On this day, Su Fu took two little guys to help in a small restaurant.

Although it was the weekends, there're still many students coming to lunch at noon. Su Fu put on an apron and dressed as a waiter to serve food for mother Su.

Tang Luoke knew a lot of words and sat at the counter to help father Su take orders and collect money by the way. This small restaurant's food prices were low and still within Tang Luoke's ability to count.

Meanwhile, Juan Juan sat beside Tang Luoke. He repeated the name of the dish that the customer ordered, so that Tang Luoke could accurately find the corresponding dish name on the ordering machine.

Most of the people who came here to eat were regular customers. They were dealt a cute fatal blow by this steamed-bun combination. Even more amazingly, these two buns weren't wrong.

Some students asked who these two children were. Father Fu, who was fiddling with tea, smiled and answered, "They're all my grandchildren."

This sentence showed that Tang Luoke was recognized as direct family. It also indirectly admitted Tang Sibo's son-in-law identity. Tang Luoke was extremely happy. He decided that he must tell his father after going back at night to share his happiness.

The small restaurant was busy until nearly two o' clock in the afternoon, before they could finally rest. After two o' clock, almost no more guests came to eat. Su Fu also took off his apron and took a little rest before driving the children back to City B.

Originally, Su Fu was going to accompany his parents to have another dinner and return to City B, but both parents felt it wasn't safe to drive on the road at night with children, so they were told to leave ahead of schedule.

Juan Juan and Tang Luoke followed mother Su to sit by the window to play games and chat. Su Fu saw his father fiddling with the tea behind the counter and walked there.  

Father Su saw him coming over. He stared at the tea in his hand and said, "This man is good. His intention is more important than anything else. He will take care of his family in the future."

Su Fu knew that his father was talking about Tang Sibo. He touched his nose awkwardly and asked, "Dad, what're you talking about?"

Father Su looked up at him and snorted.

"Don't think this old man doesn't understand your love because he's old. Are you with Mr. Tang?"

Su Fu wanted to deny it but was interrupted by his father.

Father Su continued, "He's a very nice young man. Have you been happy all these years? You're not young anymore. I'll also look the other way. What about being with a man? It's better to live a good life together. You've already wasted so many years on the wrong person. It's more important to grasp the current happiness. If you miss it, it won't be there anymore."

(T/N: Did father Su just ship Su Fu with Tang Sibo? đŸ˜Č)

After hearing these rare words from his father, Su Fu lowered his head and held his hands together like Juan Juan. His heart felt a little warm and confused. Why did he feel that everyone around him wanted him to be with Mr. Tang? Was it his illusion?

"Yes, I see." Su Fu didn't want his father to worry and replied this way. He didn't deny it and maybe also vaguely admitted it.

The father and son talked in a low voice for a while. Their atmosphere was very harmonious. However, Su Fu didn't ask about Su Jing. He's afraid to bring up his father's sorrow. Father Su also didn't mention it. He's also afraid to bring up his son's sorrow.

At three o'clock, father Su and mother Su stayed to oversee the restaurant. Su Fu took the two little guys home to pack up and set off for City B.

Tang Luoke sat in the car and texted his father. As a result, as soon as the three returned to Shenyuan Apartment and went upstairs, they saw Tang Sibo standing against the wall, holding a large bouquet of roses with delicate packaging. A two-multi-layer food box` and a thermal container stood by his feet.

Su Fu had a very unreal feeling at this time, as if Mr. Tang had become a magician who suddenly appeared in front of him, leaving him puzzled and surprised.

"Welcome home!" Tang Sibo walked over. He first reached out to touch Juan Juan's and Tang Luoke's heads. Then he looked at Su Fu with gentle and affectionate eyes and handed him the flowers.

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Su Fu had recently gotten used to collecting flowers. He subconsciously picked them up and took a look. Only to find that they were fake?

He stretched out his hand and touched them. They were indeed origami roses. They're so lifelike that it's almost impossible to tell without touching. Su Fu lowered his head and sniffed. They unexpectedly also had flower fragrance that's the same as real flowers. He didn't know how Tang Sibo did this.

"Dad, you made so much?" Tang Luoke timely asked.

So, Su Fu became even more surprised. He looked incredulously at Tang Sibo and asked, "Did you make them yourself?"

Tang Sibo smiled gently and nodded, "Do you like them? They will never wither."

Su Fu opened his mouth and looked down at the flowers in his hands. With this many flowers, how long would it take to fold? Didn't Mr. Tang mention that he's very busy? Did he have time to fold flowers? Or was he busy just to make flowers for him?

Su Fu's heart burned up again. He looked at Tang Sibo but didn't know what to say.

When Tang Sibo saw that he's stunned, he smiled and pinched his earlobe. "Open the door and go in first. It's time for dinner. I brought the delicious foods made by cubby aunt."

Su Fu's ears reddened. He nodded and took out the key to open the door.

After entering the door, Tang Sibo went to the kitchen to get plates and bowls and transfer the foods into them.

Su Fu, one the other hand, took the flowers to sit on the sofa and looked at them for a while. Why was his heart still pounding so fast?

Juan Juan and Tang Luoke came over to touch the flowers. Although the flower was made by Tang Sibo, it was packed by a flower shop and looked very elegant.

The florist often saw Mr. Tang come to buy flowers recently. As soon as he came in, he ordered a lot. So, he became a familiar customer. When seeing Mr. Tang carrying a large bag of origami roses to get them packaged today, the florist's chin almost fell off. This was the florist's first time to see a man folding origami roses. How long did it take?

"Little Dad, what a beautiful flower. Did Uncle Tang make it himself? Juan Juan also wants to learn."

Su Fu was summoned back to his senses by Juan Juan's milky voice. He rubbed his head and laughed, "I'll ask Uncle Tang to teach you later."

Juan Juan's face immediately sprouted a happy smile. His hands carefully touched the flowers.

When Tang Luoke saw Su Fu's happy appearance, he pretended to ask, "How long will it take to do this much? Dad has never folded origami flowers before."

Su Fu was caught off guard. His heart felt hot again.

Tang Sibo quickly set up the plates, bowls and chopsticks then called them to eat.

Su Fu led the two children there and placed them one by one on the chair.

"Wow ~ a lot of delicious foods ~" Juan Juan clapped his hands to express his joy.

Tang Sibo brought him a little spoon and rubbed his hair with a smile.

In front of the children, Su Fu didn't ask about the flowers. He's afraid that Mr. Tang would say something provocative again, but he felt uncomfortable remaining silent. So, he praised that these dishes made by chubby aunt were really delicious.

Tang Sibo also tacitly didn't talk about the flowers. He asked them whether they had a happy time playing in City A. The atmosphere at the dining table was extremely natural and harmonious.

After the meal, Su Fu took the bowls and containers to the kitchen to clean. Tang Sibo was afraid he would feel uncomfortable and didn't follow.

At this time, his son came up to him and told him that Grandpa Su was very satisfied with him (Tang Sibo). His son also told him about meeting He Shaoqi, including how Teacher Su called him Sibo and how he told He Shaoqi that they were together.

Hearing this, Tang Sibo believed that Su Fu might just want to anger He Shaoqi, but his heart still felt extremely comfortable. He wondered why he was sneezing all the time. It was actually caused by Teacher Su.

Therefore, Mr. Tang went into the kitchen in a good mood.

Su Fu was washing the dishes with ease while thinking about the flowers made by Mr. Tang. He was humming a song happily when Mr. Tang suddenly came in. Su Fu became stiff in an instant and stopped humming. He silently lowered his head to wash the dishes even as his heart started pounding.

Tang Sibo was amused and went over to help him wash the dishes.

The water was still cold. Tang Sibo slightly scowled. Once Su Fu accepted him, he must buy a dishwasher for him and make sure to add a hot water line to the faucet.

Su Fu turned around and saw Mr. Tang frowning as he rinsed the bowl. He stretched out his hand to shut off the water and said, "It's cold. I'll do it."

Hearing the caring words from Teacher Su, Mr. Tang felt better and turned on the faucet to continue rinsing. "It's okay. Let's hurry up."

Su Fu didn't stop him again. After saying these words, the atmosphere also became more relaxed and less uncomfortable.


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