After Wang Zining returned to China, Fan Jiangliang contacted him to leave his school. The school teachers were surprised to learn that he was going abroad to play soccer.

The Lao Fang wanted to persuade Fan Jiangliang to wait for Wang Zining to graduate from junior high school before sending him out, but was frightened by the excitement of the school's physical education teacher, and could not speak.

When Wang Zining's physical education teacher heard the news, he laughed, hugging him in a circle with excitement, and after putting the person down, he patted him on the shoulder heavily: "Good job, we must play well for our Hua Guo Soccer fights for face!"

Compared with the teachers, the classmates are the ones who are most reluctant to leave Wang Zining. Needless to say, the female classmates, knowing that Wang Zining will go abroad to play soccer this semester, and may never come back. They are sad and start to prepare for farewell gifts.

Wan Hao ran to their classroom and said to Wang Zining at the door, "Wang Zining, rush out of China and compete for the supremacy of European soccer. I will always pay attention to you!" After that, it was more cool than a cheering posture. Go away with his head raised.

Li Xiaoyuan and Ma Chao both came to say blessings, let him not forget everyone, do not leave the group, and share more news with his classmates in the future, and their classmates will support him.

Qian Shuheng was also a little uncomfortable. Although he didn't like Wang Zining very much, he thought that he might never see him again in the future, and thought he might miss it a little.

Zhang Ting: "Wang Zining, I will try my best to write and save money, and I will visit you in Spain in the future!"

Liang Wentao's small eyes burst into tears, "Wangtou, what should I do if you leave? I can't bear you, oh oh oh…"

Wang Zining:…

"I'm going to study for another month, you are like this now, it makes me feel like I won't come tomorrow."

Fan Jiangliang wanted Wang Zining to go to Spain after the Spring Festival. During this time, the family also needs to prepare. In addition to the relevant procedures, Wang Zining also needs to conduct Spanish raid tuition and contact the host family in Spain in advance.

The elders of Fan Jiang's family were also frantic.

Grandpa Fan Jiang touched his grandson's head, thinking that he was about to flutter his wings and leave Wenchao, but he felt unwilling to give up.

Wu Han said to her son, let him contact her and arrange for her to go abroad. She plans to live near the La Masia youth training camp and take care of her grandson nearby.

Fan Jiangliang persuaded with a wry smile: "You are in poor health and do not understand Spanish, so it is not convenient to go there. Don't worry, I will stay with Ning Ning for a month and wait for him to get comfortable.

Come back to the host family's life."

"What about his studies? Although he will play soccer in the future, if he doesn't have a junior high school diploma, his education is too low." Fan Jiangwen still values ​​his nephew's studies.

"The La Masia Youth Training Camp has cultural courses. Don't worry about this. There are children as old as Ning Ning. Education there is still very important." Fan Jiangliang explained.

"How can Spanish be so easy to learn? If you don't understand the course, communication is also a problem during training…" Wu Han was worried.

Fan Jiangliang: "Mom, Ning Ning has to face and overcome everything by himself. Don't worry. I don't care about him as soon as I let go. I will arrange it. You also have to believe in Ning Ning. He can get it on his own. Favored by the youth academies of the two major European giants, he will definitely be able to adapt to life there."

Wang Zining faced the upcoming separation, although he was a little bit reluctant, but still very firm in his heart. After he went abroad this time, he has really experienced and grown a lot. Now he wants to go there to train and learn. In terms of soccer, he doesn't want to lose anyone.

"Mario, we will speak Spanish with my brother in the future. Please pay attention to using phrases as much as possible when speaking at the beginning, and speak slowly, so that my brother can adapt slowly." Wang Yuan said to the younger son. The eldest son went to Spain, but he didn't worry about other places, but wanted him to control the language as soon as possible.

Qi Haoran raised his head and said to the big man in Spanish: "I didn't expect you to be invited by them. Are you so good? It's weird!"

Wang Zining stared at his younger brother: "You scolded me in Spanish, didn't you? I guessed it right, right?"

Qi Haoran rolled his eyes, "Dong Duo!"

Wang Zining jumped his feet: "You must call me a fool! I am so angry that I must beat you up before I leave!"

After finishing speaking, he carried the little man up, intending to give him a big spin in the air, until he stunned. Qi Haoran was trained by her elder brother to have excellent reaction ability. As soon as he was picked up, he reached out and hugged the big man's head. He opened his teeth and planned to take a bite on the big man's face.

Wang Zining quickly pulled his arms away and put him down head down, Qi Haoran yelled with anger.

Wang Yuan sighed and stepped forward to rescue her younger brother. Qi Haoran came to her mother's arms and tried to rush towards the big man, but her mother slapped her butt to stop her.

Qi Haoran pursed her mouth and looked at her angrily, why not hit the big man but him!

"Do you think he can learn Spanish? He

This IQ is really worrying, I think he can only learn to communicate with Xiao Erha in his life."

Wang Zining heard the little man say that he can only communicate with Xiao Erha, and after a while he reacted, yelling: "What do you mean! Are you still scolding me! Say I can only speak dog language?"

Qi Haoran glanced at him and snorted.

"There is a kind of you grow up quickly, we will decide the outcome, I must beat you down and make you cry and beg for mercy!" Wang Zining yelled.

"When I grow up, you are already old, are you sure you can beat me?"

"I'll kill you now! Don't hide in my mother's arms, you come down to me!"

"Okay! Mom's ears are sore! Mario, your next time, you are responsible for teaching your brother to speak Spanish. Mom believes you have this ability. If you fail, that's okay. Mom is just a little disappointed."

"I don't need him to teach!"

"Mom, are you using aggressive methods on me? I won't be fooled."

Wang Yuan:…

When eating in the evening, Qi Haoran picked up the rice grains and suddenly raised his head and said to Wang Yuan: "Mom, I want to skip a grade."

Wang Yuan was surprised: "Mario, have you thought about it?"

Qi Haoran nodded, "I want to skip grades and go to the second grade."

With a chuckle, the rice bowl in Wang Zining's hand fell on the table. He set the bowl in a panic and said to the little man nervously, "You, are you kidding, you are a first-year pupil who wants to go to junior high school? Do you think junior high school? So good?"

Qi Haoran: "It's not that difficult, at least you can't do problems, I can!"

Wang Zining gave the little man a gritted tooth, and said nothing for a while.

Liang Wentao and Zhang Ting often come to home to do their homework. Sometimes even the smaller ones can easily solve problems that even Zhang Ting can't bear. Liang Wentao and Zhang Ting are still surprised. They said they didn't expect that the little ones are still small geniuses. He glanced at himself deeply.

Wang Zining felt that what they meant was, how come the little genius has an older brother who is the last one every day.

He was very ashamed. He didn't look smart when he saw his mother, because her mother didn't know how to do math problems. He asked her mother once worried about whether she and the little man would go to the hospital for a DNA test. I heard that this can be used to find out if it's biological. of. There are so many children who have been miscarried in the hospital!

After being bounced on the forehead by his mother, the little man who heard this rushed out with a fist.

He felt very wronged, and he and the little man didn't look alike from head to toe. He is tall, The little man is short; he is very athletic, and the little one can't even catch a children's badminton; his academic performance-generally, the little one should study well; he never bites, and the little one likes to speak. So they are not alike at all. Mom doesn't even doubt the blood relationship of the little guy, which is too irresponsible!

"Maybe I have a very athletic younger brother who is suffering outside!" Wang Zining said with a heavy heart.

"I may also have a smart brother who is waiting for his family to pick him up!" Qi Haoran scoffed.

"There is no doubt and possibility. I think you are very energetic, or your mother will take you to the hospital to draw a tube of blood each, so that you can go and see the results of the appraisal completely at ease?"

The two brothers shut up completely.


Wang Yuan felt that the youngest son's decision was too sudden, "Mario, have you really thought about it? You've only been in half a semester. Mom still hopes that you can get along with your peers instead of entering junior high school right away."

Qi Haoran firmly nodded his head. He didn't want to waste time attending elementary school courses. He wanted to make full use of time to learn more knowledge.

Wang Yuan: "Mom think about it, I also want to discuss with Mr. Qi."

Wang Zining lowered his head and chewed on the delicious beef brisket. He couldn't help feeling a little grateful. Fortunately, he immediately dropped out of school and went to play soccer. I've been nailed to the pillar of shame for the rest of my life.

Wang Yuan thought for a long time and called Qi Ying to tell him Qi Haoran's decision.

Qi Ying pondered for a while, "The primary school curriculum is relatively simple for Mario. The decision to let him go to an international school is to give him the opportunity to get in touch with his peers, not to encourage him to enter a higher education institution immediately. To learn esoteric theoretical knowledge."

Wang Yuan nodded fiercely on the phone. Rarely, when they agreed, "Yes, I think so too."

"I will talk to Mario once, if he decides to skip a grade, then I will help him contact the school."

Wang Yuan thought about it for a long time, and that was the result. If Mario doesn't adapt to junior high school life, then he will think of other ways.

"Should he take the skipping test in this school now?" The international school Qi Haoran is now attending also has a junior high school.

"Mario's situation is more suitable for education abroad. I plan to send him to school in Germany."

a bolt from the blue. Wang Yuan didn't expect that Mr. Qi, who was so talkative just now, would come here last.

Her airway: "I don't agree to send him abroad!" She was just about to send away a son, is she going to send another away soon?

Qi Ying sneered: "I heard that you are considering your eldest son's future and arranged for him to go to Spain. Going to Germany is a suitable decision for Mario. Are you planning to stop it for your own personal benefit?"

Wang Yuan: "The two should not be confused at all! Mario can receive the best education in the country. And you also need to seek Mario's opinion."

"… No matter how smart Mario is, he is only a seven-year-old child. He is still in a period of attachment to his mother. I will consider his ideas, but I will not let him be willful."

In the next few days, Wang Yuan felt a bit heavy for a while. Wang Zining thought that his mother was reluctant to bear himself. He patted his chest to promise that he would train well, get a professional contract earlier, and then return home frequently. Wang Zining also wanted his mother to promise that he would go to Spain often to see him.

Wang Yuan smiled and agreed.

The person in charge of the publicity and distribution of the movie "Parallel Space" contacted a veteran variety show for the leading and supporting actors such as Wang Yuan and Qi Kuang.

During the rehearsal, the program team planned to arrange for Qi Kuang to sing the Little Apple song, but Qi Kuang stared away with a fierce look.

As a result of the final communication, Qi Kuang used the style of cool tyrants, accompanied by a few people in black to dance, singing the current popular RAP appearance.

Before the show was broadcast, Qi Kuang sat in front of the computer early and waited for the broadcast effect.

Wang Yuan was the first to appear after the host. She wore a flowing ancient costume, dancing with a long sword, her slender and flexible limbs flipped and jumped, and the whole sword dance was very dazzling. Chic, she brilliantly showed what is both rigid and soft.

Looking at the rainbow farts flying by on the barrage, Qi Kuang straightened his lips in disdain. What's so great about dancing, waiting for these unseen people to see their performance, let them know what is cool.

[As expected of Wang Zining's mother, so beautiful! Only her beauty can give birth to our handsome Ning Ning!]

[My future mother-in-law is awesome! Young, beautiful and invincible, this sword dance is so handsome, I also want to see her whirlwind legs.]

[Someone is arguing with my mother-in-law, go away, this mother-in-law belongs to me!]

[Shadow queen, is there still a lack of daughter-in-law in your family? I can cook, wash, massage and sell cute, accept me!]

When Qi Kuang saw this, he patted his thigh and laughed. Imagine that Wang Yuan was excited when she saw the comments of these netizens and she was half to death. She performed hard for a long time, but everyone paid attention.

It's her son!

I will call her mother-in-law, vicious old mother-in-law, huh!

After Wang Yuan, he appeared soon. Qi Kuang stared at the screen and didn't dare to make a mistake. He wanted to see how netizens overthrew his impression of singing the Divine Comedy, and discovered his real power.

[Hahaha… Erha is still so funny, does he sing RAP? How does it feel like Wang Yuan reciting scriptures. Didn't get stuck in the rhythm at all.]

[When his big face suddenly approached the camera to be handsome, he really looked like Erha pretending to be a wolf. Silly and funny!]

[He and his dancing are like a family buried in love, Erha is really a rising star in the comedy world!]

The screen of the laptop was photographed by Qi Kuang with a palm of his hand. If it weren't for the assistant's rescue, he would almost be picked up and thrown to pieces.

Qu Hui is also watching the video. She originally thought that Wang Yuan would carry it when she participated in the game session, but she didn't expect her sense of variety show to be okay, she would blacken herself, her brain and body react very quickly, and she often wins in the game.

When that Qi Kuang convulsed, Wang Yuan stared directly or reached out to pull Qi Kuang over to cooperate with the game, hahaha laughter popped out of the barrage, saying that this was Erha and his master's daily life.

At the end of the show, Wang Yuan and her group promoted a wave of their "Parallel Space" movie, and Qu Hui thought she would remember to watch it when that time comes.

Qu Hui didn't expect that this movie would be tossing for a long time, and the starring would be Wang Yuan. When she first recommended it to Wang Yuan, she resolutely refused. In the end, she not only participated in the performance, but also heard that she invested in this movie.

Qu Hui felt that since Wang Yuan was poisoned by gas, it really became more and more incomprehensible.

Qu Hui has now come out of Tianyu, pulling up people to do it on her own, this time entrepreneurship is much more difficult than imagined. But I have to go on doing it no matter how hard my head is. I thought that my career was booming not long ago, but Wang Yuan was retreating. I didn't expect the situation to turn around so quickly.

It can only be said that the world is unpredictable.

Wang Yuan also watched this variety show, and she was a little bit dumbfounded by the name given to her mother-in-law by netizens.

She knew that the eldest son was very handsome, but she didn't expect so many people to like it, and she felt a little unbelievable. Maybe she saw too much of the stupid side of her son, and forgot that he has such a charm.

For example, now he is sitting in the living room with his calves straightened and the soles of the feet hooked up, letting Mario sit on his ankles, raising his legs and then lowering them, and Mario moves up and down with his legs. Two people have fun while playing.

"Okay, how long are you going to sit for?" Wang Zining asked impatiently. The little guy is very happy to sit, but he is very tired, OK?

"Who made you make the mistake of a few simple words just now, you must accept the punishment until I stop it." Qi Haoran grinned happily. Sitting on a big man's lap is much more fun and safer than the elevator in the amusement park.

"Xiao Erha, come over, let's sit together." Qi Haoran also greeted Erha together.

Xiao Erha immediately jumped up happily, increasing the weight of a puppy, and Wang Zining's legs immediately landed on the ground. He angrily said: "Stop playing!"

Wang Zining Chao Xiao Erha waved: "Xiao Erha, come to Big Brother, let's play a frisbee game."

Xiao Erha glanced at Wang Zining, and ran towards him excitedly with his tongue out.

Qi Haoran was forced to get off the big man's lap, and after standing still, he said angrily: "Xiao Erha, come with me to play the Star Fleet game."

Xiao Erha turned his head to look at his little brother, and stopped between the two, once again not knowing where to go.

If he can speak, he must protest. Why do the two brothers embarrass the weaker all day long.

"Starfleet? Hahaha, such a naive game, only you children can think of it, and you said you want to skip to junior high school, I think you will come back crying, because you can't find a naive classmate like you in the school."

"A mature junior high school student, would you like to listen to your mother's bedtime stories? You also want to listen to the story of the little prince, ha ha."

"Come on, I want a punch to fly you annoying little guy!" Wang Zining made an offensive gesture with his fists.

Qi Haoran shouted: "Wait a minute!"

He rushed into the room, followed by putting on his gear and going out on the stage, a silver cloak embroidered with medals, a luminous rod in his hand, and put on a team hat for his player Xiao Erha.

He held the weapon in both hands and made a stance of standing ready, "Today I will lead our interstellar fleet to destroy you, an alien monster. For the peace of the earth and the universe, Xiao Erha, rush with me!"

After finishing speaking, he rushed towards the big man.

"Tianma Meteor Fist!" Wang Zining shouted, then waved his fists, entangled with his brother's round sword, and fought inextricably.

Xiao Erha yelled barkingly on one side, not knowing who to help, and finally bit his brother's cloak and played around in circles.

Two minutes later, the Starfleet was defeated, and the captain fell into his mother's arms, his eyes strong with a hint of grievance.

"Captain Star, do you need the captain of the pirate to help you destroy the monster?" Wang Yuan asked with a smile.

Qi Haoran nodded cautiously.

"For the peace of the universe, we need your help."

"I need you to pay before I act!" Wang Yuan teased.

"How much interstellar currency do you want to participate in the action?"

"A kiss." Wang Yuan's eyes were bent, she showed her professionalism and tried her best not to laugh.

"Yes." Qi Haoran finished speaking, banging on her mother's face.

"Hahaha, I am full of strength now." Wang Yuan stood up, "Let's rush!"

Wang Zining watched the performance of his mother and the little man, and shouted in disgust: "You are too disgusting, I want your entire army to be wiped out!"

As soon as he set his posture, he saw his mother rushing over, hugged him directly, and put him to the ground with a hook.

Wang Yuan pressed her elder son, turned her head and said, "Captain, I have controlled him, come!"

Qi Haoran ran over excitedly, and the two of them tickled the big man together, making him breathless with a smile.

"You, you are too, too mean!"

Seeing the two brothers happily together, Wang Yuan thought with a smile, a fourteen-year-old is like a seven-year-old, and a seven-year-old is finally seven years old. Unfortunately, the two brothers will soon be separated.

When Wang Zining went in and out of his mother's house recently, he always felt that a security guard from the community often probed their heads downstairs, acting suspiciously.

Wang Zining took Liang Wentao home with him that day, and saw the security guard appearing downstairs in their building again, and when he saw them coming, he turned around and avoided.

Wang Zining said to Liang Wentao: "This is this person. I have never seen him before. I have often met him downstairs recently. It feels a little strange that he is dodging!"

"Mario, long time no see, didn't you go to school today?" An excited child voice came.

Wang Zining saw that Xiao Wang's sister had just picked up Mario from school, and he met a kid Ye Xingyu and greeted him.

"I thought you were thinking too much. It's a bit strange to look at the security guard. He stopped halfway through just now and kept looking at the little girl and your brother."

Wang Zining frowned.

"Brother Ning Ning!" Ye Xingyu found that Wang Zining was also nearby and ran towards him excitedly.

Xiao Wang and Mario also walked over.

"Look, he is still looking here, his eyes are always fixed on this little girl!" Liang Wentao secretly pulled Wang Zining's sleeve excitedly, and whispered, "Isn't he the kind of pervert who likes little girls?"

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