Wang Yuan took a few days off with the crew again. She was going to watch Wang Zining's ball game and filming a commercial for the four-leaf clover sports brand.

Qi Kuang expressed dissatisfaction with her request for leave, and righteously accused her of slowing down the entire filming process.

Wang Yuan ignored him. Qi Kuang had been honest for a while because of the last oolong incident. Now that things have passed, he starts to jump again. When he ate the last time, he secretly squeezed mustard into Qi Haoran's bowl and made him careless. After eating the cough and runny nose for a long time, of course, Wang Yuan was given another lesson.

Wang Yuan feels that Qi Kuang is the kind of big bear kid who hasn't hit the house for three days. I don't know how the old Qi family raised such a second-hand. With Qi Kuang as a reference, Wang Yuan felt that her two sons looked cute and cute.

When she asked for leave, she also agreed with Huang Daogou that she could shoot other people's shots first, without really delaying the progress of the movie. When there is her role, almost one pass. Unlike a new actor like Qi Kuang, who can't listen to the guidance and likes to fly, his shots can only be taken several times to pass.

Returning to City H from the set, Wang Yuan first went to the international school to see her youngest son, and communicated with the school teacher about Qi Haoran's study and life.

Wang Yuan felt that the younger son should be a reassuring child, at least there should be no academic problems, but after hearing his teacher complain, Wang Yuan realized that it was not.

Qi Haoran's teacher pointed out that except for his good homework, everything else was a problem. For example, they do not respect the teacher in class, do not fit into the group, have poor grades in other courses except cultural classes, and do not participate in campus activities.

International schools do not only cultivate students' academic performance, they pay more attention to the training of comprehensive quality and personal learning ability, so Qi Haoran's overall score was judged by the teacher as a failure.

Wang Yuan said that she would communicate well with Qi Haoran.

Wang Yuan was led to Qi Haoran's dormitory by the life teacher, and she couldn't help but smile when she watched the quilt on his bed folded into deformed tofu. Look at his small desk neatly. There is nothing on it except a row of books. Unlike another child in the same dormitory, there is a pile of toys and stationery on the desk.

Wang Yuan puts the children's biscuits and milk in the cabinet, puts the new towels and toothbrushes, replaces the old ones, and puts all the new seasonal clothes in his closet. By the way Replace all the sheets and bedspreads.

When she was tidying up in the dormitory, Qi Haoran also finished class. He was being pestered by Lu Yihan, asking him to participate in the warriors' treasure game at the weekend. Qi Haoran said coldly that he was not interested. Lu Yihan told his classmates that he didn't believe that he was good at playing games, and asked him to prove it to them.

Qi Haoran didn't care at all, he felt that his excellence did not need to be recognized by these children.

Lu Yihan said anxiously, "Mario, if you do this, even my only friend will be lost."

Qi Haoran glanced at him, "Are you my friend?" He never admitted.

Lu Yihan died of anger.

When Mario hit the teacher in class, his classmates felt very cool, and he also thought it was cool. When the person being assaulted was his own, it felt different.

If Qi Haoran knew about his heart activity, he would definitely refute it. He had never frustrated the teacher, but only pointed out their problems when the teacher said some common sense and theoretical errors.

He didn't know. Now the culture teacher dare not meet with him when he is in class, for fear of seeing him holding his small hand solemnly, standing up and pointing out their mistakes.

After Qi Haoran took Lu Yihan away, Shi Shiran returned to the dormitory. At the end of the last class in the afternoon, the students would go to each activity room to play. Only he wandered back to his dormitory and sat quietly reading a book.

It's just that I had a pleasant surprise when I returned to the dormitory today. When Qi Haoran saw her mother, a brilliant flower burst out of her tight little face and ran towards Wang Yuan with her short legs.

Wang Yuan stepped forward, hugged her son in her arms, and gave him a hard kiss on the cheek.

Qi Haoran hugged her mother's neck and leaned her little head on her shoulder, not wanting to come down.

"You didn't tell me to come to school." The tone sounded a little coquettish.

Wang Yuan untied the schoolbag behind him and put it on the chair, "Mom wants to give you a surprise."

Qi Haoran raised his head, looked at her and said, "No. Did you come back to watch the big man's soccer match?"

"Haha, did you guess it?" Wang Yuan smiled.

"He has sent several messages in the group. It seems that he is going to play the World Cup, not the exchange match in the city." Qi Haoran vomited.

The big man had notified the group of the auspicious three treasures a few days ago, and emphasized the time and place of the game several times, for fear that his mother would miss it. She also boasted that she would let her mother witness that he kicked the foreign players back to his hometown, so that people wanted to kick him out of the family group first.

"Tomorrow Mom's going to shoot an advertisement. Tomorrow afternoon, I will ask Xiao Wang's sister to pick you up after school."

"I don't want to go!" Qi Haoran turned his head.

"We are going to cheer for my brother. This time he is playing against a player from the German club youth team. This game is very important." Wang Yuan persuaded.

Qi Haoran thought for a while and nodded, "Well, the big guy must be slapped in the face, I'm just going to laugh at him."

Wang Yuan:…

"By the way, baby, let's talk about your school life." Wang Yuan put Qi Haoran down, and the two mothers and sons sat face to face, solemnly saying, "Your teacher and mother talked about it and found that you still have a lot to improve. Place. Do you know your own problem?"

Qi Haoran frowned, "Don't ride horses, play basketball, or play musical instruments?"

"anything else?"

"Don't eat asparagus and carrots?"

"carry on."

"Nothing." Qi Haoran thought about it seriously. With regard to these issues, in other respects, he cooperates very well with the school's education and is a very good elementary school student.

"Mario, the teacher pointed out more problems than you said. And your academic performance, the teacher gave a grade of C."

Qi Haoran suddenly became excited, "This is impossible!" His homework is full marks. Why is there only C.

"The school looks at the all-round development of middle school students. Not only cultural assignments, but also sports, painting, music, handicraft and social activities are counted in the academic performance." Wang Yuan knew she was also responsible, and after Mario enrolled, she went to the studio to film. He did not have a lot of time to communicate with the teachers at the school, nor did he help Mario get in touch with some subjects he was not interested in and not good at.

"The teacher asked each of you to raise a few silkworm babies, why don't you raise them?"

Qi Haoran didn't speak. After he received the disgusting worms, he stuffed them to his classmates.

The school asked them to raise these silkworms in order to let them observe the life cycle of animals. Since he can learn a complete knowledge through books, why should he raise these disgusting little bugs to understand?

Wang Yuan: "Next time we raise them together, you will find that silkworm babies are actually very cute."

Qi Haoran glanced at her mother with suspicion.

Wang Yuan did not mention that her son pointed out the teacher's mistakes and incompatibility in class. She felt that the students could point out problems, and the teachers should review themselves instead of blaming the students for their frankness. Although she knew that Qi Haoran would make the teachers dislike this, she didn't do it.

The law teaches children what is euphemism and smoothness. There is also the problem of incompatibility. Adults sometimes do not want to communicate, making friends and joining the group can only be a guide, not persuasion and blame.

When Qi Haoran came home from school on Friday, Wang Yuan had not returned from the studio.

As soon as he entered the door, he greeted a passionate wet kiss, Xiao Erha threw on him and washed his face with his tongue.

Qi Haoran closed his eyes and pushed away Xiao Erha reluctantly, while smiling unconsciously, "Xiao Erha, have you been naughty in the past few days? You seem to have grown up a little bit, you grow so fast!"

"Erha, come here!" Wang Zining waved towards Erha, trying to attract it. He was playing with Erha just now, but when the little guy heard the door opening, he broke away and rushed out. Seeing it rubbing against the little man's intimacy, Wang Zining was a little bit savory. Obviously, it's me who takes Erha out every night!

Little Er Ha looked left and right awkwardly, not knowing where to go.

Qi Haoran put his arms around Xiao Erha's neck and glared at the big man, "Aren't you going to compete tomorrow, why are you here!" He also wanted to grab Xiao Erha with him.

"I'll give you tickets. Otherwise, you won't be able to enter the gymnasium tomorrow." Wang Zining glanced at the little man and said, "I said little man, Xiao Erha has grown taller, how come you haven't grown. Soon it will be able to grow. He is taller than you, and you will also call him brother when the time comes!"

Qi Haoran's chest rose and fell with anger.

"Mario is back too, then let's have dinner. Your mother said she will be later and let us eat first." Sister Zhou smiled when Qi Haoran came back, and brought the dishes out of the kitchen.

When eating, Qi Haoran noticed that the big man gobbled it up, everything tasted delicious, he unconsciously took another bite of the meal. Secretly vowed to grow taller than the big man in the future, press him to the ground, let him be called Xiao Erha and his brother!

When Wang Yuan came back, the two brothers were vying to hold the poor Xiao Erha for a walk downstairs.

With his elder brother's height and strength, he could snatch Xiao Er Ha from his younger brother's arms with a single stroke, but he didn't dare to do anything when he was angry. He could only wander around his younger brother like a crab, threatening him to hurry up. Ha put it down.

Wang Yuan stroked her forehead, "Just let Mao Mao go, it's been fooled by you. Mario, take it down, I think Mao Mao has been strangled by you uncomfortable." Little Golden Mao has grown a lot, Qi Haoran has this point. It would be more difficult to hold it with stature and strength. Little Golden Retriever hangs down half of his body, and his forelimbs are held in his arms by Qi Haoran, looking pitiful.

Qi Haoran looked down at Xiao Erha's uncomfortable look, and quickly put it down, touching his head for comfort.

"Mom, why are you called Maomao again? It doesn't recognize this new name. It likes his Xiao Erha's name." When Wang Zining saw his mother came back, he didn't quarrel with the little man.

"We promised Mario's uncle to change its name." Wang Yuan took a glass of lemonade poured by sister Zhou and took a sip.

"I don't think my uncle will see Xiao Erha again." Qi Haoran rarely agrees with his brother, and doesn't want to change the name of Xiao Erha.

Wang Yuan asked Sister Zhou about the food situation of her two children. Seeing that everything was cleaned up here, she asked her to go home quickly and come back tomorrow.

While eating dinner, Wang Yuan asked Wang Zining about tomorrow's game. Wang Nining was very confident in this game.

Qi Haoran was going to take Xiao Erha downstairs for a walk, but when she saw her mother came back, she was tired of staying beside her, and planned to eat well before going downstairs together.

At this time, his mobile phone rang, and Qi Haoran hesitated looking at the number before picking it up.

"Hi, Mario, long time no see!" A sweet face appeared in the phone video.

Qi Haoran said with a cold face: "What's the matter with you?"

"The day after tomorrow is Grandpa's birthday. As a representative, I invite you to attend Grandpa's birthday party."

Wang Yuan heard the voice, curious to stop the conversation with the eldest son, and paid attention to Mario's call.

Qi Haoran: "I see."

"Will you come? You won't be like in Germany, knowing we are going to go, you will run away?"

"I thought it was you who needed to be afraid of running away!" Qi Haoran finished speaking and cut off the video directly.

"Mario, who is this?" Wang Yuan asked curiously.

"The voice is so fake, it sounds like an embarrassing girl." Wang Zining said.

Qi Haoran glanced at the big man, thinking that he was not really stupid, he could still see the bad guys.

"She is one of the uncle's twins." Qi Haoran didn't want to introduce the twins too much, and didn't want to waste extra saliva for them.

In the gymnasium where the game was played the next day, many people came to watch the game, as well as media reporters. It's rare that people from EU soccer clubs come to play a friendly match in this city. Although this is a youth team match, the media has attracted attention.

To watch the game today, there are fans from City H and some players from this city. The game has not yet started, everyone still has time to chat.

"How can the youth team of this club come to our city to play a friendly match?"

"I heard that an established company in H city

Became a stake in this German club. The boss of this company is very fond of soccer and specially invited them to play a few games. Compared to a friendly match, it should be a teaching match to be more precise."

"It would be great if they could invite them to the first team."

"Their first team is playing in the Bundesliga. How can they have the time to play here? Besides, would they please come here to abuse our men's soccer?"

"They came to U18 this time, and our youth team sent U19. Speaking of which, we are all taking advantage. I hope these young men's footballs will not be too embarrassed!"

"I saw that the provincial team also had a young man, who seemed to be the guy who broke the record for a Chinese male in the city H marathon last time."

"That's Wang Yuan's son, Wang Zining seems to be, my sister is so fascinated by him, the computer and mobile phone screens are his pictures. Why did he come to play? Do these people in the provincial team think that they can run a marathon to play It's soccer, I'm going, the Chinese soccer route is really getting more and more exotic."

"Did you join the team through Wang Yuan's relationship?"

"You don't know what the situation is talking nonsense!" A group of people from the H major sports department also came to watch the soccer today. Liu Feng said humanely to the person who just said, "Wang Wang Zining has finished the super-provincial youth team players, wait and see."

There are a lot of little girls who don't know why Wang Zining came to participate in this game, and even brought a banner to cheer for him. Several people secretly searched the audience to see if Wang Yuan had participated.

Of course, Wang Yuan came, and enjoyed Ute today and sat in the coaching bench with Qi Haoran to watch.

At the beginning of the game, players from both sides entered the field, and the voice of cheering for the German youth team was no less than the voice of cheering for the local team. If these young German players can understand Chinese, they will definitely have to find it. It is estimated that the whole world can only enjoy this treatment if they play away games in China.

I don't know if it is because the Chinese people are too tolerant or because they are too disappointed in their own soccer.

There is no Wang Zining in the starting team, he is sitting on the bench.

I came here in the morning and found out that he had been replaced. Putting him in the starting lineup was originally the decision of Coach Liu, otherwise he would not be able to join today's youth team to play with the Germans as a U13.

Today's game has attracted much attention. After all, EU players come to China to play soccer instead of collecting money from the platform. Such opportunities are too few. The Soccer Association and all parties are still very cautious. Of course, I hope to take this opportunity to play the momentum of Chinese soccer. Even if you lose, you can't lose too hard.

Look, so I used U19 to match their U18.

When knowing that there is still a U13 in the starting team, although they have won the game in the City Youth Cup, after all, they are too young and have insufficient qualifications. The above opinion is that people must be replaced.

Coach Liu slapped the table and quarreled to fight for a chance for Wang Zining, but the officials were crushed to death. In the end, Wang Zining was replaced on the bench.

"Big guys have no chance to play!" Qi Haoran muttered, "Although he has average skills, he is always better than this group of people. It seems that today we are watching shameful soccer."

Wang Yuan looked at the eldest son, worried that he would be disappointed, but seeing Wang Zining staring at the stadium calmly, she didn't know what he was thinking now.

Fan Jiangliang did not expect that his son would not have the opportunity to play. He saw the German coach coaching the players before the game. Originally, he wanted to take this opportunity to introduce Wang Zining to the coach of the German club so that he would have a chance to be discovered. It seems that this opportunity is about to be missed.

But his original goal was not the club's youth academy, so he was not disappointed.

The whistle sounded, and Wang Zining watched the game seriously.

Two minutes later, the German side advanced a goal.

Wang Zining rather annoyed and hit an empty punch. He played with these people from the provincial youth team. They must be much better than the city youth team, but he did not expect to be so vulnerable in front of the German players. Compared with the orderly offensive and tight defense of the German side, these provincial players seem to have not woken up yet, and the audience ran aimlessly.

Twenty minutes into the game, the German side had scored four goals and Wang Zining covered his face.

The Chinese fans on the field kept boosing and cursing, and the loud boos aroused the surprise of the German players. They didn't expect the Chinese fans to be so cruel to their players!

"The gap between the two sides is too big!" Coach Liu sighed, "This is the first game. Our provincial team was the first to send it to shame!"

The assistant coach took a look at the data he had been recording: "We never had a chance to touch the ball. Their physical stamina, skills and soccer awareness far surpassed our players. This is simply a crushing game."

At the end of the first half, the provincial team had already lost six goals. This is probably due to the situation of the opponent player's release, because after the kick, the German player obviously slowed down the attacking rhythm, and even the defense was not so serious. It seemed that it was an adult. It's the same as playing a ball with a child.

Coach Liu said to the assistant coach: "Change the striker in the second half and let Wang Zining come on!"

"The leader said after that, Wang Zining can't be replaced by fame."

"I'm TM, it's the fame for him?" Coach Liu almost yelled at him. He quarreled with the leaders above for an hour and wanted to tell them that Wang Zining is the most potential young player he has tapped, and his skills are better than that. The youth team players are okay, so I want him to start. Unexpectedly, the leader felt that it was impossible for a 13-year-old to be so powerful. Coach Liu wanted him to be on the Internet because of his parents' fame and Wang Zining's recent fame on the Internet. Also earnestly said that soccer is not a trifle!

Those who do not know how to command the insiders are the most current situation.

"Let Wang Zining go! Let them know whether I am looking for fame or strength!" Coach Liu made a decision, but he took off his coaching uniform and stopped doing it. He knew that going up for Wang Zining would not be able to turn the tide and play against these EU players, but just wanted to try his best to avoid losing too badly in the second half. In addition, he really likes and loves Wang Zining, and wants to give him this opportunity to exercise.

When Wang Zining was called to prepare, he was stunned. He thought he had no chance to play. Knowing that he could play, he immediately became excited. The most painful moment as a player was to watch his teammates lose off the court.

When Wang Zining was warming up, there were screams and shouts in the audience.

Everyone's morale, at least today, the morale of the girls who came to watch the game has risen again. Among them, there are very few real fans. They originally came to see the handsome guys, but they were also very discouraged when they watched the Chinese players being kicked by foreigners.

Finding that their favorite Wang Zining was on the court, they became excited again. They thought that these big brothers had all lost, and it was normal for Wang Zining to go up and lose. The main reason was to show some handsome soccer players for their appreciation and take pictures.

Liu Feng said to his teammates: "These foreigners are really amazing, and Wang Zining was also abused when he played. I really want to go abroad to study soccer if I have the opportunity."

"Don't dream! There are no Chinese players in the major leagues, and the national soccer team does not have this opportunity, let alone us."

The German coach looked at the excited audience on the field and asked the interpreter, what are they shouting?

The interpreter pointed to the warm-up Wang Zining and smiled to the German coach and said: "They are all fans of this little boy. He may be sent in the second half, so they are very excited."

The German coach looked at Wang Zining's tall and thin body and felt that he was not too old. He could not see the age of the Chinese, but he knew

Xianhui is more immature than the players in the field." Is he good?"

If this young man is very powerful, then he doesn't understand, why didn't he send him out in the first half, and if he loses like this, he still needs to keep secret Wu Xiao?

The translator laughed and said: "His mother is a very famous actor in China and she has won the Cana movie queen. He himself is also very popular with young people on the Internet. Some time ago, he ran a marathon and won a good ranking."

The German coach shrugged, what does that have to do with soccer!

The whistle sounded in the second half of the game.

Seeing Wang Zining finally appeared, Wang Yuan raised the SLR camera with excitement, preparing to capture the moment when her son was playing.

Qi Haoran looked at her mother's excitement and wanted to remind her to control her emotions. If the big man loses miserably later, she will be even more disappointed.

Wang Yuan didn't know that when she was taking pictures of her son, the audience and the media were also taking pictures of her.

When real-time information was posted on the Internet, netizens started talking.

[It turns out that Little Flying Man participated in the ball game today, I knew I would go there too!]

[Don't watch it yet. I heard that I lost badly. I already lost 6 goals in the first half. Hua Guo soccer will never let us down. I don't know if this game will break double digits.]

[I bet on double digits!]

[Let's give some support to the young players. I bet a double-digit number to 1. At least it proves that there are still Chinese players on the field.]

[Wang Zining is really handsome! Don't play soccer, isn't track and field fragrant?]

[What does Wang Yuan think, why let her son play soccer, so that he can grow up from failure?]

[Some sports still have the possibility of growth, men's soccer-ha ha!]

[Brothers and sisters, real-time news, Wang Zining scored a goal, and it is now 6:1.]

[I'll go, no, what price did the Germans pay for us!]

[Ahhhhh, I just saw a short video of Wang Zining scoring a goal in my circle of friends, super handsome, saliva~~]

[Upstairs, post it up and share it.]

[Are you watching soccer or watching people? I want to know how Wang Zining broke through the German youth team's defense and scored a goal?]

[Watching the video, Wang Zining still has two brushes. His teammates are not good at passing the ball. He completely relied on his amazing explosive power to exceed the speed of the ball.]

[German players reacted quickly, two people came up to stop him, Wang Zining was super fierce, and directly confronted him physically, flipped the two people and brought the ball out. Look at him pretty thin, I didn't expect the power to be so great.]

[Foul, the referee didn't blow the whistle, is it our black whistle?]

[roll! The failure of men's soccer does not mean that we will never score! You are addicted to hacking yourself!]

[If you don't understand the ball, don't be blind to the BB. The video is very clear. Wang Zining's collision is a reasonable collision. Soccer is not a ballroom dance. Without this kind of confrontation, there can be no wonder!]

[Wang Zining teaches men's soccer what it means to be brave, brave and tenacious!]

[I didn't expect my Ning Ning brother to play soccer so handsome, hey, the German team has scored another goal, I really want to give him a comforting hug.]

[Hey, blame, you Guigeng, Wang Zining did not lose, put your saliva away.]

[My mother is at the scene, and you still want to hug, be careful to sue you for harassing minors.]

[The German team is 8:1, don't any of you care about losing?]

When the comparison progressed to 85 points, the players on the court were sweating profusely and were already very tired.

There is only one person, still energetic, like a German animal husbandry, guarding against the opponent, or looking for an opportunity to prepare to attack. When Wang Zining first scored a goal, the audience was about to shake, and his teammates also increased their confidence and were more active when defending. But with the German team scoring twice and there was not much time left in the game, they gave up again.

Wang Zining couldn't wait for the players to pass the ball at all. He couldn't control the team type anymore, and he directly focused on the soccer and tried his best to get the soccer. As he runs around the court, the German players easily control the ball and pass the ball, playing him around like teasing a puppy.

"How old is this boy?" The German coach looked at Wang Zining, who was running all over the court, and asked the interpreter next to him.

"Thirteen years old." The translator said.

The German coach turned his head in shock to confirm with him, and when he looked at Wang Zining, he became more focused.

"He has extraordinary physical fitness, his speed, strength and endurance are amazing, and he is underage, my God, it's incredible!" The German professor said to the assistant, "The little boy's soccer skills are still a bit rough, which can be passed. Training has improved, but his sense of the ball and his physical stamina are innate. This is a genius player! I hope that when the game is over, we can have a good talk with him."

Assistant: "He is indeed very good. At this moment, he did not give up. Our youth academy welcomes his… OH, MY GOD, he scored another goal!"

In the gap between the German players passing the ball, Wang Zining suddenly seized an opportunity to catch up with the soccer again at lightning speed, stopped the ball with his chest, and then took the soccer to kill the opponent's goal. The game was about to end. In the last two minutes, with a beautiful direct shot, once again scored a point for the provincial team.

The excited voices of the fans carried through the stadium. They had no hope for this game. When they lost 6 goals in the first half, they all wanted to leave. I didn't expect to give them so many surprises in the second half.

"I need to talk to his guardian." The German professor said firmly and firmly, "As soon as possible!"

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