long vacation ended, Wang Zining did notice that a tall boy often came to pick Wang Yaoyao from school at the class door. He looked a little sinister and arrogant. The look in his eyes was also provocative, and Wang Zining ignored him. This transfer student named Wan Hao once deliberately ran into him while walking in the corridor. Wang Zining tipped his shoulder, and Wan Hao was directly knocked back a few steps. If he hadn't stabilized in time, he almost sat down on the ground.

He glared at Wang Zining and left. Wang Zining didn't care. He felt that this man was simply ill, and he faced himself inexplicably, not knowing what it meant.

When the popularity of Wang Yuan's news was about to cool down, a series of news broke out on the Internet, but some of them were not popular because they took place on the economic and social pages.

XX company was checked by law enforcement agencies. It is said that a lot of problems were found, and the main person in charge of the company was taken away for questioning. Later, it was revealed that this company was laundering money through the entertainment industry, film and television industries, and a film and television company as well as many artists and Tianyu companies were involved. Tianyu's influence this time is very big. At this special moment, the company's gold-medal agent Qu Hui is going to take a large number of artists out to work alone. Now Tianyu's internal and external troubles are almost at the point of breaking their nerves and bones.

Wang Yuan also pays attention to the news all the time, and only after she confirmed that the surnamed Sun was detained, she slowly let go of her mind.

Come. As for the movements of the former agent Qu Hui, she no longer cared. After learning about Tianyu's current situation, she contacted Xiao Wang and asked her if she wanted to come and help herself. Of course Xiao Wang was willing.

She is also a small assistant at Tianyu. Since Wang Yuan and Tianyu terminated her contract, her situation has become less embarrassing. Tianyu left her aside for no use, and only paid a basic salary to support her temporarily. Xiao Wang had originally planned to come out to find a new job, and as soon as Wang Yuan contacted her, she came over happily.

Wang Yuan now also needs an assistant to help her deal with some work matters. Without an agent, some work negotiations and arrangements will have to be done by herself. It is indeed impossible for her to take care of both. Although Xiao Wang is relatively young and does not have much work experience, it is not a problem to help her with some simple contacts.

The movie "Parallel Space" finally decided to start filming, and there were no moths before and after the opening ceremony, and everyone's heart was relieved.

The physical technology consultant of the movie is of course our Mr. Qi Haoran. When he wore a small bow tie and squeezed his face, he walked in front of the producer and director, holding the script and his own opinions and charts, and he was cautious and quite professional. When I told them about the concept of parallel space and the issues that should be paid attention to in film processing, I was stunned by a group of adults with a perfunctory attitude. One hour of communication made everyone no longer object to his appointment as a consultant.

This time, the filming location was in the film and television city not far from City H. It took about four hours to drive back and forth. After Wang Yuan was stationed in the crew, she would usually be alone. On weekends, she would have a nanny, a son and a puppy.

Originally, she didn't want her son to travel between the two places frequently. Although she was not relieved by having bodyguards following her, Mr. Qi Haoran attached great importance to his status as a consultant and needed to come to inspect and communicate with the director every week.

"Teacher Wang, your Mario is a genius, you must cultivate it." Director Huang has not known how many times he has said this to Wang Yuan. He did not expect that he would listen carefully to a day when a seven-year-old child talked about physics. I also think what he said is very good. The physical logic and some of the scenes that Mario proposed made him feel refreshed. It was easier to understand than those university professors. The most important thing was his many whimsical ideas. Those professors could not at all. which provided.

"Hahahaha." Qi Kuang.

Wang Yuan is not tired of listening, "I don't know how to train, we respect Mario's own ideas."

There was a sneer next to "Haha".

"Your nose is uncomfortable?" Wang Yuan asked Qi Kuang, who had never been normal since joining the group.

Qi Kuang glanced at Wang Yuan, already too lazy to talk to her.

Wang Yuan took the script and said, "I'll talk to you about the play, and tell you how to perform the following play."

Wang Yuan now talks to Qi Kuang every day, analyzes the characters with him, and helps him design some character movements. At first, Qi Kuang didn't intend to pay any attention to her at all, but was too NG, and Wang Yuan's reminders sounded in his ears. Try the method she said, and it passed.

Qi Kuang just reluctantly sat there listening to Wang Yuan's nagging.

Wang Yuan knows that Qi Kuang has a lot of emotions from the protagonist position. Fortunately, although he has many problems in his character, he still respects the performance. After taking over the villain's role, he didn't do much damage, and he still carefully cooperated with the performance.

The villain characters in this movie have been adapted and accounted for a large part. If they play well, they are actually very brilliant. They have watched the replay. Several of Qi Kuang's performance shots are very good, and the temperament image is more in line with the image of the villain. For example, it would be abrupt when someone dyed a blue hair, but he could live in HOLD.

The movie "Parallel Space" is about the heroine who accidentally travels to another time and space and discovers that the original body in the time and space is missing. Everyone regards her as the original owner. People and things in the two time and space have many things in common. The hostess always tried to leave at the beginning, wanting to return to her original life.

But after staying in this time and space for a while, and discovering that her parents and relatives who had passed away were still alive in this time and space, she began to want to stay and enjoy the regained affection.

At this time, all doubtful points appeared in her life, and she realized that she was not the first to travel to this time and space. Other people in parallel time and space had already come here before her and lived for a while instead of the original body.

When she found the body of that person, she found that this person was not the first person to come to this time and space. Someone had passed through before.

The same person in countless parallel spaces has been brought to this time and space by unknown forces, but they have all disappeared one by one, and the predecessors faced by the heroine at this time encountered the same danger——

This commercial film, if you play casually with Wang Yuan's acting skills, will you pass the test?

However, Wang Yuan has the spiritual blessing of the original body. Each character will devote 200% of his concentration. This character is also the same. Wang Yuan wrote a few thousand words for the character. Every paragraph and every paragraph of the script After being marked and pondered by her, she not only has strict requirements on herself, but also Qi Kwong has the same requirements.

Except for Mr. Qi Haoran, who has to accompany her family on weekends, Wang Yuan always took Qi Kuang rehearsal and lectures at other times, and took up all of Qi Kuang's time.

While Qi Kuang has benefited a lot, he also had some small doubts. Once he couldn't help but ask his agent: "You said this woman won't like me anymore? What if it's true? She is my ex-second sister-in-law, she wants Falling in love with me, it's just like □□. You said that if she has an idea for me, how can I refuse?"

Agent: "…I think you can think more!"

Qi Kuang said annoyed: "You don't understand, she really, she really took care of me, she really taught me acting. Cough, although my uncle's acting skills are already very good, she doesn't need her to teach."

Then he sighed heavily: "I only have an antagonist with her, and have no friendship. She suddenly treats me so hard, and I really feel bad!"

Qi Kuang was really troubled. He didn't treat Wang Yuan as the opposite S*x in his heart, at least he didn't treat her as a woman. At the beginning, the impression of her was the former second sister-in-law, the nephew's mother, and later she was a female devil, but she was not a normal woman.

He also thought a lot, what if Wang Yuan played some tricks to become his girlfriend by fooling him to sing the little apple and letting him give up the protagonist.

Although he didn't like Old Qi and Qi's second child, he didn't plan to sever ties with them. If Wang Yuan didn't rely on her, then she would definitely be kicked out of the house.

"Uncle, what are you thinking about?" Qi Haoran brought Little Golden Retriever to his side.

Qi Kuang looked at his nephew, and stopped talking, "Mario."

Qi Haoran looked up at him.

Qi Kuang: "Your mother, have you ever told you anything?"

Qi Haoran was puzzled and didn't know what his uncle was talking about.

"That is, did she ask you to change your name." Qi Kuang scratched his hair irritably, and simply said directly, "For example, let you call me father?"

Qi Haoran looked at his uncle like an idiot, wondering if his uncle was sick again?

"Uncle, why did my mother let me call you father? Are you stupid?"

"Yes, I want to hear your explanation too." Wang Yuan didn't know when she came over, she looked at Qi Kuang with her chest folded.

The words of Qi Kuang and his nephew were heard by Wang Yuan, and she was a bit embarrassed. Thinking of Wang Yuan's meticulous care of her during this period, she suddenly felt that she still had to explain the words clearly to her and let her completely die. Covet yourself again.

Qi Kuang stood up and stared at Wang Yuan: "I'll just say it straight, I won't like you, so let's die of your heart!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he got a kick on his stomach and he was kicked out and fell heavily to the ground.

"You are sick!" Wang Yuan said in a breath. 

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