Next day, early in the morning, Mr. Tang who hadn't slept much last night, got up early and asked chubby aunt to make breakfast for four. Then he drove Su Fu's car to send them breakfast.

Father Tang and mother Tang, who were used to getting up early, were having breakfast. They looked at each other but tacitly said nothing.

After Tang Sibo left, father Tang asked, "Why is your second child like a teenage boy who enters the honey bucket?"

Mother Tang took a sip of tremella and lotus porridge with a smile and replied, "Weren't you like this with me?"

Father Tang narrowed his eyes when he heard this. Tang family's members inherited deep feelings. Although the marriage between father Tang and mother Tang were arranged by their parents in those days, he did take some novel things to curry favor with his wife, so that Mrs. Tang had always been very satisfied with this marriage.

When Tang Sibo arrived at Shenyuan Apartment, Su Fu had just gotten up. Tang Luoke took care of Juan Juan and washed himself. Su Fu was going to the kitchen to make breakfast, which turned to be unnecessary.

Tang Sibo accompanied them to eat breakfast and sent them to the car. After watching them leave, he once again drove Su Fu's car to buy origami papers.

Fortunately, he managed to buy various papers to fold origami flowers in a jewelry store. The cashier girl looked at Tang Sibo's handsome and elegant face and blushed. While checking out the items, she asked, "Handsome guy, are you buying these for your girlfriend to make flowers for you? You must be happy."

Tang Sibo slightly smiled with no embarrassment.

Once the bill was settled, he returned to the car with a big bag of things. Tang Sibo took out his mobile phone and checked on Baidu. Can origami flowers only be folded by girls?

Okay, there's no such regulation. So, Mr. Tang calmly put down his cell phone and drove to the Beijing Opera Theater, preparing to fold origami flowers while listening to the opera at the same time. It would be more interesting this way.

The car stopped at a small pavilion in the Beijing Opera Theater's parking lot. Just after getting off the car, a military vehicle stopped by his side. It was Li Chao's.

When Li Chao saw Tang Sibo, his eyes widened in surprise. He got out of the car and walked around Su Fu's car several times while asking, "What's the matter, second Tang? Are you down and out? I haven't heard that Tang family has gone bankrupt!"

"Special hobby." After glancing at Li Chao, Tang Sibo left with his bag.

Li Chao touched his chin. He shook his head and no longer cared. He turned to take out the thermal container from the car and also walked past the cars.

In their box, Liu An was wrapped in thick cotton pajamas and leaned on the sofa, looking sleepy.

Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows and glanced at Li Chao.

Li Chao didn't pay attention to him. He quickly walked to the sofa with the thermal container and held Liu An in his arms. He said softly, "Drink some porridge. I went to the Tang family to find chubby aunt."

Liu An nodded and said hello to Tang Sibo before Li Chao fed him the porridge spoonful by spoonful.

Tang Sibo silently sat down on one side of the single person sofa, looking at Li Chao with deep contempt. Needless to say, it must be Li Chao doing something too hard to Liu An over and over again, which caused him to get sick.

Just then, Li Chao caught a glimpse of Tang Sibo's eyes and spoke in exasperation, "What are you thinking about? Lao Zi's wife just caught a cold! A very simple cold!"

Tang Sibo ignored him. He simply took out the papers in the bag and put them on the short table.

Liu An smiled and said, "I caught a cold yesterday. I'm afraid second brother Tang can't hear me sing opera today."

After Liu An spoke, Tang Sibo finally believed it. He shook his head indifferently and replied: "It's okay. Take good care of yourself. It's easy to catch cold recently."

Liu An nodded and no longer spoke much. His folded his legs and tucked his hands into the sleeves of his thick cotton pajamas. He ate the porridge fed by Li Chao one mouthful at a time. Chubby aunt's cooking was irresistible.

Li Chao's heart was still uncomfortable. In second Tang's eyes, he's that kind of person who would toss around his wife? Second Tang didn't know how much he loved his wife!

While feeding Liu An porridge and squinting at Tang Sibo, Li Chao saw that he's holding a red paper and fiddling with it to shape a red rose…

Li Chao stared in disbelief. He gave a rude kick to the short table and exclaimed, "Second Tang, did you take the wrong medicine today? Are you actually making flowers?!"

Fortunately, the short table was heavier and made of good quality, so it wasn't kicked down by Li Chao.

Tang Sibo still calmly folded flowers.

Liu An also looked at Tang Sibo curiously. The flower looked really lifelike. He didn't expect second Tang to be so skilled…

Tang Sibo ignored Li Chao's sarcasm and took out the materials used to make the flowers. He carefully glued the prepared red rose to the stems. His slender fingers intricately arranged the folds. Finally, a delicate origami rose was finally completed.

Li Chao was surprised and almost forgot to feed porridge to Liu An. When he saw that Tang Sibo was going to make another one, he took the finished product and turned it around. Needless to say, it was really beautiful.

Therefore, Li Chao wanted to borrow flower to offer Buddha and gave it to Liu An.

Tang Sibo glanced up leisurely and said, "Put it down."

Li Chao became discontent, "Why are you so stingy? You're folding a lot anyway, why can't you send one to Lao Zi's wife?"

"Put it down."

Tang Sibo repeated. His tone wasn't light or heavy, but it's enough to make the hot-tempered Li Chao put the flower down despite being unsatisfied.

In regard to City B's three masters, Tang Sihuan, Tang Sibo and Li Chao, Tang Sihuan looked cold and ruthless while Li Chao was the most hot-tempered, however, the person everyone couldn't afford to provoke was Tang Sibo. Li Chao knew that Tang Sibo's warning shouldn't be repeated more than twice, otherwise, the consequence was hard to imagine. So, even if he's still unsatisfied, he couldn't afford to provoke him.

"Stingy! I'll do it myself!" After pouring the last mouthful of porridge into his own mouth, Li Chao drew a piece of paper from Tang Sibo and learned to fold it.

Liu An was amused and took a paper towel to wipe Li Chao's mouth. He smiled and asked Tang Sibo, "Does second brother Tang have anyone you like?"

Tang Sibo raised his brows and nodded.

"Aha!" Li Chao hehe smiled, then winked and asked, "Is it the Teacher from last time? I said it before. There's no such good welfare for a private tutor that the employer will take him everywhere. See, there's really something else. Have you caught him?"

Tang Sibo smiled, but his attitude was unknown.

Liu An was somewhat surprised. He remembered that he met Su Fu in the hospital a month ago. Su Fu should have a boyfriend. How did they suddenly split up? But after thinking about it again, since he went to join the research alone, it's most likely that his boyfriend and his family wasn't good to him. Not like second brother Tang. He's so caring and even personally folded origami roses for him.  

As he said this, Li Chao missed several steps, but Tang Sibo went on without waiting for him. Li Chao slowly became angry. What nonsense flower, how do you even do it?

"Second Tang, you look stronger than that teacher, but you incredibly end up under him and still fold flowers for him! So wifey! Damn it!" Li Chao was so impatient that he ended up rubbing out a crumpled 'chrysanthemum' that looked like a cuttlefish on a stick from the origami paper and handed it to Liu An.

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Tang Sibo ignored his verbal talks and remained calm.

Liu An looked at the 'flower' with his eyes, and his mouth got slightly deflated. He compared it with the one made by Tang Sibo and murmured in a low voice: "No patience at all."

Li Chao immediately blew up. He got up and moved a stool to sit beside Tang Sibo while announcing, "I'm studying now!"

Tang Sibo took his materials to the side and moved them away while leisurely saying, "Isn't this so wifey? Don't touch them!"

"Lao Zi just talk nonsense! Come on!" Li Chao angrily shouted. He grabbed a handful of papers from Tang Sibo's bag and moved the stool far away then opened Baidu to learn.

Liu An smiled and sat down to make flowers with him.

So, on this day, three men sat in this box, folding flowers while attending the opera.

On the other side in City A, it was almost noon when father Su and mother Su arrived home. Father Su and mother Su didn't go to the small restaurant today and stayed at home to wait for their son to come back. Mother Su prepared a large table of dishes for them. She waited until the time was up before cooking to ensure that everyone could eat the food while it's still hot.

Father Su went to the window from time to time to see if his son's car had arrived. After a long time, he finally saw a luxury car driving into the neighborhood and stopping downstairs. Father Su wondered whose daughter had climbed up the rich and powerful family. He was a little disgusted only to suddenly see his son getting off the car with two radish heads.

Father Su stared with large eyes. Then he thought about it again, wasn't this Mr Tang's car? With this, father Su narrowed his eyes slightly. Sure enough, he guessed right. When his son said that he's going to work in City B, it should be for the sake of making it easier to fall in love. He already started to help the other person taking care of his child.  

But this way was also good. Although not every person was suitable, Mr. Tang definitely worked. Father Su became more at ease.

Because of this, Su Fu returned with the children and wasn't questioned by his parents about the luxury car.

He led the two little guys to the door. Father Su and mother Su greeted the children and each picked up one. They all ignored Su Fu standing at the door.

Su Fu touched his nose awkwardly. Sure enough, children were always popular. After they grew up, they would be rejected… (T/N: So true 😂)

One lonely person silently entered the door. Su Fu put the change of clothes in his room then tidied up only to find that the quilts had been basked in sun and smelled of sunshine, which made people feel very comfortable.

After tidying up, he went back to the living room. Mother Su was making lunch while father Su looked through the specialty brought back from City B on the single person sofa.

On the couch, father Su was playing with the two children. Although father Su was usually strict, he's still very gentle towards children.

"Are you used to it there?" After teasing the children for a while, father Su asked his son.

Su Fu nodded, "It's alright. Mr. Tang has been taking care of us."

Father Su gave him a meaningful look. Su Fu cleared his throat awkwardly and went to the kitchen to help his mother.

Tang Luoke heard Su Fu mention his father and recalled the box of tea. He ran to Su Fu's room to find the bag where he put his clothes and took out the tea. He returned to the living room and handed it to Su Fu.

"Grandpa Su, Dad said you like this tea and specially asked me to bring it for you."

Father Su 's eyes narrowed with laughter when he saw the tea. He took it and praised, "Your father has heart! The last box hasn't been finished yet!"

Tang Luoke also narrowed his eyes while smiling and answered in a clever way: "Since Grandpa Su likes it, I'll bring it more often in the future. My grandpa and uncle also like tea. You can drink it together in the future."

Father Su raised his brows slightly as he listened to the child's meaning. Is the matter between his son and Mr. Tang certain? Mr. Tang already introduced Su Fu to his family? Father Su was very satisfied and felt that Tang Sibo took this matter very seriously and deserved his son's trust for life.  

Juan Juan looked around but didn't understand anything. He lowered his head and played with his hands.

One the other hand, Su Fu in the kitchen still didn't know anything…

They had a lively lunch together and chatted with the two old people for a while. Tang Luoke said that he would call his uncle first and want to have dinner with him in the evening.

Su Fu knew that he missed his uncle. Of course, he wouldn't object. He said that he would drive him there later, but Tang Luoke said that his uncle would come here to meet him. He didn't want to disturb Teacher Su's reunion with his parents.

Father Su pinched Tang Luoke's little face and smiled while praising Xiao Ke's understanding.

Therefore, Tang Luoke texted Tang Sihuan. After that, he still watched TV and chatted with father Su and mother Su. Both of the elders were in a very good mood.

At this time, big brother Tang was sitting opposite from Duan Qiqian in the president's office of Duan Group.

There's a document and two cups of coffee on the table. On the sofa beside the table were two expressionless people looking at each other.

Time passed by…

Time passed by…

An hour passed…

Two people met to talk about business and sat here till now. Asides from when Duan Qiqian asked if he wanted something to drink, to which big brother Tang replied that he wanted coffee, the two people sat down and hadn't said a word.  

They changed two cups of coffee.

At this moment, Tang Luoke's text message came. Big brother Tang looked at it. A smile appeared at the corner of his eyes. He wasn't ready to waste any more time here.

He threw the document at Duan Qiqian and said, "Sign it."

Duan Qiqian took a sip of coffee: "Why?"

"Mutual benefits." Tang Sihuan stirred the spoon.

"The price is unfair." Duan Qiqian drank again.

"It's the best value." Tang Sihuan also drink one mouthful.

"Let's talk about it again." Duan Qiqian put down the coffee cup.

"You won't sign?"

"Let's talk about it again."

Tang Sihuan slightly narrowed his eyes at him and put away the document.

This cooperation was very beneficial to both sides. He knew that Duan Qiqian knew this. Both sides naturally wouldn't give up this cooperation, but Duan Qiqian just wanted to drag this one for a bit more benefits.

Originally, Tang Sihuan also had time to slowly grind this out with him. The same thing happened when he came a few days ago. Everyone sat around and said nothing. But not today. His little nephew was here. He's going to take his nephew to dinner.

After putting the document away, Tang Sihuan got up, and asked with an expressionless face, "Where do you want to talk tomorrow?"

Duan Qiqian thought for a moment and suggested, "Why don't we find a restaurant and talk over dinner?"

Tang Sihuan nodded and left with his briefcase after leaving a message: "Text me the time and address." Duan Qiqian looked at Tang Sihuan opening the door to leave. His clothes still looked perfect without any crease.

After taking a sip of coffee and raising his brows, big brother Duan thought in his heart: Interesting.

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