One month passed quickly, and Wang Zining was going back to Germany to join the team for training.

Wang Yuan went to drop off the plane and watched her son enter the check-in area. Watching him dragging his luggage back and waving to herself, Wang Yuan raised her hand and waved vigorously. Thinking of not seeing her for a long time, she kind of wanted to follow her son. The urge to pass together.

"Would you like to take my car?" Fan Jiangliang asked. He also came today to send Wang Zining away, along with Academician Fan Jiang and his wife. In the end, the two decided to accompany their grandson to live in Germany for a period of time.

"No, the driver sent me here." Wang Yuan smiled and declined.

When she came out of the airport lobby, Wang Yuan suddenly looked up and her whole body was frozen in shape, staring motionlessly at a figure in front of her.

Seeing that figure was about to disappear into the crowd, she pulled her legs to chase, and she couldn't find that person in the crowd full of luggage…

Fan Jiangliang caught up with him and asked concerned: "What's the matter?"

Wang Yuan shook her head: "It's okay, I thought it was an acquaintance, and I was wrong."

When Wang Yuan came back from the airport, she was still a little stunned. She called Ni Ying and asked where she was and did she have time to meet?

Ni Ying: "Have you returned from Ning Ning? I made an appointment with a senior for dinner. He just returned home today. I will look for you later."

Like a ghost, Wang Yuan suddenly said: "Can I participate?"

"Ah? You, are you coming to eat with us?" Ni Ying thought she had misheard.

Wang Yuan regained her senses, "I was joking."

What do you think, Wang Yuan thought to herself, hearing that Ni Ying's senior had just returned to China, do you think it would be the person you met at the airport today?

"If you have nothing to do today, why not really come over to have a meal together! Today, old Zheng and my seniors, no outsiders. They are all your fans, just to introduce you to." Ni Ying thinks that Wang Yuan is just Sending the child away, I felt a little bit reluctant. I didn't want her to stay at home alone, so I could simply ask her to come out to have a meal and chat.

After the phone call, Wang Yuan felt a little regretful. How did she respond earlier? She wanted to send a message to tell Ni Ying that she had something to do, so she finally picked up her bag and went out.

Wang Yuan came to the place Ni Ying said. This is a Western-style restaurant. There was a soft saxophone in the quiet environment, but she couldn't relax Wang Yuan's nervous mood.

When she came to the booth with the waiter, she found that Ni Ying and his wife had arrived. They were sitting opposite

The man in a beige casual suit is looking down at the menu at this time.

Wang Yuan stopped there, watching him quietly. When the man looked up, his eyes met her, a smile appeared on his handsome face, and he hurriedly got out and stood up.

"Teacher Wang Yuan, hello!" The man greeted politely.

"…Hello!" Wang Yuan replied.

"Wang Yuan, you are here!" Ni Ying turned her head to look over, and waved enthusiastically, "Come here and sit down."

When Wang Yuan walked over, the man helped her open the chair. She thanked her, and they sat down one by one.

"This is my husband, Zheng, so there is no need to introduce it. The man next to you is my senior at the university, Shao Wenze, and a distant relative of mine. I want to call his cousin. He is a surgeon at Boston Hospital. This time I return to China to participate in academic exchanges." Ni Ying said, "I don't need to introduce this one, our most beautiful actress."

After Ni Ying finished speaking, she found that Wang Yuan's expression had been a little dazed from just now to now, she reached out and touched Wang Yuan's palm, and asked concerned, "Is it all right? Still reluctant to Ning Ning?"

Wang Yuan cheered up, "It's okay."

She apologized to Doctor Zheng and Shao Wenze, "Come here suddenly, I wonder if it interrupted your dinner party?"

Her eyes stayed on Shao Wenze's face for a few more seconds, then turned away casually, maintaining a polite smile.

"We all welcome you to come, please do not invite you in normal times." Dr. Zheng said enthusiastically.

Shao Wenze: "It is an honor for me to have the opportunity to meet Teacher Wang Yuan up close and to have a meal with you. I saw your last movie "Shadow" and I really liked it. You deserve the prize."

Wang Yuan: "Thank you."

Wang Yuan looked at the shining silver spoon in front of her with the blurred face of the person next to her, and she was a little fascinated for a while. Coming to this time and space, I have been evasive and dare not look for him. It turns out that he still exists here. The same name, appearance and voice.

It turns out that you, 38 years old, are like this.

Accompanied by lyrical music, a few people were chatting and eating a delicious dinner. The atmosphere was just right for the moment. Only Ni Ying found that Wang Yuan was wrong. She was nervous and absent-minded. She took a peek at Shao Wenze from time to time, and Ni Ying found it very strange.

When Wang Yuan got up to go to the bathroom, Ni Ying followed, "Are you really all right today?"

"It's okay." Wang Yuan smiled.

"You… knew Senior Shao Wenze before?" Ni Ying asked carefully, and she explained, "I see you look a little strange on his expression."

Wang Yuan laughed: "Yes, after seeing him today, I found out that I have seen him before. He is from XX city, right? He is from an outdoor store. I have been to that store several times before. He was It should be the summer vacation to help at home."

Ni Ying slapped Wang Yuan excitedly, "Yes, you have a great memory, he went abroad after graduating from college, and he can recognize you after seeing you more than ten years ago."

Wang Yuan smiled, "He is very handsome, so he will be more impressed."

Ni Ying laughed: "Shao Wenze is the schoolmaster of our school. There were a lot of girls chasing him in the college. But he is now well-known, and his wife is an overseas Chinese. The two have been married for eight years."

When the two went back, Shao Wenze politely asked if he could take a photo together? Wang Yuan was startled slightly and nodded.

In the photo Ni Ying helped them take, Wang Yuan saw two people in the same frame on the screen of her mobile phone. This picture is very precious to her. Another time and space their group photo will always stop at the age of twenty. The middle-aged people left a picture of each other.

Wang Yuan wants to say, can you send me one. Finally held back.

Shao Wenze took a look at the phone and smiled, "My wife also likes you very much. But my daughter is a fan of your son."

Wang Yuan's melancholy was replaced by surprise, "Your daughter is in the United States and also knows Wang Zining?"

Shao Wenze nodded and said: "Yes, she watched German soccer matches and likes Wang Zining in Munich very much. If possible, can you send me a signed poster of Wang Zining? I want to give her a present for her seventh birthday."

Wang Yuan nodded and answered yes.

Shao Wenze was a little excited. He opened the photo of his daughter on the phone and shared with Wang Yuan the precious growth imprints of his daughter. Wang Yuan watched with relish, and turned on her cell phone to show him pictures of Wang Zining and Mario. The two talked about the topic of parenting, and the more they talked, the more natural they became.

"Hey, don't patronize and talk about the kids, the two of us are more irritated by our failure to create human beings." Ni Ying knocked on the table jokingly.

"Sorry, when I mention my daughter now, it's easy to lose the subject." Shao Wenze said hastily.

"She's joking." Dr. Zheng said, "We continue to work hard and hope that next year we will have a beautiful baby."

Ni Ying squinted her husband: "There may be a baby, it's really hard to be beautiful."

Several people continued to talk and laugh, because of the child's topic, the atmosphere became more and more harmonious.

When night fell, the four came out of the dining room, Ni Ying asked the king

How did Yuan come here, do you want to give her a ride? Wang Yuan shook her head and said no, she was brought here by the driver.

Ni Ying and his wife were responsible for sending Shao Wenze back to the hotel. When the three left, Wang Yuan stood there and watched Shao Wenze leave. After the excitement at the meeting was calmed down, there is only a slight relief now.

Shao Wenze, it is great to know that you are healthy and happy, successful in your career, and happy family in this time and space!

Wang Yuan met Shao Wenze when she was nineteen years old, and he was her senior.

Originally, the two people did not intersect, because her university roommate Ni Ying knew Shao Wenze, and they met at a student gathering organized by Ni Ying. Wang Yuan was the flower of the foreign language department of the university at that time, and also the flower of the university. Shao Wenze was chosen as their faculty member. When the two fell in love, they were envious of the school's classmates, calling them the golden boys and girls in the university.

After three years of association, the two people have similar temperaments and hobbies, and their relationship development is stable. They have already determined that they will receive a certificate for the wedding after Wang Yuan graduates. Both of them like outdoor sports and often run mountaineering and rock climbing together. In the year that Wang Yuan was about to graduate, the two participated in an outdoor rock climbing activity. During that activity, Shao Wenze had an accident and his voice and appearance remained at 23 forever. year old.

Wang Yuan was there when Shao Wenze had the accident, and her lover slowly lost the breath of life in her arms.

After this incident, she had a mental breakdown. It was her father who rushed over from her hometown to accompany her, and her good friend Ni Ying's comfort and guidance, she slowly recovered. After graduation, Wang Yuan did not stay in City H but chose to return to Huayang's hometown. At that time, her mood was not very stable. Ni Ying also returned to Huayang for civil service examinations in order to accompany her.

After more than ten years, many people still pursued her, but she never fell in love again. Everyone thought she could not forget that unforgettable first love, and even Wang Yuan's father didn't dare to persuade her to choose someone to settle down.

Wang Yuan felt that she was not deliberately rejecting those suitors, but since Shao Wenze's death, her heart seemed to have also cooled down, and she never experienced the feeling of being moved by the opposite S*x.

When she first came to this time and space, apart from the news of her father, what she wanted to know most was Shao Wenze's situation, but that was another forbidden area that she did not dare to touch. She was afraid that like the death of her father, Shao couldn't do it in this time and space. change destiny. She felt that as long as she did not reveal the answer, there would always be hope.

When Shao Wenze talked about his wife and daughter's gentle expressions, Wang Yuan saw a fever in her eyes, The 38-year-old has fine lines around his eyes, and there is no longer her in his warm and familiar eyes.

Although her voice, face and temperament are the same, Wang Yuan knows that this is not her Shao Wenze. Her former lover has left forever. Even if they resemble them, they are not the same person. It is not the one who accompanied her through the morning and dusk and climbed to the highest mountain. Sunset, warm palms for her in the snow, promised to be with the young man for life.

After sending Shao Wenze to the hotel, Dr. Zheng drove back to Ni Ying and said to Ni Ying: "I feel that Wang Yuan's eyes when looking at Dr. Shao is a bit strange. She wouldn't like Old Shao, right?"

"What nonsense?" Ni Yingbai gave her husband a glance." Although Lao Shao is still handsome, he is not outstanding compared to the male stars in the entertainment industry. Wang Yuan has seen so many handsome guys, and would he care about an old Shao?"

Dr. Zheng shook his head, "I don't think it is. I can see clearly when I sit across from him. A few times it looks like a lover's eyes."

"I will take you to change your glasses tomorrow. I think you have to schedule the count again." Ni Ying said, "But if they had a chance to meet before, Wang Yuan is definitely the type that Lao Shao likes. Maybe it's really possible to develop. Lao. Shao's current wife looks a bit similar to Wang Yuan."

Dr. Zheng quipped: "Everyone likes big beauties. Like it does not necessarily mean development. There are so many stars in the entertainment industry like you said. There were opportunities to meet before, but Lao Shao didn't have the opportunity to talk to others. Wang Yuan became famous when she was young. At that time, Lao Shao was still stunned on campus."


[I went to see "Save You" at night, it was really good, but it was tortured to death by the sugar-coated glass dross.]

[The last scene was crying, why did the heroine die, what should we do with Qiao Qiao?]

[I was attracted to watch by Yuanqiao CP. After they were on variety shows, there was no news. I thought I could get a little bit more candy in this movie. The result… But I still want to say that the two really match well. Be together!]

[Wang Yuan deserves to be the one who won the two-time Genna film queen. The performances in the film are so delicate. I am a student of the Acting Department. I feel that this film will serve as our teaching material again and let us learn it over and over again.]

[We, Qiao Qiao, are also very good, and this time we will definitely be able to successfully transform into the best actor.]

[After watching the movie, I will go back and review their previous variety shows.]

[I went to Yuanqiao CP again and swiped a message, begging to get married, I want to see Qiaoqiao take Wang Zining on "Where is Dad?"

[Uh!!! Thumbs up!]

[Very creative idea, I want to see what to do.]

[Big news! Just now Bayern Munich's official website posted the starting list for tomorrow's game, and Wang Zining is on the starting list! Tomorrow is the first game of Bayern in the Bundesliga, so you must go to see it!]

[Isn't Wang Zining playing the German second game?]

[Your news is too late. Last season, Wang Zining was loaned to the Hamburg team to play in the Bundesliga, and took the Hamburg team to the league championship last season. Wang Zining was the number one scorer and number one in assists last season. Bayern Munich waited for the end of his loan period, immediately called him back, and re-signed his professional contract to arrange for him to go to the first team.]

[Bayern Munich only won the third place in the Bundesliga last season, and their performance in the Champions League was not very good. The forwards performed so badly, it is estimated that they regret it. After signing a contract with Wang Zining, he let him sit on the bench. He felt that he hadn't let him play when he was young. Later, he was directly loaned to the Hamburg club.]

[Bayern doesn't know the goods, so Wang Zining can simply transfer to Hamburg.]

[Stupid, it's impossible for the Hamburg club to qualify to play in the Champions League. I still want to see our Wang Zining and his idol small forward.]

[The World Cup will be in the next two years. Wang Zining, come on, come back and take China to the top sixteen.]

[Just saw a joke. The Munich club signed a professional contract with Wang Zining, which gave him generous terms because of the FIFI virus that occurs every four years, and he can reduce the risk of the club. The best players on behalf of the national team in the World Cup are in a mess. There are various injuries and pains. Only Wang Zining has no trouble in this regard, because the Chinese team is a World Cup spectator.]

[It's really bad!]

[Although, with a sigh, Wang Zining must take the national soccer rush.]

[I heard that Wang Zining signed the contract with the Munich club this time, and the annual salary is 4.5 million euros, converted into more than 30 million yuan, I am really sour. 17-year-old is already a ten-million-year salary, why is my child not Wang Zining?]

[A handsome and profitable son, I want it too!]


The movie "Save You" immediately rushed to the box office as soon as it was released, leaving the movies of the same period far behind. In order to avoid this movie, and the movie was even postponed, it was just to avoid this fight.

The reason why "Save You" scared the opponents before it was released is not only because of the strong association of the famous director Kajang and the top-notch.

He, and its publicity is done too well.

The absence of the show has raised the expectations of the audience very high. The reason is that in order to play the couple in the movie, the starring character participated in the love variety show, and Yuanqiao CP became the hottest topic for a while.

The TV station's love variety show is already in its third season, and its ratings have declined a bit until the actresses and top streamers joined, which directly brought the third season's ratings to the top of the variety show.

Love variety shows generally invite second- and third-tier celebrities to participate, and first-tier celebrities are rare. Top idols are even more unlikely to participate. Wife fans don't want to see their idols dating other female stars.

When the officials announced that Wang Yuan and Qiao Yu were about to participate, the Internet immediately exploded.

Many fans are intimidated and crying, but don't want Qiaoqiao to participate. Until the official release of a pre-recording interview with two people, fans realized that it was to cultivate the tacit understanding of lovers in the next movie, so they came to the variety show to find the feeling.

There are still many fans who don't buy this statement, but this time only a few fans went to Wang Yuan's official Weibo to scold people.

Just as Qiao Yu's fans don't want to see idols on a variety show, Wang Yuan's fans know that she is going to record a variety show with her 7-year-old idol. They also come to persuade her to retire. They feel that our family's round and powerful double-time Gena actress is really good. Not this top idol can climb.

Their love variety show started on the air between fans and fans. In the end, both parties became Yuanqiao CP fans…

"Save You" is a double harvest of box office awards. It has won awards at domestic film festivals. It is also the film that made Wang Yuan the queen of Bailin, the three major European film festivals. She won two of the awards and has three trophies. There is no two prestige.

After Wang Yuan made this film, she didn't take any work for three years. Later, she moved to the television circle and filmed a criminal investigation drama created by Fan Jiangwen, which became the ratings champion that year. The highest event of the domestic TV art festival held the following year, I would like to invite Wang Yuan as the image spokesperson of the TV festival and a candidate for the goddess of golden cherry. Wang Yuan declined. The reason is that all previous Golden Sakura goddesses are young and beautiful flowers, and she thinks she should leave this opportunity to more newcomers.

This operation of the TV Festival was ridiculed by the netizens for a while. They said that there are many inside stories about the Golden Sakura Goddess awarded by the TV Festival in the past two years. This time they want to catch a wave of fanfare.

Although Wang Yuan did not make many works in the next few years, the film and television works she invested in had a big harvest. For example, investment in special forces TV shows, although the income is not as good as the income of the film, it is also

Let her profit a lot. The criminal investigation drama written by Fan Jiangwen is not only a leading actor but also an investor, she is also a successful investment case.

In addition to these, she has also invested in many small production films, which have paid off. The studio in charge of Ni Ying has also signed many newcomers in recent years. Because of Wang Yuan's reputation and investment, the studio has also gotten them for them. Many resources, a few have already emerged and become popular, and the studio has begun to operate in a healthy manner.

In the past few years, Wang Yuan has not only taken over acting work occasionally, but her usual focus has been to accompany her two children. She is responsible for managing Wang Zining's social platform in Germany, and often translates and publishes some good articles and works from China. She wants Wang Zining's many fans in Germany and around the world to learn more about China and Chinese culture.

When Wang Zining was 21 years old, he had helped Bayern Munich win two Champions League titles. He has almost become a new miracle and legend on the green field. His abundant physical stamina, hurricane-like speed and superb skills make him unrivalled on the court.

Domestic fans have now regarded him as a super idol, and another reason is that he really led the men's soccer to the top 16 in the last World Cup. A few years later, the Chinese national soccer team once again entered the top sixteen, and also let the majority of fans see the hope of the rise of the national soccer.

Wang Zining's domestic popularity is much higher than that of the top idols, and no one, young or old, does not know him. Many brands in the world and in China want to find him to cooperate. Bayern Munich's major shareholder Clover wants to make Wang Zining the global spokesperson for their brand. Surprisingly, Wang Zining chose a domestic sports brand.

At the brand cooperation conference, some media asked him why he would give up the pursuit of so many international big names and choose this domestic sports brand, Wang Zining said, because I want the young people in China and people from other countries to be able to recognize And fall in love with our Huaguo sports brand. There is another reason. The brand is called NING, which is the same as my name.

On the second day after the signing ceremony, the stock price of NING's sports brand rose directly by 5 points. This is the appeal of Wang Zining. He does his own practice. After becoming a star, his whole body, including some of the items he uses, are all domestic products.

When Wang Zining was in China, the clothing and shoes his family bought for him were all international sports brands. He also liked the brand endorsed by his idol very much. After coming to Germany, I didn't realize it at first, but later I was reminded by the small man that his words and deeds will affect him now.

And drive the choices of his fans. In addition to the jerseys issued by the team, he will use his own country's brand in his daily clothes. Although he is a teenager, he still loves his home country. I hope that domestic fans can support domestic brands like him.

In addition to helping the elder son manage the social platform and do some translation work, Wang Yuan also accompanies the younger son all the way to choose a school.

In the past few years, the two sons have been struggling to fight monsters and upgrade. The eldest son has come over game after game and won the trophy again and again. The youngest son skipped to high school after a year in junior high school. At the age of 12, he attended the Karoo Institute of Technology in Germany and received two bachelor degrees. At the age of 14, he went to California Institute of Technology to continue his studies. His research on exoskeleton projects in recent years has not stopped, of course, thanks to his brother's continuous sponsorship. When he was 12 years old when he went to university, his research hadn't made any breakthroughs, but in order not to swindle big men's money, he published a research result that he didn't like. Medical device companies all over the world wanted Get this patent.

This is the basic research of the exoskeleton project-prosthetics. He used his own research results on the basis of the existing prostheses, which made the prosthetic limbs innovative. The flexible operation of the hand-foot prosthetic limbs completely exceeds that of his own limbs. The fit of the prosthetic limbs and the human body is almost imperceptible. exist. This research result allowed him to get uncountable patent fees.

The first money Qi Haoran received was used to buy a soccer field for the big man. When telling the big man, he said calmly that this is a small gift for him. Wang Zining looked at the little man's calm and ostentatious appearance, knowing that he must be extremely proud of himself. He only made his first money when he was 15 years old. The little man started to make money when he was 12 years old. He probably wanted to show off in front of him a long time ago.

Looking at the height that the little man has suddenly risen in recent years, Wang Zining has an ominous premonition that the little man will not be really taller than him in the future, right?

How can the elder brother be beaten by the younger brother, then he has to play harder, at least to get a footballer's award.

The lives of mother, Wang Zining, and Mario are still going on, and the story is about to come to an end.

Because of the love and company of each other, the mother's life has become full and happy, and the children have spent their childhood and teenage years without regrets, and continue to pursue their dreams…

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