Knowing that he was passionate, Qi Kuang breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time he became more angry.

He stood up and asked Wang Yuan loudly, not because he had a crush on him, why did he take care of him so much?

Wang Yuan didn't want to talk to this person anymore. She grabbed Qi Kuang to talk to him for a while, as compensation for stealing his protagonist. In addition, Qi Kuang was the uncle of her son, and she unknowingly treated him. Take care of him more, I didn't expect it to cause such a big misunderstanding.

"Because I invested money in this movie, I don't want to be dragged down by your bad acting skills, so I will give you a make-up lesson. You have something in your mind all day, can you be more normal!"

After Qi Kuang heard this, he left in shame and angrily. When passing by Qi Haoran, he also warned: "Don't speak out!"

Qi Haoran figured out the cause and effect, and was almost furious. He turned his head with a puffed face, ignoring his uncle. He will definitely tell his father and let him teach his uncle a lesson. He wants to be his own father. It's too much!

Qi Kuang disappeared from the crew for three days, and no one could contact him. When Director Huang was about to die, he appeared wearing sunglasses and Shi Shiran.

Director Huang asked him to quickly prepare and make up for the missing scenes. Qi Kuang said in a leisurely manner to shoot other people's scenes first. He hasn't been inspired to act recently.

The fart is uninspired, and Director Huang is about to yell at him. Following Kuang's attitude of refusing to cooperate, he flipped his book: "No need to shoot, I will leave too."

The director's temper and patience was the most tested when filming. Director Huang had never seen such an unprofessional actor who disappeared without saying hello. After returning, he refused to film on the grounds of Sh*t inspiration. If Qi Kuang was not an investor, he would have let him go. He got out, because investors can't get out, so let's get out of it by himself.

The assistant director and producer all came to hold Director Huang to persuade him not to get angry. Wang Yuan stepped forward and said to Qi Kuang, "What are you doing? If you have this kind of working attitude, then you don't want to take it again in the future. It's a drama. It is estimated that tomorrow, there will be news about your disengagement everywhere on the Internet."

Helpless, Qi Kuang took off his eyes and saw that one of his eyes was black and green. He said lightly, "I had a small accident and hit a tree."

When everyone saw him, they were a little surprised, and Director Huang no longer struggled to leave.

Wang Yuan saw the bruise around Qi Kuang's eyes and knew that it was impossible to hit a tree

It must have been his dog's temper who didn't know who was offended and beaten up.

"The makeup artist came to see if he could cover the wound. If we can't cover it, we will change to the side." Huang Dao became half angry and waved for the makeup artist to come over.

When the makeup artist put on makeup on Qi Kuang, he grinned and resisted the pain. He scolded Qi Lao Er countless times in his heart. There is also Mario, the ear-reporting god, who has the opportunity to press his butt and give him a beating. Asked him not to say anything, and as soon as he turned his head, he told Qi Lao Er of the oolong embarrassment. Qi Lao Er came forward and beat him up personally. He didn't expect that Qi Lao Er's fist was quite hard, so he froze. I haven't beaten him.

Thinking of being beaten up recently, Qi Kuang felt a little depressed. Thinking about when his Uncle Qi has eaten so much thanks to it, it is really a fleeting disadvantage.

After Qi Kuang returned honestly to film the film, Wang Yuan and the crew took two days off.

The annual marathon in City H is about to begin. She made an appointment to run a marathon with her elder son.

The organizer knew that she was going to sign up for the marathon, and after the whole country, she made an exception and gave her two places. For the registration requirements of city H for more than half a race, a certificate for participating in the half race is required to register. There are also requirements on the age of marathon runners. Wang Zining was originally not eligible for registration if he was younger than 20.

The organizer gave these two places very refreshingly. Every year, the marathon in City H invites celebrities or influential celebrities to come to the platform to expand the influence of the event. Wang Yuan offered to participate in the full marathon, but the organizer couldn't ask for it.

After confirming with Wang Yuan, the organizer immediately updated the publicity. For a while, the news that Wang Yuan was about to participate in the H City Marathon was known to the entire network.

The marathon is no longer a niche event in the past. Now there are several times more people participating in the horse race every year. The number of registrations needs to be drawn. As soon as the news that Wang Yuan wants to participate, the number of applicants has increased sharply, and the drawing ratio has increased. Up.

Some welcome and expect Wang Yuan to join, and some old runners disdain the celebrity breaking behavior, thinking that they come to gain fame and make money.

The H City Marathon Organizing Committee wanted to give Wang Yuan money, and wanted her to be the spokesperson for this event, but Wang Yuan was still filming on the crew and had no time to be the spokesperson for the competition, because the spokesperson needed to shoot posters and cooperate. Some official propaganda activities.

She can only spare one day to go for a run, and she has to return to the crew immediately after she finishes running the marathon.

Before the beginning, netizens looked forward to Wang Yuan's achievements. Knowing that she is a master of taekwondo (her video is analyzed by the taekwondo coach, Wang Yuan's strength is at least black belt or above. This evaluation makes netizens startled, saying that she is the queen of kung fu.) But I don't know that she can still run and run. Still the whole horse. There have been many sports products that wanted her to endorse. As soon as the news of the horse race came out, one of the world's most famous sports brands contacted Wang Yuan and wanted to cooperate with her.

Wang Yuan said that people are in the crew and it is not convenient for communication. The brand people also rushed to the set specially. Sincerely hope that she can look at the contract first and consider cooperation matters. It is best to decide before the marathon runs, so that the brand Fang can cooperate with the promotion, and Wang Yuan only needs to wear the clothing and running shoes provided by the brand. The next step of advertising and publicity will wait until her schedule becomes empty before making up.

Wang Yuan sighed that as long as she was famous for making money, she signed up for the marathon out of interest, and there were parties who looked for her to cooperate and wanted to give her money. No wonder everyone squeezed their heads and wanted to enter this circle.

During the filming period in the filming city, Wang Yuan also insisted on running, and her body recovered after such a long time. She felt that it was okay to run this marathon to achieve a good result.

Wang Yuan returned to City H the night before the marathon. After a night of rest, the next day, Wang Yuan and Wang Zining joined the race in vigor.

In order to prevent collision and harassment, the organizer also sent several security personnel to guard Wang Yuan all the way. When she entered the waiting line of all Malaysian runners, Wang Yuan enjoyed the treatment of standing behind black runners for the first time.

The first row of the marathon runners' waiting area is always invited foreign professional runners, a group of dark-skinned endurance lightning. Wang Yuan was so close to them that she was not confident about running for the first time. However, the crazy flashing light next to her and the flying camera above her head reminded her that the sight and camera that followed her today is far beyond comparison by these black runners. I just hope that I will try my best when I run and don't be too embarrassed.

"Don't be nervous, control the rhythm and run slowly." Wang Yuan patted her son on the shoulder to remind him. She was worried that her son's newborn calf would not be afraid of tigers, and ran after the black lightnings, exhausting her energy in front of her.

Wang Zining raised his head and glanced at his mother. In the sports field, he still doesn't know how to write the word nervous.

"Are they good?" Wang Zining watched

Asked the thin black runners standing in the front row.

"Of course. Their talents and physical conditions are naturally suitable for long-distance running, and they are top marathon pros. Unlike us, the focus is on participation. If you feel uncomfortable halfway, you must stop in time and don't force it." Wang Yuan reminded.

I'm not afraid of my son's exhaustion and give up halfway, I'm afraid that something will happen if he insists on it. Marathon running wants to suddenly limit, and there are countless runners who have accidents in the end.

Wang Yuan likes marathons because it is a process of dialogue between her own mind and body. She took Wang Zining for a run, hoping to cultivate his endurance and patience, and to experience the real marathon spirit.

"Mom, you are nagging more and more." Wang Zining laughed. Since his mother came back yesterday, she started to talk about it, asking him to pay attention to this, be careful of the other, as if taking part in a run was going to the battlefield." You are not right, since it is a race, you must go all out." Knowing that he will participate in this marathon with his mother, he has been practicing long-distance running a month in advance, and he is very confident in himself.

Wang Yuan was afraid of this, she stretched out her hand to beat her son, and said fiercely: "Remember, follow me, and don't let yourself be messed up!"

The old runners nearby looked at them and whispered.

"This is the star Wang Yuan, right? Can she really run the whole horse?"

"I don't know, it doesn't matter if you run or not. She is here to take photos for publicity. Didn't you see that there are so many more □ short cannons? It is estimated that after running for ten minutes, the photos almost stopped."

"It seems to have brought a child. The young man is quite tall, so why not go to the Happy Family Run and run here to take up our entire spot in Malaysia."

"The whole horse sounds like a gimmick."

"I've watched her video. The skill is good, she can fight well, maybe she can run down the whole time."

"After that, the marathon will invite Taekwondo athletes to participate. Good kung fu may not be able to run long distances."

"In the past, the waiting area relied on performance ranking, but now it relies on fame. If the H City Marathon is done like this, the front row will be full of stars, and we will not use it to accompany it."

Most of the runners didn't believe that Wang Yuan could run down the whole journey, and they all felt that it was a star on the show.

After the sound of the reminder to prepare, the runners all calmed down. When the gunfire sounded, the black lightnings in the first row swept out, and tens of thousands of runners from behind gathered and set off like a colony of ants.


At the moment when it sounded, Wang Zining rushed out, and Wang Yuan was too late to reach out and catch him. This B*stard is really disobedient. Those words just now were all in vain. Forget it, let him know the gap in talent. He is leading in all aspects of sports in the current small circle, which makes him think that the world is only so big. Take this opportunity to let him know that there is a sky outside the sky, and there are people outside the world.

Wang Yuan didn't chase her anymore, if she kept Wang Zining's speed, her aura would be chaotic within ten kilometers.

After Wang Yuan ran out, there were many cameras shooting at her along the way. In addition to the cameras, the crowds on both sides of the runway were very excited when they watched her passing by, holding their mobile phones, screaming, shouting, cheering!

Wang Yuan smiled and waved to greet them.

Wang Yuan was relatively easy on the previous journey. In addition to the excited people on the roadside, many runners gathered around her and took pictures of her with their mobile phones. After fifteen kilometers, Wang Yuan's breathing began to heavier. She didn't know where her son had gone at this time, and she didn't know if she would lose her strength after running behind the black brothers.

At 20 kilometers, she added water at the replenishment point, thinking that the stupid son didn't know if he had any water, so he wouldn't choke on it all at once.

When she was twenty-five kilometers away, she went to take a section of Snickers to replenish her stamina, and wondered if her son didn't know if she had refilled energy bars in time, so she wouldn't faint due to low blood sugar.

At thirty-five kilometers, it seemed that the dawn was about to be seen, because I was worried about the brats all the way, and I didn't feel too tired during this run. However, the number of runners gathered around just now gradually disappeared, and some people didn't. Keep up, some have already rushed to the front.

When approaching the end, Wang Yuan felt that her two legs were no longer hers, and ran forward mechanically. Looking at the excited crowd and the media reporters in front, Wang Yuan smiled again and rushed to the finish line with a V-

The reporters flocked to her, and the security guards waiting at the end hurriedly protected her in the middle, pushed aside the crowd and tried to rush out of the encirclement.

"Teacher Wang Yuan, you ran such a good score of three hours and 35 minutes in this full marathon. What do you think?" Reporter A raised the microphone in front of Wang Yuan and asked excitedly.

"You make me feel as if I have won the top three rankings." Wang Yuan smiled and said, "I estimate that my performance is a female

Let's leave the group with 80 people. I don't have any thoughts. I feel very tired now."

"Before we never thought that you could run the whole process, but now this result is really unexpected." Reporter A said.

"There are a lot of artists who like to run marathons. Today, your results came out and you are currently the fastest among them." Reporter B said.

"No, there should be a man faster than me." Wang Yuan slowly became a little impatient, and now she wants to squeeze out and find Wang Zining sooner.

"There are many surprises in the marathon held in City H. In addition to your good results in running, we also have a young runner. Today, we also set the highest record for Chinese men in the City H marathon." Reporter C was pleased. Share this news with Wang Yuan.

Wang Yuan felt a little bit in her heart, "What's the name of this little player?"

"It seems to be called… Wang Zining." Reporter C thought for a while.

Wang Yuan:…

When I saw my son again, I found that the little guy was a little downcast, not at all like he had just broken the city's marathon record.

"Tired?" Wang Yuan touched her son's sweaty head, took out the towel from her bag, and helped him wipe his head.

"I lost!" Wang Zining said gravely. He tried his best just now but failed to catch up with the top few, which made him very frustrated.

"Stupid boy, you have achieved a good score of two hours and ten minutes, few people in the country can do it. And you are less than fourteen years old. This is already a miracle! Mom is very, very proud of you." Wang Yuan said.

"But I still lost!" Wang Zining pursed his mouth.

Wang Yuan patted his head, "Enough! Your athletic talent has been envied by many people, and you are still not satisfied! If you practice running for a few days and can outperform those black athletes casually today, then it is not now I was chatting with you to comfort you, but someone from the biological organization came to ask about you and plan to dissect you."

I don't know if my mother had a head scratched. Wang Zining was no longer depressed, and raised his spirits again. He touched his stomach and said that he was hungry, so he should eat a good meal!

I took my son to eat lunch, and then sent him home. After some further advice, Wang Yuan got in the car and hurried back to the studio.

On the way from City H to the studio, she slept all the way, but Xiao Wang woke her up when she arrived.

Back at the hotel, Xiao Wang turned on his phone to find Wang Yuan, show her the latest news.

The official announcement of the four-leaf clover sports brand endorsed by Wang Yuan has put a photo of her running fast in a set of equipment provided by the brand.

Under the quick-drying white vest is a pair of dazzling compression pants and white sports shoes, revealing the sweat on the upper arm muscles. The whole person is bathed in the morning light, and there is a combination of softness and strength. Wang Yuan didn't expect the photographer to capture such a clear and intense photo.

The official website of the brand announced that Wang Yuan is their spokesperson for the new season. Many netizens commented on the rainbow fart. Congratulations to Wang Yuan for adding the title of long-distance running queen to the queen of kung fu. They all said that the photos were taken beautifully, and they desperately asked if the clothes she was wearing were sold in the store.

Xiao Wang said that when she was resting in the car, the brand of Four Leaf Clover had already called and wanted to make an appointment with her for a promotional advertisement. Then Xiao Wang opened other news to her.

Wang Yuan found that at this marathon, it was not her who discussed the most, but her son Wang Zining.

The entire network is full of photos of Wang Zining running, many of them running alongside black people, and photos of running back and being surrounded by reporters and being interviewed.

Whether it was the steadfast and handsome boy on the run or the boy who looked stunned when interviewed, netizens were excited for him. The boys admire his achievement, the girls eat his looks, and some people recognize him as the little Zhang Fei who became popular during the summer vacation. Many people compare the photos and find that it is true. The Internet is full of discussions about him.

It was also because there were too many people following him, it was revealed that he was under 14 years old. Many people ran to the H City Marathon official website to leave a message, forcing the organizer to come out and announce that Wang Zining was an excellent runner they specially invited, and that he also ran the best results in this marathon, refreshing the city of H As a men's record, the H City Marathon has excavated one of the best marathon runners for the country. With Wang Zining's current age and development potential, he is expected to enter the Olympics and compete with black runners for medals.

When Wang Yuan saw this place, she couldn't help but curl her lips, saying that it seemed to be true. She didn't know if they believed what they said.

Although Wang Yuan didn't care about the official website, netizens believe that this kind of argument to break the barriers of racial physical fitness is particularly inspiring.

Netizens have turned from a doubtful age to an inexplicable carnival. They have started to imagine and feel that as Wang Zining gets older, every time

The running speed can be reduced by a few minutes in a year, and it is very hopeful that it will eventually break through 2. It seems that Wang Zining has become a proud moment for Asians and yellow races.

Wang Yuan received a call from the organizer of the marathon that evening, saying that the coach of the national track team was looking for Wang Zining's guardian and wanted to recruit Wang Zining into the training of the national team.

Wang Yuan thought, they just went to run an amateur marathon to get some exercise. Why did they recruit a national coach? She is now used to the eldest son attracting national coaches.

Wang Yuan gave Fan Jiangliang's phone number to the organizer. The reason why he pushed it to Fan Jiangliang was because he was used to receiving and collecting coaches.

She also called Fan Jiangliang to talk about the situation in advance. Both knew that Wang Zining would not take the career path of a marathon in the future, but they also left a contact information as an alternative.

Fan Jiangliang said to Wang Yuan: "If Ning Ning plans to engage in soccer, I plan to send him to a foreign youth training camp for a few years."

Wang Yuan frowned: "He is still so young. If he is sent abroad now, he will not adapt to it abroad. You can play on the domestic soccer team for two years and wait for him to go to high school or college before sending him out…" The more she speaks, the weaker her voice is. She also knows that it is difficult to cultivate a good star in the domestic soccer environment. Any sport must be practiced from a young age. Wang Zining would rather be engaged in soccer, so now she should accept the best. Professional training.

"I'm not willing to send him out so early. Ning Ning's grandparents were very sad at that level, but Ning Ning wants to play professional soccer and going abroad is the best choice."

"I think about it again, let's listen to Ning Ning's opinion." Wang Yuan's voice became a little heavy.

Just now I saw netizens exaggerating Wang Zining's words. Although she felt exaggerated and numb, she was very happy when she saw it. After hearing Fan Jiangliang's words, her original high mood suddenly fell.

Let the chicks fly out, can he adapt to the storm outside?

When Wang Zining went to school on Monday, he was surrounded by classmates when he entered the school. Everyone saw the news and knew that he had participated in the city's marathon on the weekend. Everyone called him Little Flying Man. Originally, the title of trapeze has always been used in sprint events. The reason why netizens gave Wang Zining this nickname is because a photo of him leaping in the air was captured when he was running, and the title of trapeze was derived from this.

"Wang Zining, I didn't expect Wang Yuan to be your mother!" a classmate asked curiously.

This is what Wang Zining worries the most, his relationship with his mother has been exposed. On the second day after the marathon, a few photos came out, showing Wang Yuan patted Wang Zining on the shoulder, raising her head and talking to him gently.

At first, some netizens excitedly asked if Wang Yuan had found a small tender grass. The intimate manners of the two are suspicious. Later, a reasonable netizen said that Wang Zining was revealed to be only fourteen years old, as if Wang Yuan's eldest son was at this age. Then everyone said that they looked similar.

After Wang Yuan saw the news, she discussed with Fan Jiangliang. In order to prevent netizens from guessing and spreading it, she posted a message on social platforms, acknowledging that the two were mother and child. Said that Wang Zining is still a minor, please don't forward his information too much, and help protect his privacy.

"Wang Zining, no wonder you are so powerful, it turns out that you have a master mother!" Ma Chao enviously stretched out his hand, planning to take Wang Zining's shoulders, and was avoided by him.

"Wang Tou, I didn't expect you to be exposed." Liang Wentao had a kind of ease of letting go of the secret, but he was also worried for Wang Zining. I'm afraid the classmates will come to bother him.

"Wang Zining, can you ask your mother to sign me?" a new fan of Wang Yuan came and asked.

"I want too!"

"Is your father going to make a movie? Does he want to hire a small actor?" A classmate who wants to be a small star.

In the past, Mom and Dad concealed their relationship every day and said they wanted to protect him. Wang Zining would rather not take it seriously. Sometimes the parent conferences and school activities that required parents to attend were attended by grandparents or dad's assistants. Although he didn't mind. Said, but felt a bit wronged. After the relationship was exposed today, he realized that it was really annoying.

"Don't surround Wang Zining, everyone spread out, please stay sensible and chase the stars." Liang Wentao came forward and drove the classmates.

"Wang Zining, someone is looking for you at the door!" A classmate came to remind him.

"Who is it? If you want to see Wang Zining, first come to my agent to apply for it." Liang Wentao shouted.

Wang Zining and Liang Wentao walked to the door and found that the person looking for him was Wan Hao.

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