Fan Jiangwen got into the car, "Fortunately I ran into you, it is not easy to take a taxi here at the airport. How about Ning Ning during this time?"

Wang Yuan reported Fan Jiangwen's address to the driver, "Now he is 183 and he is beginning to enter puberty. The club pays attention to his physical condition. I don't have to worry about it. The day I came back, I heard him say that the coach He must be arranged to play in the German Youth League in the U19."

Fan Jiangwen smiled and said: "I haven't seen him for more than a year, and he has grown so much! In the video, the little guy is getting more and more energetic. It seems that playing professional soccer is suitable for him. I don't need to read books and study every day. Let him relax."

Wang Yuan also knows that her son is a poor student in cultural studies." There are still classes on the youth team every week, but the pressure is really not great, he learns faster."

Fan Jiangwen nodded, "He still needs to learn the basics of mathematics, physics and chemistry. No matter how well he plays, he can't be illiterate."

Wang Yuan knows that Wang Zining's aunt pays special attention to his cultural studies. Sometimes Wang Zining is afraid to video with her, but Wang Yuan feels that what Fan Jiangwen said is right.

Without continuing the topic, Wang Yuan asked: "Where did you come back from?"

"Province S. I took a job as a TV show producer."

Wang Yuan knew that Fan Jiangwen was a well-known screenwriter before, and later turned into a TV series producer. The journey is still long, so she chatted a few more curiously.

Fan Jiangwen said that this script is a military theme, telling a story about the growth of a special soldier, a drama with only men. After listening to her give a detailed introduction to the content of the TV series to be filmed, Wang Yuan remembered, isn't this another TV series that has exploded in time and space? I didn't expect the world to start filming now.

She doesn't know if this TV series will still become a hit after ten years, but she is very interested in taking part in it. She liked watching this TV series very much.

Wang Yuan and Fan Jiangwen expressed that they wanted to invest in this TV series. Fan Jiangwen was a little surprised. She knew that Wang Yuan had invested in a movie, but she did not expect that she would also be interested in the TV series that was not involved.

The funds for this TV series are basically fine, but I don't mind an extra investment. Fan Jiangwen said that they would find a time to sit down and talk.

In the past few days when Wang Yuan returned to China, in addition to handling visa matters and going to the studio to communicate with Ni Ying, the other time was to deal with investment in TV dramas.

After confirming with Fan Jiangwen,

Wang Yuan found Qi Kuang's cell phone and dialed him a call." There is a military-themed TV series. I think there is a character in it that suits you well. I have already given your information to the crew. You can go there. Try the mirror to see if it can be selected."

Qi Kuang received this inexplicable call from Wang Yuan, and said in disbelief: "I still need you to introduce me to my job? There are so many scripts for me to choose, and I can't choose one."

"Your last movie turned out to be like this. There shouldn't be any crew who dare to look for you to make a film, right? Even if you are looking for you are only small characters such as three men and four men." Qi Kuang's high-profile personality and immature acting skills, unless He invested in filming by himself, otherwise it would be impossible for so many people to come to him for filming.

"Then you will be disappointed. I'm so busy now. I picked out the script this afternoon and my hands are sore." Qi Kuang tapped his fingers on the table, and said with ease, with his legs folded. TV series, are you asking me to play the leading actor?"

"It was the male third who asked you to audition."

A beep came from the other end of the phone. Qi Kuang hung up the phone.

Wang Yuan thought angrily, regardless of him.

She knew that the actors in this TV series would be popular. Originally, she wanted to introduce Qi Kuang to Qi Kuang, and she felt that Qi Kuang was suitable for polishing in this kind of military-themed film.

After thinking about it, I called Qi Kuang again, "This is a story about special forces. It's thrilling and very bloody. It's all pure men who play and fully demonstrate the heroic spirit."

Seeing that there was no sound on the other end of the phone, and the phone was not hung up, Wang Yuan continued, "If you are interested, dye your hair back, dress simple and go to the audition, then you are the only one who loves to go."

Hung up the phone after speaking. Everything is on par with Kuang himself.

Before Wang Yuan was about to return to Germany, she received a call from Director Xu that he wanted to invite Wang Yuan to collaborate on a movie.

When Wang Yuan heard the schedule, she only expressed regret that she could not participate in the performance. Director Xu did not give up specially inviting her out to meet, showed her the script, and told her that the protagonist of the script was written based on her, and Director Xu Frankly, he made this movie for awards, and if Wang Yuan can participate in it, it will give him more confidence.

Wang Yuan spent an hour reading the script. The script of Director Xu is about the story of cyber violence. The plot points in the script require high acting skills for the heroine.

Wang Yuan thought for a while. The filming time will not be short. She really doesn't have time next, so she can only tactfully decline it.

Seeing Director Xu's perseverance, Wang Yuan could only say, "My oldest son will play in the German Youth League this year. I hope to be by his side and follow him in every game."

Director Xu groaned, "I know you are a good mother, and I can understand the mood of wanting to accompany your son in the game. Soccer youth leagues and Bundesliga leagues are held every year. You can't follow it forever."

Wang Yuan explained, "This is the first time he has participated in a league. It has a different meaning."

Director Xu leaned on the back of her chair and looked at her and said, "Since you finished filming "Parallel Space", you haven't taken any more dramas. Compared to an artist who has to make several movies or TV shows a year, you are not at all. That kind of prolific actor, you have always cherished your feathers very much, and you are very cautious when you take the film. If you are not interested in my script, then I won't say much anymore, but I just saw you very much Interested. But hesitated at the last moment."

"In addition to the point you said to accompany your children, I think there may be other reasons."

"I have seen your award-winning film "Shadow". It can be said that it is the pinnacle of your acting skills. This French film really established your position in the film world. I can't see any traces of performance in this film. Emotions and all the eyes make us believe that the character is alive."

"The two movies you made later, one was a unit movie we worked together, and the other was Parallel Space. Both of them had a good reputation at the box office, but compared with the acting skills in "Shadow", they can only be said to be ordinary. Of course, this has something to do with the role play space and the director. Why mention these two movies? Because I look at all your movies, your acting skills are always in a progressive state. The next two movies, It gives me the feeling that you are eating your own money!"

"I didn't like what I said. I didn't say it on purpose. It was really sent out. I know that you were not in a good state after shooting "Shadow". I don't know if this is why you choose some relaxed performances. Hairstyle, I dare not dig deeper into myself."

"Maybe you are very satisfied with the current state of life, accompany your children, receive endorsement ads, and occasionally choose a relaxed script." Director Xu said, "This kind of life is of course good, but your talent will be wasted, all directors I don't want talented actors to go to the ordinary."

Wang Yuan looked down for a long time and raised her eyes to face Director Xu: "Maybe it is not a waste of talent, but the disappearance of talent. Genius actors cannot live in this world.

Too long, life belongs to ordinary people."

Director Xu: "If you are still passionate about acting and want to challenge yourself again, I hope you cooperate with me and we will discover your peak state again. I will keep this role for you. Without your interpretation, currently No actress of the same age can master the complicated psychological level of the heroine. I have written this script for a few years. I don't want to shoot it casually. I will give you one year. If you still don't want to pick it up, then I Maybe find someone else, or give up, who knows."

After Director Xu left, Wang Yuan thought quietly. She didn't know if Director Xu had analyzed it correctly. People's thoughts are so complicated that sometimes they don't understand themselves.

But Director Xu is definitely right. The real talented actor is not her but the original. All she has is some memories and common sense left by the original. She does not have the original love and desperate devotion to performance.

If she accepts the movie directed by Xu, can she really unearth the original kind of genius acting?

Wang Yuan returned to Germany with doubts and began to accompany Wang Zining in the German Youth League.

[We, Wang Zining, won the championship in the German Youth League Cup!]

[I have watched every match of this year's German Youth Cup Munich U19. Wang Zining is only 15 years old this year. I didn't expect to have the opportunity to play in the starting lineup. He is the league's most scoring goal and the first in the scorer list. So handsome!]

[Our Ning Ning's look is also very cool, I heard that he has suffered a head injury, and the lightning head fits him well!]

[Recalling that there was a rumor that he had been involved in a car accident before. It seemed that his head and legs were injured. I heard that the leg injuries were quite serious.]

[it is true! Someone posted a car accident video on the Internet before, but it was removed, and the news was no longer found. But my friend was in the hospital and he confirmed that Wang Zining had suffered a car accident and suffered a broken leg. Unexpectedly, he can still play in Germany. Fortunately, the injury was not serious at the time!]

[Ah, fortunately, Wang Zining is fine, otherwise we will lose a talented player!]

[Looking forward to the next World Cup, Wang Zining will take part in the men's soccer team to the top sixteen.]

[You put too much pressure on Wang Zining, and he said he couldn't take it.]

[Wang Zining this game, Chinese reporters also went to Germany to interview and shoot, and a lot of photos of Wang Yuan were sent back. She has been watching her son's game in the front row of the stands.]

[No wonder there has been no news from her recently. I want to see her more movies.]

[Take care of our Ning Ning is most important! Come on, handsome Ning Ning!]

[No, I saw a message from Director Xu, it seems that his new movie invited Wang Yuan to cooperate, and she has agreed to participate in the performance.]

[The cooperation between the famous director and the Genna film queen, I look forward to this work!]

Wang Zining can rest for a while after playing the league, but before that he received a professional contract from the Munich club.

The 15-year-old can get a professional contract from a top club, which means that he has the opportunity to play in the first team. This is definitely good news that makes people happy.

Fan Jiangliang rushed over for this purpose and asked a professional lawyer to help review the contract. Fan Jiangliang felt it was too long for Munich to sign the 15-year contract. The two sides discussed the compensation for the termination of the contract for a long time, and finally negotiated. As a result, the contract can be signed for 15 years but the penalty has dropped to 5 million euros.

After signing the contract, Wang Zining had an annual income of one million at the age of 15.

When he told the news to his domestic friend Liang Wentao, Brother Shui wanted to roll all over the floor with jealousy. When he was fighting against Lao Liang for his one hundred pocket money a week, Wang Tau himself could easily make a hundred. Ten thousand pockets are spent.

"A treat, you must return home to treat!" Liang Wentao yelled.

"Compared to a good league, I can rest for a month. I am definitely going back to China. I haven't been back in two years." Wang Zining now misses his relatives and friends in China very much." You can order whatever you want to eat."

"Wang Tou, you signed a 15-year lease of life. What if they don't give you a salary increase in the future if you become a big star?" Liang Wentao was quite worried.

"If you go to the first team, the salary of the players will be adjusted every year during the transfer period. If the salary given by the club does not meet the expectations of the players, the players can go to other clubs after discussing the transfer fee."

"Then you might get ten million annual salary in the future?" Liang Wentao said in surprise.

"Hahaha, if I am as good as my idol in the future, I will be able to reach an annual salary of tens of millions of euros." Wang Zining grinned. He didn't have a very conception of money, and now there is no place to spend money on training every day in the club. The annual salary is a measure for him to improve himself.

"Wang Tou, I will look for you to invest in my business in the future." Liang Wentao said with a sullen face.

"You make a business plan for me to see, I think it can be voted for you."

"That's it!" Liang Wentao said excitedly.

"By the way, didn't you say that you want to be my agent?" Wang Zining still remembered what Shui Ge said to him before leaving the country.

Liang Wentao murmured: "This, I think

Language is too difficult, and I still like domestic food, so I think that the important task of the agent is to be given to more capable people."

Wang Zining gave him a boo.

After Wang Zining got his salary, he first bought a gift for his mother, Mario and Xiao Erha.

Wang Yuan is a brand-name bag. After receiving it, she hugged her son on her forehead and kissed her.

Wang Zining listened to Daniel's sister Anna said that women like famous brands, and my mother is no exception.

Xiao Erha is a delicious dog food and dog toy. Xiao Erha is also very happy to receive the gift. The gift with the big bone is very cheerful.

The gift to Qi Haoran was an experimental instrument. He knew what kind of outer skeleton equipment the little guy was using every day. Wang Zining would rather not understand this, so he just asked him what he was missing. According to the model reported by Qi Haoran, he purchased it back, and his annual salary was negative.

The club's salary is paid every month. Wang Zining received a list from the little man and found that the price far exceeded his monthly salary. However, in order to be a generous brother, he borrowed money from his domestic dad and said that he paid his salary every month. Give him back. In this way, I made up what the little guy wanted.

Qi Haoran didn't expect the big man to actually buy him an experimental instrument. The big man came over triumphantly and said that he could earn a salary now, and asked him what he wanted. Qi Haoran reported to him the purchasing catalogue to discourage the big man, but he did not expect that he actually bought it.

"Did you spend one year's salary in advance in a few days?" Qi Haoran asked in a mixed mood after receiving the things.

"This little money is drizzle to me." Wang Zining pretended to be chic and authentic, and he had to endure his heartache. Next, I have to borrow money to buy gifts for domestic friends. It seems that I really have to play hard, the original annual salary of 500,000 euros is really not spent.

"Who did you borrow money from?" Qi Haoran asked, "you can't borrow loan sharks, do you?"

"My dad borrowed it from him, and I will pay him back slowly every month." To prevent the little man from making a fuss, tell his mother, he still confessed.

"This can be regarded as your investment in my exoskeleton project. After my research has achieved results, I will give you the investment income." Qi Haoran thought for a moment, "I am studying and developing at the same time, and the experimental funds to be used will be more. Many, you work hard to make money, and you have raised your annual salary a long time ago, otherwise the money is really not enough for me to buy a piece of equipment."

Wang Zining's eyes widened, and his hands tremblingly pointed at the little man. He, he, he gave the little man a year of money to buy gifts, the little man.

Unsatisfied unexpectedly, focusing on his future salary.

"Who promised to invest in you?" Wang Zining said with air.

"I came up with this project because of you. Of course you have to continue to support me!" Qi Haoran left after speaking. He now knows that sometimes he doesn't need to talk too much to the big man, he is stupid, wait If he gets the money again, he will definitely spend it for himself as long as he asks for it.

Of course, Qi Haoran thought to himself that he was not cheating big men with money, but just letting them make a lucrative investment plan for them. I believe that as long as his project is successful, the big man will be rewarded dozens or even hundreds of times in the future.

Wang Yuanhun didn't know that the eldest son had become a pauper in order to buy gifts for the younger one. She only learned that Ning Ning and his father had borrowed two million from Fan Jiangliang.

Fan Jiangliang told her that he wanted her to check what the child bought.

When Wang Yuan received the call, she was stunned, and then yelled at Fan Jiangliang, "You don't know what he is going to do, just call him such a large sum of money? You are too irresponsible!"

Fan Jiangliang was somewhat unreasonable: "Ning Ning has never spoken to me, and I also know that he will not use money to do bad things, so…"

"So what so, that's it, let me first ask what the hell did this kid do?"

"Don't say it was me, Ning Ning wants me to keep it secret!"

Wang Yuan was so angry that he hung up the phone.

Wang Yuan rushed to Wang Zining's bedroom and grabbed her elder son and asked, "What did you do with two million?"

She couldn't think of where he could spend the money.

Wang Zining: "I bought a gift."

Wang Yuan took a deep breath, "What gift did you buy that cost so much money? Didn't you get cheated? Did you give your grandparents, grandparents, and aunts all platinum bags?"

Wang Zining coughed, "I bought it for a little guy, it's not right, it's an investment in his research project."

Wang Yuan went to Qi Haoran's workshop and saw the gift worth two million yuan. She sighed. She could only say that one dared to ask for it and the other dared to buy it. Two minors quietly completed a million transactions.

Wang Zining followed, and said aggrievedly: "The little guy wants me to continue to invest in him in the future." For such a small guy with such an inch, let his mother scold him.

Qi Haoran put down the tools in his hand, stood up and said to her mother, "Mom, you can also consider investing in my project. Although I haven't achieved any results yet, I will definitely make it before the age of twenty.

Investors will flock to the research results and you will regret that you missed this investment opportunity."

Wang Zining: Even mother flickered.

Wang Yuan took a close look at the computer and mechanical objects on the little man's workbench, "Thank you for your investment invitation. Mom doesn't understand your industry and doesn't want to take this risk. If you want your brother to continue to invest in you, you must go through I agree, I can't lie to my brother anymore."

She told herself that she shouldn't hurt or blame a genius son for his research enthusiasm. She should make up for the two million for her elder brother, as it was a high-priced school supplies for her younger son.

Qi Haoran frowned: "I didn't lie to the big man for money!"

Wang Zining was also unhappy: "I was not fooled by the little man." He was willing to give him a gift.

"I'm sorry, it's because my mother used the money improperly." Wang Yuan apologized, "If you have such gift-giving or investment events in the future, you must discuss with your mother. You have no right to invest independently before you reach the age of eighteen."

Wang Yuan and Wang Zining returned to China together, and Qi Haoran stayed in the country.

He went to Angela's house for the weekend, and when he took Xiao Er Ha out for a walk, he ran into Libby and her short-legged Corgi.

Corgi barked at the Xiao Erha, trying to pounce fiercely. He was much taller and mighty than Corgi, but at this time he showed a pair of gentle eyes and looked at Corgi curiously.

Qi Haoran tightly pulled Xiao Er Ha's tether, while watching Corgi vigilantly, for fear that it would bully the honest Xiao Er Ha.

"Mario, I heard that your puppy is called a husky. Why do you call a golden retriever a husky? If you like husky, you can raise a husky?" Libby heard the name from Angela, she Very puzzled by the name.

Mario didn't explain to Libby. Then Jack and his gang ran over again.

Jack asked: "I heard that your brother went to Munich? He also won the youth league championship?" He didn't believe that such a weak Mario had such a powerful brother.

Boy A: "That NING is your brother? Mario, I want his autograph!"

Boy B: "Me too!"

Jack is dissatisfied: "Hey, guys, are you now taking refuge in Mario? Do you believe his brother is NING? They don't look the same at all!"

Libby immediately raised his hand: "Ning is Mario's brother, I can testify, I still have their photos!" Libby had seen Wang Zining in the video before, but Mario was stingy and stopped picking her up in the video. Talk to NING. Not long ago

During the game, Libby's family took her to see it together. After the game, she also asked NING to take photos. She is now a loyal fan of NING.

The friends introduced themselves to Mario one after another, saying that they had the opportunity to watch the game, and asked Mario to take them to see Munich's NING and other players.

Seeing that everyone turned, Jack said anxiously, "You have betrayed our soccer team and turned to Mario, a freak who doesn't like soccer."

Friends: "Jack, Mario can take us to Munich and get the autographs of all their players."

Hearing what his friends said, Jack was a little weak: "Well, Mario, I accept you!"

Mario: I didn't say anything, didn't make any promises, Jack, I didn't accept you either…

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