Wang Zining looked at the security guard with a vigilant face. The security guard might have noticed his sight too, so he didn't dare to stay longer, so he turned his head and walked away quickly.

"Brother Ning Ning, I saw you playing soccer on the Internet, you are so amazing!" Ye Xingyu held his small face and looked at Wang Zining with bright eyes.

"Wang Tou, you still have such a small fan." Liang Wentao said with a smile.

Wang Zining said to the little girl with a serious face: "Ye Xingyu, you don't want to run around alone recently, you should be with your grandma or mother when you come out."

Ye Xingyu nodded vigorously, pointing to an old man who was looking at them not far away, "I came out with grandma."

Liang Wentao added: "If a strange uncle wants to treat you to sweets, you must not be fooled! Turn around and run to find the police uncle!"

"Brother Fatty, I'm so smart that I don't know how to eat what a liar gives. You are so fat that you have to worry about being cheated by gluttony." Ye Xingyu stretched out his tongue and said slightly.

Liang Wentao was furious, "Forget about your little kid being taken away by bad guys!"

After Ye Xingyu was called away by her grandmother, Wang Zining again told the little man: "You have to follow me when you go out. Don't run around alone."

Xiao Wang stood aside and smiled and said, "Ning Ning, then I'll leave Mario to you, and I won't go up if there is anything else."

Wang Zining nodded.

He Qi Haoran stretched out his hand, "Come on, take my hand."

Qi Haoran walked past him blankly, carrying his little schoolbag and stomping away, completely ignoring his brother's sudden nauseating care.

Wang Zining's hands were hung in the air, almost jumping angrily.

Liang Wentao patted him on the shoulder, "Having a smart brother is really shocking, especially this brother who refuses to accept you. Wang Tau, just send him to the suspicious security guard to take him away, so you don't have to worry about it anymore!"

After saying that he was kicked in his side hip, and he staggered two steps to sit on the ground. Liang Wentao grievedly looked at Wang Zining: "Can't you just make a joke?"

The weather has entered the winter, and the night is a bit cold. Xiao Erha is used to going out on time to let the wind go. When that time comes, he wants to go out.

Wang Yuan put on a thin down jacket for her little son, and then put on a hat, and the package was very tight before letting him go out.

Wang Yuan sighed that the youngest son is a kid who likes to be happy and not moved. Since he had a Xiao Erha, his sense of responsibility has always been online, and he has never slackened.

Accompany Xiao Erha for a walk. Even though the weather is cold now, even when Wang Yuan wants to be lazy, the youngest son still insists.

Xiao Erha came downstairs and ran away happily. Qi Haoran took his rope and ran behind it, and from time to time seriously told Erha not to sniff suspicious dirt on the ground.

Wang Yuan wore a high-collared thick windbreaker, a mask and a hat. The winter night wind blew over her. She shrank her shoulders and shivered with her hands in her pockets.

Only Wang Zining, with a short-sleeved T-shirt inside and a sports blouse outside, didn't feel cold at all.

Wang Yuan really envied his physique of the small stove. Every day when the two children were asleep, she would go to see if they kicked the quilt. Even if the temperature is only a few degrees in the middle of the night, the eldest son is only half covered with the quilt, and it is warm to touch his hands, feet and quilt.

Sometimes she wanted to sneak her brother over and put him under the covers to keep him warm.

When Wang Zining was eating, he told his mother about his findings and concerns. Now he saw the suspicious security guard wandering in front of him with a look of looking around. He hurriedly pulled his mother and said, "Mom, look, that is that person!"

At this moment, Xiao Erha, who was running happily in the distance, suddenly rushed to the security guard's feet and screamed at him. Qi Haoran ran behind Xiao Erha. When he was about to approach the security guard, suddenly He was picked up by someone.

Suddenly, Wang Zining picked up the little man to protect him and gave the security guard a fierce look. The security guard met his eyes and turned angrily and walked away.

"Mario, I said you can't run around alone." Wang Zining taught, "How dangerous it was just now. If the security guard suddenly took out a weapon to injure you, or picked you up and ran away, you would be finished!"

Qi Haoran's small body was hung in the air by her brother and rolled his eyes, "Big man, are you suffering from persecution delusion?"

Seeing that the little man didn't believe his words, Wang Zining was very angry. He said to Wang Yuan who came by, "Mother, I really see him often sneaking around downstairs in our building."

"Ning Ning, the security job is to patrol the community, is it possible that it is a misunderstanding?" Wang Yuan asked.

Wang Zining stuffed his younger brother into his mother's arms and said angrily, "You don't believe me." After speaking, he ran away in anger.

The next day, the weather was even colder, and the mother and the son made an appointment to watch a movie. It was a new foreign comic strip.

The two brothers sat on the sofa with their chests up, unanimously impatient

The expression urged her mother to leave quickly.

"Mom, how long will it take?" Wang Zining shouted.

Wang Yuan, who was applying isolation cream on her face, replied, "It's coming, it's coming."

"Mom, you said it was fast ten minutes ago." Qi Haoran reminded.

Wang Yuan:…

"Why don't you go downstairs first, I'll change my clothes and come down right away!" Wang Yuan suggested that she wiped the isolation evenly and quickly picked up the comb and combed her unkempt long hair.

Wang Zining shook his head, women are really too troublesome, and she likes to procrastinate when going out. She also slapped herself in the face in the mirror every morning and evening, and often put on a black and scary facial mask. I really didn't understand their behavior. At this point, no matter how old they are, there are two women who can be referred to as grandma and mother.

Qi Haoran: Mom said that he would come down immediately after changing clothes. It is estimated that it will take 30 minutes, because Mom will pick a bunch of clothes for a long time, and then try one set.

The two brothers sighed, looked at each other, and decided to go downstairs and wait.

Qi Haoran walked in front, stepping out of the steady old man's aura, Wang Zining followed behind, and from time to time he had to suppress the urge to kick the little guy in his head.

"Are you going out today?" A young girl in her twenties in a pink jacket greeted them.

Wang Zining recognized her as the nanny of a family on the 9th floor. There was only one grandma. They met in the elevator. The little aunt asked her mother for an autograph.

Wang Zining nodded.

The young nanny had just returned from the field with his employer's grandmother. It was a long time since I met Wang Zining and the others. Today they were a little excited when they met, and asked questions about Wang Zining.

When Qi Haoran saw the woman entangled the big man to chat, he couldn't help speeding up his pace, trying to get rid of them.

Qi Haoran just walked out and found the security guard who was suspected by the big man standing in front of the building. At this moment, he was glaring at him and suddenly rushed towards him.

Qi Haoran took a step back in surprise, tripped over the stairs and fell to the ground, while the security guards were coming towards him…

With a "bang", when the security guard was one hand away from Qi Haoran, he was kicked out and fell into the sky.

Wang Zining hugged his younger brother, looked left and right, and asked worriedly, "Are you okay?"

Qi Haoran shook his head. He looked at the security guard who fell to the ground and couldn't get up. It was him who was in trouble!

"Liu Min, what do you want to do?" the young nanny stepped forward, pointing at the security guard and shouted angrily.

Liu Min, the security guard, held his chest with a gloomy face to the year

The light nanny said: "Hu Qin, you stinky lady, you dare to dump Lao Tzu and hide from me without seeing anyone. I will disfigure you today to see if you can go out and hook up people." Out of a bottle, he got up and walked towards Hu Qin.

Hu Qin screamed and ran away, Liu Min clutched his chest and chased him.

Liu Min was kicked hard in the chest by Wang Zining. He was hurt a little bit. He didn't catch up with Hu Qin for a while, and soon he was restrained by other community security guards who came and twisted him away.

Hu Qin covered her face and cried out in fright, and went out with the security guards, saying that he would turn the man to the police station and put Liu Min in jail.

When Wang Yuan came down, everything was over. Knowing what the eldest son had done just now, she patted him on the shoulder and praised him for his good work.

Wang Zining took the opportunity to speak loudly: "I said there was a problem with this security guard. You didn't believe it before! Humph."

"Yes, yes, my mother's fault, we Ning Ning are really eye-catching, smart, alert, wise and brave, the most important thing is to care about protecting our younger brother, we are the best brother in the world!"

Wang Zining nodded in satisfaction.

Qi Haoran sneered.

Wang Zining immediately turned his face and glared at him, "Ingredient guy, who saved you just now?"

Qi Haoran: "That person didn't come at me just now. He was looking for the nanny aunt. If you want to thank you, you can ask the little aunt to tell you!"

Wang Zining was rather angry: "No matter what happens to you in the future, I won't care about you!"

Qi Haoran: "Please remember your words, thank you."

Wang Zining raised his foot and left, staying any longer, he wanted to explode on the spot.

Wang Yuan just looked at Qi Haoran, and was blocked by him, "Mom, if you are going to remind me to thank the big man and apologize to him, I won't promise you."

Wang Yuan was speechless.

When the mother and the son went to the cinema, the two brothers were still angry. They each had popcorn in their hands and squeaked. I don't know if they took the popcorn as each other.

The fighting scene in the movie is very spectacular, but it failed to relieve the low pressure between the brothers. At the end of the movie, Wang Zining followed the protagonist's cool posture and raised his hands and legs to make gestures. Qi Haoran saw it and immediately raised his fleshy laser Kikura to shoot at him. The two of them exchanged fire in the air, turning their heads to leave.

After watching the movie, the three of them went to the shopping mall restaurant for lunch. Because my mother peeled a shrimp to his younger brother, the elder brother was dissatisfied, so Wang Yuan immediately peeled one to him. The younger brother immediately protested that he wanted it.

On an empty stomach, Wang Yuan peeled a plate of shrimp and put it into the bowl of the two of them. This was the end.

Before the meal was finished, Wang Yuan's cell phone rang. After answering the phone, she frowned and said to the two children, "Ning Ning sorry, mom has no time to watch the jersey with you, Mario, Ye Xingyu novice can not go to see it today, I will take you home first, mother There is still something at work, so I have to rush over to deal with it."

She just received a call from the director of "Parallel Space", saying that there was something wrong with the audio in the movie, and she needed to rush over to make up the recording. Wang Yuan can only cancel the afternoon plan.

Qi Haoran: "Mom, I can buy it myself. This figure is restricted for purchase and will soon be sold out." If you don't go in line today, you will definitely not be able to buy it. Qi Haoran felt that he had often come out by himself before, and he could do it well without his mother accompany him.

Wang Zining would rather not be outdone: "My jersey is also sold in limited quantities, and I will buy it myself." After finishing speaking, he glanced at the little man, thinking that your hand is rare.

Wang Yuan: "No, the shopping malls are too messy. You two are walking here alone. Mom is not at ease. I promise you will buy the two things you want, but you have to go back first, how about?"

The two shook their heads together.

Wang Yuan looked at her watch: "If you want to stay, it's okay. Brother must be optimistic about your younger brother. Hold his hand and not let go. Take a taxi back after you buy something. You are not allowed to stroll around."

The two looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

Wang Yuan first took the two to Ye Xingyu's venue and found that there were so many people in line that they could not be lined up in an hour. She looked at Qi Haoran, "Are you sure you want to stay here in line?"

Qi Haoran nodded. Wang Zining was a little surprised at this hot scene, he regretted agreeing to stay and take care of the little man.

Wang Yuan put Qi Haoran's coat in his hands, and once again told her elder brother to take good care of her younger brother. Wang Zining had no time to say any regrets, and nodded helplessly.

After Wang Yuan left, watching the little guy lined up leisurely, Wang Zining was a little bored standing on the side. He remembered that there would be no long lines in his jersey. He took out his mobile phone and called Brother Shui. Asked him if he had time today, and if he had time to come to the mall to help take care of a little kid.

Liang Wentao happened to be eating nearby with his family, answered the phone, and arrived in less than ten minutes.

"Wang Tau, I didn't expect you to like this kind of house goddess." Liang Wentao said

As soon as he finished speaking, he was glared by several otaku around.

Wang Zining pointed to Qi Haoran in the team, "He likes it."

Seeing Qi Haoran's cold glance, Liang Wentao immediately changed his words, "Well, people who like this virtual idol are all tasteful and educated people!"

Wang Zining gave him a white glance.

"You help me watch Mario here, and I will go to the mall on the second floor to check the jersey."

Liang Wentao said with a bitter face: "So you called me to be a babysitter."

Wang Zining: "Stop talking nonsense, look at him, and call my cell phone whenever you have anything to do."

Wang Zining thought that there were also long teams in the jerseys, but there were only a few people in the store, and he quickly bought a limited number of jerseys with a small forward number. When I returned to Ye Xingyu's stadium with a bag, I saw Brother Shui lining up to play with his mobile phone, and the little man disappeared.

He hurried over, "Where is Mario?"

Liang Wentao noticed that Wang Zining was back. He turned his head and looked at him: "Mario said he wants to go to the toilet. I lined up for him for a while. Why didn't he come back?"

Wang Zining said with an aura: "Why did you let him leave alone?"

Liang Wentao was puzzled: "It doesn't matter, he's so smart, he won't get lost…"

Before he finished speaking, Wang Zining turned around and ran away with a bag stuffed in his hand.

Wang Zining ran to the men's room in the mall and looked for a circle without seeing the little man. He ran out again and looked around, just in time to see Qi Haoran and Shi Shiran walking in front. Wang Zining ran towards him quickly, but he didn't notice that when he just ran closer, a man wearing a peaked cap left on his side.

Wang Zining took the little man's arm and said with a calm face: "Don't run around, okay, if it wasn't for your mother to let me take care of you, I will leave you here and go straight home."

Qi Haoran shook his arm and broke free, and said sternly: "I told your friend to come to the bathroom." He thinks that big guys are particularly fond of disciplined him lately, and often make small mentions.

Wang Zining glared at him and took Qi Haoran back to the stadium team.

After a whole line of one and a half hours, the line finally arrived, and when Ye Xingyu's new figure was done, Qi Haoran directly stuffed it into the big man's arms.

Wang Zining was stunned: "Why give it to me?!"

"You hold it for me, and give it to me when you get home." Qi Haoran looked at the big man and said. Although he likes Ye Xingyu very much, he doesn't want to hold her hand to walk all the way, which will affect his image.

"I don't want to hold this ridiculous toy, you bought it

Hold it by yourself." Wang Zining planned to put it back into the little man's hand, and found that this cunning boy stretched his hands behind his back, not intending to receive his own things.

That's too much!

Wang Zining wanted to hit him on the head directly, thinking that he was about to go abroad, and there would not be many chances to see this nasty guy in the future, so he didn't discuss it with him.

Wang Zining casually put Ye Xingyu's figure in Liang Wentao, who was watching the play next to him.

"Help me hold it." After finishing speaking, he immediately learned to be a little man, putting his hands behind his back.

Liang Wentao was furious and shameless!

"Believe it or not, I will give her away directly?"

The two brothers immediately glared, Liang Wentao pursed his lips, shrugged and accepted.

"Wang Tou, there is a game room on the fifth floor with simulation shooting games. It is very fun. Let's go and see it." Liang Wentao suggested excitedly when he walked out of the stadium with Ye Xingyu in his arms.

Wang Zining's eyes lit up, and just about to nod, the little man said coolly: "Mom said that we want us to buy good things and go home soon."

Wang Zining snorted, "At this time you remembered what your mother said? She still asked you to listen to me. Have you listened?"

Qi Haoran ignored him.

"Brother Shui, come again next time. I will send this pesky back first. Alas, it is troublesome to go out with a child." Wang Zining exclaimed.

"Okay." Liang Wentao said, "then go to your house and play a racing game."

The three people came out of the mall and the temperature dropped sharply. Qi Haoran consciously put on his beige coat, pulled the zipper around his neck, and put on his beige woolen cap.

Liang Wentao whispered to Wang Zining: "Your brother's hat is really funny, and there is a ball of wool on it."

Wang Zining: "My mother wove it, and the little guy is wearing it every day." He emphasized, "I also have it. Mine is black, but I don't wear it. It's too stupid."

"When you lined up just now, a lot of girls came to ask for your signature, Wang Tou, you are now a big star, why don't you take a photo with them to sign." Liang Wentao asked enviously.

Wang Zining glanced at him, "Why should I sign them? I'm not a real star."

When the two were talking, they didn't notice that Qi Haoran stepped forward first.

"By the way, the security guard I told you about, he really has a problem, he…" Wang Zining eloquently told his friends what happened in the morning.

Liang Wentao opened his mouth wide in surprise: "That's really a bad guy! Wang Tou,

with your's! You are about to become Sherlock Holmes."

Wang Zining reserved the corner of his mouth that he wanted to tilt up, "It's so normal, mainly because I am good at observing, and I can see that there is something wrong with that person at a glance."

"Then is he sulfuric acid in his hand?"

"I heard it was water, I just wanted to scare that woman." Wang Zining also heard other security guards say before going out.

"This person is too hard to think about. He was dumped by the woman. He still has to go to the place where he works to apply for a security guard and engage in tracking and beating people." Liang Wentao shook his head, "Dating in love is too dangerous, men should still Focus on career!"

He remembered, and said seriously to Wang Zining: "Wang Tou, I have changed my mind now. I will not be a crosstalk actor in the future. You have become a soccer star, and I will be your agent!"

Wang Zining was taken aback for a moment, "Then you are about to start learning Spanish now." He kindly reminded his friends that he felt that the level of Brother Shui was about the same as his own, and he really wanted to work hard on the language level.

Liang Wentao's face collapsed, "I can't learn English well, but I still have to learn Spanish. It's so difficult!"

He recently went to Wang Tou's house and heard that Aunt Wang and Mario were communicating with Wang Tou in Spanish. He heard that his head was big, and he also stumbling and stumbling for Spanish to speak, and Wang Tou, who turned his eyes in circles, embraced a lot of sympathy.

Wang Zining glanced around and suddenly woke up: "Where is Mario?"

Liang Wentao hurriedly looked around.

Wang Zining was flustered, he went around the mall square and didn't see the little man. His cold sweat was about to come out in the winter, he stomped his feet anxiously, turned around and searched around again.

He yelled Mario's name loudly, then pulled passersby to ask if he saw a little boy wearing a beige coat and a beige hat, and asked several people and said that he hadn't seen him.

At this time Liang Wentao stretched out his hand and called him, his voice trembling slightly: "Wang Tou, someone saw a man holding a little boy like Mario and went to the parking place on the side of the road."

When Wang Zining heard it, his heart was shaken, and he ran towards the parking lot with his leg pulled out, and the bag he was carrying was thrown away.

Liang Wentao hurriedly followed with his fat legs.

Wang Zining rushed to the parking lot on the side of the road and saw a man wearing a peaked cap standing by the door of a broken van, about to close the door, and a beige woolen cap dropped aside on the ground.

Wang Zining pierced the canthus with his fingers, rushed towards the man, and kicked him to the ground.

The man was kicked off guard. Seeing that Wang Zining would rather get in the car, he got up with anger and hurriedly reached out to

He pushed.

Wang Zining struggled with the man. With his own strength, he pressed the man to the ground. At this time, some people around found the place abnormal, but no one dared to come close, they all stood far away.

"Be careful!" someone reminded.

When it was too late, Wang Zining felt a pain in his arm, and saw a silver light shot down at him. He turned sideways and escaped a fatal blow. He touched the clothes on his right arm that had been cut by the knife, and blood was constantly leaking out. His expression sank, staring at the person who attacked him, a man who was not tall but had a stern look.

The peaked cap that was pushed to the ground by Wang Zining also got up at this time, spit out, wiped the corners of Wang Zining's broken mouth, and sneered close to Wang Zining with his accomplices.

Just when the two were about to get closer, Wang Zining suddenly stood up, kicked out with a whirlwind leg, hit the cap man directly, and the gangster with the knife with his legs also fell to the ground.

Wang Zining would rather not understand taekwondo. He learned this whirlwind leg from his mother's video. He practiced it countless times at home. The force on his leg was much stronger than Wang Yuan. With a single blow, he even brought both of them down.

The moment the culprit fell to the ground, the dagger in his hand fell, and Wang Zining went forward and kicked the dagger without stopping. He stepped forward and gave the two men who fell on the ground a boxing.

The crowd watched from a distance and took out their cellphones to help the police. At this moment Liang Wentao also ran over panting. He looked at the Prince's head nervously and shouted, "Wang Tou, are you okay?"

Wang Zining threw down the two wailing gangsters and quickly turned and went to the van. He saw the little man lying in the car with his hands tied behind his back with scotch tape and a piece of scotch tape on his mouth. There was no usual calmness. Face struggling with horror. Seeing his brother appear, he whimpered, his eyes full of grievance and panic.

Wang Zining hurriedly tore off the tape from the little man's mouth, and then tore off the tape from his hand. He saw the little man's right cheek red and swollen, and there were faint slap marks. He said in a breath: "They beat it? I'll go. Kill them!"

Qi Haoran put his arms around Wang Zining's neck, his face buried between his brother's neck, and his small body was still trembling slightly.

"Don't be afraid, the bad guys were knocked down by me." Wang Zining comforted his brother, "It's okay."

He took his brother out and saw the two people who had fallen on the ground just now. At this moment, he stood up and wanted to run, so he was so angry that he put the little man down first, "I will catch the two of them first."

After speaking, I chased the two, and waited to subdue the two again and take off their

When the clothes tied them up, he said to Liang Wentao, who hadn't been able to slow down, "Brother Shui, leave it to you!"

Liang Wentao held his phone tremblingly, "No, no problem, I have already called the police!"

Wang Zining turned around and walked towards his younger brother, only to see that the empty van just now was suddenly started, and it was swiftly driving towards Qi Haoran.

At that moment, Wang Zining looked into the little man's eyes, and there were a thousand words, but he couldn't even tell him to get out of the way. He felt the wind in his ears stopped, and with his arms flying, he ran towards the little man at the fastest speed in his previous 14 years.

When he hugged his younger brother, there was a shock behind his back. He instinctively stretched his arms as far as possible to tightly protect the little man in his arms, feeling that the person was flying in the air, and then fell heavily…

"Wang Zining!" Liang Wentao ran towards him with tears.

When Qi Haoran's body fell on the ground through his brother's soft body, it was shaken, and it took a while to regain consciousness. He saw that the big man's head was full of blood, and the right calf bone was protruding and deformed. Looking at the big man's closed eyes, Qi Haoran slowed down. Wan lost consciousness and fell into his brother's arms.

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