When Wang Yuan was recording, she always felt uneasy. It was originally a very simple voice, but only passed it several times.

The first time she came out of the recording studio, she dialed Wang Zining's mobile phone, but no one answered the phone. She walked quickly towards the parking lot while making the phone calls.

"Sister Yuanyuan, are you going straight home?" Xiao Wang asked.

Wang Yuan frowned and said, "I don't know if the two little guys have gone back. The phone has never been answered."

"Maybe it's still outside, don't you hear the phone in your pocket?"

Just as Wang Yuan wanted to go back to the mall to check out, the phone suddenly got through.

"Ning Ning, you guys…"

"Aunt Wang Yuan, Wang head him, woo woo woo, he was hit by a bad guy driving him, and he is being taken to the hospital now, come on, woo…" Liang Wentao on the phone kept crying.

Wang Yuan's heart chuckled and she felt dizzy. Fortunately, Xiao Wang helped her in time and didn't fall.

"To be clear, which hospital was Ning Ning sent to?" Wang Yuan felt her voice empty like other people's.

After Wang Yuan got off the car and ran all the way to the hospital, she attracted a lot of curious eyes from the hospital. She turned a blind eye and pulled a nurse in the emergency room to ask, "Where is the young man injured in the car accident that just arrived?"

When Wang Yuan followed the nurse, she saw Liang Wentao wiping away tears and crying. Wang Zining was lying on the cart with blood on her head without a breath. A bone in her calf protruded, and she bit her lip desperately, biting out blood. When she came, she told herself not to faint and not to panic, and she had to hold on to her son's life or death.

"Aunt Wang Yuan, you are here, ooh…" Liang Wentao accompanied Wang Tou all the way, looking at him lying unconsciously, terrified, finally Wang Tou's mother came!

Wang Yuan stepped forward and gently touched Wang Zining's cold face. She didn't have the courage to stretch out her hand to snorted him. She looked up at the doctor in front of her and asked loudly, "What's wrong with my son? Why is he still lying here? Now it needs to be treated immediately."

After speaking, she stopped breathing for a while, afraid that the doctor would say something she couldn't accept at all.

"The patient has just arrived. We did a simple check. He was hit by a strong impact and fell to the ground, his head and legs were injured, and no bleeding symptoms were found in his internal organs. However, further inspections are needed to confirm the diagnosis. We need family members to sign and perform surgery on him."

The tone finally eased, Wang Yuan was about to speak, and a voice behind her was faster than her, "Immediately send the patient to the operating room and prepare for the operation."

An unfamiliar middle-aged man arrived. He stepped forward to check on Wang Zining, then turned to Wang Yuan and said: "You are Wang Zining's mother, don't worry, he is not in a serious condition, and currently there is no life-threatening condition."

Is it just not life-threatening? How can she be relieved of her son's situation." Please be sure to heal him."

Director Li nodded. He was called by the dean's phone. He knew that the dean's friend, the grandson of a big man in the field of bioengineering, had taken them to the hospital in a car accident. He put down the phone and hurried over.

Wang Yuan watched Director Li go to the operating room with Wang Zining's cart. She was about to follow and was stopped by the nurse.

When the nurse took some documents for her to sign, Wang Yuan suddenly remembered that Mario was with her brother in the afternoon.

"Aunt Wang Yuan, Mario also fainted, he was lying there!" Liang Wentao said timely and authentic.

Wang Yuan's heart tightened instantly.

She ran to the emergency bed in a panic, opened the curtain, and found that the youngest son was lying on the bed without knowing the personnel. Just as she was about to call someone, the nurse came over and explained to her that the doctor had checked the little patient and he was not injured. He should have been startled and fainted.

Wang Yuan touched Mario's little head uneasy, opened the quilt to check his limbs, and whispered to him: "Mario, wake up, mom is here!"

Qi Haoran felt that he had been walking in the darkness for a long, long time, surrounded by this boundless darkness, feeling that the road would never end, suddenly a bright light appeared in front of him, that was a big man! He glanced at himself, and walked away without turning his head. The light faded away. Qi Haoran was chasing after me in a daze and fear, wait for me, big man, don't go!

"Big man!" Qi Haoran yelled in horror and suddenly woke up.

"Mario, don't be afraid, mom is here!" Wang Yuan hugged her son and hugged him tightly in her arms.

Qi Haoran recalled the scene before the faint, his big eyes were full of fear, and he pushed his mother with an eager voice: "Mom, save the big man, he is going to die!"

"It's okay, it's okay, my brother has been sent to the operating room, the doctor will treat him, and he will get better soon." Wang Yuan comforted.

After confirming with the doctor that Mario is really okay, Wang Yuan carried her youngest son directly to the operating room to wait for Wang Zining's news.

When she got to the operating room, she saw that Academician Fan Jiang had arrived at the hospital and was anxiously spinning around with her hands behind her back.

The two of them looked at each other without intention to greet each other, each waiting for Wang Zining's news.

A hospital leader came to accompany Academician Fan Jiang while talking to him about the progress of the operation. Wang Zining's luck was very good. With such a severe impact, his internal organs were fine, the wound on his head was also epidermal, and there was no injury in his skull. The lower leg was fractured to the tibia and fibula. Two steel bars were embedded in his tibia and fibula. Director Li who performed the operation on him is the best orthopedic doctor in this hospital and an authority in China. Wang Zining will be able to walk normally soon after recuperating."

Academician Fan Jiang: "Ning Ning plays soccer."

Being able to walk normally does not mean that Ning Ning can return to the green field to play.

The hospital leaders couldn't say anything, and they couldn't guarantee that Wang Zining's legs and feet would be as good as ever.

When Wang Yuan heard their conversation, her heart was half down. There is nothing more important than life and health. After the scene just now, she didn't dare to ask for more, as long as she was peaceful and safe.

Qi Haoran sat in Wang Yuan's arms, silent.

The police arrived soon, and found Liang Wentao and Qi Haoran to take notes.

Both of them are minors, so parents are required to accompany them.

Wang Yuan proposed to wait for the eldest son to perform the operation before taking the transcript. The police understood her feelings and agreed to wait for the operation to end.

Although Wang Yuan wanted to know exactly what happened, the truth now is far less important than Wang Zining's peace.

Wang Zining came out of the operation and was sent to the general ward, but he was not awake after the anesthesia, and the doctor checked that there was no problem. Although Wang Yuan was not at ease, she accompanied Qi Haoran to take notes first.

Qi Haoran's face was still pale, but he still clearly told the story of the incident.

He muttered to Liang Wentao because he was impatient with the big man, and went to the front first. He wanted to walk to the side of the road to call for a car, who knew that suddenly an arm stretched out, one hand covering his mouth, one hand holding him up by the waist, and said, "Naughty son, stop making trouble. Go home with Dad."

Qi Haoran wanted to struggle in horror, and was tied tightly by the strange man, unable to move at all. He saw that passers-by did not pay attention to the abnormalities on their side, and the big man was still talking excitedly with his friend, and the strange man hugged him and walked away quickly, getting further and further away from the big man…

When Qi Haoran was thrown into the car, tied his hands and feet and sealed his mouth, only then did he feel how weak he was in the face of real violence. When he was a little desperate, he did not expect the big man to arrive in time…

After speaking, his big eyes were full of tears, and he turned to look for his mother. Wang Yuan quickly hugged him in her arms and patted gently.

He comforted.

Liang Wentao also talked about the situation. His parents have also rushed to accompany him. Liang Wentao lay in his mother's arms and cried, letting out the fear and worry of the afternoon.

Although Liang Wentao's parents were worried about what happened to Wang Zining, they were grateful that their son was not harmed.

The police told Wang Yuan that the culprit who drove into the brothers had also been captured and brought to justice. Originally, the suspect ran into someone and drove away, but the license plate number was photographed by the masses a long time ago. The police car arrived at the scene shortly after he escaped, and then notified the police dispatched by each jurisdiction, and he was arrested in less than an hour.

The police are now interrogating the three suspects and will tell the victim's family if the results are available.

Wang Yuan said that she wanted to see the suspect. The police thought she might know each other and agreed to arrange for them to meet. When Wang Yuan saw three strange men in handcuffs coming out, she went straight to punch and kick them. Police officers from the police station quickly grabbed her to stop her from beating the suspect again.

"Why are you arresting my son?" Wang Yuan asked sharply.

The three men who had been beaten up with swollen noses glanced at each other and did not speak.

"Teacher Wang Yuan, you go back first. Our police will investigate it clearly."

Wang Yuan returned to the hospital and found that Academician Fan Jiang and Fan Jiangwen were standing by the bed, but Wang Zining still did not wake up.

"Dad, I don't want to contact an authoritative doctor again. He said that Ning Ning's head is fine, but he has been fainted, this must be a problem." Fan Jiangwen said with a serious expression.

"It's okay after the brain scan. Ning Ning didn't wake up because his body turned on the stress defense mechanism. Observe the situation overnight." Academician Fan Jiang looked at his grandson. He would rather be lying here by himself. It's not Ning Ning who is alive and kicking.

"Are you here?" Fan Jiangwen saw Wang Yuan and Qi Haoran.

Wang Yuan nodded. She took Qi Haoran's hand and came to Wang Zining's hospital bed. She looked at his head and arms tied with gauze, and a leg hanging in the air. She still didn't wake up, and her mood was heavy. Come down.

"Don't dare to tell Ning Ning's grandma, I'm afraid she can't stand it." Fan Jiangwen said, "My brother is filming in a field, and he has already notified him to come back."

Qi Haoran stepped forward, touched the big man's shoulder, and watched his brother keep silent.

"Did the police find anything? Why did they drive into Ning Ning?" Fan Jiangwen asked.

Academician Fan Jiang waved to her, motioned to go out again to speak.

Wang Yuan and the two of them walked outside the ward and talked about the incident.

Qi Haoran held the palm of the big man, "Are you lost in the dark now? I'm holding you, and I will run towards me when I call your name. You have to run faster…"

"Big man! Big man! Wang Zining! Bad brother!" Qi Haoran suddenly shouted loudly, his voice higher and higher.

Wang Yuan rushed in, she stepped forward and hugged Qi Haoran, "Mario, shhh! Mom knows you are worried about your brother, he will wake up soon."

Qi Haoran burst into tears: "He is lost, no one told him he didn't know how to get out."


Wang Zining had been unconscious for three days, but all the indicators were normal. Just when Academician Fan Jiang planned to ask a famous doctor to consult for Wang Zining, he suddenly woke up early in the morning of the fourth day.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised. Wang Yuan patted his hand gently, "Bad boy, you scared us to death!"

Wang Zining looked at the people around the bed, he was still a little confused, his voice hoarse: "Where am I?"

"This is the hospital. You were hit by a car, don't you remember?" Wang Yuan asked worriedly.

Wang Zining thought for a moment, "It seems that there is something like this." He suddenly exclaimed, "Is the little man okay?"

"Why are you waking up now?" A voice faintly sounded by the bed.

Wang Zining turned his head and saw the little man standing beside him, grinning, "Are you okay!" That's great!

Qi Haoran looked at her brother and said nothing.

After the doctor checked Wang Zining that everything was normal, Grandpa Fan Jiang cursed softly: "Smelly boy!" He turned around and went back.

In the past few days, he had to hide from his old wife, while worrying about his grandson, he came here early every morning to accompany him. Now that his grandson woke up, he found that his body was a little overwhelming. Fan Jiangwen looked at his father's swaying look uneasy, and helped him go back together.

When the two of you got home, Wu Han asked, "Why do you two come back together? Didn't you say that there is a project that is very important to stare at? You have time to come back now?"

"It's all right." Academician Fan Jiang shook his hand and walked into the bedroom to rest.

Wu Han asked Fan Jiangwen, "Why are you with your dad, you didn't work in the morning?"

Fan Jiangwen: "I just came to see you. I met Dad at the door."

"What's so good about me!" Wu Han said, "Have you called Ning Ning in the past few days? No one answered me when I called him. Didn't Wang Yuan say

He went to play soccer and said he was asleep. I usually call, the little guy will definitely give me one back immediately. Didn't Wang Yuan tell him that I called?"

Fan Jiangwen: …

"Maybe Ning Ning is about to take the final exam and is studying attentively. He will definitely call you in two days."

"How long has he lived in his mother's house? He will go abroad soon after the Chinese New Year. I plan to pick him up in two days." Wu Han mainly misses his grandson.

"Okay, I'll make arrangements at that time." Fan Jiangwen could only appease.

In the ward.

Wang Zining looked at his dangling calf and asked worriedly, "Dad, are my legs okay?"

Fan Jiangliang smiled nonchalantly and said, "It's okay, it's just that the calf is a bit broken. You don't see a plaster cast, it will soon be healed." Dr. Li said that the operation was performed on him with the latest introduced treatment method. plaster.

"I will go abroad to play soccer in two months. Will I be fine by then?" Wang Zining became a little nervous.

Fan Jiangliang smiled somewhat reluctantly. He adjusted quickly and nodded firmly: "Two months will surely be healed, and there will be no delay in going to La Masia." He asked Dr. Li about the condition of Wang Zining's leg injury. Dr. Li said, Wang Zining's physical fitness is the best he has ever seen, and he is now in the growth stage. If he is well-trained, his legs will be no different from normal.

"Is it okay to be a soccer professional in the future?" Fan Jiangliang asked.

Dr. Li pondered: "Soccer is a relatively strenuous exercise. I can't guarantee this."

Wang Yuan twisted a towel and came over, "Don't think about anything now, get your body as soon as possible, and then you can do whatever you want." After finishing talking, she wiped his head and face, just about to pick up his Wiping his hand, Wang Zining suddenly reached out and touched his gauze-bound light forehead, and said in surprise, "Is my hair all shaved?"

Wang Yuan changed color, "Ning Ning, hair will grow soon…"

"Mom, give me a mirror!" Wang Zining said loudly.

Fan Jiangliang and Wang Yuan looked at each other. Both of them were a little worried. Wang Yuan still took out a small mirror from her bag and handed it to him.

Wang Zining held up the mirror and took a look at his bright forehead, and smiled: "I finally have a chance to shave my head. Hahaha."

Kind of happy!

The two of Wang Yuan finally relaxed.


Two days later, Wang Yuan received a notice from the police and went to the bureau again.

The police told her that through interrogation of the suspect, the matter had been clarified. According to a suspect

According to someone, he came from another province to work in City H. He was fired by his boss because of a fight with his co-workers at the place where he worked. During this time, he was just idle and fine, so he played games in Internet cafes and occasionally visited the horror story forum. He saw a message about buying a murderer and tying someone in the forum, and contacted the poster out of curiosity. The poster asked him to abduct a child, asking him to be dumb or stupid and then sold. It turned out he was willing to pay 40,000 yuan.

The suspect originally thought it was a joke, because he saw it on the horror story forum. He thought the other party was playing tricks. He didn't expect that when he proposed to make the advance payment, the other party's 10,000 yuan would be paid immediately. Interest is coming.

He found the school where Qi Haoran was based on the information provided by the poster. After following him, he discovered that he was the son of the superstar Wang Yuan.

The suspect changed his mind and planned to kidnap Qi Haoran and demand a ransom from Wang Yuan. In order to be foolproof, he found two helpers. The other two gangsters who cut Wang Zining's arm with a knife are his fellow, a well-known local gangster. He called Li found the other party from his hometown, and told him that there was a big deal, and the knife-wielding gang brought his little brother over, the one who drove into the person.

As for why the kidnapping was unsuccessful, the youngest suspect explained that he would drive to hit the child because they had a hard time coming, and they couldn't leave empty-handed. If they crashed the person, they could still find the poster for at least 40,000 yuan.

Wang Yuan heard that the kidnappers had planned to abduct and sell Qi Haoran for 40,000 yuan, and wanted to rush out again and beat them to death again. She asked: "Who is the Lord Messenger to find?" This culprit must not be let go.

The police officer nodded and smiled bitterly: "We quickly found this person through the IP, but in order to confirm the evidence, we contacted him with the kidnapper's account and told him that the mission was completed and the payment was required. We conducted a joint action by the cyber police and the action team and captured it on the spot. The suspect who instigated the crime was finally found…"

Having said this, the police officer paused, and then said, "This person is Qi Yubing, the cousin of the victim Qi Haoran."

Wang Yuan's eyes widened, "Is it Qi Bang's daughter?"

The police officer nodded, "We have asked her and her guardian to come to cooperate with the investigation, because she is under 12 years old. She does not have to bear criminal responsibility for the crimes she committed, and can only make her guardian bear civil compensation. In addition, the three intentions of kidnapping are carried out. We will transfer to the prosecutor's office for trial and allow them to accept the crimes committed by them.

Legal sanctions."

"But the principal offender can escape without any punishment." Wang Yuan gnashed her teeth every word.

Wang Yuan came out of the room and ran into Qi Bang and his wife and Qi Yubing in the corridor.

When the couple saw Wang Yuan, their faces were a little nervous, avoiding her eyes and dared not look directly.

Wang Yuan was about to walk over and was pulled by the police officer behind him. The police officer scolded the trainee policeman who brought them out: "Don't you let them stay first? Why did you bring them out?"

The trainee police officer was a little aggrieved: "The leader came to ask just now, and he said that he can let him go if he has explained it clearly."

Wang Yuan suddenly shook off the police officer and slapped Qi Yubing hard. Qi Yubing burst into tears. She had just learned the good news yesterday, and Mario, who hated her, was fooled and sent away. After she was satisfied with the transfer, several police officers broke into the room and took her away from home.

She had been frightened for a day, but she didn't expect that her parents had just picked her up and met Mario's mother again.

Qi Yubing shouted at Wang Yuan: "I already know that Mario is fine, why are you hitting me?"

Yu Wenqian hurriedly pulled her daughter aside. After she learned the news, her head exploded. She calmed down and thought about how to minimize the damage, so that she could regenerate her daughter's anger and still have to protect her. Fortunately, the daughter doesn't have to bear any criminal responsibility in this matter. They don't worry about civil compensation. No matter how much money they can pay, the daughter wants to harm her cousin. How can she comfort the father and Qi Ying at home? They care.

"Wang Yuan, look, it's all children who are ignorant and fooling around…"

With a "pop", Yu Wenqian slapped her left cheek.

She covered her face and shouted angrily: "How can you hit someone!"

With another "pop", Wang Yuan didn't wait for the police officer behind to stop him, and then gave Yu Wenqian a slap on the right cheek.

Qi Bang hurriedly protected his wife and daughter behind him, and he said to his former siblings with a look of embarrassment: "Wang Yuan, I heard that your eldest son was injured in the hospital. You can rest assured that we will take the responsibility for compensation. We plan to visit him tomorrow…"

Wang Yuan sneered with anger. Two policewomen have come up to restrain her and kindly reminded: "Teacher Wang Yuan, please calm down! You can't do anything to them here. If they want to sue you, you will suffer."

"If you do this, I will sue you!" Yu Wenqian said fiercely. No one has ever slapped her in her life. When Wang Yuan was a concubine, there was no one at the moment. Her son

She was injured, but she heard that she was out of danger. Wang Yuan wanted to beat the criminals, so why should she beat her! I have already told her that Bingbing is ignorant, she is just joking, who knows that there is a gangster who happened to commit a crime for 40,000 yuan.

Wang Yuan took a deep breath. It is true that if there is a mother, there must be a daughter. She finally knows what kind of person the mother who can raise such a vicious daughter is. Just as she was about to break free from the coercion of the two policewomen, Qi Bang was knocked to the ground with a punch.

Yu Wenqian screamed to help her husband.

Qi Bang's quarrel was bleeding, he looked up and saw his younger brother, and said in a little panic: "Qi Ying, why are you here?"

"My son has an accident, is it weird for me to come here?" After that, he wanted to pick up Qi Bang and beat him again." I can't beat your daughter, but I can beat her Lao Tzu!"

Without the second punch, Qi Ying was stopped by the police.

"Qi Ying, you are too much, he is your eldest brother!" Yu Wenqian said angrily.

Qi Yubing was so scared that he continued to cry, his second uncle and Mario's mother were too fierce, why bother to beat her father and mother!

"Qi Bang, I'm waiting for you at home! I want to hear the results of your treatment with Qi Yubing. If you can't give me a satisfactory answer, I don't mind helping you teach your children personally." Qi Ying said in a sharp voice.

Two years ago, he knew that the twins were hostile to his son and would hurt him for excuses. He reminded his eldest brother to take care of the children and found that their husband and wife didn't take this seriously. This caused their daughter to become more arrogant and even buy a murderer to hurt Mario. When he heard the news, he couldn't believe it.

Qi Yubing and his son did not have any deep hatred. They were cousins ​​and brothers, but they were able to do such absurd and vicious things. If she is not punished for the crime, she will never learn a lesson.

Qi Bang yelled, Yu Wenqian also coldly stopped talking. She didn't want to stir up the anger of her second uncle. In this matter, they were justified. If Qi Ying used this as an excuse to suggest that the old man thoroughly They drive out the family business, they will be very passive.

Give Qi Yubing to Mario's father to deal with, and Wang Yuan will wait for them to deal with the result. Qi Ying is Mario's biological father, and Wang Yuan believes that he will definitely not let this potential threat stay with his son forever.

After Wang Yuan returned to the hospital, she heard Fan Jiangliang call from outside, "Yes, Wang Zining was injured and was hospitalized, so the original registration date has to be postponed."

"Why? His leg injury is not serious, and the doctor said he can recover as before!"

"There are many examples of demobilization in this kind of injury. In the past few years, Arsenal's 19-year-old talented teenager also suffered a tibia and fibula fracture. After a year of recuperation, he returned to the soccer field and performed very well."

"Damn it! My son is not a glass man, nor will he be a glass man. Go to your M's La Masia, we won't go if you ask!"

Fan Jiangliang hung up and punched the wall hard.

"La Masia refused Ning Ning to join?" Wang Yuan asked.

Fan Jiangliangyu was still angry, restrained his emotions and nodded, "They are afraid that one injury to Ning Ning will cause frequent injuries to this part in the future. They are afraid that he will become a glass man."

He angrily said: "They have a lot of young talented players, not bad Ning Ning this one, do not want to risk on him."

"Don't let Ning Ning know first."

"I know!" Fan Jiangliang said solemnly.

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