At a romantic night scene dinner, in front of the dignified and funny female anchor, Qi Ying seemed a little absent-minded.

The dating partner seemed to see that he was not in high spirits. Turning from the financial topic just now to his son, he really praised Qi Haoran's genius achievements. Then Qi Ying nodded and moved the corners of his mouth slightly. It may be that his face is like this, even if it is polite. The smile also seemed to be ridiculous, but the date seemed to not care, and still talked and laughed calmly, trying not to let the atmosphere cool down.

When Qi Ying heard the other mention his son, he couldn't help but think of the woman again.

Some time ago, Mario was not in good condition. He and Wang Yuan took him on vacation. This time on the seaside vacation, Mario recovered his mental state and gained a new direction of research. After that vacation, his heart seemed a little confused.

After the two divorced, each time they met, although it didn't last long, they almost broke up unhappy. When he got together for his son, he saw his ex-wife's gentleness and patience with his son. He thought that the atmosphere of tension and restraint had not happened and abandoning those complicated feelings. The object of his hostility in these years was not as hateful as he thought. Looking at her still beautiful face, it was vaguely the person he had been in love with, but it seemed to be a little different.

The difference may be that she is watching her son's gaze gently. In addition to her love of movies, she seems to love her current life and cherish the family around her even more. This has always been the change he wanted her to make.

Thinking of his act of throwing a pebble at her like a silly boy, he still regretted it now. This woman must have laughed at herself secretly, this kind of naive thing Mario would never do. Thinking of this, Qi Ying irritably picked up the water glass in front of him and finished it in one gulp.

The date in front of him stopped talking at the right time when he was drinking water, and thoughtfully called the waiter to add water for him.

The waiter just came to add water, and Qi Ying got up to say goodbye before the dessert came, and proposed that his driver would take her home safely.

The beautiful and good-spoken female anchor also looked a little embarrassed at this time, and then stood up gracefully and watched him leave first.

When Qi Ying disappeared from her sight, the female anchor took out her mobile phone angrily and dialed a call to her girlfriend.

"Aren't you dating a rich man? Why call me when you have time." The girlfriend said with a grin.

"Don't mention it, halfway through the meal, he will leave first." The female anchor said dullly.

"What's the matter?" asked my girlfriend strangely, "Is he really as difficult to get along with as rumored?"

"It's really a bit. When I'm not talking, I'm very alienated, and I feel like mocking people when I open my mouth. I bite the bullet and talk to myself all the time." The female anchor said helplessly. She is less than thirty this year, has a good family background, a bright career, and a large number of suitors. This date with Qi Ying was also facilitated by the middleman, and her parents also attached great importance to it. Even though she felt that she did not dare to show up in the process of getting along just now, after all, no one wanted to offend the head of the Qi group.

"This kind of super-rich is so arrogant, don't care, see if he will ask you again in the future." The girlfriend explained, "If you think about his ex-wife is the shadow queen Wang Yuan, he must have a very high vision. Although this The personality may not be easy to get along with, but the reputation is good. In the past few years, he has been with celebrities and there are no bad rumors about breaking up."

"It's okay to criticize him. My family has great hopes to promote our relationship. Otherwise, I really don't want to date him. No matter how rich, I don't want to suffer this crime." The female anchor sighed.

I don't know what the date here is saying about him, Qi Ying contacted the secretary to book him a ticket. He plans to fly to Germany as soon as possible to meet the person who caused his distress, so that he can sort out his thoughts.

When Qi Ying arrived at his son's house in Munich, Germany, he was a little nervous and expectant. When he saw a tall and handsome young man coming out of the house with a backpack and a skateboard, he nodded, revealing what he thought was the most kind. Smile.

Wang Zining greeted the little dad politely. I thought to myself, why did you come here not long after I went back? I saw that I was cold before, but this time I suddenly laughed so strangely, did I take the wrong medicine?

"Wang…Well, is Mario at home?" Qi Ying changed his words in time.

Wang Zining: "He may not get up yet."

Qi Ying nodded.

After Wang Zining left, when the German servant went upstairs and called Qi Haoran, Qi Ying looked around the house and found no figure of Wang Yuan. He frowned, where he had gone early in the morning.

Qi Haoran went downstairs to see Dad sitting on the sofa in the living room, a little strange that he suddenly appeared early in the morning. Before his son could speak, Qi Ying asked, "Where is your mother?"

Qi Haoran: "Dad, mom should go for a run. If you have something to do with mom, you should contact her in advance." He wanted to stay up late yesterday to figure out a piece of data, but was forced to turn off the lights by his mom and stayed by his bed until he fell asleep. Just left. When he got up early in the morning, he continued to immerse himself in the interpretation of his data. He did not expect to be interrupted just in the middle of the interpretation.

The father and son sat down and chatted about the current situation. Although Qi Haoran was pleased with his father's visit, he still missed the unresolved data. He was absent-mindedly chatting when he saw his father. He didn't have the usual chat style that emphasizes efficiency. He spoke while looking at the door.

"She's going to run alone?"

"Should be brought with you, maybe Leo will be with him."

As soon as Qi Ying wanted to ask Leo who was Leo, he heard a noise at the door.

Qi Ying got up and walked to the door, and saw Wang Yuan wearing a running suit and holding Xiao Erha standing in the garden, waving goodbye to a German man who was also wearing a running suit outside.

The German man's blond and gentle smile looked a bit like the Golden Retriever Xiao Erha, but Qi Ying looked a little unsightly when he saw this.

Wang Yuan turned her head to find Qi Ying was also there, a little surprised, "Are you coming to Germany on business?"

Qi Ying glanced at her and nodded, "I'll go to the hotel to rest first, and come over to pick you up for dinner at noon."

Qi Haoran: "Dad, I don't have time at noon." He just wants to go back to the room and continue fighting his data.

Qi Ying was a little dissatisfied with his son's non-cooperation, "It's not too late. We will pick you up at that time." After speaking, he took a look at Wang Yuan and left directly.

Wang Yuan has become accustomed to Qi Ying's style. She stepped forward and rubbed her son's hair. "You have been in the room for several days and need to rest and relax. It happens to be with your father to have a meal."

When Qi Ying came over at noon, only his son came out.

"Didn't your mother say to eat together at noon?"

"She and Leo made an appointment in advance to take Xiao Erha for a physical examination."

Qi Haoran got into the car and said, "Leo is the one who jogged with his mother in the morning. He is a veterinarian and seems to be pursuing his mother."

Qi Ying's face was extremely ugly, and he said to the driver: "Drive!"

Qi Haoran, who was sitting in the back seat, asked, "Dad, did you come to Germany this time to find your mother for something?"

Qi Ying gritted his teeth and squeezed out two words: "It's okay!"

In the evening, the German servant went upstairs and told Qi Haoran that his father was looking for him again. Qi Haoran shook his head and indicated that he refused to see him. Dad had already wasted his two hours at noon and did not plan to spare him two more hours of dinner.

After seeing the German servant's reply, Qi Ying didn't care and asked, "Where is Mario's mother?"

The German servant smiled ambiguously: "She is having a candlelight dinner with Leo. That's really a handsome young man. I think Mama Mario likes him very much."

Qi Ying was so angry that he turned and left.

Qi Ying at the door, Wang Yuan received his "notice" in advance and waited at home.

Qi Ying sat opposite Wang Yuan, trying to slow down the expression on his face, but because of a bad mood, his face was still ugly.

Wang Yuan looked at Mr. Qi and felt that he was about to come again to find a mess again, but nothing happened recently, so why did he provoke him again?

"I heard you were dating recently?" Qi Ying asked.

Wang Yuan was taken aback for a moment and nodded.

"The other party was the vet who ran with you that day?"

"Yes, his name is Leo. He is a German. He has a pet clinic. He can help stray animals. He is very enthusiastic and kind." Wang Yuan thought he was worried about the impact of making friends on the children. He said something.

"You forgot to say that he is only thirty, ten years younger than you." Qi Ying sneered coldly. He had already found someone to look up the man named Leo, and he didn't seem to have any other bad reviews except for the young handsome and kind-hearted, which made Qi Ying inexplicably irritable.

Wang Yuan laughed, "In addition to being younger than me, he is also very handsome, with a slender figure and charming blue eyes."

Wang Yuan seemed to see Mr. Qi's face brightly written with shameless characters.

"My date is the same as your girlfriends. They are young, beautiful and attractive." The age bias between men and women has always existed, and Wang Yuan is not surprised by this concept.

"I'm a man!" Qi Ying gritted his teeth, this is simply incomparable. And the question now is not how old she is to find a man, but how can she find someone else!

Wang Yuan shrugged and said with a smile: "After men and women realize economic freedom, there is no difference, they all have the capital to choose."

"Are you serious about going to fall in love with this Leo and get married?"

"I think Leo's people are good. They are still in the mutual understanding stage. As for the future, who knows."

Wang Yuan met Leo when she took Xiaoerha to the doctor. Although living abroad for so many years, Wang Yuan still does not look like a Westerner, and feels that she is not my race, but Leo gave her a different feeling. His eyes were very warm, which made her feel like deja vu.

When Leo dated her, she did not refuse, and his cheerful expression made her feel familiar. After the two talked, they both liked sports, and Leo also liked running and rock climbing.

He is the first time that Wang Yuan has felt the opposite S*x in so many years. When he gets along with him, he is very happy. Mr. Qi mentioned marriage, Wang Yuan has never thought about it. it is done.

Qi Ying wanted to ask, have you ever considered that we give Mario a complete family again, but through Wang Yuan's expression, he knows that he will never ask this because he already knows the answer.

He laughed at himself. How could he rush to Germany to look for her? It is already a clear fact, but he has never wanted to admit that Wang Yuan has never seen him in his eyes. This is what he noticed when he saw her in the past few years. And have been tit-for-tat reasons.

When Qi Ying left, Qi Haoran came out to send him off.

"…Have you seen that Leo?" Qi Ying asked.

Qi Haoran glanced at his father and nodded, "The other person is good." He sent a small Alaska with a disabled forelimb at home. After seeing him take care of small animals, he shouldn't be a bad person.

Qi Ying was disappointed and smiled, "Do you like him too?"

Qi Haoran stepped forward and hugged his father lightly. At this moment, he seemed to understand his father's reason for coming to Germany this time and his strange behavior.

"No one can replace you." He has grown up in the past few years and has disliked these intimate actions. He just feels that Dad is comforting at this time.

Qi Ying gently patted his son on the shoulder, smiled and turned and left.


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Sent to the small theater

Wang Yuan: "Son, what do you think of Leo?"

Wang Zining: "His family, including him, have always supported 1860 Munich!"

Wang Yuan: "…Last Derby, he sat in the Bayern Munich stand to cheer for you."

Wang Zining: "I heard that he went back and was isolated by his family for a month. Later, he kept going secretly to watch the 1860 Munich match!"

Wang Yuan: "…"

Wang Zining: "Mom, I think you can consider Qiao Yu. He will come to Germany to play football with me in two days, or should I invite him to eat at home?"

Wang Yuan: "…When did your relationship get so good?"

Wang Zining: "When I knew you were going to have a foreign boyfriend, I thought at least Qiao Yu saw it more pleasing to the eye."

Wang Yuan: "…"


Wang Yuan: "Son, what do you think of Leo?"

Qi Haoran: "When he discusses physics with me, if he can keep up with my thinking faster, I will give him a little more points."

Wang Yuan: "Son, this requires him to go to a German university and take a doctorate in physics before he can get your extra points."

Qi Haoran: "Maybe you can ask him to try?"

Wang Yuan: "…"

Qi Haoran: "You can also choose one more object, how about Mr. Qi?"

Wang Yuan: "…When he discusses physics with you, can he keep up with your thoughts?"

Qi Haoran: "No, but he can get my family points!"


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