All this happened before Lin Yifei was reborn:

The noisy music and dark muddy lights in the pub were brewing a frenzy.

At the pub, a group of young college students gathered and made a lot of noises.

"Ha ha! Lin! Are you sure you're not going to be arrested by someone for fooling around with us in the pub`?" Kent's hair was dyed deep purple, which looked somewhat charming under the pub's light.

"Ha? What did you say?" Lin Yifei deliberately leaned his head against Kent.

"I said, aren't you afraid that Chris will take you back?" Kent took a sip of his wine and began to smoke.

"Hey, why should I be afraid of Chris?" Lin Yifei held his arm and watched girls in sexy dresses wiggle their bodies on the dance floor. Suddenly, he felt extremely daring. "Isn't college the place to enjoy life to the fullest?"

A girl in a black sequined blouse and skirt sat beside Lin Yifei.

"Hey, I know you. We both go the same university." She had a hot figure and attracted many people's attention when she sat down. "You're from the university fencing team. I heard that you're taking part in the World Championship this semester."

"Yes. It's a pity that I didn't notice a beautiful woman like you before." Lin Yifei winked at the bartender who made a beautiful cocktail and sent it to her.

"My name is Leila." Leila raised her glass and leaned toward Lin Yifei, spraying her feminine scent on his ear.

Kent winked at Lin Yifei, suggesting that he seized this opportunity.

Lin Yifei's heart fluttered. After all, no girl had taken initiative to show good will to him after coming to the university for so long.

"It's really rare that you're in a pub and not with Chris Osborne."

"Aha, am I silly?" Lin Yifei spread out his palm. "With that guy around, you all just look at him. I can only be his foil."

Leila was amused by the poor look he pretended to show. "You're so silly. When you're with Chris, he'll freeze all those close to you with his eyes."

"Then I should be glad that I have returned to the warm world?"

The two chatted very well. After another few drinks, Lin Yifei was already a bit shaky.

"Hey, shall we change place?" Leila put her arm around Lin Yifei's shoulder and gently rubbed his face.

Lin Yifei only felt he's high as he put his hands around Leila's waist. Just as they were about to kiss, someone pulled Lin Yifei over.

His nose bumped into someone else's chin. Lin Yifei looked up in anger and suddenly found Chris's cold face.


Kent's glass almost fell to the side while Leila looked at the handsome man in front of her with a surprised expression.

Chris was recognized as the most handsome man in NYU. His pictures posted on Facebook didn't come from any female classmates, but from Lin Yifei. Only Lin Yifei could get his pictures.  

The man with nearly perfect facial features had cold eyes and showed indifferent alienation. Because of this, everyone could only watch him from a distance, which also added some mysterious aura to him.

"I remember you told me that you'll stay in the library tonight to read your professor's books."

Chris's voice unexpectedly sounded very clear in such a noisy environment.

"I got tired, so I came here to relax."

In front of Leila, Lin Yifei was tightly strangled by Chris and asked why he didn't go to the library for study. He felt extremely humiliated even though his brain was not exactly clear now.

"There'll be a qualifying match in the team in two days. You shouldn't drink at this time." Chris's voice was calm, as if he's only speaking the truth.

"Stop minding my business! Tomorrow is the weekends. Can't I sleep in?"

Chris frowned. Kent behind him saw that the situation looked wrong. If Chris knew that he brought Lin Yifei to the pub, he would have a hard time in the university. So, he lowered his head and slipped away without any loyalty.

"Your name is Leila?" Chris's voice sounded extremely magnetic.

Leila's face flushed, which was definitely different from that of drinking wine.

"Yes." Leila tilted her head slightly. When she looked closely at Chris, she could see that his eyes and brows were very detailed and attractive.  

Lin Yifei snorted coldly in his heart. See, as long as he and Chris stood together, girls would definitely be attracted to Chris, not him.

"He drank too much. I want to take him back to the dorm. I'll take care of this tab. Enjoy yourself." Chris moved gracefully without hesitation and pressed an $100 bill under the glass. Then he pulled Lin Yifei across the frenzied dance crowd and strode to the door.

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His black Mercedes was parked by the door. This was the most unobtrusive car in the Osbornes' garage, but Lin Yifei still felt that it's too conspicuous.

"I just drink some wine. You don't have to make such a fuss! Even if I get drunk, my friend can help me call a taxi back to the dorm without you!" Lin Yifei shouted. Chris opened the car door and relentlessly shoved him in.

"And then get dizzy and vomit? If Coach Lippmann knows you're drinking this much, there'll be consequences." Chris started the car. The street lights swept across his face one by one, highlighting his unique handsomeness.

Lin Yifei kept swallowing his saliva and the churning in his stomach.

Less than three minutes later, Lin Yifei knocked on the door and asked Chris to let him out. He bent over and threw up by the roadside.

Chris hugged his arms and stood watch behind him. Only after Lin Yifei squatted down and spit out some bile water did he slowly walk over and stroke his back.

"Don't drink so much next time."

"But I want to drown my sorrows with wine…" Lin Yifei helplessly curled his lips. "As long as you show up, the girls who still have some interest in me will turn their attention to you."

"This shows that they don't really like you."

"What about you? Chris…I really don't understand. You're cold and you're not close to anyone. Why do you have to take care of everything with me?" Lin Yifei wasn't asking for an explanation. He's just complaining.

"Because your fencing is excellent. I don't want you to be wasted."

"Really worthy of being Chris…" Lin Yifei threw up again.

Although there's still a feeling of walking in the clouds, at least his head was no longer as dizzy.

Lin Yifei slowly straightened up. Unfortunately, he was still not walking in a straight line. Chris stepped forward in two or three steps and hugged him from behind. A motorcycle sped past them. Lin Yifei's back rested against Chris's chest and faintly sensed his trembling.

"Can't you be more careful!"

Lin Yifei shook off his hand. He turned around and put his arms on Chris's shoulder. One didn't know if because of the vodka smell around him, but Chris had an illusion of being drunk.

"For the sake of you being so worried about me…I forgive you…for always restricting my personal freedom…" Lin Yifei smiled foolishly. The night wind lifted up his hair, revealing a kind of languid and deadly temptation that fell into the other person's eyes.

"If I can restrict your personal freedom…" Chris slowly walked up to him and forced Lin Yifei back until his back reached the car door. "I'll lock you up where only I can go, where only I can see you…kiss you, hug you…"

Alcohol had distracted Lin Yifei.

When Chris's knee reached between his legs, he had no idea how ambiguous their position was.

With his head leaning against the roof of the car, Lin Yifei closed his eyes and fell asleep without hesitation.

Chris held his head somewhat sullenly and lowered his head to his lips, kissing him with ecstasy and plundered everything in sight.

The next morning, Lin Yifei got up with a headache and went to the bathroom.

His hair had long been shaped like a bird's nest. He turned on the tap water and bent down to drink a mouthful of water. When he raised his head, he found that his lips were swollen.

"Hey! Chris! What did you do to my mouth!"

Chris was sitting at his desk reading the morning news. When Lin Yifei shouted, he didn't even look back.

"Did you hit me? You still dare to hit me!"

"I just asked for a little reward for bringing you back drunk."

"Aha! Shouldn't you compensate me for spoiling my wonderful date?"

"Nice date." Chris turned around and looked at Lin Yifei. Clearly Chris was the one looking up to him, but he still appeared more imposing. "Are you going to lie down and throw up on her?"  

Lin Yifei pressed him lips together, then rushed back to the bathroom and slammed the door.

During the weekend's practice, Lin Yifei wanted to give Chris some 'pain', but he ended up getting strongly countered by him.

The two people sat outside the fencing hall. Chris handed a coke to him.

"I'm only suitable for this childish drink, right?" Lin Yifei sighed. Every time he and Chris had some trivial frictions, they could always forget their enmity after a carefree battle.

"It's ok to get drunk occasionally. Not being sober isn't necessarily bad."

The two of them were sitting on the steps, and their casual silhouettes became a scenery in the eyes of many passing students.

"Hey, Chris…" Lin Yifei bumped him with his elbow. "Thank you for helping me find a personal trainer. Don't think I don't know you privately paid for me so I can get such a cheap price. But since you have a lot of money anyway, I won't haggle over this with you."

Chris looked at Lin Yifei and slightly curved up his lips.

"Chris, someone said something strange to me."

"What is it?"

"They said you give me the only bit of tenderness you have." Lin Yifei leaned his head toward Chris. His eyes still showed his unawareness.

"And then?"

"Then, I feel as if you're really a little better toward me than others." Lin Yifei's arm rested on Chris's shoulder. "But why?"

"I'll tell you when you meet me in the Olympic Championship final."

"Tell me! Tell me!" No matter how Lin Yifei repeatedly asked, the other side just smiled and remained silent.

His smile was like the warm sunshine in winter. Lin Yifei only felt that he had never seen anything better than this, almost as if there's a hidden heart inside.

Lin Yifei never knew what his smile meant because this hidden heart would forever remain inside Chris and never come out.

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