Gulu looked at his reflection in the lake. His Triceratops body was shining with colorful light. It's beautiful like a dream!

Mungo also looked stunned. Gulu clearly didn't change color before. Why did he suddenly change color?!

In order to make sure Gulu's body really changed color, Mungo no longer looked at the reflection in the lake, but directly at Gulu. He really changed color! It's true that Gulu really changed color. It wasn't just the Gulu reflected in the lake!

Gulu was very excited. He skipped around and said: "Mungo, Mungo, look at me, look at me, don't look at the lake. Did I really change color? Mungo, did I really change color?…"

When a Triceratops cub's body changed color, it's equivalent to entering adolescent state. After entering this stage, it's not far from turning into an adult. Gulu wanted to grow up quickly. Because once he grew up, he could protect all dinosaurs he wanted to protect, just like Pado.

Mungo hurriedly answered: "Gulu, I saw it. You really changed color. You really did!"

In fact, Gulu was only over three years old now. It took more than a year for him to complete the migration after he turned two years old.

Triceratops reached adulthood at the age of 8. Generally speaking, he shouldn't enter the adolescent state until he's 4 years old. However, Gulu belonged to the special and strong type who entered adolescent state ahead of time.

Pachi and Dudu, who were the same age as Gulu, had yet to enter their adolescent state, so their bodies couldn't change color.

Before becoming an adolescent, Triceratops's body color was the same as that of newborn. There wouldn't be any other colors. Gulu's entire body color after breaking the shell was gray-black, or rock gray, which was a domineering color.

Whether it's Tyrannosaurus rex or Triceratops, the color of their scales were constantly changing before adulthood, just like Mungo. The color of his body was mainly brown before, but after this year's change, it had become deeper and deeper until it gradually turned into dark brown, which looked more dignified and domineering than the previous brown.

However, because Mungo was already an adolescent, except that the main color of his entire body's scales gradually deepened, the main color and shape of his scales remained unchanged. Mungo also had two long maze shaped "ribbons" from his forehead to his back that turn blue after becoming bloodshot (excited), so he appeared very handsome and beautiful.

Gulu stared at his reflection in the lake. Under the sunshine, every one of his scales was shining.

These scales changed color only when Gulu was very excited, by becoming brighter color.

Gulu saw that his head shield became a very bright dark blue after excited, the same dark blue as Pado's. This dark blue was also vaguely mixed with red lines. These red lines formed various "totems" on the head shield that looked very beautiful and domineering.

Beside these, other parts of Gulu's body also became mysterious and gorgeous. There're five or six colors on his big head, with yellow around his eyes, green, red and blue around his three horns and normal black around his mouth.

There're many colors on his body and they were constantly changing. Blue, yellow, orange, pink and brown were the main colors on his back. These colors were scattered randomly on his back without any patterns.

Gulu looked at his colorful head and back while being lost in thought: Am I a "Sand Sculpture Triceratops"?!

After all, when Triceratops cubs entered the adolescent state, there was a period of time when their scales appeared several colors after getting excited. This was equivalent to their "awkward period". After this period, most colors would disappear, leaving only one to three main colors.

Gulu thought to himself, other adolescent Triceratops don't have as many colors as I do! There're really too many colors!

However, Gulu didn't care either. After this "awkward period", it would be fine. His body changed color, which meant that he's already an adolescent Triceratops.

Gulu was so happy that he looked at Mungo and said, "Mungo, Mungo, am I beautiful?"

Mungo was stunned. He thought that Gulu was the most beautiful dinosaur in the world. No matter whether Gulu changed color or not, he always thought that Gulu was the most beautiful dinosaur.

Hearing Gulu's question, Mungo of course frenziedly nodded.

Gulu skipped around Mungo and said as he ran, "Mungo, I'm so beautiful. Mungo, I've finally grown into an adolescent Triceratops. I'm so happy, Mungo…"

Mungo was also very happy. Before, he wanted Gulu to grow up slowly, so he could always sit on his head and played coquetry on his back, but now he wanted Gulu to grow up quickly, because he was about to become an adult.

Tyrannosaurus rex became an adult at 10 years old. Mungo was 8 years old this year. Triceratops grew faster than Tyrannosaurus rex and became an adult earlier at 8 years old.

Mungo had carefully calculated many times. Gulu was only 3 years old now. When he was 10 years old, Gulu was only 5 years old. This meant that he had to wait 3 years for Gulu to become an adult at 8 years old.

However, Mungo believed that three years would soon pass. As long as it's Gulu, even if it's 30 years, he's willing to wait. As long as it's Gulu, it didn't matter how long.

Mungo didn't know why he wanted to wait for Gulu to come of age. He didn't know, but he was sure that he wanted to wait for Gulu to becoming an adult.

Gulu was so happy that he ran and danced in the endless sea of flowers. Mungo ran behind him.

There're many kinds of flowers here. These flowers grew tall and luxuriant. The colors of the flowers were very rich, which perfectly matched the colorful Gulu.

Mungo watched the colorful Gulu shuttling among the gorgeous flowers. The sun shone on Gulu's body with strange brilliance. The sun also shone on these flowers with strange brilliance. The light on Gulu's body was interwoven with the light from the flowers, appearing very beautiful.

Gulu rolled in the sea of flowers and Mungo rolled with him.

The two dinosaurs overpowered a large field of flowers. They laid in the sea of flowers, surrounded by luxuriant flowers that's 2-3 meters high. After lying down, they couldn't see outside and the dinosaurs outside couldn't see them either.

Gulu rubbed his big head against Mungo's belly and said: "Mungo, Mungo, I'm finally growing up. I'm super happy. Are you happy for me?…"

Mungo lowered his head and rubbed Gulu's head shield that had turned dark blue due to excitement. "I'm happy too, Gulu."

Gulu raised his head and looked at Mungo. Mungo's body was smeared with a lot of pollen. His head was covered with a big red flower, which looked fierce and beautiful.

Mungo also looked at Gulu. Gulu's body was also smeared with a lot of pollen. Gulu's two long horns were nearly one meter long. Because he had been drilling in the flowers for so long, these two long horns were covered with flowers of various colors, looking funny and lovely.

Gulu: "Mungo, you're so beautiful. You're the most beautiful and fierce Tyrannosaurus rex!"

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Mungo: "Gulu, you're also very beautiful. You were the most beautiful and lovely Triceratops. You'll become the best Triceratops in the future."

Gulu: "Today is also a day that we blow rainbow farts for each other. It's really good."

Mungo knew what "rainbow farts" means. He had lived with Gulu for a long time and knew a lot about the human world, although he didn't strongly understand some things.

Gulu: "Mungo, I love you. I love you so much!"

Mungo: "Gulu, me too."

Gulu: "No, no, Mungo, if you want to say you love me, you have to say it right."

Mungo: "Gulu, I love you. I love you so much."

Gulu: "Ahhh, Mungo, I'm so happy!…"

Gulu suddenly stood up and ran to the lake. He still wanted to see his "flourishing beauty" as a Triceratops. How could there be such a beautiful Triceratops?!

Mungo certainly followed.

Gulu saw a lot of big bright flowers strung on the long horns on both sides of his head in the water. The sand sculpture was strong enough. It's like a barbecue string. It's also like a big girl with two towering braids and a lot of flowers on her braids. It's too strong of a sand sculpture!

Looking at the reflection in the water, Gulu felt that he wasn't only a sand sculpture, but also a "coquettish B*tch Triceratops" with extremely vulgar taste. There was no doubt that he would win sand sculpture of the year award.

However, Gulu was happy today and was willing to become a "Sand Sculpture Triceratops". He didn't ask Mungo to help him get rid these flowers. He wanted to wear them.

Gulu ran back and said: "Mungo, I'm going to go back and tell Gaya, Pado, Babana and my younger siblings. I changed color! I really changed color!…"

Mungo followed after Gulu.

Because Gulu was so excited, his body showed more gorgeous and dazzling colors. There's two strings of big flowers on top of his head and a Tyrannosaurus rex of incomparable size racing behind him.

All dinosaurs on the fern plains stopped eating. The meat that the carnivorous dinosaurs ate fell to the ground. The herbivorous dinosaurs forgot to chew the ferns and leaves in their mouths. They all stared at Gulu. This Triceratops was too bright. They had never seen such a shiny Triceratops.

Gulu knew that all dinosaurs were looking at him. He thought to himself: Today, I, Gulu, will be the most beautiful cub in the entire continent of Yukan!

Because Mungo's Tyrannosaurus rex group was relatively closer to them, Gulu first ran back there.

Then Mungo's Tyrannosaurus rex formed a circle and looked at Gulu.

Gulu excitedly shouted: "Gaya, Mom, Guji, Gudong, Guga…You see it! I changed color! Oh, I'll show you. Roar! Roar! Roar!…

Gulu issued a huge roar. When the dinosaur roared, his body became bloodshot faster. His color would become more gorgeous after the body became bloodshot. Gulu didn't know that his body was still colorful after running all the way back, so there was no need to roar at all.

Guji, Gudong and Guga pounced on Gulu's body. They didn't pay attention to what he said and exclaimed: "Wow, Brother, you look so beautiful! You have so many colors, so beautiful. Brother, you look better than a rainbow!…"

Gaya looked at Gulu. Her heart was filled with pride and satisfaction: "Gulu, Mommy's Gulu has grown up."

Gulu rubbed Gaya's strong hind legs and asked: "Mom, Mom, am I really beautiful?"

Gaya: "Yes, yes, Mommy's Gulu is the most beautiful and powerful Triceratops."

Gulu ran back to the Triceratops after getting a lot of praises and rubbing from the Tyrannosaurus rex's group.

Pado and Babana surrounded Gulu with Pachi, Dudu and Mila. Other Triceratopses in the group stood up and looked at Gulu.

Gulu roared a few times and said: "Dad, Mom, Pachi, Dudu, Mila, look at me! Look at me! I changed color! I've grown up! I'm beautiful. I'm the most beautiful Triceratops in Yukan…"

Pachi and Dudu: "Wow! Brother can change color! Brother is too strong! We all can't. Brother is really powerful! Brother is great!…"

Mila: "Wow, Brother is very good-looking. I'll be as good-looking and as strong as Brother…"

Babana rubbed Pado proudly and said: "Gulu is exactly the same as you were when you were a cub. He's the most brilliant Triceratops in Yukan."

Pado rubbed Gulu and spoke proudly, "Daddy's Gulu has grown up."


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