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Extra 1

Tang Yanyan carried the insulation box and went to the elevator in the inpatient department of the hospital. She watched the patients in hospital gowns and the depressed family members squeezed in. She covered her mouth and nose with disgust and shrank to the corner. The elevator door opened, she came out like an escape.

The corridors of the ward are also used to describe haggard patients. Some patients were helped by their family members to walk around with the medicine. Some patients suddenly bent over and coughed severely when they walked halfway. The soup face looked difficult. She really hated the place of the hospital, especially the tumor. In the hospital, most of the people who come here for treatment are seriously ill tumor patients, and here are all dark faces.

Entering the ward, she saw the nurse knocking Xue Ping on the back with a hospital instrument. Xue Ping was dissatisfied and accused the nurse of incorrect gestures and strength. The nurse was so angry that she rolled her eyes and saw Tang Yanyan coming over and turned off the instrument. Said: "You patient is too difficult to wait for, I won't do it today after I finish my work, you can hire someone else." After he pushed the instrument, he went out and returned it to the nurse's station.

"It's hard for me to serve you a countryman with rough hands and feet. I can't say a few words." Xue Ping said in an aura.

"The nurses are very temperamental now, but they are indeed working hard. Let's be considerate of each other." A patient in the next bed persuaded with a smile.

Xue Ping glanced at the neighbor's bed, did not speak, and said to Tang Yanyan, "Why did you come to help me roll the bed down? I want to lie down for a while."

Tang Yanyan put the insulation box on the cabinet, slowly shaking the bed down, frowning and saying: "Mom, don't move and get angry. The doctor said that your illness is out of anger. You must recover after the operation. Maintaining a good mood."

"It's nice to say, can you feel happy if you have this disease?" Xue Ping said, pulling his face.

"Mom, what are you talking about? Are you cursing me?" Tang Yanyan said irritably. During this period, she accompanied Xue Ping in the operation. She saw too many patients with this disease and checked that this breast tumor also has genetic factors. She was still panicking in her heart. Her mother wanted to talk like this because she wanted everyone to have the same disease as her, so she was happy after all the breasts were cut!

Xue Ping did not speak.

"I brought soup, would you like to drink a little."

"Don't drink."

"You are lucky. It is the early stage of breast tumor, and it is fine after the cut. There is no need for chemotherapy. Unlike me, it is already in the middle stage." The aunt next to the bed walked slowly in the ward to move her limbs," your daughter said. That's right, no matter what, we have to keep our mood happy. At this stage, people know that there is nothing more important than health. The idleness that was born before is really unnecessary to think about now."

Looking at the kindness of the aunt next to her bed, Tang Yanyan felt that her mother could think as much as she did. She asked: "Auntie, is it your daughter who took care of you before?"

The aunt next to the bed smiled and nodded: "Yes. Just such a daughter, fortunately she has her. My illness has dragged her down. There are children at home to take care of, and the unit has to go to work. I have to come to the hospital to take care of me. I am sick. In a few months, she lost about 20 catties at once, but it really hurts my heart. Now I want to get better soon and let the child lighten the burden."

Tang Yanyan had seen this aunt tell her daughter several times, so that she didn't have to come over, and she could take care of herself. Unlike my mother, I want to be by my side 24 hours a day, and call to death when I go out late in the morning.

"It's right for children to take care of their parents. Otherwise, what are they doing." Xue Ping said, "Your daughter works for someone, and it is not easy to get that salary, so she dare not ask for leave. We are different. My son runs his own company and becomes the boss. My daughter is married well. Now I am a rich wife and enjoy the happiness. They have the money and time, and I am a mother who has such a serious illness. They will definitely take care of me."

"Then you are blessed. I think your son is also very filial, and often visits you." The aunt next to the bed said with a good temper.

"Mom, what are you talking about? Auntie's daughter is very capable and works at the procuratorate." Tang Yan's face flushed to the equator.

Her father died of a brain stroke a few years ago, and her brother took over the company's class. The so-called company has long been in debt and cannot support it. Her brother is now in a desperate situation. Some time ago, her niece had to borrow money from her for school loan.

Her mother said she was Mrs. Fu, and Tang Yanyan was furious when she heard it.

She lost the selection of the women's team audition and was covered in black material, which had already ruined the entertainment industry. Later, her mother asked someone to introduce her to an object. The other party was a fat man who was nearly twenty years older than her. Of course she doesn't like businessmen very much, but her mother persuaded her men to be older and know how to hurt people. She also said that it's useful to be good-looking. I will also worry about food and clothing in the future.

Tang Yanyan was persuaded by her mother to marry this wealthy middle-aged businessman. After the marriage, the man asked the young lady to repay the domestic violence, so Tang Yanyan completely tasted the bitter fruit. Her father had opposed her marrying this man before. Later, her father died of a cerebral hemorrhage, also because he knew that she was irritated by her husband's domestic violence.

After her father passed away, her brother had to divorce the man. Her mother still disagreed, saying that she had no ability to hold a man. Tang Yanyan was completely disappointed in her mother at that time, and later she insisted on divorcing the man.

Soon after the divorce, she found another one. Now her husband is an ordinary company employee. He doesn't make much money but treats her well. Now both of them have daughters. Because she has to take care of her daughters, she usually works part-time and teaches in the piano training center. The children played the piano. This time her mother was ill. She hasn't taught the piano for a long time, and she has lost a small amount of income. Moreover, if this part-time job is replaced by someone, she may not be able to find a suitable one in the future.

She and her brother are now both ordinary families and life is not easy, but her mother has not considered the current situation of her children at all, and has made many demands on them since she fell ill. At the beginning, it was found out that breast cancer was causing trouble to go abroad for treatment, and later it was proposed to live in the unit ward, etc., regardless of whether the children were able to afford it.

Now listening to her unchanging face and bragging about showing off, Tang Yanyan feels ashamed and embarrassed.

"The procuratorate, that's a civil servant." Xue Ping smiled nonchalantly. "The income of a year is not enough for my eldest daughter to buy a bag."

She turned to the aunt next to the bed and said, "I didn't mention it to you. My eldest daughter is the big star Wang Yuan, and my grandson is the international star Wang Zining. He can buy the best villa in H City with a year's income."

When Tang Yanyan heard this, she couldn't help but turned around and walked out.

Their family and Wang Yuan have never met in recent years. When Xue Ping found out that it was breast cancer, she cried and wanted to go abroad for treatment. Tang Yanyan and her brother told her that the disease could be treated in a domestic hospital. There was no need to go abroad, but Xue Ping just refused. Later, Tang Yanyan told her mother directly that neither of them had money. If she had private money, she could go abroad to see a doctor.

Xue Ping also asked them to contact Wang Yuan, telling Wang Yuan that she was sick, and whether she would care if she was human. Tang Yanyan had no face to contact Wang Yuan. Later, her sister-in-law was urged by Xue Ping. In addition, she wanted someone to pay for the medical expenses and contacted her through Wang Yuan's domestic agent.

Wang Yuan paid 200,000 yuan. Tang Yanyan and her brother were a little surprised that she was able to make money, but it happened to help them solve the problem of medical expenses. Xue Ping knew that Wang Yuan had only given this money, and angrily cursed her for several days.

After all these years, Tang Yanyan can see her mother clearly, she loves no one, only herself.

Xue Ping also wanted to move to their home after she was discharged from the hospital. Tang Yanyan thought she would never agree. The small family now is her last refuge, and she doesn't want to be broken up by her mother.

When the nurse was about to leave, Tang Yanyan found another one and planned to leave after explaining some things.

Xue Ping called to stop her, "Go and tell Wang Yuan, I will do a reconstruction technique, let her pay for it. Don't pay that much money this time, at least two million."

Tang Yanyan glanced at her mother, turned and left without saying a word.


Extra 2

Li Xiaoyun adjusted the collar for her son again, and said to him, "Remember what mom taught you, what do you want to say when I see my brother later?"

Fan Jiang Zijue said impatiently: "I see, you have been chanting several times."

Li Xiaoyun smiled and patted her son gently. She was not worried about him yet and wanted to keep their brothers close. Li Xiaoyun used to worry about her stepson and son robbing her of the family property and was always prepared for him.

Since Wang Zining became famous as a teenager, Li Xiaoyun's careful thoughts have long been forgotten, and there is a world-renowned football star brother, who will be his son's greatest support.

Fan Jiangliang took his wife and children to pick up the plane. He said to Li Xiaoyun: "You don't use it, I plan to pick up Ning Ning quietly and leave. See you when you get home."

Li Xiaoyun said: "Zijue wants to come to pick up his brother. He wants to see his brother every day."

Fan Jiang Zijue rolled his eyes. Although he was looking forward to his brother's return, he was exaggerated by his mother.

When Fan Jiangliang and his entourage came to the airport, they found that the airport was surrounded by special police officers. The scene was full of people and media carrying cameras.

He and Li Xiaoyun are both public figures. Seeing this pose, they quickly put on their masks for fear of exposure.

"What happened?" Li Xiaoyun asked.

"I don't know." Fan Jiangliang said.

Fan Jiangliang's assistant went to inquire about it and ran over to him and said, "I don't know how the media knew that Ning Ning returned to China today. Now the airport is full of fans and fans, as well as various media and bosses. Wait in the car, I'll pick up Ning Ning."

Fan Jiangliang thought for a while and nodded. In order to prevent collisions with fans, he also brought two bodyguards over today. This feels completely insufficient. Fortunately, the airport has responded quickly and sent a special service to maintain order. Ning Ning should be able to walk out smoothly.

When Wang Zining walked out, he was startled by the crowd and short cannons in front of him. He looked at the agent: "Have you ever leaked the news of our return?"

The agent shook his head quickly. This time he accompanied Wang Zining back to China to discuss a cooperation. He knew Wang Zining's popularity in the country and did not dare to disclose the itinerary. Unexpectedly, these reporters and fans knew about it. Seeing this formation, he said, "Ning, the people of your homeland are really too enthusiastic. Last time we went to Japan and South Korea, those fans were also crazy."

Surrounded by the crowd, Wang Zining finally got into the car safely after signing a few fans.

As soon as he sat down, a figure rushed over and shouted in his ear: "Brother!"

Wang Zining turned his head and saw the small glutinous rice balls, patted his shoulder and grinned: "Why are you getting fat again? You had to exercise more with you last time, did you not listen."

Fan Jiang Zijue pouted, "How come you irritate me as soon as I meet."

The eight-seater business car they drove. Li Xiaoyun and his wife were sitting in the back of the car. Li Xiaoyun took the opportunity to say, "Look, Brother Ning Ning also asks you to exercise. You can't be lazy next time."

Li Xiaoyun regretted giving her son the nickname glutinous rice balls. As a result, he became more and more rounded. Although he was cute when he was a child, he is still so round at the age of 8. He is really a little fat man.

Wang Zining turned his head to say hello: "Auntie, Dad."

Fan Jiangliang smiled and touched his eldest son's head, "After sitting on the plane for such a long time, if you are tired, grandparents and grandpa are waiting for you at home. After eating, you should take a good rest and take jet lag."

Wang Zining nodded, "How is your grandparents' health these days?" They are all in their 80s, and he is most worried about their health now.

Fan Jiangliang: "It's all pretty good."

"Brother, did you bring me a gift?" Fan Jiang Zijue asked Wang Zining by pulling his arm.

Li Xiaoyun glared at her son secretly, and forgot what she said to him before going out. Ask him to ask his brother first and care about his brother's recent situation. Unexpectedly, he would only ask for gifts.

"In my suitcase, when you get home, you can look through it yourself." Wang Zining said with a smile. He would bring gifts to his family every time he came back.

"what is it?"

"Racing model."

"Ah, I like it!" Fan Jiang Zijue said happily, "Brother, I heard that the gift you gave to Brother Mario is several million. You will give me such a gift in the future, and you will give a real racing car."

Li Xiaoyun was so annoyed that she wanted to pinch her son. What she said to his grandmother was heard by her son, and she didn't expect to talk directly to Wang Zining.

"Mario received a gift to give your brother a football field. You and your brother want to race. Can you send him a basketball field in the future?" Fan Jiangliang laughed.

Fan Jiang Zijue thought for a while, shook his head and said, "The basketball court requires a lot of money. I can't afford it. My new year's money can only buy a basketball hoop."

He said to Wang Zining, "I don't want a real car, just a car model."

Wang Zining patted the back of his head and said, "When you are admitted to a prestigious university, I will give you a racing car."

"That's OK." Li Xiaoyun poked her son happily, "I heard no, I must study hard and go to a prestigious university in the future."

My son has just started elementary school, and I can see that his learning aptitude is average, and he doesn't have the athletic talent to study badly. She is now worrying about what the child will do in the future.

Fan Jiang Zijue sighed, "Brother, it's really tiring to study. It would be nice if I can play football. If I can run fast, my grandma said that you almost entered the track and field team and the swimming team before, so I can't do anything."

Wang Zining is very sad. Reading is really difficult. Although he is training every day, his mother still asks him to apply to the German Sports University. He doesn't let his cultural lessons go. Sometimes he really wants to hide from the club. Go home.

"Now that you know you can't do it, you have to work hard." Li Xiaoyun said.

Wang Zining looked at the small glutinous rice balls sympathetically and took care!

Wang Zining returned to China to discuss business cooperation, but was approached by the leader of the national track and field team.

The leader of the track and field team and the sprint coach came over sincerely to persuade Wang Zining whether he could spare time to practice the 100-meter sprint.

Wang Zining was a little surprised. He didn't know why they suddenly came up and made such a strange request. He was obviously a football player, so why would he want to practice sprinting.

"We have watched you many games and got your fitness test report through some channels. We have professionals who have tested your explosiveness on the court and found that as long as you pass simple posture adjustments and training, you are completely possible. Reach a speed of 10 seconds on the 100-meter track."

"If you can achieve this result, the track team will reserve a place for you in the Olympics next year."

"I hope you can cooperate with us in training and testing during this period of time in China. If it proves that you really have the hope of getting a medal on the 100-meter track, we will send a dedicated team to Germany to do sprint training for you. Try to cooperate not to affect your football game."

The guides were embarrassed to refuse these words, he touched his head and said, "Then I will try."

The 100-meter sprint award ceremony for the second year of the Olympic Games began. When the national anthem came from the TV, Fan Jiang Zijue looked at the excited grandparents, aunts, parents, and relatives who watched the race together. He was still a little surprised. When my brother returned to China last year, he said that he was going to practice sprinting. This year he won the Olympic champion!

This medal weighs so much. As a nine-year-old kid knows it, even if he doesn't know it, it has been popularized by the excited and crying commentator on the TV.

In the past two years, some professionals commented every day that his elder brother has an unusual body and that his body may contain genes that can decode human evolution. He read these nonsense reports with gusto, and now he thinks these gossip reports are possible. Really guessed it.


Extra 3

When Qi Haoran was 14 years old

Although he has won honors and achievements that ordinary people can hardly achieve in a lifetime, he is not happy and very painful, because his exoskeleton research has fallen into a bottleneck, and he thinks that he may never come up with research results.

Watching her son burn all the research materials in the past few years, shut herself in the room, refuse to communicate, and lose weight quickly, Wang Yuan was worried. She notified Qi Ying, and Qi Ying also rushed over to see her son.

Qi Ying smashed the lock of his son's room, forced him to come out, and forcibly took him out to get some fresh air in the sun. Wang Yuan looked at her son who was nearly as tall as Qi Ying, really worried that the two father and son would fight at any time.

Qi Ying: "You are only fourteen years old, and there is still a lot of time in the future. Why are you so anxious that you will have scientific research results immediately. Success is based on repeated failures. Now that your research encounters a bottleneck, what you have to do is once again. Enrich yourself, learn more, broaden your thinking, keep trying. Self-abuse is the most stupid way."

Wang Yuan had also said these things to his son many times, but now he walked into the horns and couldn't listen to these persuasion at all. She wondered whether it was the reason why the youth rebellious period had arrived.

"Baby, did the success of the previous prosthetic arm make you have higher demands on yourself and become anxious for success. Mom hopes that you can have the same heart as before. Mom wants you to do anything, first of all, you must have interest and enthusiasm. Research that only seeks results will make this process very difficult. If you push yourself too hard, it is better to give up. We don't want to see you slowly destroy your health like this."

Qi Haoran still closed herself up, in a state of despair.

Wang Yuan decided to take him to the beach for a holiday, to get in touch with the vast ocean, hoping to get rid of his knots.

It is rare for Qi Ying to put down his busy business and stay with his son. Facing the silent son, the two couples can only find a topic to chat, hoping to arouse the son's response.

The rare leisure time at the beach did not cure Qi Haoran's problem for the time being, but Qi Ying's whole body became relaxed. He looked at the coconut sea water, then turned to look at the mother and son next to him, his eyes softened unconsciously.

At this moment, he even wondered whether Mario should be given a complete family. If his parents remarried, Mario should be happy and put his research frustration aside for the time being.

Watching Wang Yuan wearing sunglasses and a floral dress sitting on a beach chair reading a storybook to the silent son next to him, he made an action that he had never expected. He picked up a small stone from the ground and threw it. To Wang Yuan.

Wang Yuan felt that something hit her calf and bounced it reflexively. She saw Qi Ying turn her head pretending to be unknowingly, and she cursed in anger, neurotic.

At this moment, Qi Haoran suddenly bent down to pick up the small stone, glanced at her mother, and threw the stone to her calf.

Wang Yuan gritted her teeth with anger, who has offended her legs!

I saw Qi Haoran pick up the pebble again, and hit her calf this time.

"Mario, what's the matter?" Wang Yuan asked worriedly when her son looked at her son holding the pebbles.

Qi Haoran looked up at her, his eyes lit up, "Mom, I have found a new research direction!"

Seeing her son's enriched expression, Wang Yuan was very happy, thanking this little stone.

Yes, I want to thank this little stone, which allowed Qi Haoran to switch from the exoskeleton equipment he had always insisted on to chip research. Qi Haoran remembered his original intention to make exoskeleton equipment. He wanted to make the injured leg of the big man become more powerful and faster by relying on the power of technology.

He had always felt that only the tough suit of Iron Man could do it, so if he changed his mind, he could wrap this power in his soft body. He wants to develop a chip that can be placed in the human leg, and develop the greatest potential of the human leg by stimulating neurons and the body.

With this idea, Qi Haoran feels that he has to learn more, and he needs to have more in-depth study and research in the fields of biology and physics. After reaching this conclusion, he told his parents that he planned to graduate from Karoo College and go to Caltech to continue his studies.

Her son cheered up again and had a new plan for her studies and future research directions. Of course, Wang Yuan was happy and supported. For this reason, she bought a house near Caltech as a place to study with.

The first result of Qi Haoran's chip research a few years later was implanted in the legs of patients with foot drop, so that patients with foot drop can move freely. This result has already caused a sensation in the entire medical community. Later, he further improved and improved the chip. In a track and field competition, it was discovered after the game that a champion participant was implanted with an improved chip because of a foot injury. As a result, he ran out of his best condition when he was healthy. Impossible performance.

More athletes have implanted chips in their legs, and after testing their legs have strength and speed far exceeding normal levels. After the Olympic records were broken time and time again, sports organizations around the world have begun to promulgate a new rule that if athletes implant chips in their limbs and take stimulants, the competition results are invalid. And before and after the game, the athletes will be rigorously tested to ensure that there are no chips in their bodies.

Dr. Qi Haoran's research has caused a sensation in the world, because his research has cured countless patients with physical injuries and even changed human physical fitness to a certain extent. He was nominated and won the 20XX Nobel Prize in Physics.

There were still disputes over which field his research belonged to, but the chip he developed changed the conventional understanding of integrated circuits in the physics community, because he made outstanding contributions to the field of human physics, and finally it was indisputable. Won his Nobel Prize.

My mother looked at her son when she came to the stage to receive the award, and she was full of emotion. She once joked that she would become the mother of the Nobel Prize winner. She did not expect that this day would really come true.

Qi Haoran mentioned his mother and brother in his speech, thanking them for their love and support.

Wang Yuan covered her mouth with tears in her eyes. Mario, my little son, thank you too, your growth is the mother's greatest happiness!

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