Ni Ying came to the hospital to see Wang Zining. The little guy is recovering very well, with a bright marinated egg, but the most handsome bald head.

Wang Zining was on the phone with Liang Wentao, gloating with misfortune to express his sympathy for Brother Shui's pitiful course of studying hard for the final exam. He was in a good mood when he hung up the phone, and felt that it was a blessing in disguise to not have to take the exam.

Wang Zining first greeted Ni Ying politely, and then asked his mother: "Mom, when can I leave the hospital? I'm all well!"

After speaking, he gestured with his arm, and wanted to get out of bed to try, but Wang Yuan slapped him back.

"How many times have you reminded you, don't move! The bones have just been connected, and they have to recover slowly!" Wang Yuan felt that her son's legs were put down too early, and the doctor should be advised to hang him for a few more days. He wanted to get out of bed as soon as his right leg was put down. He couldn't rest in the hospital bed for a moment. Like a scalded frog, he wanted to jump all the time.

"Be more obedient. You can leave the hospital and go home in a few days after the doctor has checked your legs."

"Ning Ning, listen to the doctor and your mother and take a good rest." Ni Ying smiled, and she took out a dozen comic books from her bag, "I brought you comics, and you can read them when you are bored."

Wang Zining took a look at "Captain Tsubasa", and after thanking Aunt Ni Ying, he turned it over happily.

Wang Yuan sent Ni Ying out, and the two chatted for a few words. Seeing that she was depressed, Ni Ying persuaded her not to worry too much. Wang Zining was in good condition and there was no problem.

"I'm okay, that is, when a person calms down, I will wonder if I am not suitable for being a mother at all. I can't take care of them. Ning Ning and grandparents have been living for more than ten years and have been fine. If you stay with me, let him suffer. Suffered such a serious injury." Wang Yuan said with a bleak expression.

Ni Ying smiled and said: "Where is it right to be a mother? You just think too much. Accidents happen every day and we can't predict it and it's impossible to prevent it. How we face and deal with it after an accident is the most important thing. of."

Wang Yuan was silent for a while and said, "The La Masia youth training camp rejected us, Ning Ning still doesn't know. He has always wanted to go there and have a chance to play with his idol."

Ni Ying was angrily: "Why? Is it because of Ning Ning's injury this time? I have checked several soccer players who have suffered bone injuries like Ning Ning. Besides, Ning Ning is still young and his bones are still developing, so he is definitely recovering. Better than them. Their attitude, we don't care!"

"Yes, I also believe that giving up Ning Ning will be their biggest loss!" Her son is the best and most talented athlete she has ever seen, not one of them.

Sister Zhou and Xiao Wang brought Qi Haoran to the hospital and brought a few insulated boxes, which contained nutritious lunch for Wang Zining.

Sister Zhou helped Wang Zining set up the small table on the hospital bed. Qi Haoran climbed onto the hospital bed and carefully avoided touching the big man's right leg. He sat on the other end of the small table and waited for Sister Zhou to take out the food. He picked up his chopsticks to prepare for the meal.

"Little man, you rub my lunch every day, why don't you come back after eating at home?" Wang Zining protested.

Qi Haoran didn't speak. In fact, he didn't like the food that Sister Zhou cooked for the big man. Because the big man was injured and wanted to eat lightly, so he cooked food without any oil, salt and seasoning. It was really unpalatable!

But the big man was injured because of his injury, and Qi Haoran felt that he must accompany the big man to eat his sick meal.

When Wang Yuan returned to the ward, she saw that the two of them had already eaten, "Mario, you are getting better and better now, you can eat a bowl of rice by yourself!" She saw the rice in Mario's bowl that was almost finished. Praised happily.

Wang Zining raised the rice bowl in his hand, "I helped him eat!"

Half of the little man's rice was allocated to him.

"Yeah, Ning Ning is awesome! Eat a lot and recover quickly!" Wang Yuan quickly boasted.

"Are you not speaking Spanish to me these days?" Wang Zining asked strangely, "Although I am injured, my mind is okay. I think I should hurry up and learn the language." Although there is no need to say that kind of slurping. His foreign language is very good, but he can't give up so easily. After going there, he can't understand what the coach and the players are talking about.

Qi Haoran looked up at her mother, Wang Yuan touched the elder son's bare forehead and smiled and said, "Let you rest for a few days. After you leave the hospital, we will continue to communicate in Spanish."

After eating, Wang Zining said that he was going to the toilet. Wang Yuan helped him get out of bed and brought him a cane from the bedside, telling him to be careful not to hurt his leg.

Wang Zining said indifferently, "Mom, you are so babble, I can jump to the toilet without a cane."

"Observe! Be careful!" Wang Yuan walked with him to the bathroom, still trying to help him.

Wang Zining yelled shamefully: "Mom, you are going out soon!"

Qi Haoran came over while Wang Yuan was waiting for her eldest son outside the bathroom

Ask: "Mom, don't you plan to tell the big man?"

He reminded: "The matter of Ramasiye."

Wang Yuanchao sighed at her little son with her finger, "We'll tell him after a while! Please keep it secret!"

Qi Haoran nodded.

Wang Yuan stayed with me in the ward at night, and Wang Zining said a little strangely: "Mom, do you know, the little guy is too obedient now, and he doesn't talk back to me, he doesn't look like him anymore!"

Wang Yuan smiled and said, "Do you want Mario to talk back to you?"

"Of course not!" Wang Zining said immediately.

He stretched out his arms on the bed and kicked his left leg again, looking at the ceiling with his eyes, "Did you say that because I saved him and he was moved, he decided to listen to me and be a good brother?"

Wang Yuan held back a smile: "It should be."

Wang Zining thought with joy, he is still very powerful, the proud little man finally obediently recognizes him as his older brother!

"Hey, Mario, you can bring me a glass of water." Wang Zining was sitting on the hospital bed with one foot and reading cartoons while instructing the little man.

Qi Haoran was playing with his Smart Rubik's Cube. After being called, he raised his head and glanced at the big man. She still got up and walked to the bed, picked up the big man's water glass on the bedside table and handed it to him.

Wang Zining took it with satisfaction, opened the lid and took a sip, and passed it to his younger brother. Qi Haoran calmly took it and put it back on the bedside table.

Wang Zining glanced at the little man secretly, and found that he was not angry at all when he sat back on the chair and continued to play Rubik's Cube? He had already directed the little man to do several things in the morning, and he obediently did so. Such an honest brother is really-great!

He finally has the prestige to be a brother!

"Have you caught the villain who drove us? Have they been arrested and shot?" Thinking of the three fierce gangsters, Wang Zining would rather want to beat them harder.

Mom and Dad only told others that they were arrested, and the police would severely punish them, but didn't tell him the specifics.

"I think you have to learn some common sense of law." Qi Haoran reminded earnestly, "their criminal responsibility cannot be executed!"

Of course Wang Zining knew, he only felt that he was shot to relieve his anger!

"Why are they arresting you? They are a child trafficking organization?" Wang Zining could only ask his brother if his parents didn't tell him.

Qi Haoran put down the Rubik's Cube and looked at the big man: "My cousin asked them to catch me. She wants people to sell me out of town and never come back."

Wang Zining was stunned, "You, your cousin is terrible! Why is she killing you? She hasn't been arrested?"

"Because she is a bad person, she wants to harm me." Qi Haoran said indifferently, "she is under twelve years old, so she doesn't have to bear criminal responsibility."

Wang Yuan told Qi Haoran about the details, because if he didn't say it, the little guy would find the truth by himself in various ways. Wang Yuan told him that the purpose was to stop him from acting on his own and let his parents handle the matter.

Wang Zining was startled by the age of the envoy. He couldn't figure out how a 12-year-old elementary school student could do such a vicious thing. It was hard to imagine.

"Then did she hurt you before?" Wang Zining remembered that since this cousin was so bad, she must have done bad things before.

Qi Haoran didn't answer, and after a while he said, "I'm sorry."

"You got hurt because of me."

Wang Zining sat upright for a while, "That's why you have been so honest and obedient these days. Do you think you owe me to be compensated?"

He was a little disappointed. It turned out that the little man was a good brother because he didn't admire him.

Wang Zining never took a nap before, but he lay down all day while in the hospital and was asked by his family to rest and sleep. He occasionally took a nap. In the afternoon, he woke up shortly after squinting his eyes.

There was no one in the ward, so he lifted his leg out of the bed and jumped on one leg to the bathroom. He opened the door when he came out of the bathroom, tentatively trying to take a stroll while there was no one.

Picking up a crutches, he ran out of the ward. The ward he was in was in the VIP area. There were no people coming and going around, only a few nurses on duty stood at the nurse's desk.

Wang Zining quickly jumped out of the room on crutches, moving forward with one crut and one leg. He walked to the elevator and wanted to take the elevator downstairs to stroll around. He heard a familiar voice from the corridor.

He approached the stairwell on crutches.

"Mom seems to be a little aware, and keeps asking me if something is wrong with Ning Ning?" It was the voice of aunt Fan Jiangwen.

"Didn't Ning Ning call his grandma?"

"Mom doesn't believe that he said he didn't have time to go back to see her because she was preparing for the exam. Mom was from the family committee of Ning Ning school. She sent a message to Ning Ning's parents. She knew that Ning Ning hadn't gone to school during this time, so she had some Anxious."

Fan Jiangxi sighed, "I'll go back later and explain to my mom. Ning Ning is recovering well now, and it doesn't matter if I tell her."

"Is Ning Ning really not able to go to La Masia? He doesn't know it yet, can he still play soccer in the future?"

"Don't dare to tell him…"

The crutches in Wang Zining's hand unconsciously loosened, and when he touched the wall, he made a sound. He panicked on one crutches, and quickly returned to his ward and closed the door.

He leaned back behind the door, thinking of what his father and aunt had just said, a little lost.

No wonder his mother and Mario stopped communicating in Spanish with him, so he couldn't go to La Masia anymore.

He looked down at his injured right leg and wondered with some fear, can he not play soccer anymore?

Wu Han learned from his son that his grandson was injured, and cried distressedly, complaining that her husband and children did not tell themselves together. She was about to rush to the hospital and was stopped by Academician Fan Jiang.

"Go back tomorrow. You suddenly rush to the hospital so late, so don't frighten your children." Academician Fan Jiang persuaded.

"Ning Ning shouldn't tell me about such a big event, do you think I can't bear it? We would rather suffer…" When Haohan complained about her husband, the Fan Jiang brothers and sisters took the opportunity to escape.

"You said that if Ning Ning's legs can't exercise vigorously in the future, what can I do?" After speaking, she began to cry again.

"The operation was very successful, and it's hard to say how the bones are actually recovered, but with Ning Ning's physical fitness, I believe this injury is not a problem for him at all." Academician Fan Jiang is very confident.

Hearing what her husband said, Wu Han felt relieved.

"It would be nice not to go to La Masia. I can swim in the future." Wu Han's mood gradually improved when he thought of this.

"No matter what he does in the future, we will support him. Even if he is not an athlete, there are still many things he can do in life. We have this strength to provide him with a rich environment." Academician Fan Jiang said.

Wu Han nodded. The accumulation of the two people in this life will be left to Ning Ning. Although money is something outside of the body, having wealth close by is a guarantee for Ning Ning.

Wang Zining didn't know that his grandparents had planned for him so long. In the past two days, he pretended that nothing had happened, and he was still laughing and joking, and everyone did not notice him.

Two days ago, my grandma finally knew the news to see him, and then stopped in the hospital. He was very nervous when he moved his grandma a little bit. He felt that he was being taken care of like a paralyzed patient. Fortunately, he will be discharged soon.

"Don't move, tell grandma what you want, grandma will take it for you." Wu Han stopped his grandson from wanting to get out of bed and walk around." We can go to Spain to play soccer if we have a leg injury."

Wang Zining smiled and said, "Grandma, don't lie to me. I know I can't go to La Masia."

When he spoke, the people in the ward were a bit stunned. Wang Yuan, who was robbed of the job of taking care of her son by Wu Han, heard it. She didn't respond for a while. How did Ning Ning know?

"Who said it, nothing!" Wu Han quickly denied nervously.

Wang Zining said indifferently: "Don't treat me like a child. There is nothing to conceal about this little thing. If you can't go, you can't go. It's not that you can play soccer only by going to La Masia."

Wang Yuan came over and touched his light forehead lightly, and praised: "Well said!"

Wu Han was relieved now.

Wang Zining pretended to sleep, but everyone could not interrupt him to rest, so they all retreated outside the ward. Wu Han happened to have something to ask Wang Yuan.

After seeing no one, Wang Zining sat up again and looked at his injured leg. Suddenly, his eyes were a little hot, and he stretched out the back of his hand and rubbed it.

"Are you crying?" Qi Haoran walked to his side and asked.

Wang Zining was shocked, rubbed his eyes desperately, pretending to be nothing, and asked loudly, "Where did you come from?"

Qi Haoran pointed to a small stool next to the bed. He had been sitting here just now, but he was too short to be easily spotted.

"I didn't cry, but my eyes were a little itchy." Wang Zining explained.

"Are you sad that you can't go to La Masia?" Qi Haoran asked.

Wang Zining curled his lips: "No! They didn't accept me as their loss."

"Then you are afraid that you can't play soccer in the future?"

Wang Zining fell silent for a while, and then said, "I don't know when my legs will be better, and I will be able to run and play like before."

Qi Haoran said to him seriously: "Don't worry, there is me. I will definitely let you play again."

Wang Zining laughed, half of his low mood was washed away, "What can you do?" The little man can still be so serious when talking big.

"I will study the world's most powerful exoskeleton equipment. After you wear it, you can become the fastest runner and the best player in the world." Since the big man was injured, Qi Haoran has been thinking about what happens if it happens. In the worst state, how did he find a solution.

Iron Man inspired him. Iron Man has his own suit. He can develop exoskeleton mechanical equipment for the lower limbs of big men. It's not like the backward and heavy ones, but it's light, convenient and powerful.

Shocked by the little man's words, Wang Zining was not sad at all. He felt that a small man would dare to blow such a cowhide, why should he be afraid that his legs would not recover? He believes that there is no need for such ridiculous external bribes

Equipped with equipment, he can become the fastest runner and the best player in the world!

After inspecting Wang Zining, Director Li smiled and told Grandpa Fan Jiang that Wang Zining was the patient who had only seen the fastest recovery from a bone injury. How long is this, it is incredible! According to this situation, he can be optimistic that Wang Zining's soccer sports should not be affected in the future.

Grandpa Fan Jiang and the others all smiled when they heard this. Only then could they finally feel relieved.

Director Li signed and asked Wang Zining to go through the discharge procedures and explained that he would come for regular checkups. After the bones healed, he would come to the rehabilitation department of the hospital for orthopedic rehabilitation.

Fan Jiangliang smiled and said, "If his bone wound heals, we will take him to Germany."

Director Li was slightly surprised. He thought for a while and smiled, "Do you want to take him abroad for sports rehabilitation?"

"The coach of the Bayern Munich Youth Training Camp contacted us, hoping that we would send Ning Ning there, and he will arrange for the club's best sports rehabilitation doctor to do rehabilitation training for Ning Ning."

Wang Zining was stunned when he heard his father's words. Didn't they reject Bayern Munich?

After Director Li left, Fan Jiangliang said to his parents, ex-wife and son, "I sent Ning Ning's injury and medical records to the coach of Bayern Munich's youth training camp a few days ago. I hope Ning Ning will have a chance to play there. The ball. Coach Anderson called me today to welcome Ning Ning to join the Bayern Munich youth academy. Coach Anderson said that he had reported Ning Ning's medical records to the team doctor, and the team doctor said Ning Ning is a genius worth their risk. The most important thing is It was the physical training data of Ning Ning staying in Munich at the time, which made the team doctor think that he has extremely rare physical fitness, saying that Ning Ning is a kid who is born suitable for playing soccer. Coach Anderson also liked Ning Ning very much, he hoped that we can go there as soon as possible. We will contact the best doctors in Germany and the club's rehabilitation experts to do post-healing rehabilitation training for Ning Ning."

Wang Yuan is also very happy, whether this is just the mulberry of the lost East, "This time my mother will accompany you to Germany until you have fully recovered and fully integrated into the team life."

Wang Zining grinned and nodded. He scratched his smooth head. While he was happy, he was a little annoyed." Then I'm going to learn German again. Hey, I learned Spanish for nothing."

Wang Yuan knocked on his little winter melon forehead: "How can language be learned for nothing!"

Wu Han looked at his grandson's happy little face, a little disappointed. Alas, I thought that I didn't need to go to Spain, but in a blink of an eye I was going to Germany. Her little chick was going to fly high.

After Wang Zining was discharged from the hospital, although he was still recuperating, his family had already prepared him to go to Germany.

Fan Jiangliang is the happiest of them. He was originally a fan of Munich and a loyal audience of the Bundesliga. It was his wish for Wang Zining to go to Germany.

If it weren't for Wang Yuan to follow her son, he would want to accompany it until Ning Ning adapts.

Li Xiaoyun obviously felt that Fan Jiangliang was in a very good mood recently, unlike the way he had been pulling his face all day and worrying about it a while ago. After Wang Zining was injured, she visited him in the hospital and saw the child with a bald head and legs. She felt uncomfortable. Although she didn't like Wang Zining very much, she didn't want to see a child suffer such injuries.

She came back and told her mother that she must take good care of the glutinous rice balls and not let him take a step away from her sight. Older children like Wang Zining can be hurt, and her little glutinous rice balls are not more dangerous to go out. She asked her mother to take her son out for a walk to enjoy the sun. She must bring two babysitters together. If possible, she would like to hire a bodyguard for the family to watch her son 24 hours a day.

Mother Li felt that her daughter might have been frightened by Wang Zining's affairs. It was a little weird. This kind of accident is not something that everyone will encounter every day.

Just after Fan Jiangliang finished the phone call with Germany, Li Xiaoyun asked: "Do you want to stay with Germany for a while this time?"

Li Xiaoyun did not agree with her husband's plan to accompany Wang Zining to live in Spain for a period of time. He felt that there were sons on both sides, so why should the husband leave their little glutinous rice balls. The two people also quarreled about this. However, Fan Jiangliang had no room for discussion on this matter, and Li Xiaoyun had no other way. Then Wang Zining had an accident.

She is worried that her husband will accompany to Germany again this time.

"I contacted the local agent to rent a house near the youth training camp. This time Wang Yuan accompanied Ning Ning to Germany." Fan Jiangliang said. He is a little familiar with the environment in Munich and cannot accompany his son to Germany. These preparations must be arranged first.

Li Xiaoyun was a little surprised. It will take a long time to go to Germany. What about Wang Yuan's career, but now she is also a mother, but she understands something, "Wang Yuan doesn't speak German, do you have to help them? Contact the translator."

Knowing that her husband doesn't need to go to Germany, she rarely becomes reasonable.

"Wang Yuan's German is very good."

Li Xiaoyun was a little surprised now: "When will she still speak German?" When Wang Yuan was interviewed by foreign media, she stumbled in English.

Fan Jiangliang was puzzled at this point. He didn't know when his ex-wife learned it. Her Spanish and German are both good.

At this time, Li Xiaoyun's mobile phone prompt sounded, and she took it out to see that it was a message sent to her by her agent. After watching her apricot eyes widened, she looked up at her husband and said: "Wang Yuan has been nominated for Best Actress at the Genna Film Festival again."

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