Wang Yuan also learned through the Internet that she was nominated for Best Actress at the Genna Film Festival.

The film nominated was "Shadow" directed by French director Victor, which was the last film made before the original body left. Wang Yuan's memory of the filming of that movie is blurred in her mind. Perhaps this process is extremely painful, because the original body did not want to stay for her.

This film tells the story of a Chinese woman suffering from depression who finally failed to fight against the disease. Wang Yuan felt that the original body later became more ill and chose to end her life because it might be because she didn't get out of the role.

The box office of this movie should not be very good, but the French director should be filming this story for awards, so Wang Yuan was chosen as the heroine, because she is well-known at the Genna Film Festival and is a familiar face to the judges.

This is the consequence of not being taken care of by a professional agent, and she was the last to know about being nominated.

Wang Yuan opened the original mailbox, and she found several emails from France. Director Victor sent her to tell her that the film was selected and she was nominated. The last one is to hope she will contact him as soon as possible so that she can come to the Genna Film Festival Awards Ceremony.

On the online platform, all parties in the entertainment industry sent congratulations to Wang Yuan. Everyone hoped that she would win the title of Best Actress in this Genna Film Festival in one fell swoop.

There are also several brands Gaoding sent her invitations, hoping that she can wear her own dress when accepting the award.

After thinking about it for two days, Wang Yuan finally wrote back to Director Victor, telling him that she could not attend the awards ceremony because of some personal matters.

If possible, she would also like to go to the film festival in person to accept this honor on behalf of the original body, but the opening time of the film festival happened to be the time when she arrived in Germany, she could not leave Wang Zining alone to adapt to the new environment.

After Wang Yuan sent the email, she concentrated on preparing to go to Germany. She estimated that she would have to stay there for at least a year or so. In addition to the items she was going to bring, the most important thing was to arrange some domestic affairs.

She is about to go abroad and will spend most of her time in Germany. She also needs to take care of her career. Out of comprehensive considerations, she plans to set up a studio. In addition to taking care of her personal acting affairs, the studio can also sign some potential newcomers to train.

She discussed this matter with Ni Ying, but she didn't expect that she would immediately ask if she could find a candidate for the studio's agent. If not, she would like to try it. When Wang Yuan and Ni Ying mentioned this, they actually wanted to invite her over to help.

Wang Yuan was very pleased that Ni Ying was about to come and set up a studio together and act as her agent. Ni Ying is now a screenwriter in a TV station, and her job is stable and relatively easy. If she comes to work as her agent, she may face even greater pressure and challenges.

"If you set up a studio, you have to recruit team members, and this expenditure will be relatively large." Ni Ying reminded.

"I have some savings over the years, coupled with the income from the two endorsements this year, there is no problem supporting the team expenses. I don't plan to take over the show for the next year, but I can still take over with good endorsements and advertising.

"Well, we won't recruit too many members in the first year. Xiao Wang and I will set up the shelves first." Ni Ying said cheerfully.

Wang Yuan and Ni Ying talked about her next career plan. In addition to taking over the play, she plans to make some film and television investments." Parallel Space" is her attempt.

This movie was released as a New Year's file. I don't know how the market reacted. Although she only cooperated with a variety show promotion, the film promotion platform was unable to participate in the later stage, but on the eve of the movie's release, she was nominated for the Genna Actress to make the best promotion for the film.

If she can win an award next, it will be a strong boost to the box office of the "Parallel Space" movie. At least it can guarantee that the investment will not lose money.

After he was discharged from the hospital, which home to recuperate in, Wang Zining was in a dilemma at this time. He seemed to be sad to choose a grandmother and a grandmother to choose a mother's grandmother. He felt that it was difficult to be a loved one.

Finally, because he missed Xiao Erha, he decided to stay at his mother's house for a week after he was discharged from the hospital, and then stay at his grandma's house for a week.

When Wang Zining returned home, Xiao Erha rushed forward and sniffed around his injured leg for a long time. Qi Haoran took Xiao Erha in time to prevent it from touching the big man's leg.

Wang Zining knelt down and hugged Xiao Erha and rubbed it for a long time, "Xiao Erha, you have grown taller again, do you miss your brother? Why don't you come to the hospital to see me?"

Qi Haoran watched the big man say something silly to Xiao Erha, rolled his eyes and walked away.

"Mario, bring me a glass of water." Wang Zining stood up with a cane, walked to the sofa and sat down, while instructing his brother.

Qi Haoran completely ignored him, returned to his room door, and closed the door directly.

"Hey, little man, why are you disobedient, you are not like that in the hospital!" Wang Zining said angrily.

"Ning Ning, I'll pour water for you, you want lemons

Water or white water?" Sister Zhou asked him with a smile.

"I won't drink anymore." Wang Zining waved his hand. He actually likes to make a small man feel, not really thirsty. He came to the small door with a cane, knocked the door twice, and went in.

Seeing the little man sitting at the desk with a sullen face, he originally wanted to come in and teach him, but he didn't expect that the little man seemed to be in a bad mood. He suddenly felt that he was too squeezing the little man, which made him sad.

Wang Zining walked over and pushed his little brother's shoulders, "Hey, you won't be angry anymore? I won't ask you to pour water anymore."

Qi Haoran remained silent, and said after a while, "Qi Yubing will be sent to a foreign dormitory school and cannot return to China before the age of 20. But I think this punishment is not enough for her."

Qi Haoran didn't want to talk to the big man, but felt that he had the right to know about it.

Qi Yubing's punishment measures cannot bypass Qi Baijia.

When Qi Baijia heard about what his granddaughter had done, he was shocked and angry. The second son asked to send her to a special institution for management education. Of course, Qibang and his wife were unwilling. They came to Qibai again.

After thinking about it for a long time, Qi Baijia gave a compromise solution, sending her granddaughter to a boarding school abroad. He cannot return to the country before the age of 20, and the Qibangs are not allowed to live with their daughter abroad. He felt that the eldest son and her husband had been in charge for twelve years to bring out such a child.

Yu Wenqian did not dare to object to Qi Baijia's final decision. She felt that after two years, the matter would fade away. When the time comes, the old man feels soft, and may agree to let her take his daughter back.

Qi Baijia knew that this incident had affected Wang Yuan's and ex-husband's son Wang Zining, and asked the eldest son to come forward and communicate with them about civil compensation.

Knowing that the Qi family intends to pay 10 million yuan in compensation for the injury suffered by Wang Zining, Wu Han sneered again and again, "My grandson's legs are only worth 10 million?"

Academician Fan Jiang asked his son to tell Qi Bang, even if this matter is over, but his adopted daughter does not teach, someone will teach him in the future!

After Qi Haoran learned the results of the mediation, she was very unhappy. But my father told him that the adult had settled the matter and told him not to interfere anymore.

"Forget it, don't be angry, my legs are fine anyway, this little girl is so annoying, she must be taught a lesson in the future." Wang Zining said generously and honestly.

"Are you going to study in Germany too?" Wang Zining heard his mother say that the little guy also wants to go to Germany. He was a little happy, but also a little complacent, "Did you go to Germany to accompany me?"

Qi Haoran mocked, "Big man, because you are a handicapped person some time ago, I just took care of you. Don't feel too good about yourself!"

Wang Zining left angrily, forgetting to take the crutches, and jumped to the door with one leg to open the door and left.

"Wait a minute, please take your crutches away!"

Wang Zining turned his head and glared at the little man, then turned around and picked up the crutches to leave.

What kind of brotherhood is a lie!

Liang Wentao and the others finally finished their final exams in the first semester of the second year of the junior high school, and Wang Zining was also preparing to go abroad. A few good male classmates in the class came to bid farewell to Wang Zining. Li Xiaoyuan also took the gifts prepared for him by the classmates and signed the guestbook.

A few people also took a group photo together. In the lens, Wang Zining was wearing a black stocking cap, sitting among Li Xiaoyuan, Liang Wentao, Zhang Ting, Ma Chao and others, and ended his junior high school life with the "click" sound of the camera… …


"Mario, hurry down, you will be late for school if you don't leave." Wang Yuan shouted upstairs from the stairs. She said to Erha next to her, "Xiao Erha, go get Mario's schoolbag."

The big golden retriever, who had grown into a very beautiful, went inside obediently and came out with a schoolbag in his mouth. After Wang Yuan took it, rubbed his head and praised: "Awesome!"

The hair of Qi Haoran's head was neatly combed, and he slowly came downstairs in his little suit.

Looking at his unhurried manner, Wang Yuan felt that the two brothers were really extreme. The brother was always in trouble, and the younger brother was always there.

On the way to the school by car, Wang Yuan reminded: "Mario, Angela will come to accompany you in two days. Mom will return to China for two weeks. Next week, brother will have a game. Remember to cheer for him." Wang Yuan's visa arrived. Expect to come back after going home.

"I don't want to go to the soccer game with Frank." Qi Haoran frowned.

Frank is their neighbor. His son Daniel is also a player in the Munich youth academy. Frank's passion for soccer will scorch everyone around him. Since he knew that Wang Zining was also a member of the youth team, he would be passionate about every club major or minor match. Come to invite.

Frank was always in a state of excitement when he watched the game, either shouting with excitement or swearing with his fists. Once his son Daniel had an assist. Frank's voice was about to overturn the court and lift Qi Haoran sitting next to him. He got up and took a bite, Qi Haoran was so angry that he hit with the inflatable stick in his hand.

Hit him on the head, Frank froze for a moment, then laughed happily again.

"I think Frank will definitely come to invite you, but I hope you refuse to be tactful. Baby, although he is sometimes too enthusiastic, but he is really good." Frank is also a history teacher at Qi Haoran School and gets along for a year. The German neighbors are very nice, but it is easy to lose control of their emotions when watching soccer.

"Mom, Germans don't know how to tactfully refuse." Qi Haoran reminded that because her mother was too tactful before, the Franks must come and take them with them when they go to watch soccer. And Frank's wife Mina often gave them very unpalatable pie, because her mother would praise it against her will.

"Okay baby, take care of this yourself." Wang Yuan sent her son to the entrance of the school, kissed him and watched him interspersed with a group of students who were much taller than him and walked into the school.

They have been in Germany for more than a year. The mother and son slowly adapted to life here.

Wang Zining's language is no longer a problem in daily communication. His leg injury recovered after four months of recuperation, which was much earlier than the nine-month recovery period expected by the team doctor. He trained with the players in the youth training camp for eight months. During the time, he mentioned from u14 to the current u18, playing on the same team as Frank's 18-year-old son, and the speed of skipping grades was about the same as that of his younger brother's learning to jump in a row.

If it weren't for the X-ray that could still see two steel bars in the calf bones, his leg was completely invisible, and his recovery was very good.

Mario has also grown a lot taller, but at the age of seven, he skipped grades to go to middle school. He must be the shortest among German classmates. I don't know if his face is not easy to provoke. Wang Yuan is always paying attention. Discover how he was being bullied.

She didn't know that as soon as Mario entered the class, when the German classmate wanted to disarm him, he casually reported everyone's privacy and the extraordinary little things he had done, shocking them, and did not dare to provoke this mysterious Hua Country boy.

While driving, Wang Yuan talked with Ni Ying on the speakerphone.

Their studio was run by Ni Ying in the past year. Wang Yuan went back three times in the past year, renewing her visa each time, taking advantage of the time she stayed in China to take up some work.

The French film "Shadow" starring in the original French film finally won her the second best actress at the Genna Film Festival. It can be said that her identity as an actor is already in the top ranks in the domestic entertainment circle, although not Be able to accept the award, But some reporters from China rushed to Germany to interview her, and international big names swarmed.

Among the brands that wanted to cooperate with her, Ni Ying helped her choose an international skin care product brand and a luxury clothing brand. The two endorsements to the studio are also a lot of confidence. In addition to returning to China to film endorsement advertisements and publicity, she also cooperated with the filming of a public service advertisement and received a talk show.

The "Parallel Space" movie released last year, because of the film itself, and her award-winning publicity campaign, allowed her to secure a fourfold return on investment. After experiencing the sweetness of investing in film and television, she also wanted to watch it this time. See if there are any good projects.

"I looked for a few films that have not been cast, but I feel that the investment risk is relatively high. I will talk about the details when you come back." Ni Ying and Wang Yuan talked about work.

"Well, I will return to China in a few days, and we will meet again when we meet."

"The last U17 match that Ning Ning played on behalf of the Munich Youth Team of Germany was broadcast on the domestic sports channel. Ning Ning became a little red man in China. Now everyone has great expectations for him, mainly the men's soccer team. Let everyone down, the German youth team has our Chinese players, which is enough to excite everyone."

Wang Yuan smiled and said: "There are also broadcasts of youth team matches in China. I thought it would only broadcast club leagues."

"Maybe it was discovered that our Hua Elementary School is here."

Before Wang Yuan returned to China, she went to see her elder son. They couldn't come out for training these days. Wang Yuan gave him some changes of clothes, and then told him not to train too hard, pay attention to rest, and remember to go home to see his brother when the game is good.

Wang Zining would rather nod his head.

His hair was only an inch long, and the scar on the side of his head was quite obvious before. Wang Yuan took him to a haircut, and repaired a beautiful lightning bolt in the scar, making his little head very handsome.

Wang Zining originally had a shadow on the lightning sculpt, but he didn't expect to cut it out this time with a good effect, so this hairstyle is retained.

Wang Zining reminded his mother to remember to bring them the gifts he bought for grandparents.

Fan Jiang and his wife have been to Germany to see their grandson twice, each time they reluctantly left. Usually, I often mail domestic food and clothing supplies, for fear that my grandson will not be able to eat and use good things in Germany.

Wang Yuan waited for Angela to come over and she left. Angela's residence was two hours away by car. She had a driver and secretary to bring her over. Every time she came, she had to take care of the courtyard of the house that Wang Yuan rented. Now she grows all the flowers in the courtyard.

Wang Yuan also hired a live-in nanny in Germany, but she would be worried about handing over her son to the nanny, so every time she returns to China, she asks Angela to come over and take care of Mario.

Angela loves this job very much, and she always tells Wang Yuan that she can stay in China for a longer period of time so that she can take good care of Mario.

Angela is alone in Germany now, it should be lonely if her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren are not around.

Qi Yubing told her about Qi Yubing's injury to Mario. She was shocked and couldn't believe that her baby could do this kind of thing. After being angry, she also resolutely refused the eldest son's family to come to Germany to see her again. He said that he didn't want to see them in recent years.

In this way, the only relative she can see is Mario. So I am very happy to be able to take care of Mario during this time.

When Wang Yuan returned to China, she ran into Qi Kuang, who had not seen him for a long time, at the airport in City H.

She came back on a quiet and low-key trip. Qi Kuang, on the other hand, followed by a team, with towering hair, ankle-length windbreaker, a pair of black slippers, and a high-profile and weird style. This has always been his style.

Wang Yuan wore a hat, mask and dragged luggage and walked past him. When a group of fans around Qi Kuang found out, everyone came to surround Wang Yuan.

Wang Yuan didn't expect that she would be recognized after disguising herself. She smiled and took the pen handed over by the fans and helped them sign.

I heard a fan whispering secretly, "The queen is so low-key, there is only one person around without an assistant bodyguard. It's not like some little stars need to bring a bunch of people to build their own momentum."

"Did Wang Yuan just come back from Germany? I wonder if Wang Zining came back with her?" After saying this, the fans looked around.

After signing for most of the fans, Wang Yuan smiled and squeezed away. After not taking a few steps, Qi Kuang chased up, "Long time no see! I asked you, I called you money before, how did you return it?"

Qi Kuang and Wang Yuan said that the money he invested in "Parallel Space" would be counted as Wang Yuan's. He didn't expect that the return on investment would be so high. However, he still kept his promise and sent the money to Wang Yuan, but she didn't expect her. Not yet!

"That money is your return on investment, and it has nothing to do with me." Wang Yuan glanced at him, "but your money is not enough for a later movie, right?"

After "Parallel Space", Qi Kuang is also regarded as a fame and fortune. He also won the best newcomer award at the domestic film festival that year. It can only be said that the villain role is particularly suitable for him. He later bought a script and invested in a heroic science fiction movie, but he lost his blood.

Qi Kuang black face immediately, "It's your ass!"

After "Parallel Space" was released last year, word-of-mouth and box office skyrocketed. He walked his head up two degrees higher than usual. He also went to the master on Wutong Road to show off with pride, and then spray a few more words from the master. Said that the means did not suppress his ability and talent.

Qi Baijia was pissed off by him, saying that if it weren't for Wang Yuan to take him, he would make this movie according to his previous thoughts, it would not be the result now, and he was embarrassed to be proud of himself.

Qi Kuang felt that his father said he was relying on a woman, and the two father and son had a quarrel.

Although Qi Baijia was upset about his youngest son's coming back, he felt that he did a good job in the movie "Usual Space". In addition, his first investment was very profitable, and he was still a little relieved. He also unblocked the frozen account of the youngest son.

Although Qi Kuang yelled that he didn't want his father's money, he immediately used it as soon as his account was thawed.

Because he decided to shoot a grand sci-fi hero movie, this time he will invite the best sci-fi film directors and special effects teams from abroad to make this movie, and the amount of money to be invested is huge.

The huge system he crafted meticulously was finally released. Dou Hua scored 3 points. Netizens said that watching this movie is like watching Huskies wearing sunglasses and pretending to be a German shepherd. The whole process is superficial and dog-blooded, and Qi Kuang is sprayed at home. After being shut down for three days, two mobile phones and one computer were smashed.

Now Wang Yuan mentioned the movie, and once again poked his sore spot.

Qi Kuang's sentence was about your ass and Wang Yuan stopped, and Qi Kuang immediately took two steps back." You don't want to do it with me here, do you? I don't want to lose your headlines!"

Seeing him distressed, Wang Yuan continued to push her luggage and walked forward, then suddenly stopped, turned to him and said, "Thank you for the gift to Mario."

On Qi Haoran's birthday last year, Qi Kuang gave him a suit of Iron Man suit and armor, which was almost exactly the same as the version in the movie. Qi Haoran liked it very much. This is not available on the market at all, I don't know how he got it, but he can know Qi Haoran's preferences and will spend his time preparing this gift for him, which is really rare.

Qi Kuang waved his hand, pretending not to care: "I bought it easily, but I threw it away, but I just gave it to Mario."

Wang Yuan looked at his stiff mouth, and said no more. At the airport parking lot, Ni Ying sent a car to pick her up. When she was about to get in the car, she saw Fan Jiangwen walking out of the airport lobby. She didn't know where she came from this time.

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