"What's the matter with you?" Wang Zining looked at Wan Hao.

"After school, I'll be waiting for you in the playground, see or leave!" Wan Hao took a look at Wang Zining. After letting go, he swaggered away with his hands in his pants pockets.

"What does he mean, he wants to make an appointment with you?" Liang Wentao said anxiously, "King, don't be impulsive, it's no good to fight with him, we still have punishment for it."

Wang Zining was inexplicable, "Why should I fight him? I'm not a violent man." The man said that the appointment was made, but he hadn't agreed yet.

Wang Zining originally planned to go to a meeting with this Wan Hao after school to see what he was going to do, but Fan Jiangliang called and said to pick him up, Wang Zining went straight to his father's car and went home.

After returning home, Fan Jiangliang invited both his parents out and made a cautious talk about Wang Zining's future. The theme was that if Wang Zining chooses soccer as his career, then he will enter formal training now.

"You mean you want to send him to a soccer school?" Academician Fan Jiang asked.

Wu Han: "Ning Ning is only in the second year of junior high. The soccer school culture class arrangement must be very weak. Let's go after junior high school."

"Dad, the soccer school in City H is too weak. I don't think there is any need to go there. I now study with the city team while studying. It's good." Wang Zining expressed his opinion.

Fan Jiangliang hesitated, coughed a clear cough, and made up his mind: "I plan to send Ning Ning to a youth training camp abroad."

Wu Han frowned, "What do you mean? Is to send him there for training for a period of time? How long will it take, and what about Ning Ning's homework?"

Academician Fan Jiang knew more about soccer than his old wife. His face sank and he said to his son: "This is your own decision? Ning Ning is only thirteen years old and can't speak foreign languages. This time he will stay abroad. In a few years, if you can stay in the future, you will play in a foreign country. Your decision is to send him away."

"I don't agree!" Wu Han objected immediately. At this moment, the heart that had already undergone the operation felt faintly aching.

"Dad, I don't want to stay abroad forever." Wang Zining also became nervous. He likes to play soccer, but he prefers his home.

Fan Jiangliang knew that his parents would oppose his decision when he proposed this decision. He also knew that his son was in a panic mood of chicks leaving the nest. He slowly said: "If Ning Ning chooses other sports occupations, such as track and field or swimming, he can do it. Representative after receiving training in China

Countries play, but soccer is different. In this regard, our country is too weak. If Ning Ning's talent is average, he can also play in a domestic club. On the contrary, he is very good. If professional players want to play in top foreign clubs, the only way is to enter their youth academies, where they will have the opportunity to play in the first-line teams after receiving comprehensive training. The threshold for this youth academy is also very high, but I believe Ning Ning will definitely be able to enter."

Academician Fan Jiang turned his head and asked Wang Zining: "Ning Ning, have you really decided to become a professional player?"

Wu Han looked at his grandson hesitantly: "You swim very well, and the coach also said that you have the opportunity to participate in the Olympics."

Wang Zining lowered his head: "I like soccer. But I don't want to leave home yet."

Haohan touched his grandson's head distressedly, "We will not leave home, you are still young now, we will go out after you wait a few years."

Fan Jiangliang sighed. He said to his son: "Ning Ning, only at this time can you receive rigorous professional training and lay the foundation before you have the chance to become the world's top soccer player and compete with those foreigners on the stadium."

In order to further persuade his son, Fan Jiangliang continued: "Next week, the youth team of a German soccer club will come to our city for exchanges. Coach Liu of the provincial team has given you a place for the competition. You have the opportunity to play against these foreign players. The ball, we'll make a decision then."

"That's what my dad said, he intends to send me out." In the evening Wang Wang and his mother video, and told her the content of today's conversation.

"You really like soccer, and you are determined to be a professional player, then your father's decision is currently the best arrangement." When Fan Jiangliang and Wang Yuan mentioned this matter, she also hesitated and calmed down to know this. The decision is right.

"I know. But I don't speak foreign languages ​​and I don't like foreign food." Wang Zining was annoyed. The most important thing was that he couldn't see his grandparents and mother.

"Son, these can be learned and overcome." Wang Yuan said softly.

"Which country are you going to?" Qi Haoran's head popped out, and he lay on his mother's shoulder, watching the distressed big man in the video.

"Why did you go to the set again? Today is not the weekend, you skipped class again?" Wang Zining saw the little man popping up, his vitality was resurrected, and he taught.

"Those homework is too simple for me. I don't want to waste too much time in class." Qi Haoran said seriously, "It's not like someone who can only test 50 points if they work hard, so I think you choose to put it.

It is wise to give up school to play soccer. Some people can only feed on their bodies."

Wang Yuan turned her head and glanced at her youngest son. She secretly skipped class and sent him to the set. She hadn't taught him yet, but she was ashamed to preach to her elder brother.

Seeing her mother's fierce expression, Qi Haoran sneaked down from behind her, sat on the side of the bed casually, and continued to look with a book.

To appease the elder brother in the video who was so angry with his brother's words, Wang Yuan asked the younger brother's question just now: "Ning Ning, which country's youth academy are you planning to go to?"

Wang Zining couldn't find the little figure in the video, and calmed down and said: "La Masia, Manchester United, Bayern. These are the first choices."

Wang Yuan also pays attention to and studies soccer now, knowing that these youth academies are in the West, England and Germany.

Although she is not clear about the characteristics of these youth academies, Wang Yuan is familiar with the customs and diets of these countries and expressed her own views on this, giving her son some unmarginal opinions, and the mother and son chatted eagerly.

Qi Haoran couldn't listen anymore. He didn't want to care about big people anymore. Seeing his mother cooperating with him and bragging about it, he felt that it was necessary to remind them and restore some sense.

He squeezed to his mother again and returned to the video.

"Big man, have these youth academies invited you?" Qi Haoran asked.

Seeing that the little man appeared again, Wang Zining wanted to continue the quarrel just now. Seeing that the little man asked himself so cautiously, he should keep his brother's demeanor.

"I haven't decided to go abroad yet, just for reference now."

"Haha." Qi Haoran laughed, "I thought these top European clubs were vying for you. Don't you be so stupid? Think they open a convenience store? Will they open the door for you at any time?"

Although Qi Haoran doesn't care about soccer, there are too many soccer fans around him, and he will know the general common sense. For example, Bayern Munich is the holy place in the hearts of Jack and Libby. Every German teenager does not want to enter their youth academy, but these soccer youth academies are not accessible by paying tuition. They choose the best from all over the world every year. The excellent seedlings are absorbed and injected fresh blood for the giant Bayern Munich. Even if it comes out of the youth academy, it is very few that can finally enter the first-line team.

The development of soccer abroad is too fast and the competition is fierce. At present, it is still white. It is rare for a Chinese youth to enter these giant youth academies in a few years. And the big man's relaxed tone, Qi

Haoran had to hit him first, lest he think that he would be treated the same as in H City when he went to Europe to play soccer.

Wang Zining was so angry that he would throw the phone away, "I will get their invitation, and then you will kneel down and call my brother!"

"Is it in your dream?" Qi Haoran mocked.

"You…you wait for me!" Wang Zining made up his mind to go abroad.

"Okay, okay, Mario, I'll talk to you about your problem later. Ning Ning, don't get excited. If you say you want to get to the top ten in the class in your studies, your mother won't believe it. But you have to Entering a foreign soccer youth training camp, mother believes that it is not a problem at all for you." Wang Yuan patted Mario's ass and pushed him away, conveying confidence to her elder son.

This is what she really said. Wang Yuan is fascinated by her eldest son in sports and feels that she can't do it without him!

While Wang Zining was comforted, he felt something was wrong. Does my mother think that his academic performance will never reach the top ten in the class? I have no confidence in him! ——Well, he also knows that he really can't do this!

When Wang Zining arrived at school the next day, Wan Hao found him angrily and asked him why he didn't go to the playground after school yesterday.

Wang Zining remembered that there was still this thing, "I didn't promise you to go."

Wan Hao was stagnant, "To re-appoint after school today, do you dare to come?"

Wang Zining didn't know what the Wan Hao was going to do." Our school team has a game after school today. If you don't want to go to the stadium and wait for me, I will look for you after a good game."

"Okay! Whoever makes an appointment is a dog!" Wan Hao finished talking and strolled away.

When the students saw Wan Hao come to talk to Wang Zining, they were a little nervous.

"I heard that Wan Hao knows a lot of people outside the school. The last time he transferred was a fight. When he first came to our school, he inquired about Wang Zining every day. I guess he wanted to fight with Wang Zining and build his power at the school."

"Do you want to sue the teacher."

"By the way, Wang Yaoyao, you and Wan Hao are, uh, very familiar with each other. Please persuade him not to trouble Wang Zining."

"Who said I'm familiar with Wan Hao, don't guess whether it's okay."

"Cut, Wan Hao came to look for her in the class all day long, and the two of them walked together after school. Who didn't know they were in love, and they didn't know each other.

Both Liang Wentao and Zhang Ting were worried that Wang Zining would be entangled by Wan Hao, who was like a gangster, and said that they would accompany him to see Wan Hao after school. If he brought people from the community over, they could also help.

Ma Chao also said that fights count him.

Squad leader Li Xiaoyuan said calmly, he will also go, if Wan

Howe will not sit back and watch when he makes a shot at any classmate in the class. Will promptly report to teachers and schools, and expel Wan Hao.

Wang Zining felt that the students were a little too nervous.


The City No. 1 High School team had an appointment with the No. 12 High School team today. The game was held on the soccer field in No. 1 Middle School. Many students came to watch, most of them came for Wang Zining. Everyone took pictures of him with mobile phones and cameras.

Liang Wentao saw Wan Hao came with five or six people. Those few are similar in temperament to Wan Hao, a bit arrogant and arrogant. Ma Chao: "Those guys are tall and strong. I don't think they are ordinary people. I don't know if we can beat them."

Li Xiaoyuan: "Don't think about fighting all day long. This is the school. Whoever leads the fight will be expelled."

Liang Wentao: "We can't help but fight back when they come up. Ma Chao is right. They seem to be very good. Should we call more people over."

Li Xiaoyuan: "Call Lao Fang directly."

Ma Chao: "Would it be a bit awkward? I called the teacher before I knew what to do. The people in Wan Hao thought we were afraid of them."

Zhang Ting has been observing the actions of these people at Wan Hao, fearing that they would do anything to destroy them. He found that after Wan Hao came to the stadium, they watched the ball seriously, swearing and commenting on who played badly.

At the end of the game, the City No. 1 Middle School won the 12th Middle School 5-0.

All the players in the 12th Middle School left dejectedly. The students who were watching the ball on the court were still not satisfied. As soon as the game was over, they wanted to rush to take photos with Wang Zining, but Wang Zining fled in a flash.

The teammates of City No. 1 Middle School also helped to stop people.

Wang Zining glanced at the people in Wan Hao who were standing outside the field, gestured at him, and asked him to meet in a secluded corner.

This is exactly what Wan Hao wants.

When Wan Hao saw Wang Zining surrounded by Liang Wentao and other people, he said angrily: "What are they doing here?"

Liang Wentao smiled angrily: "You have brought so many people on your own, so you are not allowed to come together? You still want to bully the less, shamelessly!"

Ma Chao said loudly: "Yes, shameless!"

Wan Hao was very angry. He said to Wang Zining rather: "A few of us have something to do with you, don't you dare to come and see us alone? What do you mean by calling them?"

Li Xiaoyuan: "Wan Hao, take your friends and leave quickly, don't make trouble in our school."

A friend of Wan Hao: "You Did you just see us making trouble?"

Seeing how everyone was arguing, Wang Zining said to Li Xiaoyuan and others: "Squad leader, you take Brother Shui and they go first, I'll talk to Wan Hao."

Wang Zining felt that no matter what Wan Hao wanted to do with him, he was not afraid, and now he wanted to make a quick decision.

"Wang Tou, don't be stupid, now is not the time to be a hero alone." Liang Wentao said anxiously.

Zhang Ting: "Wang Zining, we can't underestimate the enemy."

Wan Hao looked at them and said with disdain: "Wang Zining, we are looking for you, it's none of their business. If they don't leave, we will come to you again next time."

"Hey, it's shameless!" Liang Wentao had seen someone thicker than his own.

Wang Zining urged everyone to leave first and gave them ten minutes. Seeing that the situation was deadlocked, Li Xiaoyuan agreed to go first, saying that he would call the police if he did not see Wang Zining coming out safely after ten minutes.

Wan Hao Wangtian, his dad said that this is the best school, he thinks that people here are silly to read.

They all looked like a big enemy, making themselves a rogue. If he were to make trouble, he wouldn't be so blatant to bring people over, thinking that he shared a brain with them.

After Brother Shui and others left, Wang Zining asked Wan Hao, what the hell was looking for him?

A friend of Wan Hao said: "Lao Liu intends to give you an indicator of the West Country Youth Training Camp, why don't you?"

Wang Zining was stunned, he didn't expect the other party to mention it. Coach Liu of the provincial team often comes to watch his matches and persuades him to devote himself to soccer. He heard from his father that the provincial team has an indicator of the western youth academy, which is a cooperative tourism project between the province and the western country, provided by a club in the western country. Gave such an indicator to the province.

When Coach Liu and his father mentioned this matter, he hadn't thought about playing soccer in the future, and he had no plans to go abroad. Now he has this plan, and does not plan to ask for this indicator.

"That club has only played the second-tier comparison in the past few years, and I haven't even entered La Liga. I have no plans to go to their youth academy." Wang Zining said sincerely.

A group of friends around Wan Hao became excited immediately.

"That's the West! The closest place to Barcelona! Although it is a second-tier club team, as long as you can go there to train, you will have the opportunity to play in Europe!" Several people around Wan Hao wanted to run over and grab Wang Zining's shoulders. Wake him up!

"Who are you? Why do you care if I want to go to the youth academy?" Wang Zining originally thought that the people from Wan Hao were here to look for things, but he didn't expect

It's a strange group of people looking for soccer.

"We are from the H City Soccer School." One of them was humane." Our coach told us that there is this indicator. He originally wanted to leave it to the school's best players. I heard that the provincial team's Lao Liu recommended you." The most angry. What's more, I heard that Wang Zining had pushed him away, and old Liu Fei wanted to keep it for him. The players in their school were almost furious.

One of them used to be a classmate with Wan Hao. Knowing that he had transferred to Wang Zining's school, he asked him to inquire about Wang Zining's news, and planned to come to the door to ask questions.

Wang Zining: "Don't worry, I don't want to go to the youth training camp recommended by Coach Liu. My goal is La Masia and Bayern Munich youth training camp."

The eyes of a group of people were staring out, and the mouth was big enough to stuff an ostrich egg.

"…La, La Masia and Bayern have both invited you?"

Wan Hao was also very surprised. Excited in his eyes, he said: "I said Wang Zining is very strong. I have watched his soccer games. I haven't seen the youth training camp of the second-tier club. It's normal."

Wang Zining touched his head: "Not yet. This is my goal for this year."

Everyone's jaws are falling off quickly, can it still happen? Can they also set a goal to play La Liga next year? Who can brag!

"You really don't want this indicator of the provincial team?" They need to confirm with Wang Zining. Wang Zining was foolish and they profited.

Wang Zining nodded affirmatively, "I don't plan to go to the youth training camp of the second-tier club."

"Okay, that's it. It's best to talk to Old Liu too, lest he still waits for you with the indicator and wastes our opportunities!"

Wang Zining Bibi sent them away in an OK gesture.

"Well… Wang Zining, that, I am your fan." Wan Hao said to Wang Zining uncomfortably, "But I am a strict fan. I misunderstood you before and thought you would not go to the youth training camp. I didn't want to play well. Later I saw you going to run a marathon again. I thought you were going to move to track and field, so I had a bad attitude towards you. Now that I know you have such a great goal, I'm relieved. As your fan, I I will always support you. I hope you will not let down our expectations and you must play well."

I also played soccer when I was in Wan Hao Elementary School. I wanted to enter a soccer school, but my family disagreed. He knew Wang Zining from elementary school, and chased him all the way, thinking that he was a real talented player. Later, when I saw Wang Zining was swimming and running, he felt disappointed in his heart, and felt that he was walking a crooked road and gave up becoming the future of a great star.

This time he transferred to City No. 1 Middle School, he wanted to find a chance to ask him if he could concentrate on playing soccer, but he never had the chance. It happened that the elementary school classmates at the soccer school asked him to make an appointment with Wang Zining. He took this opportunity to ask him.

Unexpectedly, Wang Zining's goal was La Masia and Bayern. He didn't think this was a delusion like the few people just now. Instead, he was full of confidence in Wang Zining and felt that he would definitely be able to do it.

The words of Wan Hao made Wang Zining stunned. He has some fans, most of them are girls who don't understand the ball. He didn't expect that Wan Hao who looked at the drag was also his fan, and he had some confession to him. Overwhelming reaction.

Wang Zining: "Don't worry, I will definitely play well."

When Wan Hao walked by Liang Wentao and his group, he hung his head and snorted, with an arrogant old look.

Liang Wentao also glared at him. He saw Wang Zining approaching intact, and anxiously stepped forward and asked, "What is the matter with Wan Hao and they wanting you? Has there been a fight?"

Wang Zining looked at the caring eyes of the classmates, shook his head and said: "It's okay, they are asking me about soccer."

Li Xiaoyuan wondered: "Is the question about soccer so exciting?"

Wang Zining shrugged, he didn't understand the operation of the pedestrian either.

"Where is Wan Hao, he brought someone from outside the school to ask you about the ball?" Liang Wentao doubted.

Wang Zining said in embarrassment: "He said he is my fan."


"Yaoyao, today Wan Hao has a fight with Wang Yaoyao, don't you persuade him? He won't really find someone to beat Wang Yaoyao?" The female classmate walked home with Wang Yaoyao, asking worriedly.

"Oh, don't worry, how could Wan Hao beat Wang Zining, he is more fanatic than I am." Wang Yaoyao touched the bangs that had been rolled with a pencil all afternoon, disapprovingly.

"Ah? Are you joking? Wan Hao fan Wang Zining? He is not a girl, so how could he like Wang Zining? Could he be…"

"He is a fan of Wang Zining, or a senior one. He has collected all the photos and news of Wang Zining's playing from elementary school to junior high school. The closest we have come close is to exchange photos and information."

"Unexpectedly, Wang Zining added another strange fan…so you are not in love?"

"Of course not. I won't empathize. I still like our Wang Zining best!" Wang Yaoyao smiled sweetly.

Wang Zining called his dad and asked if Coach Liu still had one

The indicator of the youth academy to yourself?

Fan Jiangliang said yes, but he told Coach Liu that he did not plan to go to this youth training camp.

Fan Jiangliang told Wang Zining to prepare for next week's game.

This game is not only to let my son realize the gap between domestic and European soccer levels, but also to see if there are scouts who have noticed his son. 

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