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"Do the flowers look good?" Tang Sibo asked with a smile.

Su Fu also smiled and replied, "I didn't expect Mr. Tang to fold flowers."

Tang Sibo slightly narrowed his eyes. He stopped his hand movements and looked at Su Fu while asking, "Do you also think that folding flowers is very girly?"

Su Fu heard his words and smiled. He thought to himself, Mr. Tang asked if folding flowers was very girly, but it's clearly wrong. Because Mr. Tang was obviously a man.

"No, I just think Mr. Tang is very careful and gentle."

Mr. Tang felt very satisfied and leaned forward to continue asking: "Do you like it?"

Su Fu chuckled at the inevitable provocative remarks from Mr. Tang and replied, "Yes, the flowers are beautiful and won't withered. They're great."

Su Fu's words obviously said that he liked flowers, not that he liked Mr. Tang.

Tang Sibo wasn't anxious either. He slightly smiled and felt that Teacher Su had learned to be witty.

The two men chatted in the kitchen after washing the dishes. When they came out, the two children actually stretched out their hands to climb on the stool by the windowsill. Their action scared away half of the souls of the two adults. They hurriedly carried the child down one by one.

Tang Sibo calmly asked, "Xiao Ke, how can you take your brother to such a dangerous place?"

Tang Luoke also realized the danger of his behavior just now and silently lowered his head and didn't speak.

Su Fu originally wanted to teach a few words. Although there's security bars outside the window, the children were still so young that it's possible to fall down or get stuck.  

However, seeing that Tang Luoke was scolded by Tang Sibo and looking at his pitiful appearance of being taught, Su Fu felt distressed and hurriedly said, "It's all right. Don't scold the child."

Tang Sibo didn't say anything more, but Tang Luoke knew that he's wrong and said sorry.

Su Fu smiled and pulled Tang Luoke to the sofa. He hugged him to his arms and patted him. Then he looked at Juan Juan and asked, "Older brother knows he's wrong. What about you?"

Juan Juan also held his hands pitifully and admitted, "Juan Juan is wrong too, but it rains outside. Juan Juan just wants to look."

Tang Sibo went to the window and looked out. It was indeed raining. And the rain was getting bigger, so that the sound of falling rain could be heard.

"You can't climb up the windowsill even to watch the rain. It's dangerous. Don't do it in the future, understand?"

Juan Juan nodded. He pettishly jumped into Su Fu's arms. Su Fu's temper disappeared. He helplessly patted his little butts.

"It looks like it's going to rain heavily. Xiao Ke, let's go home." Tang Sibo came to bring his son home.

Tang Luoke looked out of the window and nestled in Su Fu's arms. He said, "The rain is getting heavier. Don't go back tonight. It's not safe to drive on rainy days."

After saying this, he turned to look at Su Fu.

Su Fu also looked out of the window. The rain was really getting larger. A moment ago, it's only a small droplet. Just a short while later, the small droplet turned into a large bean size that kept on falling down.

In fact, it wasn't very late right now, just a bit past 7 o'clock, but it's really unsafe to drive in such a heavy rain.

So, Su Fu spoke, "Don't go back tonight? It's not safe to drive and it's cold outside."

It didn't matter whether the rains were heavy or not. It's fine to drive slower and more carefully. However, Su Fu voluntarily meant to keep him here, Tang Sibo would be a fool to refuse.

As a result, Mr. Tang chose to stay overnight and made a phone call to Tang Sining to tell their family. Tang Sining immediately blew up over there and twittered to ask more questions, but her second brother mercilessly hung up the phone.

Regardless of how the Tang family was boiling over there, the small apartment here was still warm and harmonious.

Today, the two children were tired from helping out in the small restaurant. In the afternoon, they had to hit the road again. At this moment, both of them were sleepy. Su Fu and Tang Sibo washed them together. After washing, they were carried one by one to a small room to be put on the bed. Then the two adult hosted a little talk before the children slept.

Juan Juan's bed was the same size as the one in Su Fu's room. Before, Su Fu felt that he could comfortably sleep with the two children. But when adding Tang Sibo, it seemed a little crowded.

Both of them sat by the bed and chatted in a low voice. After a while, the two tired little guys fell asleep.

Tang Sibo and Su Fu smiled at each other then covered the quilts for them. Afterward, both of them withdrew from the room.

"Where shall I sleep tonight?" Tang Sibo who knew perfectly well still asked.

The sofa in the living room was small. He couldn't sleep there. It would be a bit crowded to sleep with the two children. He must be sleeping with Teacher Su.

Su Fu glanced at him. He led him to his room and looked for a robe in the wardrobe.

"What about underwear? I shouldn't be able to wear yours?" Tang Sibo asked with a smile.

Su Fu helplessly blushed and squatted down in front one of the wardrobe drawer to rummage. "I borrowed one from you before. I remember I put it right here."  

Sure enough, Su Fu found the underwear inside and handed it to Tang Sibo.

"I've washed it, so you can make do with it tonight if you don't mind."

Tang Sibo raised his brows. Normally, he wouldn't wear what others already wore, but Teacher Su was an exception.

He nodded and took the robe from Su Fu. He stopped teasing the blushing man and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

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Su Fu saw him going out and let out a sigh of relief. He grabbed his hair and felt somewhat agitated. Although he had slept with Mr. Tang before, it was when he thought that Mr. Tang was a straight man, but now Mr. Tang was pursuing him. This change in mentality made the situation somewhat different and inexplicably embarrassing.

Tang Sibo came out of the bath with a loose-fitting robe that barely fit him. He didn't say anything that made Su Fu uncomfortable and silently dried his hair.

Su Fu also didn't speak. He took his own clothes to take a shower.

After Su Fu took a shower and left the bathroom, he didn't enter the room immediately. He dried his hair in the living room outside, then returned with heavy steps.

When he opened the door, he saw that Mr. Tang had already gone to bed and was leaning against the bed head, looking at the English book that Su Fu usually read. He appeared very quiet and elegant.

Su Fu relaxed in an instant. Mr. Tang was a polite gentleman and wouldn't do anything to him. Why was he acting like a thief? Let's be more natural!

So, Su Fu closed the door then went around to the other side of the bed to climb on.

After reading the current page, Tang Sibo turned to look at Su Fu and saw that his face was a little red. He funnily reached out to touch it and asked softly, "Are you really uncomfortable? Why don't I sleep on the sofa?"

Su Fu hurriedly took his hand and replied, "No, the sofa is too small. You won't sleep well."

Tang Sibo smiled softly. He took his hand out of Su Fu's grasp and touched his face.

Su Fu felt that this time Mr. Tang was very gentle. He sensed him leaning in and kissed his forehead.

"Good night."

Tang Sibo said. He return the book the bedside table then calmly laid down in an elegant manner before closing his eyes.

Su Fu silently laid down. He felt the kiss on his forehead. Looking at the ceiling, he whispered: "Mr. Tang, you seem to have committed a foul."

Tang Sibo opened his eyes and asked, "For what rule?"

Su Fu said, "Aren't you still pursuing me? This is too intimate."

Tang Sibo chuckled aloud, turned to look at him and asked softly, "Can we make it official now?"

Su Fu's face was burning as he turned to look at him. He remembered what Mr. Tang had done for him recently. He suddenly smiled and nodded when he recalled that his father had told him to grasp this happiness.

Tang Sibo raised his brows slightly in pleasant surprise. He leaned over and gently printed a kiss on Su Fu's lips. He spoke softly, "It's a great honor for me to become your boyfriend."

Su Fu's hand that's tucked inside the quilt quietly grasped the quilt to refrain from reaching out to touch the kiss on his lips, which felt extremely hot.

"Congratulations." Su Fu replied with a smile.

"Then as your boyfriend, can I hug Teacher Su to sleep now?" Tang Sibo gently touched Su Fu's cheek, as if tempting him.

Su Fu didn't answer, which became the default agreement.

As a result, Tang Sibo leaned over and reached out to hug Su Fu into his arms. He closed his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. This feeling could probably be called happiness.

Su Fu quivered. He leaned against his arms, stiffened for a moment, then slowly relaxed. He suddenly felt very comfortable and not embarrassed at all. He secretly raised the corners of his mouth.

Both of them didn't speak again, but after breaking this barrier, everything seemed to be more natural. They felt the temperature and scent of each other's body then gradually entered their dreams.


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