Since returning to the Tang family's main residence, Tang Sibo had been folding origami flowers in silence without speaking. After such a long time of silence, when he suddenly spoke, his voice sounded deep and magnetic, which might also be due to the nighttime.

Hearing this, Su Fu's heart jumped. He rubbed Juan Juan's hair and softened his voice, "Yes, have you slept? Am I disturbing you?"

Tang Sibo smiled and replied in a low voice over there, "No, I'm just relaxing. I feel much better after hearing Teacher Su's voice."

Su Fu continued to rub Juan Juan's hair and said to Mr. Tang from time to time, but he couldn't hide the smile on his lips.

Looking at the time, it was almost ten o'clock. Su Fu frowned slightly and asked softly, "Haven't you finished yet? Are there a lot of works? Let's go to sleep and do the rest tomorrow."

Tang Sibo looked at the origami roses on the reading table and the bag with a lot of materials left. "Yes, There're still a lot of them. Although the work is a little tired, but it's very meaningful. I believe that the effect will be very good."

Su Fu thought that Mr. Tang was probably working on a big project with a lot of benefits. He nodded and agreed, "Mr. Tang will certainly succeed."

Mr. Tang over there couldn't help laughing softly.

Su Fu didn't understand his meaning, but hearing him laugh, his heart also inexplicably feel very happy.

The two men were silent for a moment, then Su Fu suddenly remembered that it was Xiao Ke who wanted to talk to his father before he made the call. How could he talk on endlessly?…He hurriedly changed the subject and said: "Xiao Ke misses you. He wants to say a few words." After finishing this, he gave the cell phone to Tang Luoke.

His son thought about him at night? Tang Sibo would never believe it. He knew best how independent his son was. Obviously, this was the little fox's idea. However, Tang Sibo was quite happy in his heart. His son was really a divine assistant.

"Xiao Ke, do you miss Dad?" Tang Sibo asked with a smile.

Tang Luoke responded lightly and asked, "Are you busy today?"

Tang Sibo smiled helplessly: "Yes, it's been a busy day."

"There're still a lot of work? You have to do a good job."

"Good, good, Dad works very seriously."

Tang Luoke was satisfied and went on obediently, "Good night, Dad. Teacher Su wants you to go to bed early."

Tang Sibo chuckled, "Okay, Dad will go to bed and wait for you to come back."

Tang Luoke replied then hung up the phone and said to Su Fu, "Dad said he misses Teacher Su a lot. We'll go back tomorrow."

Su Fu found the dialogue between this father and son strange. A son taught his LaoZi to work hard? After Xiao Ke suddenly spoke, Su Fu's face turned red. His heart thought, why didn't Mr. Tang restrain himself in front of a child?

Juan Juan was caught in the middle. After listening to their phone call, he pursed his lips and stopped Su Fu's hand. He looked very wronged, "Dad, Juan Juan's hair is going to be rubbed off!"

Su Fu discovered that he had been rubbing Juan Juan's hair because of embarrassment…He felt very distressed about this and hugged him in his arms.

Tang Luoke was in a good mood and also helped to coax Juan Juan.

After a while, the three people were happy again. They chatted softly for a while then went to sleep.

The next day, father Su and mother Su went to the small restaurant early. Su Fu and his two children woke up a little later. He took them out to have breakfast before going to the small restaurant to help.

He drove the children to a breakfast shop that he used to go to and ordered some famous breakfasts. They ate in the shop while talking and laughing.

After eating, he held each of the little fellow's hand and walked to the side of the road. He's about to put the children in the car when a man came along.

"Xiao Fu, where have you been recently? Why can't you be found?" The bearer was naturally He Shaoqi who never gave up.

Su Fu was stunned for a moment. He hadn't seen him for a few days. It was probably because he had been living so comfortable recently that he didn't immediately recognize He Shaoqi.

However, it was only a moment. After all, this was still the person who had been engraved in his mind for ten years.

Su Fu caught a glimpse of him, only to find that he's having breakfast with mother He and Su Jing. He Shaoqi walked up quickly, while mother He and Su Jing followed behind him, showing very unfriendly eyes.

Su Fu had some pity for Su Jing who wanted to marry He Shaoqi with a big belly. And at this moment, she was naturally unhappy that her husband was pulling a former lover in front of her.

"You have a good life. Congratulations on becoming a father." Su Fu smiled faintly and ignored him.

He put Juan Juan on the back seat and buckled his seat belt.

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He Shaoqi looked at the car and incredulously asked: "Rolls-Royce? Where did you get the money to buy this car? Did you really get together with that Tang person? How long have we been apart?!"

Before Su Fu could speak, Tang Luoke who had very cold eyes stood in front of Su Fu with his small body and said solemnly, "Please show some respect, scum. Don't bother my prestigious family's little Dad. He's the second lady of the Tang family. You can't afford the consequences even you pay with everything you have!"

Before Su Fu could get angry, he became amused by Xiao Ke. Indeed, a child was a child. After watching too many TV dramas, he actually uttered such "domineering" threats. But what little Dad? What second lady of the Tang family? Still, Su Fu heart silently beat faster twice.  

He didn't know that Tang Luoke wanted to call him this way for a long time. It was inappropriate to call him Mom, and it would cause misunderstanding to call him Dad. So, he thought for a long time and finally called him little Dad.

He Shaoqi was stunned by Tang Luoke. It took a long time to ask in disbelief, "Are you recognized by the Tang family? Are you really with Tang Sibo?"

Su Fu didn't care about him. And he didn't want to care about mother He's and Su Jing's bad eyes. He took Xiao Ke into the car and buckled his seat belt. He smiled and replied, "Yes, I am with Sibo. We're very happy. I hope you're happy."

After shocking He Shaoqi with his words, he locked the car door and left regardless of the other person.  

He Shaoqi watched helplessly as Su Fu drove away in Tang Sibo's luxury car. He believed Su Fu's words, and his heart ached. He didn't want to come out with mother He and Su Jing but was dragged out by them. Now he walked back without soul and lost his appetite for breakfast.

Mother He and Su Jing weren't happy. It's not easy to pull He Shaoqi out to shop together but they were interrupted by Su Fu!

They were about to call out to He Shaoqi, when suddenly a basin of water poured down on their heads. Both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law tacitly let out a long scream.  

He Shaoqi frowned and looked back at them. He saw a young girl leaning her head out from upstairs and apologetically said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. My grandfather just moved here. He's old and he doesn't know that we can't just pour foot washing water here. I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Foot washing water…

Mother He collapsed and screamed loudly. Su Jing was more proud. After a cry of surprise, she refrained from shouting more, but her face was horribly gloomy.

He Shaoqi felt ashamed and ignored them. He walked off alone in a bad mood.

Mother He shouted at his back, "Shaoqi! Take Xiao Jing home and change clothes quickly. In this cold weather, don't hurt my lovely grandson!"

He Shaoqi ignored them. Su Jing was also ashamed of the woman screaming and swearing next to her. She also walked off.  

This early morning, diners at the breakfast restaurant watched a good show.

At the same time, three men who had just sat down on the balcony of the Beijing Opera Theater were making flowers together with great interest.

Mr. Tang, who was shown off by Teacher Su, had another big sneeze. Many pieces of paper that he just cut off blew into Li Chao's face…

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