"I want to go in." Chris kissed Lin Yifei's ear. The tip of his tongued licked the curves inside. The moist and warm feeling made Lin Yifei's shoulders shrunk even worse. This was the hint for the most direct invasion.

"I…I…" Lin Yifei wanted very much to say that he was not ready yet, but Chris kissed him directly and didn't give him any chance to delay.


Chris's strength had always been very strong. One hand could imprison Lin Yifei's two wrists while the other hand easily tore off Lin Yifei's trousers. This action had been done countless times when they were messing around with each other. However, every time Lin Yifei said no, so Chris never made it to the end.

His fingers flirted with agility. Soon, Lin Yifei responded.

Chris leaned down. His desire and Lin Yifei's touched together and rubbed against one another.

Lin Yifei understood what he meant: No rejection.

When Chris's index finger tried to reach in, Lin Yifei's back arched.

Chris's kiss was not as strong. He gently licked Lin Yifei's tongue to appease his emotions. The heat and softness in Lin Yifei's body made Chris's desire burst.

He had tried many times to enter, and everything he had was squeezed in Lin Yifei's soft package, while Lin Yifei's nervous convulsions drove him mad.

When his fingers gently rotated, Lin Yifei became short of breath. His throat made some moaning sounds.

Chris sucked his upper lip and kissed it harder and harder. When the second finger touched the entrance, Lin Yifei's knees were all retracted.

But Chris didn't stop. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Even if it really scared him, he must get him.

Chris almost rudely pushed to his center and stroked it. Lin Yifei tried to close his knees, while Chris loosened Lin Yifei's left hand to hold down his knee. He even pushed his right knee further apart.

Once the third finger also squeezed in, Chris became more and more eager.

But he knew this was Lin Yifei's first time. If he didn't show more patience, Lin Yifei would surely be hurt.

His fingers slowly shifted their angles until Chris was addicted to the moans of Lin Yifei when touching a certain position. He kept touching that point just to hear Lin Yifei's moans.

Lin Yifei's expression was so strained. There's no light in the room. But just a little light from outside the window made Chris see his face clearly.

Every twinge in his brow made Chris's heart swell. His gasping mouth looked like a deadly addictive poison that Chris just wanted to swallow. When he pulled out his finger, the emptiness in his body made the confused Lin Yifei wake up.

The next second his legs were raised high and placed on Chris's shoulders. When a hard object pushed open the entrance of his body. Lin Yifei stiffened.

"No…no…you can't get in…"

Lin Yifei lowered his head and leaned against his face. Beneath him, Chris relentlessly expanded his territory. Lin Yifei's legs were pressed against him. The pain in his legs made him bite the bullet.

"Mother f**ker! Get out of me! Get out`!"

The fear of being completely invaded made Lin Yifei struggle. It was completely different from the fingers' entrance. The sensation of his blood being burned felt like he would get destroyed.

"No." Chris's answer was decisive. At this moment, he rushed toward the end.

"Ah-!!" Lin Yifei opened his mouth wide. Chris stopped there and closed his eyes.

Lin Yifei wrapped him inside and his body tightened as he breathed. Chris clenched his teeth to resist his desire to gallop.

He slowly lowered his head and kissed Lin Yifei's knee.

Lin Yifei looked at him and mouthed something like, "Get out…"

He was too nervous to make any noise.

Chris withdrew slightly. Lin Yifei's body lingered on his desire. The touch made him mad. Before he withdrew halfway, he pushed back in hard and held onto Lin Yifei's leg to keep up.

"You, don't move…don't move…" Lin Yifei finally spoke.

Chris stretched out his hand and touched the place where the two men were connected. He gently massaged and moved again.

Every time he came halfway out, he seemed to go deeper.

Gradually, everything was out of control, Chris pulled out almost the entire thing and buried it back in all the way, regardless of everything. Lin Yifei's mouth opened with each collision.

As if he were not satisfied, Chris picked up Lin Yifei and sat him on his body. The change of angle made Lin Yifei nervous. The tightness in his body made Chris move impatiently, as if he had been knocked down by a single blast before he could react. Lin Yifei hugged Chris by the neck and was terrified that he would be stabbed through.

But Chris loved this feeling very much. The tighter Lin Yifei held him, the crazier he was going.

"Please…don't…" Lin Yifei said intermittently, leaning against Chris's ear.

Normally Lin Yifei was always acting strong like he could do without Chris, but now he's almost begging in fears.

Chris stopped. He looked at Lin Yifei then kissed his nose with a hint of spoil.

His palm straightened Lin Yifei's back and slowly put him back on the bed. He tilted his body and slowly lifted one of his leg to rest on his shoulder, then went in and out again.  

He slowly disintegrated Lin Yifei's tension and let him recognize his existence. Chris felt Lin Yifei's tolerance. He could no longer bear it and started thrusting hard.

Lin Yifei gasped one after another. Every time Chris went in, he felt like he's also reaching his climax.

When Lin Yifei reached out to touch his desire, Chris grabbed his hand and said "Wait for me…"

Then there was an earth-shaking twitch. Lin Yifei's brain was blank. His ear was filled with only the sound of rubbing against his pillow.

When Chris completely released inside, his body was submerged with heat flow.

Chris laid himself over Lin Yifei and caressed his sweaty forehead.

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Lin Yifei's breathing wasn't calm. Even his eyelashes were gently trembling. Chris kissed his lip while slightly changing his body position. Lin Yifei let out a sigh of relief.

"You…b*stard!" The thing inside Lin Yifei body had swollen up again.

Chris curved up his lips and showed a sexy smile. He raised Lin Yifei's leg and moved again.

Lin Yifei was tossed till he fell asleep by Chris.

While half asleep and half awake, he knew that Chris had carried him into the bathroom. The warm water flooded his body and his original tensions seemed to have melted into the pool.

He was so sleepy that he fell asleep with his head on the edge of the bathtub.

Chris came in. He hugged him from behind and kissed his neck.

When his desire once again pushed into Lin Yifei, Chris supported Lin Yifei's body and moved to his heart's content. Lin Yifei's mind was in daze. He groaned shallowly and his fingers unconsciously clasped the edge of the bathtub.  

Chris gasped as he climaxed.

"Hold me." Chris said in his ear, almost like an order.

Lin Yifei hugged Chris helplessly and fell asleep.

He didn't know how long time passed. Lin Yifei felt that his throat was dry and numb. He struggled to get up then felt the swelling pain underneath.

His head turned around and he realized that Chris was lying beside him. His brow relaxed and revealed his satisfaction while his arm encircled Lin Yifei's waist possessively.

Lin Yifei's entire body was in pain. Even an entire day of fencing practice wouldn't hurt this much.

Chris still closed his eyes, but the palm of his hand ran down Lin Yifei's back to his coccyx, stroking something different.

This move suddenly reminded him of the feeling of the other party doing everything in his body last night. It made Lin Yifei's entire body tremble.  

Chris suddenly exerted his arm strength and Lin Yifei crashed into his arms again.

The other kissed his neck and said in a low voice, "Happy birthday."

"My birthday had passed."

"Do you like the birthday present I gave you?" Chris's voice was close to his ear, sounding warm and revealing a hint of teasing.

"I'd rather not celebrate my birthday anymore." Lin Yifei's body still had the illusion of being held up. He was scared at that time. Now when Chris was holding him, he trembled a little.

"But I hope I can make you happy like your birthday every day."

"Humph!" Lin Yifei dragged the quilt over his head, but his heart beat faster.

Chris lowered his mouth and kissed the man in his arms under the quilt.

George knocked on the door, "Young master, breakfast is ready."

"Leave it by the door."

After George walked away, Chris got out of bed. He put on his pajamas then walked to the door and brought in the tray.

He slowly pulled open Lin Yifei's quilt, "Are you thirsty? George has prepared juice."

"Juice?" Lin Yifei uncovered his quilt and exposed his cute messy hair.

"Do you think I'll only force you to drink milk?"

"Then should I brush my teeth first?" Lin Yifei knew that Chris had an almost rigid lifestyle. When they lived together, Chris would always make Lin Yifei get up on time, brush his teeth before breakfast and so on.

Chris smiled. His eyes and brows showed unspeakable tenderness.

"Today you have the privilege."

Lin Yifei curved up the corners of his lips. He reached for the juice and drank it. The freshly baked toast was delicious with fried eggs and bacon.

Chris just looked at him quietly.

"Why are you still staring at me? Haven't you seen enough?"

Chris moved his neck to kiss Lin Yifei's puffing cheek.

"Not enough."

Lin Yifei turned his face but couldn't help showing a smile.

"Next time, you can't be like last night."

"Ok, as long as you don't make me endure for six years."

"Six years …" Lin Yifei's eyebrows rose. "Don't tell me you've been thinking about how to get me since you're 12…"

"Thinking about how to get you?" Chris propped up his chin and laid beside Lin Yifei. He looked up at him with extremely clear eyes. "I will bet that no matter how many times life starts over, it must be me who fall in love with you first."

Lin Yifei lowered his head and chuckled.

Idiot, it should be said that no matter how many times we start over, we will meet, and then…sooner or later, I will fall in love with you.

~The End~


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