Their days in City B gradually stabilized. Su Fu got up every morning to make breakfast for four and helped to organize the small backpack that Juan Juan would take to kindergarten while waiting for the arrival of the Tang father and son.

Once Tang Sibo came with his son holding red roses, the four people would eat breakfast together. After breakfast, Tang Sibo would first send Su Fu to work then send the two children to kindergarten.

Lunch was still cooked by chubby aunt and delivered by Fan Yao.

In the evening, Tang Sibo picked them up one by one and went back to the small apartment together.

Over the past few days, they had become more and more like a family of four. Everyone knew this but none of them said anything.

These days, Juan Juan was still going to kindergarten daily. The freshness hadn't passed yet. He's in high spirits every day. Tang Luoke accompanied him and read his grammar book in class. The teacher didn't say anything.

Their group of small partners in kindergarten was also growing. Tang Luoke became the big brother of these small radish heads because of his age and maturity. Juan Juan was adorable and had a good relationship with everyone because of his cheerful face, but he always followed behind Tang Luoke and never left him.  

After many days of this, everyone welcomed the two-day weekend.

In the past, Su Fu didn't have much concept of a two-day weekend because he still had classes then. But now, he took days off since he wanted to accompany his parents on the weekends. He only left home for a while, but he already felt homesick. When he left work on Friday, he thought about going home the next day.

As usual, Tang Sibo went to pick up the two little guys first then went to Teng Yuan to pick up Su Fu.

Su Fu was now accustomed to receiving a ride from Tang Sibo without the previous discomfort. He automatically got on the car and began to talk about various topics.

When it came to the topic of going back to City A tomorrow to see his parents, the Tang father and son both felt a momentary loss. After all, it would take two days for them to see Teacher Su again. However, it's also normal for him to visit his parents. Plus, the drive to City A wasn't long. They could go there on Saturday morning and come back on Sunday afternoon.

Tang Sibo supported Su Fu's idea. His old parents needed more company. He nodded and said Su Fu should go.

But this didn't go well with Tang Luoke. The good days with Teacher Su in City B had just begun. It's only a few days and they're already going to separate. Young master Tang was in a bad mood, but he also knew that it's right for Teacher Su to go back to see his parents. He frowned and pondered. What should he do?

Besides, there're still the bad man in City A. What if that bad man harassed Teacher Su again? What if Teacher Su was abducted and taken away by other men in City A during these two days? The risk was too great!

As a result, Tang Luoke finally spoke just when Su Fu wondered why Xiao Ke was so quiet today.

"Teacher Su, can I go back with you and Xiao Juan?" Tang Luoke looked at Su Fu and explained methodically: "Dad is busy this weekend. My aunt has to go to work and my grandparents have to attend two wedding banquets. I don't like such occasions. They're too noisy."

Su Fu saw Tang Luoke showed a face of distress and turned to look at Tang Sibo. If the father of the child agreed, he had nothing to refuse.

Tang Sibo looked at the bitter looking fox in the rearview mirror. He turned to Su Fu and smiled. "Xiao Ke doesn't like banquets. My sister works at a hospital. There're many people there. She's also a big kid herself. I don't trust her to take care of Xiao Ke. If you're free, let him follow you."

Tang Luoke hurriedly added, "Big uncle is also in City A. I miss him a little."

Once Su Fu heard this, of course, there's no objection. The agreement came down. Tomorrow, Tang Luoke would go back with them to City A.

They had a good discussion here. Poor Tang Sining, who was still working in the hospital, suddenly sneezed. She rubbed her nose and wonder who spoke ill of her.

In fact, everything Tang Luoke said was true. Father Tang and mother Tang would attend two weddings on the weekends. They always liked to take their baby grandson with them. In their circle, who didn't know about the Tang family's little golden grandson who had superior intelligence? Although Father Tang and mother Tang were very reserved and stable people, they couldn't help but like to show off their grandson to some old friends. Hearing that they couldn't bring their grandson this time, they're quite disappointed.

It's also true that Tang Sining had to go to work. She only had a two-day weekend every other week since she rotated with another doctor. The week, she happened to be the one on duty.

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But what about him? Tang Sibo squinted slightly and couldn't tell what his son was up to. He (Tang Sibo) obviously had a lot of free time these two days.

Having said this, Tang Sibo didn't stop his son from following Su Fu. Since it's inappropriate for him to follow, it's good for his son to brush his presence with father Su and mother Su on his behalf.

One big and one small ones were making various calculations in their mind. However, in Teacher Su's impression, both of them were the gentle and modest Mr. Tang and the lovely Xiao Ke.

At night in Shenyuan Apartment, Su Fu cooked and Tang Sibo helped. In the kitchen, it was inevitable to have some ambiguous interactions. Su Fu still involuntarily blushed, but he had adapted a lot and also played along with him. He's slowly starting to treat Tang Sibo as a suitor.

Tang Sibo naturally liked to get along like this and didn't rush him. Just let their relationship secretly improve bit by bit.

After a meal and a little rest, Su Fu went to tutor Tang Luoke grammar.

Since they'd be leaving tomorrow morning, Tang Luoke said that he's not going back to the Tang family's main residence. He would sleep with Teacher Su.

Tang Sibo was unable to do the same and had to go back to the Tang mansion to help him pack his clothes. There's no way out. After all, this little soldier was also helping him on the front line.

During the tutoring session, Juan Juan could only play alone. Tang Sibo saw that he's bored and took him along.

When Tang Sibo brought Juan Juan to the Tang family's main residence, the Tang family had just finished dinner and were sitting together in the living room to watch TV and chat.  

They're only three people now, father Tang, mother Tang and younger sister Tang. Big brother Tang was in City A. Younger brother Tang was staying at school. Second Tang was in love recently, so the Tang mansion was much quieter.

Mother Tang was just saying that the mansion was a little cold and cheerless recently. She hoped that her sons would get married quickly. There would be more daughters-in-laws and more excitements in the mansion. The door opened. Their son came in with a small steamed-bun.

"Er, whose child was this?" After seeing the small figure and confirmed that it's not her little lovely grandson, mother Tang stood up and asked with some doubts.

After hearing this, Juan Juan turned his head to look at them. When Juan Juan realized that he knew them, his little face immediately raised a smile.

Before Tang Sibo could say anything, mother Tang and Tang Sining came by and recognized Xiao Juan who's been here for one day before.

"Isn't this Xiao Juan?" Mother Tang smiled and touched his head.

Juan Juan was a little shy, but he still cleverly called out, "Hello Grandma Tang ~ Hello Grandpa Tang ~ Hello Aunt Tang ~"

"Good, good, Xiao Juan is really sweet." Mother Tang laughed heartily. She took Juan Juan from her son's hand and held him in her arms.

This also couldn't be helped. Although their little golden grandson was smart enough to make people feel distress from the bottom of their hearts, he seldom acted spoiled and sweet like a five-year-old child. Therefore, seeing such a lovely Juan Juan, the heart of the Tang family's people melted away.

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