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For the entire night, any little aftershock would frighten the dinosaur group into becoming restless. Everywhere was filled with the roars of dinosaurs and heavy running footsteps. There're also smaller dinosaurs who were frightened silly by the aftershocks and ran close to the big dinosaurs only to get trampled to death.

Pado's group was also very alert, not only toward the aftershocks, but also toward other dinosaur groups that were scared by these aftershocks.

Gulu had been tired for so long. He looked at dinosaurs in the distant forest who were agitated by the aftershocks, then at Banaba and his three younger siblings, and Pado who was busy shuttling through the group. Gradually, his eyes became bleary.

Babana slept next to Gulu. She knew Gulu was very tired these days and had suffered so much inside that big pit. She felt very sorry for her little cub and gently rubbed Gulu's head to coax him to sleep from time to time: "Gulu, Mom's little Gulu, sleep, sleep, there's mom and dad watching over you, sleep…"

Pado was still patrolling through the group. When he visited Babana and the cubs, he stopped and lightly rubbed Babana and the cubs' heads.

Although Pado was the leader of the group and very busy, he would never neglect Babana and her cubs because of it. Pado was the best Dad and husband. He could always give Babana and her cubs the greatest sense of security.

Gulu was already fast asleep. Pado rubbed him. He felt very comfortable and slept deeper. He looked at Pado in a daze as Pado continued to patrol the group.

All this made Gulu feel safe. He was in the largest and strongest Triceratops group. He slept with Babana and his siblings at the center of the group. His Dad was the strongest Triceratops leader…

Babana was still coaxing Gulu to sleep. Gulu only heard Babana's soft voice. The noise of the dinosaurs roaring outside became his lullaby. He soon fell asleep.

Gulu always felt secure in Pado's or Mungo's group. He wouldn't be afraid of any natural disaster that just occurred, regardless of how terrifying it was, because he knew that Pado and Mungo would always protect him.

Pachi, Dudu and Mila were originally scared, but seeing their older brother sleeping so soundly, and with Mom guarding them at the center of such a large group as well as Dad being the leader, it filled them with a strong sense of security and let them soon fall asleep.

Babana couldn't sleep, so she watched the cubs sleeping soundly. She's very happy.

Because they slept very well last night, the cubs woke up early in the morning and didn't need Babana to rub and roar at them to get up.   

After waking up, the cubs followed the group and ate in the forest.

After eating, the group continued to move forward. Of course, they walked all the way through the forest in the direction of the Great Rift Valley. Only when they got out of the range of the Great Rift Valley could they go to the opposite side.

While walking, all dinosaurs stopped to look at a dinosaur on a separated plate in the middle of the rift. This was really an amazing and miserable sight.

Gulu, of course, also looked at the dinosaur, which was an Argentinosaurus standing on an isolated "island" in the middle of the rift valley that hadn't yet collapsed.

This was originally a pass that could lead to the other side, but all surrounding ground had collapsed, leaving only such a "giant pillar" big enough to support a huge Argentinosaurus.

The isolated island was surrounded by bottomless abyss and an endless rift valley. Many dinosaurs were buried in the rifts after falling down yesterday. Those that weren't buried inside the earth were exposed to the outside. At a glance, one could see corpses everywhere.

This Argentinosaurus was very helpless. He roared at the dinosaurs in the forest asking for help. He wanted to go to the forest and migrate with other dinosaurs.

But it's impossible. The "isolated island" where he stood was far away from the forest, right in the middle of the rift valley.

Gulu thought that this Argentinosaurus was too miserable. Unless a helicopter hoisted him over, he would eventually end up dead. But where could one find a helicopter in the age of dinosaurs?

The roars of the Argentinosaurus was loud and resounded throughout the rift valley. He's desperate, sad, but helpless.

Gulu imagined that if he was this Argentinosaurus, he wouldn't dare to jump down directly and fall to death, but he also knew clearly that he couldn't survive. It was really cruel.

This "isolated island" was so small that only one Argentinosaurus could stand on it. The Argentinosaurus couldn't even move forward or backward.

Gulu didn't know why the "earthquake" left this isolated island so cruelly. Wouldn't everything be over if it was destroyed? What's the use of leaving a dinosaur on this isolated island? It could only starve to death, but it had to endure endless despairs before starving to death.

Gulu believed that this Argentinosaurus was definitely willing to be killed during the previous earthquake, instead of standing on such a small piece of ground as it was now. He couldn't take a step, let alone get down. He had to stand there and watch other dinosaurs leave then finally starve to death.

Looking at this Argentinosaurus then at the vast fern field that had collapsed over half of the way, Gulu thought that they were very lucky. It's the so-called "meeting good fortune after suffering a disaster".

If Gulu and Mungo hadn't been tricked and fell into the big pit, Gulu believed that Pado's and Mungo's groups would have been at the forefront of the migration army. They would have died while crossing the plains after the earthquake struck.

All groups who walked toward the front the migration army died. None of them survived.

Gulu realized that if Pado's group walked in front of the migration army, he probably wouldn't persuade everyone to walk in the forest, because it took too much time. They could pass through the rift valley faster walking through the pass. He wouldn't have noticed any danger either. And none of them could have predicted that such a big earthquake would happen.  

Before, Gulu wanted to walk through the forest because he's afraid an earthquake would occur when passing through the rift valley. There're groups in front and they were toward the back. He's in a dilemma because they couldn't pass quickly. He didn't expect such a big earthquake to collapse so much of the fern field across the road.

Thinking like this, Gulu believed that they were really lucky.

The migrating dinosaur army watched the Argentinosaurus for a while then continued to move forward.

Gulu would look back at the Argentinosaurus from time to time. His figure remained desperate in their mind even after they left a long way and could no longer see him. They could still hear the tragic roars of this Argentinosaurus.

After a month of walking like this, they finally got out of the rift valley and could finally go to the plains on the opposite side. This was a great leap-forward in victory because it meant that their long journey of migration was finally coming to an end.

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Upon reaching the fern fields here, the temperature became more normal and rain gradually increased. The fern fields became more and more flourishing, from 1-2 meters high to 4-5 meters high…All migrating dinosaurs were very excited and happy.

After one month of recuperation, Mungo and Gulu had gone back to their original body size, growing even stronger and faster than before.

At noon on this day, the sun was lazily shining. But it's not too hot or windy. They rested in a fern field, which was originally 5-6 meters high, but it was soon eaten by these migrating herbivorous dinosaurs, leaving only shallow fern roots.

Gulu rested in the group and watched Mungo's group hunting nearby.

Mungo's group was hunting an adult Amargasaurus.

Amargasaurus in this area were also much more special. The temperature difference between day and night here wasn't big and the climate was suitable for living. The role of the tall spines on the back of the Amargasaurus was no longer to regulate body temperature, but to frighten enemies and court mates.

Amargasaurus was a particularly weak dinosaur with a length of 10 meters and a weight of 7-8 tons. An adult Amargasaurus was completely enough for Mungo's group to eat.

Hunting an Amargasaurus could be done easily without the help of other male Tyrannosaurus rex.

Mungo's group likes hunting Amargasaurus very much during this period of time, because this kind of dinosaur couldn't run and had no weapons on its body, but it's very delicious. It's like walking meat that one could easily eat.

Compared to Triceratops with integrated attack and defense, or Stegosaurus covered with bone spike nails on its tail, or Ankylosaurus with large armor mallets, or Diplodocus with "whips" snaking around like vines, or Argentinosaurus with a huge size that could "win a trampling war" with one foot…Amargasaurus was just very delicious.

Gaya rushed over. Amargasaurus instantly opened the tall spines on both sides of its back in shock, looking very domineering and mighty.

If it's a carnivorous dinosaur's first time seeing these Amargasaurus's tall spines, it may be frightened by this appearance and chose to retreat from difficulty and gave up the prey. However, any dinosaur that had fought with an Amargasaurus knew that it's actually a walking dish.

Gaya had hunted Amargasaurus many times. Of course, she wouldn't be scared. She rushed toward its neck, biting down, and killing the Amargasaurus in minutes.

Amargasaurus's trick of scaring enemy dinosaur was a bit cool but had no practical value.

Gulu felt that Gaya's heart should be: You can dazzle yourself while I eat my meat!

After Gaya's successful hunt, Mungo's group rushed over to eat and soon left the Amargasaurus with no bones remaining.

Tyrannosaurus rex's eating style was very rough. Unlike other dinosaurs that couldn't bite bones and only ate meat, Tyrannosaurus rex ate everything from bones to meat. It's really possible for them to eat a prey and left nothing behind.  

Mungo finished eating then ran outside of Pado's group to wander.

Pado now fully trusted Mungo and voluntarily gave Gulu to him.

Mungo ran around with Gulu and observed the terrains along the way. He's ready to choose a new territory.

In fact, they had now arrived in the southern mainland that's in rainy season. It should be considered as a successful migration, but they needed to find the best territory to live in for the next three or four years. This would be their set territory in the future, barring unforeseeable natural disasters.  

Although Gulu was very happy after completing their migration, Mungo was almost an adult. He's a little sad to think that there would soon be a female Tyrannosaurus rex with Mungo. He may not be able to go to Mungo as casually as he was now.

They climbed over a small hillside and Gulu was stunned by the sight.

So many flowers! It's like an endless sea of flowers!

Next to the boundless fern field was the same boundless sea of flowers!

Gulu had never seen so many flowers before. Even in his former territory, it's just a small valley, a barren valley with a few ferns.

But there're so many flowers here.

In other words, flowering plants had become very common from here onward.

In the early Cretaceous period, there're no flowers, nuts, or fruits, because back then, gymnosperms dominated. Angiosperms that could blossom and bear fruit slowly emerged later.

Since flowering plants were very common here, it proved that there should be many nuts and berries. Dinosaur era had entered its heyday!

Gulu roared at the sea of flowers and Mungo followed.

There was a big lake amidst the sea of flowers. It looked just like a green gem inlaid in this sea of flowers. The lake was shining with glistening waves under the sunlight.

Gulu didn't stop until he rushed to the front of the lake. He looked at the lake and shouted excitedly, "Mungo, Mungo, come here quickly! Come and see!"

Mungo looked at the lake and was completely stunned.


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