As the afternoon time approached four o'clock, Tang Sihuan drove to the neighborhood where father Fu and mother Su lived, according to the address given by his nephew.

He parked his car downstairs of the apartment building, just behind the Roll-Royce.

Tang Sihuan got off his car and looked at the Roll-Royce. He's certain that it belonged to his second brother, but as far as he knew, his second brother didn't come to City A, so the car was lent to Teacher Su?

He slightly narrowed his eyes and thought of a possibility, then big brother Tang grinned. His second brother could be taken off the single list.

Just then, Su Fu led Tang Luoke downstairs.

Judging from his appearance, big brother Tang's facial features were more profound than those of Tang Sibo, and his facial paralysis all the year round looked very frightening. When Su Fu saw big brother Tang again, he still felt nervous and a bit scared.

Tang Luoke and big brother Tang were very close. Besides his father, the person closest to him weren't his grandparents but this facial paralysis uncle, because big uncle would teach him a lot. Big uncle was also the person that Tang Luoke had always worshipped and imitated. He thought that big uncle with his facial paralysis looked serious and domineering, so young master Tang often showed a serious expression at an early age.

"Big uncle." Seeing his favorite uncle, young master Tang didn't jump happily like Juan Juan, but walked over with dignity and reserve to look up at him.

Big brother Tang also doted on his little nephew. He patted him on the head and lifted him up. Su Fu also walked over and gave a polite call: "Big brother Tang."

Big brother Tang took a look at Su Fu while holding his nephew. He didn't study him very carefully last time. This time he took a few more looks.

Tang Luoke was afraid that his big uncle didn't like Su Fu. He hurriedly said, "Big uncle, Teacher Su is really good and takes good care of me and Dad."

In the past, when big brother Tang called his nephew, he often heard him say how good Teacher Su was. Having not seen him for a few days, he felt that his nephew had become more protective of Su Fu.

After watching Su Fu for a while, big brother Tang nodded and replied, "Yes, very good."

Ah? Su Fu was stunned by what he said and blinked at him.

Tang Luoke smiled. Big brother Tang didn't explain anything and just said, "Thank you for taking care of Xiao Ke. I'll take him to play for a while. As for tonight

Big brother Tang looked at his nephew and asked him what he wanted to do at night.

Tang Luoke said: "I'll come back at night. Teacher Su holds a little talk before going to bed. I like to listen."

Su Fu felt somewhat embarrassed. This was nothing to praise…

Big brother Tang listened and thought that it's interesting since he never heard about it. He motioned to Su Fu and took his nephew away. By the way, he also wanted to ask his little nephew about the little talk before going to bed.

Su Fu stood by the side of the road, watching the car leave. He patted his chest and let out a sigh of relief. Compared to the gentle and elegant Mr. Tang, big brother Tang gave people a lot of oppressive feeling…

Mr. Tang, who was folding origami roses amidst piles of papers, was missed by Teacher Su. He gave a big sneeze and the cut papers blew to Li Chao's face.

Su Fu and Juan Juan accompanied father Su and mother Su all afternoon. In the evening, Su Fu personally went to cook in the kitchen. He agreed with his parents to go to the small restaurant to help tomorrow. It was boring staying at home all the time.

Father Su was proud that he could introduce his son and grandson to familiar customers tomorrow. Mother Su was also very happy. With her son and grandson accompanying her, the restaurant should be very lively.  

Shortly after 8 pm, big brother Tang brought his nephew back early in order not to disturb the Su family's sleep. Su Fu went downstairs to pick him up with Juan Juan. Big brother Tang was also glad to see Juan Juan. His expression softened as he rubbed Juan Juan's hair. Juan Juan happily hugged big brother Tang's thigh and sweetly called 'big uncle Tang ~'

Big brother Tang knew the temperament of his second brother. He didn't take a fancy to anyone for so many years. This time he took a fancy to Su Fu. If there's no accident, they should settle together. Big brother Tang looked at the soft Juan Juan by his leg and thought that this was good. After this, they would have another child in the family who could be a companion to Xiao Ke. It should also make his parents happy, and the family would become livelier.

When Su Fu took the two children to wash in their house, Tang Luoke whispered: "Teacher Su, my big uncle likes you a lot."

"What?!" Su Fu was so scared that the towel he used to wipe Juan Juan's face fell off!

Tang Luoke realized that his words weren't quite right. He scratched his head awkwardly and explained: "I mean, my big uncle also agrees for you to be my mother. My uncle said that you and Dad are very suitable."

Su Fu's small heart calmed down a little, but it was still racing. He picked up the towel in the washbasin, wrung it dry again, and wiped Juan Juan once more.

After hearing Tang Luoke's words, Su Fu started thinking, big brother Tang agrees? It seems that the Tang family is really enlightened. If I'm really with Mr. Tang in the future, shouldn't I be very happy?

Thinking to here, Su Fu felt surprised again. He rubbed his face and stopped himself from thinking too much.  

Juan Juan took out his small hands to stop Su Fu's arm while speaking miserably, "Little Dad, Juan Juan is going to be skinless!" (T/N: Poor Juan Juan 😂)

Su Fu found that he had been rubbing Juan Juan's face all this time…He hurriedly put down the towel and massaged the area for him…

Tang Luoke stood there silently. He no longer talked more since he felt that Teacher Su would soon be his mother.  

In the evening, one big one and two small ones slept together in Su Fu's room. The bed in Su Fu's room wasn't as big as the one in Tang family's villa, but the two little guys were still young and were happy to squeeze together.  

While in bed, the small talk went on as usual. As they were chatting, Tang Luoke suddenly said, "Teacher Su, I miss my father a little."

"Why do you suddenly miss your father?" Su Fu smiled and touched his head.

Tang Luoke replied: "We can chat here, but Dad is so pitiful alone. My grandparents shouldn't be at home today. Shall we call Dad?"

In Su Fu's eyes, although Xiao Ke was a bit more mature and stable than his peers, he never doubted Xiao Ke's simplicity and loveliness. He never knew that seven out of ten words from this small fox was full of calculations.

At this time, he really thought that the child was missing his father. After all, he didn't go back with Tang Sibo last night. Tonight was the second night, and the child was inevitably a little unaccustomed.

As a result, although Su Fu felt a bit uncomfortable calling so late at night, he still dialed Tang Sibo's number according to the child's wish.

Tang Luoke smiled and rubbed his little hands under the covers with each other, revealing his small triumph.

In City B, Tang Sibo had returned from the Beijing Opera Theater at this time. He finished his meal and took a bath, then continued to fold origami flowers in his study.

Looking at the desk full of origami roses, Mr. Tang also felt some distress. He really never thought that he would have such a romantic side one day

Hearing the ringing of the cell phone and seeing the words "Teacher Su", Mr. Tang, who had been tired and sleepy after folding origami roses for an entire day, suddenly perked up. He put down his materials and picked up the phone.

"Teacher Su?"

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