As soon as Wang Zining returned to China, he fell into the arms of relatives and friends. Grandpa Fan Jiang and grandma took him to visit relatives and friends, and walked through relatives such as the uncle in Beijing that they had not seen for two years. Fan Jiangliang wanted to sit down with his son to chat and play soccer together, but couldn't make an appointment.

In the second half of the month, I was meeting with my friends and going to the provincial soccer team to practice. Because the news of his return to China spread, many news media wanted to interview him, but Wang Zining refused. This also disappointed the majority of fans.

Her son is busy with her social life, and Wang Yuan also has work to be busy.

She finally decided to take over the new film of Director Xu. For this film, she and Director Xu repeatedly communicated about the role-building issues. In this movie, which mainly talks about online violence, there is also a role of the male lead. The male lead is younger than the female lead in the script. In terms of casting, Director Xu has also selected current well-known artists. Either the appearance is not suitable or the acting skills are not good enough.

Director Xu originally liked Cheng Wenhua, who had won the championship in the actor PK variety show. He and Wang Yuan had cooperated in the variety show, and the acting skills were competent. In the end, Director Xu gave up again because there is still some gap between the image of Cheng Wenhua and the hero in the play. Cheng Wenhua's appearance is not friendly enough, just because the saying goes, the audience is not close enough, which cannot be compensated by his acting skills.

Only the producer and him recommended Qiao Yu. Of course, director Xu knows this popular idol. Qiao Yu's appearance is fine, but he feels that his acting skills are average and not enough to support this role.

Qiao Yu's agent approached Director Xu several times to fight for this role. Qiao Yu has always been looking for opportunities for transformation and wants to take on some challenging roles. If he can get a significant acting award, it will be of great help to his next acting career.

Director Xu had no other suitable candidates for a while, and agreed to let Qiao Yu come to audition. During the audition, Qiao Yu performed well. She should have carefully considered the role, but she almost felt it.

The love scene of the male and female heroes in this movie is also quite heavy. It requires two people to have a sense of CP and a certain degree of tacit understanding. Director Xu also asked Wang Yuan's opinion. Wang Yuan was still a little surprised that Director Xu would choose Qiao Yu, a popular young boy, to play the leading role. She thought Director Xu would prefer a powerful acting school.

Director Xu smiled bitterly: "The script of this movie was created by myself. In order to have my own right to speak without interference from the capital in various aspects such as filming and casting, I almost invested half of my savings in, although I was aiming for awards. Yes, but I also want to be a bit successful at the box office

Achievement, don't lose too much. To be honest, if you and Qiao Yu are in this movie, it means that the box office is guaranteed."

Wang Yuan had a good impression of Qiao Yu, and at a critical moment, he also stood up and spoke for herself. At this time, Director Xu asked her and voted for her.

After the main character of the movie is set, some preparations will begin.

Director Xu called Wang Yuan and Qiao Yu together to talk about the play. During the exchange, they looked like a teacher and a student, and couldn't find the feeling of a couple. Director Xu asked them to try a plot, but found that it still didn't feel right.

He suggested that the two people should spend more time together and cultivate a sense and understanding. Qiao Yu's agent heard a bit embarrassed explanation on the side, "Director Xu, it's like this. Qiao Yu usually has a lot of paparazzi around him. If you don't pay attention, you will be photographed. If there is a scandal, not only It has an impact on Qiao Yu, and it is not good for Teacher Wang Yuan."

Director Xu can only say: "Then you guys will familiarize yourself with the script again. I wonder if there is any way to quickly cultivate the relationship between you. This is something called CP."

When Wang Yuan returned home, she saw Wang Zining packing up a bunch of his gifts, which were given to him by relatives from Fan Jiang's house.

He took apart a pair of wristbands and put them on his hands for a try. When he saw his mother come back, he complained to her: "Mom, I really don't want to go out with my grandma anymore. It feels too embarrassing! She has to take it when she sees someone alone. Show me the bag I gave her, I'm embarrassed to praise it."

Grandma not only likes to praise him, but also likes to hear people praise him. Sitting among relatives and watching them compliment in various ways, Wang Zining feels really embarrassed.

"Mom doesn't care, you communicate with grandma yourself." Wang Yuan said.

Wang Zining just complained, and then opened his gift.

He took out a large glass jar from an exquisite packaging box, which was full of colorful little stars.

Wang Yuan has also seen this pot of hearty gifts. It will take more than half a year to fold this big pot of little stars. She walked over calmly, sat down beside her son, and asked casually, "Who gave you this? It's so beautiful!"

Wang Zining shook his head, "I don't know, grandma helped me receive many gifts, and Liang Wentao gave me some gifts."

He saw a pink letter in the folded gift box. When he opened it, he was flushed and hurriedly stuffed the letter into the envelope and put it to his side, nervous looking at his mother, "Mom, Aunt Zhou told you what soup was stewed for you, go drink it!"

Wang Yuan smiled and got up, watching her son start braving the face of a little Hu stubble. He was already a big boy. He had a little secret of adolescence, so he should respect his privacy.

Wang Zining noticed that his mother had gone. He had received letters before, but none of them wrote so straightforwardly. I'm sorry if I let my mother see it.

When he was in the German team, his teammates often talked about girlfriends in the locker room. At first, Wang Zining said honestly that he did not have a girlfriend, and his teammates made a fuss. They felt that when he was 16 years old, he hadn't talked about a girlfriend. A very strange thing, especially soccer boys can not find a girlfriend, unless he is GAY.

Later, Wang Zining became obedient and never talked about himself. Daniel once enthusiastically introduced his cousin, a little girl with blue eyes and freckles.

The three of them went to dinner together. Daniel ran away in the middle. Wang Zining was responsible for sending the little girl back. When she took her to the door of the house, the little girl stood on tiptoe and closed her eyes and said to him, "You can kiss me." "

Wang Zining looked at the three-headed little girl who was two and a half heads shorter than himself and had not developed yet. He was frightened by her sudden behavior and hurriedly ran away.

The next day Daniel came to Wang Zining angrily and asked him what he did to Ellie?

Wang Zining explained angrily that he didn't do anything. It was Daniel who threw his cousin down. He sent the person back in charge and was wronged.

Hearing what Wang Zining said about what happened yesterday, Daniel said angrily, "You didn't do anything yet? Why did you refuse Ellie? You refuse a girl's kiss, there is no greater insult than this!"

Wang Zining was stunned, "Why should I kiss her? I don't like her, and she is still a child!"

Daniel said knowingly: "I see, you like mature and plump girls. But Ellie is not a child anymore, she is the same age as you, but the development is slower."

He patted Wang Zining on the shoulder and educated: "NING, you don't like a girl, and you can't turn around and run away. You should tell her clearly so that you respect her. Don't worry, I'll introduce one to you next time. A mature girl, if you want to find it by yourself, remember not to find someone who is too much older than you, you are a minor, be careful of her charged with a crime because we were with you."

Wang Zining felt that there was still a lot to learn in Germany. But he must first seriously warn Daniel not to do anything like introducing a girlfriend. He is afraid that next time Daniel will suddenly bring a plump girl out and ask him for a kiss again.

It's scary to think about that picture.

He thought that the topic of love between men and women among German players, did not expect to return to China to listen to Brother Shui said that their junior high school class had become several pairs after he left. The gift he received today is also a confession letter. Are the stories of adolescence all about love?

While Wang Yuan was drinking the soup, she remembered to send a message to Fan Jiangliang, telling him that he had time to chat with Wang Zining about puberty development and be a correct guide. This topic can only be discussed by the father, and it is really inconvenient for the mother.

Fan Jiangliang was using his phone on the bed. He was very happy to receive the message from Wang Yuan. He finally had the opportunity to have a good talk with his son.

Li Xiaoyun looked at his excited expression when he received the news, and couldn't help asking: "Who is it?"

"Wang Yuan. About Ning Ning."

Li Xiaoyun smiled but didn't smile: "I am happy to receive her message?"

Fan Jiangliang chuckled, "What do you think, I think I can have a good chat with my son tomorrow because I am happy."

"You only have the eldest son in your heart."

"Am I not good to small glutinous rice balls, he is my baby too!"

Fan Jiangliang flipped the phone, suddenly sat upright, and clicked on the phone news to zoom in.

"what happened again?"

Fan Jiangliang did not answer, and Li Xiaoyun glanced sideways dissatisfied.

"A piece of social news, what's strange. Nowadays, no matter how people do not move, they throw sulphuric acid and use knives. I think we should pay attention to the street in the future, especially the small glutinous rice balls, so that strangers will not be too close to him." Li Xiaoyun watched. After that, he lay down again and said.

Fan Jiangliang: "This seems to be the little girl from the Qi family, who bought the murderer and caused Ning Ning to have a car accident."

Li Xiaoyun immediately sat up again, hurriedly leaned over to look, and said in surprise: "How could she be thrown with sulfuric acid? Didn't it mean that she can't come back abroad?"

Wang Yuan is also reading the information. Although the faces in the news are mosaics, she can still be recognized. The girl injured in the news is Qi Yubing.

It was said that she could not return to China before the age of 20, but she did not expect that she would come back secretly.

Wang Yuan thought for a while, called Qi Kuang, and wanted to know about the situation with him.

Qi Kuang's special forces TV series is still being filmed, but his role has been finished. He came back with a few shades of dark skin and a small wound on his body. He secretly scolded him again by Wang Yuan.

Unexpectedly, as soon as I read about someone, Qi Kuang felt numb in his scalp when he saw her coming to the electronics. I felt that it would be no good to find him.

"Hey, what's the matter?" Qi Kuang put his feet on the stage table, leaning against the back of the sofa and asked angrily.

"What's the matter with Qi Yubing?" Wang Yuan asked.

"What can you do with that girl, Qi Yubing, isn't she abroad?" Qi Kuang wondered.

"So you don't know, you read the news, if you ask the situation clearly, tell me."

Confused, Qi Kuang opened the news that Wang Yuan had sent him, put his feet down and stood up in surprise, made a phone call and drove to the hospital.

When he was outside the ward, he just heard Yu Wenqian crying, "We can't let this woman go. I want their family to ruin, so that she can't come out in prison for the rest of her life."

When Qi Kuang heard this, he turned his lips in disdain.

He saw everyone except Qi Lao Er.

"I said that Bingbing can't return to China before she is 20 years old, why did you let her come back?" Qi Baijia's face was as sinking as a waterway.

"I, I think it's been two years, and Bingbing knew it was wrong. She was not very good at school in all aspects of mental state. The teacher also suggested that we take her back to adjust for a period of time." Yu Wenqian was guilty for a while and said immediately." Dad, it's not the issue of Bingbing returning to China early. She was doused with sulfuric acid by that woman, and one of her arms may have been scrapped. We are now going to pursue that woman's problem and let her pay the debt."

"If you didn't take her back to China, this wouldn't happen." Qi Baijia said coldly.

"Dad, I, we are victims now." Yu Wenqian cried. At this time, the old man mentioned these useless things, now what he has to think about is how to make Bingbing get better and make that woman punished.

"What happened?" Qi Kuang came in and asked.

Everyone looked up at him, but there was no sound.

"Bingbing was splashed with sulfuric acid by a woman, and her right arm was severely burned. She is still in the intensive care unit." Qi Bang said.

"What woman? Why did you throw sulfuric acid? What hatred did you have with her?" Qi Kuang asked.

Qi Tian: "It seems that Bingbing had bullied a classmate before. The girl was not in good spirits and committed suicide several times. Her mother wanted to avenge her daughter, So revenge Bingbing."

"Let's go back." Qi Baijia got up and took a look at Qi Bang and his wife." There is no need for Bingbing's arm burn to stay in the intensive care unit. Don't take up medical resources. I won't say that she stayed in the intensive care unit for one more day. People's penalties will increase."

"You make the mistake first, and others retaliate later. This is a causal cycle." After saying that Qi Baijia left, Shao Yi and Qi Tian also hurriedly followed out.

Qi Kuang called Wang Yuan on the third day and told her what had happened.

Yu Wenqian brought Qi Yubing back home in advance. When the two mothers and daughters were walking in the mall, they met a woman who went directly to Yu Wenqian. When the acid was poured out, Yu Wenqian avoided in time. Qi Yubing next to her After being affected, one arm was burned by sulfuric acid. It is said that the nerves were also burned to death, and the arm would be half-curved in the future, and it could not be used normally.

After the police arrested the woman, they found that the woman's spirit seemed to be abnormal and contacted her family. Her husband rushed over and cried and told the police that his wife was mentally ill and was killed by Yu Wenqian.

Their daughter, You Yunyun, was originally a classmate of Qi Yubing. She has been bullied by several female classmates led by Qi Yubing for a year at school. Her speech insults, isolation, and tearing of her books are all light, and she has been detained for several times. In the second sports fitness room, she will press her head into the toilet when she is too much. The reason was that the girl had better grades and was exaggerated by the teacher. The teacher also used her as an example to ask Qi Yubing to learn from her. This is what caused her to encounter later bullying.

You Yunyun is from an average family. Her father drives a long-distance bus and her mother is a convenience store clerk. One is often away from home and the other often has night shifts, so many times she doesn't go home and no one finds out. For some reason, she never told her family about the bullying. After a long time, her mental state was abnormal, and her parents found out that it was wrong.

When You Yunyun's parents found the school, Yu Wenqian came forward and had a bad attitude in front of the excited family members of the victim. In addition, the communication between the two parties was very difficult because of the compensation. Because the girl will need a large amount of psychiatric treatment next, and Qi Yubing does not have to be legally liable when he is under age, the two parties have agreed to pay compensation and the matter is over.

You Yunyun's transfer to school did not improve, and she often self-harmed. Later, in serious condition, she was sent to a specialized institution for treatment. You Yunyun's mother has also suffered a mental breakdown because of her daughter's experience, and she often wonders why the bad guys don't need to be punished, why

If a rich person can send someone away with money, her husband has also taken her to the doctor, and she often throws out the medicine without taking it.

Later, there was her revenge action. She wanted to hurt Yu Wenqian at the time, because she always remembered Yu Wenqian's words, arrogantly accusing her daughter of mentally fragile mental illness, and she did not expect that the sulfuric acid Yu Wenqian escaped, and the sulfuric acid splashed on Qi Yu. Ice on the hand.

After listening to Wang Yuan, she also sighed. She didn't sympathize with Yu Wenqian's mother and daughter, but felt that You Yunyun's mother had to bear the legal responsibility. If she went to jail, their family would be completely destroyed.

Qi Kuang told her: "I heard that mother didn't need to go to jail because she was diagnosed with mental problems and she didn't have to bear legal responsibility."

"That woman must have pretended to be, I don't believe she is mentally ill. Even if she is sick, she must go to jail. I will not give up easily and must sue her to death." Yu Wenqian yelled frantically after learning the results of the investigation. Tao.

Qi Bang did not speak.

"What are you doing here? Hurry up and find a way! Find someone to find a relationship, and you must make the family pay the price! My hand will be disabled after Bingbing!" After speaking, he burst into tears.

"Enough. My dad is right. If you don't bring Bingbing back, this kind of thing won't happen. If you had a good conversation with others, they wouldn't even hate you for pouring your sulfuric acid. Bingbing is for you. Stopped a disaster. If you are dissatisfied with mental illness, you don't need to go to jail. At first, Mario didn't have to be criminally responsible if you were under the age. This is retribution.

"Qi Bang, what do you mean, are you blaming me now? Do you have a conscience…" Yu Wenqian stepped forward to tear her husband and screamed.

The two couples quarreled together.

Wang Yuan didn't mention this matter to her sons, and Qi Yubing even turned over in their lives.

However, Qi Haoran still has a follow-up effect. Because of Qi Yubing's injury, his father's fiancée and his future stepmother are gone.

Qi Ying's fiancee, Miss Yuan, has a relationship with the prosecutor's office. Yu Wenqian contacted her and wanted to judge You Yunyun's mother through her relationship. Miss Yuan didn't know that Qi Ying had a bad relationship with her brother-in-law. She also wanted to please Qi family and Qi Ying, and introduced her uncle to Yu Wenqian.

Miss Yuan's uncle at the top of the procuratorate did not modify the sentence for personal gain, but Qi Ying knew about the matter, and soon broke up with Miss Yuan.

Qi Baijia didn't stop this marriage that he was satisfied with before. He felt that Miss Yuan was a well-knowing and reasonable woman, and she did not distinguish between right and wrong at the critical moment. Qi Baijia is fortunate that Miss Yuan's uncle enforces the law impartially. If Yu Wenqian is truly bribed by the Qi family, this matter will become a part of the Qi family, and things that challenge the authority of the law must never be done.

After Wang Yuan knew that Fan Jiangliang had talked to her son, she also found an opportunity to talk to him about relationship problems, seemingly inadvertently.

Asked what type of girl the eldest son liked.

If he asked this question before, Wang Zining immediately said that he didn't like it. Now he listened to this question and thought about it seriously, "It's better to grow taller, have more strength, be able to play soccer, and cry without moving. Can skateboard."

Is this looking for a partner to play soccer?

I don't know how much Fan Jiangliang talked with his son. Wang Yuan heard him finish: "If such a girl appears, my mother agrees to make friends with you, but you must pay attention to the scale of the relationship. You are still young and you can't do some things."

This sentence is really hard-headed. The main reason is that his son is now in Germany, and the atmosphere abroad is relatively open. In addition, the players around him are much older than him. Wang Yuan is worried that he will be affected.

It took a few seconds for Wang Zining to react, and stood up quickly, blushing, "You adults are really inexplicable!"

Dad also just told him something, and he thinks Mom and Dad are really worrying!

Wang Yuan talked about her son's relationship issues, and it was Mr. Xu's turn to talk to her about how to cultivate the relationship between the hero and the heroine in the movie.

"The TV station now has a variety show about love, why don't you join it together? In this way, you can openly fall in love in front of the public and cultivate the feelings of movie characters without worrying about negative news." Director Xu suggested. The main reason is that the hero and heroine in this movie are lovers from the beginning, so they need to have intimate familiarity with each other when they are not officially filmed.

"Director Xu, are you true?" Wang Yuan was stunned after listening to his proposal. How did she come up with it?" Participating in the love variety show itself is negative news for us. Qiao Yu's fans will go crazy, and I don't want to become a big sister who seduce idols."

"If you explain that you are making this movie to experience the feeling of a couple when you participate, then it will be fine."

"Director Xu, I really convinced you. You are doing this for the promotion of the movie. It's really ubiquitous."

Director Xu cleared his cough awkwardly: "It's really to cultivate your feelings. If you agree, I will contact the program team immediately. Your joining will make their ratings burst, and the rewards for participating in the program recording will be very generous."

Wang Yuan: "…The remarks that you persuaded me to act in, I now find that they were all fooling me."

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