Qi Kuang looked irritably at the program group surrounding him to comfort him and the program group with a camera gloating on the side, because it is now live broadcast, unlike a recorded variety show, you can ask the program group to dissatisfied him. The performance was pinched.

He regretted coming to this travel variety show for the one hundred and one time, and he also became a hapless tour guide.

Nothing happened from the beginning of the trip. Their first stop was France. In a few days, he fully realized how abominable it is to serve people, doing the heaviest physical work and the most broken heart. This The task of the tour guide is that he has received the most difficult job. There are countless mistakes in the process, and he has to maintain his mentality not to be crazy in front of the camera.

Early this morning, they transferred from France to Munich. Qi Kuang got up early in the morning and contacted the car and studied the second course before going to bed, which led to lack of sleep. He followed a group of chirping travel companions, four female artists and a young man with a dark face. When Fresh Meat got off the plane, he discovered that the envelope containing the funds for the two-day event was missing from the program group yesterday.

He lost the activity funds!

Now the group is standing at Munich Airport not knowing where to go.

"Qi Kuang, it's okay, or let's negotiate with the program team to see if we can lend us the funds for the next few days, and leave the airport to find a hotel to settle down." The eldest female in the group Guest teacher Wenying suggested.

Qi Kuang endured his irritable temper and said, "I have mentioned it to them. The program team deliberately watched the show and refused to accommodate."

"What should we do, let us stay at the airport?" Ye Yuran pushed her two large suitcases, regretting changing her high heels when she got off the plane. She had stood here for an hour and her legs were sore.

"Really refused to negotiate, let us find a way. I'm so annoyed!" The new generation Xiaohua Liu Mianmian walked back from the calm program group and stomped annoyed.

Qi Kuang looked at the people and knew that the biggest thought in their hearts right now was to blame themselves for losing their funds.

"Can we ask our friends here in Germany for help?" The youngest national girl among the guests, Danghong Idou, asked.

"Do you have any friends in Germany?" asked Gao Min Xiang, the only boy in the group.

Idol spreads his hands: "No."

Qi Kuang glared at her, talking nonsense.

Aidou looked at Qi Kuang with piercing eyes, "Teacher Qi, do you have any friends in Germany?"

Everyone turned to look at him.

Qi Kuang had asked the program team a long time ago. If he could ask a friend for help, he would have let his agent make arrangements for it, so he didn't have to worry about it.

"Will the show team agree that we use personal relationships to solve this problem?" Qi Kuang said, really naive young people, the dog show team just wants to see them perform a good show on the street!

Idol has a mysterious smile on his face: "If it's a special friend, I think the show team will be very happy and happy to see it happen."

Qi Kuang reacted after a while and took a look at idol. This guy is sure that the spy who inserted in the show team did not deliberately!

"Stop dreaming! I have no friends in Germany!"

Others also came to realize who the special friend idol was talking about, but they all felt that it was impossible at all. They glanced at Qi Kuang, but they didn't hold any hope.

Unable to find a way, everyone can only continue to stand stupidly at the airport waiting area.

The variety show studio is also a barrage screen.

In the first two years, many outdoor variety shows began to live broadcast, and later edited and produced several complete variety shows.

This travel variety show is already in the third season, and it uses a live broadcast mode. Compared with the variety shows edited and released a few years ago, it has more authenticity. Artists will be more cautious when receiving live variety shows. There is no later editing. Every word and deed are exposed to the audience around the clock, it is easy to overturn the car. However, there are also many artists who have become popular because of their live broadcast of variety shows.

Qi Kuang's personality is actually not suitable for live broadcast variety shows, but his agent thinks that he has more black fans than fans, and he doesn't care about the human setting. Qi Kuang has a movie starring in theaters, and his agent picked him up. This variety show is promoted.

[Mr. Dongfang Tetsuhiko, once used by the name, is still dog-like as always, and he feels that he is in a state of rampage at any time since the beginning of the trip!]

[Lost the funds and let everyone stay at the airport, even the eldest sister Wenying teacher dare not to blame him, Erha's violent temper is really well known to passers-by.]

[Hahaha, two haha ​​who played a lot of classic villain roles, it's not easy to look at. Ye Yuran was so difficult to deal with a person, and he didn't dare to say anything at all this time.]

[Erha rarely goes to variety shows. I heard that this variety show is due to promote his new movie]

[The starring role of the new movie is Erha. It seems that Douhua's score will not exceed four points, and the box office is absolutely blood loss. If you dare to find Erha as a starring movie, you can only make Erha an investor.]

[Mr. Dongfang Tetsuhiko is really a destined supporting actor. He won several awards for best supporting actor. When he played a supporting role, the movie would be a big hit. When he played the leading role, he would definitely hit the streets.]

[Erha's temperament is a big villain, he prefers to act as a hero, it's strange if he doesn't roll over!]

[Our idol's proposal, have you all realized that it won't be what I thought it would be, right? Is this the purpose of the program group, to push Erha to a dead end and ask him to ask his boss for help]

[Ah…No way, no way. The queen won't be in the mirror. I haven't seen her recording a variety show for several years. Looking forward to it!]

[Erha, rush, call for help!]

[This issue of the variety show said that I was going to Munich. I thought that the program group would definitely arrange for guests to watch a Bayern game. I was expecting to see our husband Wang Zining on the stadium. Now, can I boldly think that Wang Zining will also appear in the photo…]

[The watch says, it's impossible! Wang Zining's worthy program group can't afford it any more. The table gives us hope.]

[Look! Qi Kuang called, ah…have you asked Wang Yuan for help?]

Qi Kuang did take out his cell phone, and after thinking about it for a few seconds, he dialed out, making him make up his mind to call because Teacher Wenying was dizzy just now because of low blood sugar. Although he knew that the program group was cheating people, he also lost the funds and put everyone in the current situation. He can only find a solution.

After communicating with the program team, the director returned his mobile phone to him temporarily with a smile, and said very intimately that if the contact is made, they can arrange a car to take the guests there.

Qi Kuang almost yelled at him, the despicable guys, wouldn't it be them who stole their funds, and deliberately set up a sleeve to wait for themselves, right?

Of course, it is impossible for the program group to do this. They set the second stop of the trip in Munich. They really wanted to arrange for guests to watch a Bayern football match. The variety show's ability to photograph Wang Zining's live match is expected to blow up the live broadcast room. Unexpectedly, their small plan will usher in such a surprise and big change. Qi Kuang is really pleased, and his loss of funds is also great!

The phone that Qi Kuang dialed rang for a long time and no one answered it. He thought angrily, Wang Yuan would not deliberately not answer her phone! Is it still mad that she laughed at her last time? It's not as if she could give birth to a genius like Mario! This woman is stingy!

Just when he was thinking about anyone else in Germany who could ask for help, the phone rang. He picked it up and saw that it was Wang Yuan who came back. He picked it up with satisfaction, and said gruffly: "Hey, I can ask you for help if I have something to do!"

When the six people were sitting in the show crew to Wang Yuan's residence in Germany when they arranged the vehicle for them, it was definitely not conscience. Everyone felt a little unbelievable.

Teacher Wenying asked on behalf of everyone: "Qi Kuang, we really went to Wang Yuan's residence, did she know that she would be filmed in the show?"

Qi Kuang was sleeping while wearing sunglasses. Hearing Teacher Wenying's words, he rolled his mouth and replied: "I told her, she said it's okay. Because the program team didn't agree to borrow money from her directly, we can only borrow her. At home, she covers board and lodging for two days."

Liu Mianmian said excitedly: "Great! I can't believe this is true! I didn't expect Teacher Qi Kuang to lose the money, and there would be a big reversal."

Aidou smiled and said: "I still have to thank our teacher Qi Kuang. Only if he has this charm can make Teacher Wang Yuan agree to receive us, it is all the credit of Teacher Qi!"

Qi Kuang Shouyong smiled.

Xiang Gaomin also happily gestured in the car, "If you run into NING in the Universiade, I hope to get his autograph. I will bring his jersey this time, and I will change it later when I get off the car!"

Only Li Yuran was the most calm in the car. Compared with the excitement of several other people, she was not very happy to contact Wang Yuan. After the box video incident a few years ago, she did not want to see Wang Yuan again to avoid embarrassment.

Compared with the guests, the audience in the live broadcast room was really happy. It was a surprise. Knowing that the guests are going to stay at Wang Yuan's home for two days, the number of people in the live broadcast room is rising in units of thousands every minute.

[Here, is this Wang Yuan's house? The garden is so beautiful! There is a beautiful golden retriever at the door!]

[The guests got off the car, it should be here!]

[My idol has always been Wang Yuan, and they can finally meet! Happy for the idol, this time it was her proposal that brought a turn of events.]

[Yes, Idol is so smart. I think she deliberately and Erhati asked her German friends for help, suspecting that Idol came here with the purpose of seeing Wang Yuan.]

[It's out, it's Wang Yuan!]

[Really, Wang Yuan is so beautiful, she is in her forties, she can't tell at all.]

[You can also see her good figure through casual home clothes. I often see news about her running marathons. As expected, Wang Zining's mother is a great athlete!]

[I heard that Wang Yuan's second son is also a genius. He has obtained a doctorate at the age of sixteen and has several research patents.]

[Sure enough, excellent genes are inherited!]

[Qi Kuang, this Erha is still easy to pull, I don't know if he is begging, he is still so arrogant, Wang Yuan is about to roll her eyes, I think if it is not for other guests, Wang Yuan will definitely sweep him out!]

[Hahaha, agree.]

[Wang Yuan and Wenying have recorded variety shows together before, I think they seem to be quite familiar.]

[My idol is really a big fan of Teacher Wang Yuan. When I was in Paris, my soul was out of touch. I am so excited now. The whole star eye is almost wagging its tail.]

[This is Wang Yuan's mansion in Germany. This villa is really beautiful, and the decoration inside is also very warm.]

[This is an ordinary house of the middle class in Germany. It is not special. With Wang Yuan's income, this is not a luxury house at all. I didn't expect her to live in such a home. I thought there was a bunch of drivers and servants.]

[Watch TV series too much, right? And Wang Yuan has never been a high-profile character. I saw the airport photos of her returning home several times. They were all alone, unlike other celebrities with a lot of people behind them.]

[Speaking of pomp, no one can compare to our two ha.]

[Thinking of Erha's past style, I feel that he is not that bad as a tour guide. Although the ability is not enough, the temper is not good, but I did it with my heart.]

[Erha can make Wang Yuan appear on the scene, it is enough to kill the tour guides in the first two seasons. That's awesome!]

[Ah… there is something more awesome! I saw Wang Zining, half-naked, half-naked…]

[The scream just now made my mother think that there was a life case! Ning Ning, the camera is aimed at us, why did it turn, turn it back, turn it back!]

[The program group, shoot at Wang Zining, such a rare opportunity, don't persuade you, because of the ratings…]

[Our husband was shocked when he appeared on the stage, mother-in-law Wang Yuan, you moved too fast, why did you stop people and push them back? I start to hate you now…]

Wang Yuan also didn't expect Wang Zining to run out with only a pair of trousers. When she saw some of the guests and filming staff who had stayed in the hotel, she hurriedly stopped her son and pushed him into the room.

Wang Zining was also a little confused by the sudden appearance of the guests.

"Didn't I remind you that Mario's uncle will bring a domestic program group to the house later, don't you want to come out?" After closing the door, Wang Yuan reminded helplessly as she looked at her half-naked son who had just woke up.

"I was sleeping just now, and I didn't hear what you said clearly." Wang Zining touched his head and said. He just came back from a foreign game yesterday. He had a jet lag when he was resting at home. He didn't expect that he would be so shocked when he got up and planned to drink some water.

The German maid served tea to everyone and prepared lunch for everyone. The guests had eaten up a little breakfast at the airport in the morning, and now they feel really hungry when they see the delicious food.

The older three of Qi Kuang and Teacher Wenying were eating calmly, and the three young people, Aidou and Xiang Gaomin, were still talking in a bit of excitement.

Liu Mianmian excitedly placed his hands and blushed and said: "Wang Zining is really in good shape. This is the biggest harvest of my trip. I didn't expect that he would live with Teacher Wang Yuan, and it happened to be met by us. It's so happy!"

Xiang Gaomin also looked at the closed door of the distant room somewhat disheartenedly. If he was not sensible, he would really want to rush over and guard the door, waiting for his idol to come out, and have a chance to shake hands with him before going up again. A signature.

Idol is a fan of Wang Yuan, but she also likes Wang Zining very much, "Wang Zining himself is more handsome than on TV!"

"Yes, yes." Liu Mianmian and Xiang Gaomin nodded straight.

"When he won the Footballer of the Year award this year, my buddies celebrated for two days and two nights." Xiang Gaomin said.

"Wang Zining's strength should have won the best player award two years ago. In the past two years, Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga and the Champions League. Unfortunately, the best players also value the performance of the players in the World Cup. Wang Zining would rather suffer. I feel that the Football Association award to him this time may have been stimulated by his performance in the Olympic track and field events, so I dare not press him on this award anymore." Idol analyzed.

"It makes sense! If the Football Association does not give Wang Zining a player of football award this time, it is estimated that this award will not be convincing in the future. Don't look at how many goals Wang Zining has scored, which has already broken the record of predecessors." Xiang Gaomin said .

While they were talking about Wang Zining's topic, Wang Yuan first came out of the room and arranged accommodation for everyone with a smile. Because there were not many rooms, everyone needed to squeeze, and everyone said that they didn't care.

Qi Kuang didn't want to huddle with Xiang Gaomin, and suggested that he could sleep in Mario's room. Wang Yuan refused: "Mario will definitely not allow you to stay in his room."

Qi Kuang raised his head, "I am his uncle, and he is not in Germany. What does it matter if I borrow his room for two nights?"

Seeing that Wang Yuan still disagrees, Qi Kuang said, "I'll call him."

Wang Yuan provided Mario Caltech's contact information, and thought, you won't give up if you don't touch the wall!

When everyone had eaten and prepared to return their luggage, Wang Zining had come out of the room neatly dressed, he also put on a peaked cap, and hurriedly left from home. Kuai Xiang Gaomin was too late to say hello, leaving behind a disappointed young trio and a camera that only captured his back.

Qi Kuang hung up the phone with a gloomy expression and looked at Wang Yuan. He felt that she was smiling a little gloat. He couldn't help but stabbed: "Mario is too frustrated. He must have been living with you for a long time, and he became so stingy under your influence."

Wang Yuan: "Haha."

"Wang Zining is already in his twenties, why do I still live with you? I remind you that you should let him go out as soon as possible, so that he can grow into a mature man, otherwise, how can a mom find a girlfriend to marry in the future."

Wang Yuan: "Thank you for your concern and reminder. Ning Ning has her own residence in Munich. As for finding a girlfriend, I believe Mr. Qi will be more anxious. You

Do any girls like it?"

Qi Kuang was so angry that smoke came from his head.

Wang Yuan lent the house to the guests and arranged a business car to pick them up in the next two days. This saved a lot of things for the tour guide Qi Kuang, and he finally stopped worrying about the argument of the previous two days.

This trip in Munich lasted four days. Two days later, Qi Kuang received the new funding from the program group and was finally able to move out of Wang Yuan's residence to find a hotel. In fact, the funding provided by the following program group was reluctant. Wang Yuan only showed his face when everyone arrived on the first day. Later, she and Wang Zining did not return to their residence and had no chance to appear in the live broadcast room. If everyone can spend two more days with board and lodging, maybe they still have a chance to take their shots.

It is a pity that Qi Kuang wanted to move out of this place as soon as he got the funds, regardless of what the show crew suggested.

On the fourth day, the program team arranged a game to watch Bayern Munich. The tickets were booked a month ago, otherwise they would not be booked at all. When the guests walked into the stadium that day, they were surprised by the enthusiasm of the German fans, especially when a large group of fans screamed NING's name frantically, knowing that Wang Zining has such a large fan base in Germany, and everyone is proud of you feel.

Among a group of crazy fans, the program camera also photographed Wang Yuan who was watching the football game. This gave the audience in the live broadcast room another surprise. The bigger surprise was –

[Then, is the handsome man kissing Wang Yuan's cheek her boyfriend? Something happened by the show crew! Headline booking!]

[Is a foreigner, is the German really handsome? She has shiny blonde hair and a gentle smile.]

[It hurts for my Qiao Yu, is Yuanqiao CP really out of play, crying.]

[Could it be that I only noticed the other handsome guy next to me, that person with a temperament like the Killing Palace is not Wang Yuan's second son, right]

[I found it a long time ago, I have saved the screenshot, and my temperament is cold and aggressive. It's my dish!]

[This time the variety show can see Killing Palace, it's worth it!]

[The fairy looks worthy of a family!]

Wang Yuan sat in the stands, smiling and talking with Leo, turning her head to care about the emotions of the younger son from time to time, and then looking at the older son running in the stadium, smiling and feeling that everything was really good.

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