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After Juan Juan was rubbed by mother Tang for a while, Tang Sining snatched him a way. Father Tang asked Tang Sining to bring him over and fed him with fruit.

Mother Tang looked around but didn't see her little grandson. She asked, "Where's Xiao Ke? Still at tutoring?"

Tang Sibo nodded and replied: "Xiao Ke misses big brother. Tomorrow he'll go to City A with Teacher Su and Juan Juan. He can't accompany you to the wedding banquets."

"Xiao Ke won't go to the wedding reception with us?" Father Tang overheard from over there. He frowned and asked again.

Their little grandson won't go with them. It's unbearable!

However, mother Tang noticed a detail. At the beginning, when her son brought Juan Juan back for the Mid-Autumn Festival, he only said that he was the child of a friend in City A. Now, he mentioned that this Juan Juan was related to Teacher Su, who should be Xiao Ke's English tutor. Her son's love object seemed to also be Xiao Ke's teacher. What's going on?

After a little thought, mother Tang realized that her son's love object was Juan Juan's mother? It seemed that something happened before and her oldest son helped to temporarily adopt the child.

Mother Tang wrinkled her brows. Her heart wondered, this woman won't have any problem?

However, mother Tang was the mistress` of this century-old family. The doubts in her heart weren't reflected on her face. Besides, she still believed in her son's eyes when looking at people. There shouldn't be any big problem that would create difficulty for their love.  

"It's fine not to go. Xiao Ke really doesn't like these occasions." Mother Tang waved her son to tidy up her grandson's clothes. She glanced sideways at father Tang and gave him a look.

Father Tang didn't say much. He just kept feeding Juan Juan and eating fruit himself. Nothing showed up on his face.

Tang Sibo slightly smiled and touched Juan Juan's head as he walked past. He left Juan Juan to play here for a while and went upstairs to tidy up his son's clothes.

Tang Sining was holding Juan Juan with joy when she saw the eyes of her parents zeroed in on her one by one. So, Tang Sining had to ask, "Who is Teacher Su?"

Juan Juan held a strawberry in his hand. He bit a piece from the pointy end, chewed then swallowed it. Hearing this, he turned his head and happily answered, "He's Juan Juan's little Dad."

"Little Dad?!" Tang Sining blinked. Incredible, a man?!

Father Tang and mother Tang were both taken aback then frowned. Tang Sibo had never shown homosexual tendencies. They never thought that their future daughter-in-law turned out to be a man!

Tang Sining was worried and continued asking, "Is Juan Juan's little Dad together with Uncle Tang?"

Juan Juan blinked and felt strange, "Not together. Little Dad is at home. Uncle Tang is here. Not together."

It suddenly occurred to her that a child didn't understand this. Tang Sining was almost made to laugh by Juan Juan's answer, but this wasn't the time to laugh.

"Juan Juan, do you know about falling in love or something like that? Can you understand Aunt Tang?" Tang Sining looked at Juan Juan with titled head.

Suddenly, Juan Juan clapped his small hand and said, "I know about it! Uncle Tang wants to fall in love with my little Dad! Older brother Tang said that after they fall in love, little Dad will be older brother Tang's little Dad and Uncle Tang will be Juan Juan's Dad."

Juan Juan, this little fool, went on speaking and thoroughly exposed everything about Su Fu and Tang Sibo. The Tang family's last glimmer of hope was shattered. They finally had to admit that their son really liked a man.

Tang Sining felt nothing except some incredulity.

However, father Tang and mother Tang couldn't accept it at this time. Although they had no prejudice against homosexuality and were in favor of Li Chao's love affair with Liu An, they never imagined that their son would also like men. The same thing that happened to others felt completely different when it happened to them.

Father Tang was a bit frustrated and wanted to go up and ask his son.

Mother Tang pulled him with a frown after digesting this and warned, "Don't be impulsive. Have you forgotten about Yuan Yuan's lesson?!"

Father Tang immediately froze. He took a deep breath and sat back down. How could he not remember his favorite younger brother? That's a lifetime lesson!

In fact, father Tang and mother Tang weren't completely against this. After all, there's little uncle Tang's lesson there and there's Li family's example of Li Chao and Liu An. They just couldn't accept it now because they never thought about it. It came so unexpected that they didn't know how to respond at this time.  

Juan Juan was still a very sensitive child. He felt that Grandpa Tang and Grandma Tang weren't happy. It seemed to be because of his little Dad.

Juan Juan got a little scared. He didn't dare to eat the last half of the strawberry he's holding. He accidentally squeezed the strawberry because he's nervous and the juice spilled out all over his hand. He whispered in a low voice, "Juan Juan's little Dad is the best. You can't hate him."

Hearing Juan Juan's voice filled with injustice, father Tang and mother Tang realized that they had scared the child.

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Mother Tang hurriedly lifted Juan Juan to her lap. She smiled softly and wiped his hands with a tissue then patted him. "No, I don't hate him. Xiao Juan is so good. Xiao Juan's little Dad must certainly be good."

Juan Juan raised up his head and nodded, "Juan Juan's little Dad is the best!"

Father Tang and mother Tang looked at the lovely appearance of the child and felt helpless. However, since he could teach such a clever child and be recognized by their son and grandson at the same time, it could be seen that Teacher Su must be good.

After calming down for a while, mother Tang accepted this reality of having a male daughter-in-law. The Li family also had one. It's not a big deal. She couldn't do anything to beat mandarin ducks like what happened to Yuan Yuan. As long as her son felt good about him, she would support him.

Considering the performance of her son just now, mother Tang shook her head and sighed, "Sibo discloses this to us intentionally through Xiao Juan. If he wants to hide it, we won't know this easily." .

Father Tang thought about it. Indeed, his second son was much more cunning than the oldest one.

"Just, just let them get married. The mansion is too cold and cheerless." Father Tang waved his hand. He stopped paying more attention to this matter and picked a big red strawberry to feed Juan Juan.

Children and grandchildren have their own blessings. Society had also opened up. It's really no big deal. Compared to gender, character was more important.

If past society could have been more tolerant and the two patriarchs less rigid, how could such a tragedy occur? Li family's oldest son and his younger brother might be able to live a happy life if they could wait until today.

While feeding Juan Juan strawberry, the Tang patriarch thought back to the past and slightly shook his head.  

At this time, Tang Sibo came down with a bag. He had a slight smile when he went up and still kept a slight smile when he came down.

Father Tang, mother Tang, and even Tang Sining, kept silent about what happened just now. They teased Juan Juan and said a few unimportant words to their son then let them go.

Before he left, Tang Sibo received a look from his sister. The corners of his mouth couldn't help but slightly curved up.

On the way back to Shenyuan apartment with Juan Juan, Tang Sibo asked, "Juan Juan, did grandpa and grandma ask about your little Dad just now?"

Juan Juan nodded and replied: "They ask if little Dad and Uncle Tang are in love. Later, they seem unhappy. Then, they were happy again."

Tang Sibo smiled and touched Juan Juan's head. "It's okay. Grandma and Grandpa were just thinking. They weren't unhappy. They like Juan Juan."

Juan Juan looked at the big bag of strawberries in his arms that were given by mother Tang and laughed happily.

Tang Sibo followed him with a smile. His parents were indeed reasonable. They figured it out in such a short time. Did this even count as coming out? It seemed that their marriage could slowly be put on agenda.

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