When the big ones and small ones returned to Shenyuan apartment, Su Fu and Tang Luoke had just completed an hour of tutoring. Because they planned on returning to City A tomorrow, the tutoring only took one hour tonight. Su Fu would start packing after sending the two little guys early to bed.  

Juan Juan came in with a big bag of strawberries. He saw Su Fu coming out of the room and rushed over to show him the strawberries in his hands.

"Where did you get so many strawberries?" Su Fu saw the meaning behind Juan Juan's action. He rubbed his head and asked with a smile.

Juan Juan raised his small head, blushed and answered, "Grandma Tang gave them to Juan Juan. Has little Dad eaten them? They're delicious."

Su Fu had never been to the Tang mansion and wasn't familiar with Tang Sibo's parents. After listening to Juan Juan, he felt a faint thump in his heart. He looked up at Tang Sibo who came in carrying a bag.

Tang Sibo smiled gently to appease him.

Suddenly Juan Juan added, "Juan Juan said that little Dad is the best. Grandpa Tang, Grandma Tang and Aunt Tang all believed what Juan Juan said."

Su Fu's heart thumped, and his smile couldn't be maintained. Did Juan Juan mention him at the Tang mansion. How did Tang Sibo's parents react? Did they find out anything? Were they unhappy? Did they think that he led their son astray? Did they hate him? Would they not allow Tang Sibo and Tang Luoke to associate with him?

In his heart, Su Fu asked himself 100,000 questions. He was really nervous. Even though he's nervous, he didn't realize that his state of mind was exactly the same as an ugly daughter-in-law who's about to meet her in-laws.

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu's uneasiness. He smiled and stretched out his hand to pinch his earlobe, saying: "Juan Juan just said a few words. It's okay. Once you accept me, I'll formally introduce you to my family."

Su Fu was just a little nervous at first. After hearing him say this, his face all burned up. But the panic in his mind just now lessened. Even though he knew that Mr. Tang was serious, he didn't expect him to be this serious. It made Su Fu felt that he's no longer scared to face this matter.

Tang Sibo was watching Su Fu and saw the expression in his eyes. He thought that Su Fu probably didn't know how much love and trust he showed in his eyes, which made his heart involuntarily soften.

"Does your parents have any problem with Xiao Ke going to City A with us?" Feeling a little embarrassed, Su Fu stiffly changed the subject.

Tang Sibo chuckled in a low voice. He didn't puncture Su Fu's act, but soothed him: "It's okay. They know Xiao Ke doesn't like that kind of occasion."

Su Fu nodded, feeling more at ease, and stopped talking. He didn't know what else to say. He always felt that any casualness between them was destroyed by their ambiguous atmosphere.

At this moment, Juan Juan timely poked Su Fu's leg. He looked up and asked, "Do you want strawberries?"

Su Fu, who was granted amnesty, hurriedly grabbed the strawberries in his hand and said, "Little Dad will wash them for you."

Having said this, he ran to the kitchen to wash strawberries. Juan Juan also dadada raced after him.  

Tang Sibo slightly smiled. He touched his own face. Was his face too thick? Or was it Su Fu who made him unable to help but want to tease him?

Tang Luoke, who had been sitting on the sofa silently watching them, stood up at this moment. He walked to his father's side and looked at the bag. Besides his change of clothes, there's a box of tea.

"For Grandpa Su?" Tang Luoke asked.

Tang Sibo nodded and told him, "Grandpa Su likes this tea. Don't forget to give it to him tomorrow. Be polite at Teacher Su's home."

Tang Luoke naturally understood how important his performance at Teacher Su's home was. After all, Teacher Su's parents would be his grandparents in the near future. Of course, he should perform well, so he obediently nodded.

Seeing that Su Fu hadn't yet come out, Tang Sibo pulled up his son and asked, "Why did you say that Dad will be very busy these two days?"  

Tang Luoke looked up at him and nodded, "You should be very busy."

Tang Sibo didn't understand.

Tang Luoke took his big hand and walked to the TV to show him the vase beside the TV.

The vase was newly bought by Su Fu. They were filled with bright red roses that Tang Sibo gave to him. But these roses didn't look too lively.  

Tang Sibo slightly frowned. He always knew that this kind of flowers wouldn't live after they're picked. Now, it's really unpleasant to watch them wither slowly. He wanted Su Fu to throw them away, but Su Fu couldn't do it. Instead, he put them in a vase.

"Teacher Su bought a lot of vases. There're a lot more in the other room. He threw away the withered flowers and picked out the good ones to put in here. But these flowers still die. They only survive for a few days."

Tang Sibo nodded. This was indeed a problem. It's satisfied to send these flowers, but it's not convenient to deal with them afterward. However, Su Fu had been happy receiving them every day. If he no longer brought them, he's afraid that Su Fu would be disappointed.

Tang Luoke looked at his father. He pulled his sleeve and showed him his mobile phone.

Tang Sibo took the phone and looked at it. The screen of the mobile phone showed a page on how to fold origami roses

What his son meant was for him to stop sending real roses but to send origami roses instead? Looking at this picture, these roses looked very beautiful and didn't lose out the to the real ones at all. But aren't folding origami roses what little girls do?

Tang Sibo looked at his son uncertainly and heard his small voice: "Two days should be enough for a lot. Fight on, Dad!"

Over here, Tang Sibo was still considering the feasibility of this matter. On the other side, Su Fu had finished washing the strawberries and brought out the fruit bowl.

"Come and eat. They're fresh and sweet."

Su Fu put the fruit bowl on the tea table. He sat down on the sofa and wiped Juan Juan's hands with paper towel. The diligent Juan Juan wanted to help his little Dad wash strawberries. So, Su Fu brought him a bowl and asked him to squat down on the ground to wash.

The Tang father and son glanced at one another with tacit understanding. They no longer mentioned the origami roses and sat down.  

After his hands were wiped, Juan Juan put them on his little face and shivered, "Juan Juan's hands are so cold. Can little Dad feed Juan Juan one?"

"Don't touch your face. Uncle Tang will help you warm them up." Tang Sibo smiled and took Juan Juan's small hands from his face then covered them with his big ones. The two of them looked very cute.

Su Fu was amused. He picked out a strawberry and fed it to Juan Juan. His hands were being warmed, and little Dad was feeding him strawberry. Juan Juan narrowed his large eyes happily.

After seeing Juan Juan being fed, Tang Luoke was a little envious and said, "Teacher Su also feed Xiao Ke one?"

Su Fu smiled and picked one to feed him. Tang Luoke also got very happy, but after taking a bite, he brought the other half over to eat by himself. After all, he couldn't act as clingy as Juan Juan. Young master Tang still needed to remain reserved.

After feeding the two children, Su Fu saw that Tang Sibo was still holding Juan Juan's hands and smiled, "That's all right. The child will warm up soon after he moves more."

Tang Sibo didn't loosen Juan Juan's small hand, but smiled at Su Fu and replied, "Teacher Su, can you feed me one?"

Su Fu gave him a look then burst out laughing. He picked out a big one and fed it to his mouth.

Tang Sibo smiled and asked, "How many mouthfuls can I have?"

Su Fu looked at the strawberry and didn't know what he meant. He answered, "As many as you want."

Tang Sibo raised his brows. He learned from Juan Juan to bite half of the strawberry first and chew on it. "It's very sweet," he said.  

"Haven't you eaten them at home?" Su Fu smiled and asked him.

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Tang Sibo didn't answer but grabbed the remaining half of the strawberry and looked up at Su Fu.

Su Fu didn't know why but his heart suddenly raced at this sight. He quickly wanted to retract his hand, but he wasn't as fast as Tang Sibo. Tang Sibo placed the remaining half of the strawberry, including Su Fu's fingers into his mouth. He licked Su Fu's fingertips before Su Fu managed to retract his hand.  

"Yes ~ it's sweet ~" Tang Sibo smiled at Su Fu.

Su Fu's hand quivered as he shrank back. He only felt that his fingertips were hot and wanted to wipe them with a paper towel. But it might be too much. Would that make Tang Sibo unhappy? So, Su Fu could only remain still with his hands and blushed. His heart muttered: The children are still here! What a bad influence on them!

At this moment, he saw Juan Juan looked at Tang Sibo then at Su Fu. He cocked his head and asked, "Little Dad, don't you have strawberry juice? Juan Juan hasn't licked it off yet."

Hearing his words, Su Fu's face turned completely red. He secretly glared at Tang Sibo. Tang Sibo accepted his ire with a smile but felt sweet in his mind.

Tang Luoke stared straight ahead and calmly ate his strawberries.

After eating strawberries for a while, Tang Sibo finally took his leave. Su Fu let the two children play for a while and went downstairs to see him off.

When arriving by the side of the car downstairs, Tang Sibo suddenly gave his car key to Su Fu.

Su Fu blinked and didn't quite understand.

Tang Sibo laughed: "I didn't think about it before. Your car doesn't have car seats. It's too late to buy them now. You still have to leave tomorrow. Just drive my car."  

Su Fu felt somewhat distressed at the thought of driving Mr. Tang's luxury car. His parents were bound to question him if he drove it back. However, for the sake of the children's safety, he nodded and accepted the car key.

"What about you?" Su Fu asked.

"I'll take your car and go home. I'm probably too busy to go out these two days." Thinking of the origami roses, Tang Sibo felt somewhat stressed, "It's okay. There're other cars inside the garage of the Tang mansion."  

Su Fu thought about it and agreed. Mr. Tang must have other luxury cars, so he no longer worried about it. He just frowned and casually asked, "Are you so busy?"

Tang Sibo smiled. He spread out his hands and showed a look of distress, "Yes, I estimate that I'll have to work hard. Can I ask for a kiss from Teacher Su? I need a good sleep tonight."

This time, it's late at night. There're streetlamps downstairs in the community, but people were still covered mostly by darkness and couldn't be seen clearly. Su Fu looked up and saw Tang Sibo's gentle and handsome face. For a moment, he felt that this wasn't quite right. Wasn't Mr. Tang still pursuing him? Wasn't it a bit too intimate to ask for a kiss now? 

While thinking about this, Su Fu who was quiet for a while suddenly raised his head upward to kiss Tang Sibo's forehead as if to bestow his blessing.

Tang Sibo was more than half a head taller than him. He didn't expect Su Fu to really agree. Mr. Tang was in a good mood and lowered his head in cooperation to let him kiss his forehead.

Su Fu gently printed his lips on Tang Sibo's forehead then realized what he had done. At this moment, he suddenly felt very embarrassed, but it's too late to turn back. So, he decided to play it by ear and pretended to be calm and patted Tang Sibo's head calmly like he did with Juan Juan.

"Be good and sleep well." Pretending that it's just a kiss to put a child to sleep.

Tang Sibo smiled and wasn't disappointed. He held the hand that Su Fu used to pat him and moved it to his lips for a kiss. "Good night, my Teacher Su." He said softly.

Su Fu felt a little embarrassed, but his soft smile couldn't deceive anyone.

"Good night." My future Mr. Tang, Su Fu added in silence.

Mr. Tang, who took the car key and drove Su Fu's car back to the Tang mansion was in an extremely good mood. There's a big difference between driving a million yuan car and a hundred thousand yuan car, but Tang Sibo couldn't care less about this difference now. He didn't feel that there's anything wrong with this car. The smell of Su Fu everywhere inside was enough to make him believe that it's priceless.  

Tang Sibo came back to the Tang mansion with the evening kiss printed on his forehead. Father Tang and mother Tang had already gone to bed. Only Tang Sining was still sitting cross-legged on the sofa holding a laptop and typing something.

"Yo ~ second brother is back from second sister-in-law's place ~"

Tang Sining put down the laptop. She lowered her legs and sat on the sofa watching Tang Sibo.

Tang Sibo didn't care about his sister's teasing, but it's still pleasant to hear this second sister-in-law call.  

"Do you know where to buy origami papers to fold flowers?" Tang Sibo asked as he went to the kitchen to warm up a cup of milk.

Tang Sining suddenly opened her eyes and stretched out her ears. No, what did she hear? Second brother actually asked where to find origami papers to fold flowers?

Tang Sining hurriedly wore her slippers and chased after him to the kitchen. She saw him warming up the milk and asked uncertainly, "Second brother, do you want to fold origami flowers?"

Tang Sibo actually hadn't decided whether to fold them or not. He hesitated about it since it's what little girls did.  

Tang Sining saw her second brother hesitated! This showed that it's true!

"My god! Second brother, how can you do such a girly thing?"

"What's wrong with it being girly?" Tang Sibo calmly warmed the milk. He narrowed his eyes slightly and turned to look at his younger sister.

Tang Sining hurriedly covered her mouth and fiercely shook her head.

"No, no, no, no…men can also fold origami flowers…"

"Where can I buy the papers?" Tang Sibo didn't care much about his sister's opinion and lightly asked.

Tang Sining thought for a moment, "There should be some in handicraft shops or jewelry shops."

Tang Sibo nodded and poured the warm milk into his cup.

"Second brother, are they for Teacher Su?" Tang Sining asked in a low voice.

After drinking a mouthful of milk, Tang Sibo nodded again, "Real flowers wither too easily."

Once he said this, he took the cup of milk upstairs.

Tang Sining looked at her second brother going upstairs. She held her face with her hands and suddenly felt that the image of her second brother looked very tall and warm! What about being girly! That's the Tang family's second master! People call him a smiling tiger and a very difficult person to deal with! But for a man, he was reduced to folding origami flowers! Just because real flowers don't last long!  

Miss Tang's heart flushed with pink bubbles: Oh ~ if a man does this for me, I will like to get married, too?

Gee, this Teacher Su is so interesting! She really wants to have a look!

After Mr. Tang drank the warm milk, he didn't immediately take a shower. He's too reluctant to wash off the evening kiss that's just printed on his forehead.

Therefore, Mr. Tang went to the study. He sat in front of the desk, turned on his laptop, and carefully read the origami rose tutorial. After many struggles and recalling the smiles from Teacher Su, Mr. Tang decided to fold it!

As a result, Mr. Tang took out a few sheets of A4 paper and started to learn according to the tutorial.

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