George knocked on the door. Chris's voice came from the other side.

"Come in." The slightly cold voice faintly revealed a hint of softness.

George slowly walked to the front of the bed and saw Chris sitting near the headboard. Lin Yifei was sleeping soundly by his side.

Since the Taylors declared bankruptcy and after most of the Osbornes' wealth entered the hands of Chris and his father, the teenager no longer had any fear.

After transferring from New York back to Ghosn High School in Washington, they returned to their former life of sharing classes and sleeping together.

However, Chris's almost willful attachment to Lin Yifei was not restrained after growing up, and even had a tendency to increase.

Lin Yifei could go home from boarding school once a month. During this time, Lin Yifei felt a sense of freedom. There's no need for Chris to take care of his business. Sometimes, he didn't even answer his phone even if it's ringing off the hook. Obviously, it's because he got too obsessed with playing online games or helping in Chen Lin Ji's back kitchen. Only when Chris finally went to Chen Lin Ji to look at him did he touch his head and say, "Sorry, I didn't hear your call. My cell phone in my schoolbag…"

Lin Yifei had used such excuses a hundred times, but Chris still couldn't lose his temper with him.

Occasionally, George would look at Chris in the rearview mirror while driving and said: "Young master, you should give Lin some time on his own."

"Fine." Chris always just held his chin and looked out the window.

Their high school life finally came to an end with the arrival of this summer vacation.

The two teenagers were both admitted to NYU and would also be preparing for the World Fencing Championship during the second half of their first year. After summer vacation, they would return to New York, the city where they first met. There's no question that they would of course be dormmates at the university.

Last night, Lin Yifei and Chris practiced fencing till very late. This morning, George was very reasonable and didn't knock on the door too early.

"What is it, George?" Chris looked at George. His fingers were still stroking Lin Yifei's hair with gentle movements while enjoying its softness.

"Master is back? Do you want to have breakfast with Master?"

"Ok." Chris nodded, "Wake Yifei up at 9 o' clock."

After George left, Chris lowered his head and kissed Lin Yifei on his forehead and cheek.

Lin Yifei seemed unwilling to be disturbed in his sleep. He stretched out his hands to push Chris away and continued to curl up. There's still a faint red mark on his neck, which was left by Chris last night.

"Lin, you'll be an adult in two days." Chris whispered in his ear and kissed his earlobe.

In the past two years, the relationship between Chris and his father had obviously eased. They occasionally got together and talked about things. Although they weren't as close as fathers and sons in ordinary families, they weren't as cold as they were in the beginning.

"In a couple of days, it seems to be Lin's birthday? I remember when I first saw this boy. He's only eleven years old. In a blink of an eye, he's grown up." Mr. Osborne looked nostalgic. His gaze fell on Mrs. Osborne's photo behind Chris.

"Yes, he wants to have his birthday at Chen Lin Ji."  

"Oh, I see. I thought that since Lin has a lot of friends, he might as well have a party here. But it's also good to spend his 18th birthday with his parents."

Although time flied, and Lin Yifei had some regrets, he still ushered in his 18th birthday.

Chen Lin Ji was very lively. Katherine and Ivey, as well as the other students from the school fencing club, all came.

"So many dishes! Is this the legendary Man-Han feast?" Ivey's greedy look made mother Lin laugh endlessly.

The liveliness of this birthday party showed Lin Yifei's high popularity. The gifts everyone gave Lin Yifei were all different.

What surprised Lin Yifei most was that Kevin also sent him a sabre from England.

When opening the sabre case, Lin Yifei was ecstatic.

"Hey, how strange, that guy Chris didn't come?" Katherine's words made Lin Yifei feel slightly lonely.

"He has something and needs to fly back to New York."

It seemed that DeNiro was really dying this time.

"Great." Katherine patted Lin Yifei on his shoulder with a smirk on her lips, "This way, no one'll mind your business."

"Ah! Yes!" Lin Yifei clapped his hands, "I can legally drink` from today on! Ha ha!

Before his rebirth, Lin Yifei was a monster who could drink beer like a bull. After nearly seven years as a minor, he finally managed to become an adult again.

More than half of the friends present today were already 18 years old. Father Lin specially contributed some low-strength beer and said with a smile: "Be honest and drink coke if you're still a minor!"  

Lin Yifei drank so much that even his brain cells were soaked with beer smell.

His 18th birthday was livelier than he imagined, but also lonelier than he imagined.

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At two o'clock in the morning, he woke up dizzy on the bed and took out his cell phone. There were many messages of blessing from friends, but none of them came from Chris, which made him angry.

He recalled that this guy asked him two days ago if he wanted to have a party at the Osbornes. After he said that he just wanted to have one at home, this guy's face immediately turned cold.

How stingy!

But Lin Yifei still couldn't help dialing his phone.

"Yifei?" Chris's voice sounded. He had passed the period of voice change. His originally cold and sharp voice had more thickness, that when coming through the phone, had a different charm.

"Is DeNiro okay?" Lin Yifei actually wanted to add 'My birthday is over, but you didn't even call me once.'

"He won't die within these two years." Chris voice showed a hint of irony.

"Oh, then I'll go back to bed." Lin Yifei curled up. He was about to turn off the call when Chris's voice rang again.  

"I miss you."

As always, a simple sentence for him was enough to stir up his heartstrings.

"Where are you?"

"I'm driving back to the Osbornes' villa."

Chris started to drive himself after he became an adult and stopped using George as a driver.

"Then be careful." Lin Yifei slightly frowned.

He still remembered the cause of Chris's death before he was reborn. So, every time he heard of him driving, Lin Yifei became strangely nervous.

"I'll meet you back there. George is downstairs."

Lin Yifei moved to the window. Indeed, he saw a car parked opposite Chen Lin Ji.

"I want to see you as soon as I get home." Chris's voice sounded very hypnotizing. Lin Yifei felt himself turning into a marionette and followed Chris's voice downstairs. Father Lin and mother Lin were sleeping in and were unaware that Lin Yifei had gone out of Chen Lin Ji.

George saw Lin Yifei come out and gently pulled open the door for him.

"See you later." Chris whispered.

Lin Yifei seemed to be able to feel Chris's lips curving upward.

After arriving at the Osbornes' villa, Lin Yifei who was still dizzy from alcohol staggered on the carpet and walked into Chris's room.

Chris hadn't come back yet. Lin Yifei laid directly on his bed. His nose was filled with Chris's scent and his loneliness turned into anticipation.

Lin Yifei suddenly realized that he had fallen into the trap set by Chris. Chris always attached to him everywhere. But once he got used to his persistence and spoiling, Chris just left him when he felt like he deserved it.

The b*stard.

Lin Yifei who fell asleep suddenly woke up. He sat near the headrest and stared out of the window into the night.

Soon after, a light cut through the darkness outside the window.

Chris was back. He walked upstairs and saw Lin Yifei's gloomy expression without turning on the light.

While his fingers touched his cheek, Chris dropped a kiss in his ear, "Did you drink beer?

"Yes, I can drink and smoke`." Lin Yifei slightly raise his chin.

"You can occasionally drink beer, but smoking is impossible." Chris placed one leg on the bed and pried open Lin Yifei's right leg. They sat face to face as he lifted Lin Yifei's legs and pressed them against his side.

Lin Yifei subconsciously moved back a little due to this ambiguous position, but Chris held his waist.

Chris leaned forward to kiss Lin Yifei's lips. The palm of his hand stroked his thigh.

Lin Yifei didn't look away. "You didn't even say happy birthday to me."

"But I brought you a birthday gift." Chris exhaled a slightly hot breath that made Lin Yifei shrink his shoulders.

"What gift…"

Chris directly grasp the back of Lin Yifei's head so that he couldn't refuse his kiss. Lin Yifei's elbows were pushed close to his chest. He wanted to leave the other side's control, but Chris nailed his head to the headrest.

This time, his kiss was different from the past. Lin Yifei was frightened by his possessiveness.

The saliva that he didn't have time to swallow flowed out of his lips and down his chin. Lin Yifei had never been kissed so embarrassingly.

He angrily pushed Chris aside and rubbed his lips. "What're you doing?

Chris smiled. In the darkness, his smile was like an irresistible poppy that bloomed with deadly beauty.

"You're an adult, Yifei."

Lin Yifei swallowed his saliva. He knew that this day would come sooner or later. Chris had also been waiting for a long time.

On the surface, Chris looked like a cold and indifferent guy, but Lin Yifei knew that he actually had very little patience. Chris had put up with not taking the final step for a long time.

"I give myself to you."

This was obviously an old-fashion phrase, but after Chris said it, it had the effect of lifting a person's heart to the sky.

In this quietness, his refined voice scratched a human heart.

Chris took Lin Yifei's hand and covered it with his. The heat and beating pulse on his hand shook his heart.


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