In the end, the provincial team lost to the German club youth team 2:8. Although they lost 6 goals, coach Liu and the whole team, including the fans present, were satisfied with the result. They saw European soccer. Strong, but also happy to discover the rise of a young soccer player in his country. Everyone has great expectations for Wang Zining and feels that he has the opportunity to become an outstanding international star.

Especially when the German coach took the initiative to approach Wang Zining, the jealous eyes of a group of youth players in the provincial team were red.

"Young man, do you want to come to the youth training camp of the German Wolf Club?" German coach Mars asked Wang Zining with a smile.

He felt that no boy could refuse this proposal, especially Chinese boys. The scouts of European clubs all over the world look for soccer talents, but almost no scouts come to China.

Wang Zining wiped his sweaty forehead. After listening to the translation, he thought for a while and said, "I plan to go to La Masia."

Coach Mars laughed, a little surprised, but it felt more interesting than expected.

Coach Liu was also on the sidelines. He was worried that Wang Zining would miss this opportunity, and quickly persuaded: "La Masia youth academy is very good, but the possibility of successfully entering is too small. Wolf is a Bundesliga club, and this is also a A great opportunity, don't let it go."

Coach Mars: "I saw you play and think you are a talented player with great potential. If you come to Wolfe, I will continue to pay attention to you. I will be transferred to the first team as the head coach this year. I can promise now You, if your development status continues to rise in the next few years, I can give you a professional contract at the age of 18 and let you have the opportunity to play on the front line."

Coach Liu's eyes are almost protruding. No matter how good the youth academy can be, it is no use. There are very few players who come out of the youth academy to reach the first team. Thinking of Wang Zining's chance to get the Bundesliga club contract, coach Liu excitedly wanted to press his head and let him quickly agree.

Wang Zining said politely and firmly: "Thank you, Coach Mars, but I still want to go to La Masia."

Coach Mars's expression was not as relaxed as before. He didn't expect this little boy to be quite stubborn.

If it is an average child, he has already given up the invitation at this time, but Wang Zining's performance impressed him too much. Although he has only watched one of his games, from the data of the game

It can be read that this is a very good, talented player with potential. If Wolfe missed him, it would be a big regret. Perhaps his biggest gain in coming to China this time is to bring this boy back.

"Maybe I can talk to your guardian." Coach Mars intends to listen to the boy's guardian's opinion, and perhaps hopefully make him change his mind.

Wang Yuan drove her two children home by herself.

"Do you really plan to go to La Masia Youth Training Camp?" Wang Yuan asked. When the German coach asked her to chat with Fan Jiangliang, they all expressed their need to respect their children's opinions. Coach Mars was very disappointed. He left his contact information, saying that he could be contacted if he changed his mind.

Wang Zining sat in the back seat with his long legs spread out comfortably, leaning on the back of the chair and nodding gently: "Yes, my idol is in Barcelona. I hope I can play with him when I have the opportunity."

Wang Yuan knew that her son's idol was the little forward, and there were many posters of him on the wall in her home.

"How are you going to La Masia? Go knock on the door of their club and ask them if they want to take in a silly big man who likes to dream?" Qi Haoran, who was sitting next to him, asked seriously.

Even if the big man performed well today, and even if a Bundesliga youth coach is interested in him, Qi Haoran still thinks that the big man is a braggart.

It is rare for Wang Zining to refrain from answering his words. In fact, what my father meant was to take him to the youth training camp for self-promotion.

Wang Zining made up his mind to go to La Masia, because there was his idol most. But if Dad's opinion is considered in the future, if the youth academy comes out to play, the Bundesliga will have more opportunities for non-EU players than La Liga, and it will be more friendly.

Wang Zining knew that his father was a fan of Bayern Munich and bought a lot of their shares. Of course, he wanted to go to Bayern's youth academy. In the end, the result of their discussion is that the youth academies of these two clubs will go to see which one has the hope of going in.

Although he scored two goals today, Wang Zining was not in a good mood, because the team lost, or lost by a big score of 6 goals. I have never lost so badly. This game also made him realize his lack of skills, which made him firm in his idea of ​​going to a foreign youth training camp, and no longer hesitate to hesitate.

"I was right. Do you really want to sell yourself directly? Do you think they will give you a chance?"

Qi Haoran's second question asked him to

He ate a piece of pop corn from his brother on his head, and he rushed forward with a scream, intending to meet the big guy, but Wang Zining stayed in, and the two of them screamed.

"Gentlemen, please pay attention, this is in the car, will you go home and have a final battle?" Wang Yuan reminded the two noisy brothers in the back seat with a headache.

Sunday is Grandpa Qi Haoran's birthday.

After Wang Yuan sent him to Wutong Road, she confessed and urged him to return to the studio by car.

When Qi Ying was abroad, he told his son on the phone that he would celebrate his grandfather's birthday on his behalf, and he had prepared all the gifts.

When Qi Haoran came over, she found that there were not many people in her family. This time she didn't invite many guests to participate. Only the uncle's family, the little grandmother and the aunt were the only ones.

Mr. Qi was talking with Qi Kuang, and he was furious at what the younger son said, because everyone didn't want to contact Qi Kuang, so he could only tell the younger son to roll back to attend his birthday party. As a result, Qi Kuang yelled if he didn't. Unfreeze his account immediately and don't apologize to him personally, he will never take another step on the road of Wutong.

Mr. Qi shouted, then you should never come back! Just hung up the phone.

He turned his head and saw the eldest son and couple looking at him nervously, he sighed lightly.

The elder son is too honest and cautious, and the younger son is too reckless and wayward, it would be nice if they can neutralize it. The second son doesn't have to worry too much about it, but occasionally he needs to be reminded.

Seeing that the little grandson had arrived, Qi Baijia seemed to have swept away his unhappiness. He smiled and beckoned him to come over and asked him about his recent school situation.

The twins' sister Qi Yubing saw that Grandpa was very affectionate to Mario, and she was upset and took her grandpa's hand and said, "Grandpa, you will ignore us when you see Mario coming over."

Qi Baijia smiled and touched her granddaughter's head, jokingly: "I was hiding from me just now, now I am not worried about me taking your ancient prose?"

Qi Yubing's face was slightly stiff. She is twelve years old this year. In recent years, her parents have been comparing her and her younger brother with his five-year-old cousin. Grandpa also seems to attach more importance to Mario. She and her younger brother used to bully him with their physical superiority. Now Mali Ao this guy learned to be clever, and the next few small movements made him catch, which in turn made himself lose face several times.

She didn't dare to face Mario directly, but her envy and dissatisfaction with her cousin did not diminish.

Qi Yubing stretched out his hand to greet the twin brothers together

When she came over, her younger brother ignored his sister's suggestion while he was playing mobile games.

Qi Yubing can only single-handedly confronted his cousin.

"Grandpa, now is the information age, there is no need to learn such slurred ancient Chinese, my uncle also said that it is old antique stuff!" Qi Yubing said. She knew that grandpa loved them and would not be angry with them as long as he was not excessive.

Qi Bai's family was angry, the youngest son did say it, but he didn't expect the granddaughter to hear this asshole.

"Grandpa, now EQ is more important than IQ. No matter how good you read, you can only become a nerd, but if you have a high EQ, you will become a very successful person in the future." Qi Yubing gave Mario a special look after he finished speaking.

"I think Mario is a bit smart, but his character is too weird and unlikable. He probably has no friends either."

"I am a little worried that he will never grow taller."

"I watched the video of his mother beating. Mario may have inherited her violent gene. Will he become a weird and violent person in the future?"

Qi Yubing said with a small mouth, Barabala, looking at Qi Haoran with a triumphant expression on his face.

Qi Baijia's face is also a bit ugly, "Bingbing, I don't think it's appropriate for you to say Mario like this. Your little mouth is almost catching up with your little uncle."

The Qi family eldest also quickly said to his daughter: "What nonsense, hurry up and apologize to Mario!"

Qi Yubing pouted, she knew that grandpa and father would not do anything to her. She wanted to stimulate Mario today, so that he should not be so proud!

Qi Haoran broke free from her grandfather's arms, stood aside, and looked at her cousin coldly: "I think you need someone to teach you strictly and learn to be a good person!"

"You have been spending money to ask your classmates to help you with your homework and cheating on exams. In addition to the skill of spending money, you also need to improve your IQ."

Qi Yubing was anxious: "You are talking nonsense!"

"You and your friend you paid for bullied a classmate in the class for a semester and made her almost commit suicide. Until this year, her parents found out that she was transferred to her. What you need more than to improve your IQ is to get you back. Kindness."

"Shut up for me!" Qi Yubing was so angry that he was about to rush over to fight Qi Haoran, but Qi Baijia reached out and grabbed it and pushed him aside.

Qi Haoran turned his head and said to the uncle: "Uncle, I think you should change your concept of education for twins, and you should not shelter and condone their mistakes. Otherwise.

When they grow up, they will create more problems and cause harm to society."

Qi Haoran had been paying attention to the twins' information and knew that Qi Yubing had bullied the female classmates on campus. When the other's parents found the school, his uncle came forward and spent money to solve it.

"Bingbing, you are so good!" Qi Tian said in surprise.

As soon as she finished speaking, Shao Yi slapped her on the thigh. Whether it's Mario or Qi Yubing, they are all children and grandchildren of her husband's ex-wife, and she doesn't want to get involved. In the future, whether the person at the helm of the Qi family passes it to the boss and second child, she doesn't want to offend either.

"Mario speaks more and more powerfully." Yu Wenqian, the eldest daughter-in-law of the Qi family, smiled faintly.

Bingbing is still a child, although these things she did are annoying, but they are not big things, but Mario said it face to face on the birthday of the father, it is always making everyone's faces unsightly. And the words are so ugly.

Her husband and Qi Ying are brothers of the same birth, but they are also competitors in the Qi family business. She feels that although Qi Ying did not come back today, she asked her son to come over and give them a face slap, and she felt very unhappy.

Yu Wenqian glanced at her son and was still immersed in the mobile game. When he didn't get angry, he took away his game console and took a picture of his son, "Learn from others and have such a strong mouth, how can you be better? Did not grow up."

Qi Baijia glanced at everyone and frowned. The conflict between the three children in the previous two years was stabbed out, and he realized that the relationship between the grandchildren was not good. Qi Ying also tried his best not to let Mario and the twins meet. This time he called the children over for his birthday. He didn't expect that although they grew up a little bit, their relationship did not improve at all.

But now he is more worried about his granddaughter.

Qi Baijia pulled Qi Yubing in front of him and asked in a deep voice, "Bingbing, is what Mario said is true?"

Qi Yubing held up and said loudly: "He lied! Mario slandered me!"

"Qi Bang, you say!" Qi Baijia said to his elder son with a serious expression.

Qi Bang fidgeted and lowered his head and said, "Bingbing was at school a little bit conflicted with his classmates…"

"Dad, the quarrel between the female classmates can't tell who is right and who is wrong, but the child is more fragile. Suicide and suicide scared his parents. I thought it was our Bingbing who killed her. We also looked at each other's family. Difficulties come out of kindness

It is our Bingbing's responsibility to pay for them to take their children to receive psychological treatment." Yu Wenqian kept smiling and said unhurriedly.

She looked at Qi Haoran: "Mario, where did you hear about this? Bingbing is your sister. We are a family. You can't help outsiders use this to attack us."

Qi Tian rolled his eyes secretly. The elder brother is cowardly, and the elder sister is shrewd and talkative. The twins used to bully Mario, and she was gently taken by her. Because of this, the second brother had a rift with the elder brother. In recent years, the second brother has taken over many businesses from the elder brother, and the father has also managed The power is gradually handed over to the second brother, and the sister-in-law has always had opinions on this. However, no matter what she can do, she can't let her elder brother develop his skills and take back the management right from the second brother.

Qi Tian thinks that her sister-in-law has time, so she should take care of the twins.

Qi Baijia glanced at his daughter-in-law faintly, "Bingbing and the others are your children. If you think it's okay, it's fine. My grandfather won't go past you to discipline the children."

He stood up, "Although it is my birthday today, the second and third are not there. Don't eat for this birthday, Qibang, your family should go back first. If the second is not there, Mario will stay with me."

Qi Bang was embarrassed, knowing that his father was really angry. He glanced at his wife and let her take care of the children. Just confessed a mistake in front of his father. You have to fight for this story. Look, let the old man provoke him. Gross.

The smile on Yu Wenqian's face also couldn't hold back, "Since my father has Aunt Shao with them, we will go back first. Next time I will bring my two sisters and brothers Bingbing to see you."

After finishing speaking, he pulled up his son, then went over and pulled the angry daughter away, smiling goodbye.

"Mom, why did you take me away? I won't leave! This is my grandfather's house, and it's my house! Mario is very proud of it now." Qi Yubing exclaimed dissatisfied.

Yu Wenqian glared at her daughter, "It's all your fault, so you are ashamed to say!"

"What's wrong with me! You also said that You Yunyun is mentally ill, how can you blame me!" Qi Yubing protested sharply.

"Enough, why noisy. You still have the face to say that you are right. Mario said that you spend money to find people to do homework and exams. Is it true?" Qi Bang in the passenger seat looked back. He glared at his daughter and asked.

"I, I didn't, he was talking nonsense!" Qi Yubing turned his head.

"Your grandmother is a physicist, and your grandfather was a schoolmaster when he was young. Both your father and your mother graduated from prestigious universities. How come neither of you has inherited our IQ. Mario's IQ was measured to be at the level of genius. Here you are even cheating in elementary school studies, it's shameful!" Qi Bang coldly snorted.

"Your father is right. How did you give birth to these two idiots? Mario stepped on his feet when he was a child, and now he said, our family is being swept out, can you grow up, Bingbing, you will be less stinky in the future , Read more books and play less games after Yanyan. I think I have to report a few more cram schools for you." Yu Wenqian said with a face drawn.

Qi Yuyan glared at his twin sister fiercely, "It's all your fault, it hurts me!"

Qi Yubing stretched out his hand to slap his younger brother. The two people crackled and beat each other with their four hands. Yu Wenqian pulled the two away, so angry that he couldn't wait to slap each of them.

Qi Yubing returned to the room with nowhere to vent her anger. She found her friend on the Internet and asked her if she could take revenge on a very annoying person.

Her classmate replied with a message: "Like us like You Yunyun?"

Qi Yubing: "That's too pediatric! And I don't want to be discovered. It's best to let this person disappear forever and never show up again!"

The classmate sent a surprised expression, "You don't want to kill, do you?"

Qi Yubing: "Stop kidding, I'm serious! I hate this guy, I must make him look good! But I can't let people know that I did it."

Classmate: "Who is it?"

Qi Yubing: "It is not convenient for me to say who it is, but he is still a child, only seven years old, but it is difficult to deal with."

Classmate: "Seven-year-old children are not easy to deal with. You are too cruel, not like the boss of our Overlord Flower."

Qi Yubing: "Stop talking nonsense, come up with an idea quickly."

Classmate: "If you want a seven-year-old child to disappear, then find someone to abduct him and sell him to a place where he can't come back."

Qi Yubing: "It's a good idea! But he is very smart, he might find it himself wherever he sells it."

Classmate: "Just make him stupid or dumb. I don't think I can find fools and dumbs all the way back home."

Qi Yubing: "Just do it! You can find someone for me!"

Classmate: "Are you really playing? I just talked about it casually. We and

It doesn't matter if You Yunyun makes a little fuss, your parents can pay for it. If you really do abduction, it's illegal!"

Qi Yubing: "So you can't let people find out that I did it. I can pay, and I have pocket money that can be used to do things."

Classmate: "How much money do you have?"

Qi Yubing: "It's okay for anyone under 50,000."

Classmate: "Last time I saw a post on the Internet, it can be 50,000 yuan". If you are willing to spend money, someone will do it for you, but it is illegal. Do you really want to make it clear?"

Qi Yubing: "Of course I think about it clearly. I'm so angry today, I must make him look good!"

Classmate: "Then search the Internet to see if you can find someone who is willing to collect money to help you do this."

Qi Yubing really searched the Internet. I found several people and found that everyone was joking about her, saying that she was insane. Qi Yu died of ice, but still didn't give up. He posted a post in a horror story forum given by his classmates. Someone really replied that he wanted to take this list.

However, Qi Yubing had to pay a deposit of 10,000 yuan first, and then give him the remaining 30,000 yuan after the incident. Qi Yubing was worried that the other party was lying to him, but thinking that 10,000 yuan is not much, just try it. Anyway, if the matter is not resolved today, she will be so angry that she can't sleep.

She received the other party's account and transferred the money happily. The other party did not expect that she would actually pay. In order to earn the remaining 30,000 yuan, she quickly sent a message to Qi Yubing to take the photo and information of the person she wanted to retaliate against. Sent over.

Qi Yubing looked for a family photo taken during the Chinese New Year, cut off Mario's head and sent it to the subject, and then sent Mario's name along with the school.

The other party said that she should have time to prepare and give her the result two months later. After she is sure that the subject is indeed missing, she will be asked to settle the balance.

Qi Yubing's refreshing reply is no problem.

After turning off the computer, Qi Yubing's anger was halfway out. During the chat, she had imagined Mario becoming dumb or being sold to a very poor place and being locked in a cage. Just think about her and be happy.

If this person lied to her, then she will find someone next time. Anyway, we must make Mario look good!

Qi Haoran knew that Qi Yubing would hate him, and their relationship never got better. He didn't care at all, but he didn't expect that his cousin would try to find someone online to hurt him.

According to Qi Yubing, this online transaction is just

During her venting process, she did not expect that the person she was looking for really started to act in order to get more than 30,000 dollars.

Wang Yuan's filming work is nearing completion, and she went smoothly for the role this time. Perhaps it was the reason why the guests from Parallel Space had a sense of substitution.

Of course, the post-production of the film is given to the directors, but she is not only the starring role in this film, but also an investor, so she has to cooperate fully in the promotion of the film.

The person in charge of the publicity and distribution of "Parallel Space" communicated with Wang Yuan and asked her if she could participate in an old variety show, and then bring Qi Kuang with her to the previous episode to promote the next movie.

Wang Yuan said that if there is a schedule, she can cooperate.

The work here is about to come to an end. The eldest son, Wang Zi, would rather go abroad with Fan Jiangliang and go to the wealthy youth academy to do self-promotion.

A week after Wang Zining left, he finally got a call. The voice on the phone was very excited, telling Wang Yuan that he was welcome to join the La Masia Youth Training Camp.

Wang Yuan was also very happy to hear the news, and asked how he did it?

Wang Zining said that his father contacted Ramasiye's scout through his relationship and showed the scout the video of him playing with the German youth team. The scout was a little interested and asked him to play a game with the local youth team. The coach of the Macia youth training camp also watched his game, and then he got an entry ticket.

Wang Zining said that although he likes the soccer atmosphere here, he is a little unhappy when he thinks of living here alone in the next few years.

Wang Yuan comforted him that her brother did not go to school during the winter and summer vacations, or as long as Wang Zining would miss her, she would go to Spain to live with him for a while.

Wang Zining was satisfied.

Wang Zining mentioned that they were leaving for Germany. Dad hopes that he will go to Bayern Munich again. The youth academy over there has a special "talent day" to recruit talented young players. Dad hopes that he will try it and feel the environment on both sides before making a decision.

A few days later, Wang Yuan first received a call from Fan Jiangliang, and his voice was a little excited.

"Ning Ning was recruited by Bayern Munich's youth academy coaches, and they really want him to join! I'm really so happy to think that one day I can see Ning Ning as a member of Munich in the Bundesliga and Champions League matches. It's almost like a dream! They are now doing a fitness test for Ning Ning, I will take the time to call you. Ning Ning will call you later and tell you later."

Wang Yuan asked: "Didn't Ning Ning want to go to La Masia?"

Fan Jiangliang's annoyed cry came from the phone, "Yes, he wants to go to La Masia. Why can't this little guy like Bayern Munich like his father!"

Regardless of how disappointed this middle-aged fan is, Wang Yuan intends to receive her son's call later and congratulate him.

Wang Yuan thought with joy. As expected, in terms of sports, as long as our prince would rather think about it, there is nothing that can't be done!

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