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However, if Juan Juan really attended this kindergarten, could Tang Sibo allow the school to collect money? Of course not.   

Moreover, in Tang Sibo's view, it's inevitable for Juan Juan to go to this kindergarten. Now that he had earnestly expressed his love to Su Fu, he already made all preparations to marry him in the future. In that case, as Su Fu's son, Juan Juan would eventually come under the umbrella of the Tang family. He would need to attend their kindergarten in the future. It's only a bit early to go right now.  

These were Mr. Tang's personal thoughts. Of course, he wouldn't tell them to Su Fu. He only comforted: "Don't worry. There're all kinds of children in the kindergarten. Juan Juan is still small. It's better to be with Xiao Ke. After all, he won't know anyone at all if he goes to another kindergarten. It's hard to say if Juan Juan can adapt well."

Su Fu pondered over all of the advantages and disadvantages, then looked at the eager eyes of Juan Juan before he finally agreed.

Juan Juan was immediately happy. He forked up a piece of steak and happily licked it with his small tongue before putting it inside his mouth to chew.  

Su Fu helplessly rubbed Juan Juan's hair. He hoped that his baby can adapt to kindergarten life and slowly grow up.

Consequently, the matter of Juan Juan entering kindergarten was settled.

The next day, as usual, Tang Sibo brought his son and breakfast together with roses. After breakfast, he sent Su Fu to work. Then he went directly to the kindergarten with his son and Juan Juan to go through the formalities.

On this day, Juan Juan experienced a different life in kindergarten.

In the beginning, Tang Sibo was afraid of Juan Juan feeling uncomfortable in a strange environment and accompanied him. Tang Luoke also stayed with him. He sat next to him as they listened to the teacher.

The teacher in charge of this class had a head full of sweat. Where did this child come from? He had a bigger face than the young master of the Tang family. Even second master Tang accompany him for an entire class! The teacher became exhausted throughout the entire class due to fear of saying something wrong.

It wasn't until later that all teachers in Class 2 knew that this little ancestor was the adopted son of big master Tang. Judging by the current appearance, his value wasn't any less than the Tang family's little golden grandson. Therefore, everyone took great care of him for fear of making mistakes and losing their jobs.

The story of Juan Juan becoming the Tang family's adopted son wasn't exposed. These kindergarten teachers only knew about it because they received the dean's instruction. The dean was also nervous. Originally, he thought that second master Tang just brought a friend's child to go through the formalities. Unexpectedly, when the account book was taken out, his identity was so frightening.

So far, none of the children in the Tang family's main branch had married out. So, all of them registered their account under the Tang family's main residence. Therefore, it's frightening to see all of their identities on the same account book. Although Juan Juan was just an adopted son, who still dared to neglect him!

It's worth mentioning that the legal name of Juan Juan in school was "Tang Sujuan", because that's what was written in the Tang family account book. Big brother Tang's handling of affairs was so swift and effective that Tang Sibo didn't have a chance to talk to him before the account details were finalized.

Big brother Tang mainly did this to prevent trouble from the love rat, in case he found out that Juan Juan's surname was Su instead of Tang. Knowing that this 'scum' was a restless one, he simply named Juan Juan under the Tang family first. Once Su Fu reached the legal age for adoption, he could change Juan Juan's surname then.  

The Tang parents knew a little about this matter, but because they liked Juan Juan and believed in their son's ability to handle affairs, they didn't intervene and left it to their oldest son to deal with. In truth, Tang parents actually thought that it would be nice if Juan Juan really became the real adopted son of their oldest son who's infertile and couldn't have any children in the future.

When Tang Sibo saw this, he had no objection. Once he went back, he'd tell Su Fu about it. Su Fu would understand.

Tang Sibo accompanied Juan Juan for one class. Seeing that the little child remained cheerful, he entrusted the teacher to take care of him then left.

After Tang Sibo left, Tang Luoke didn't leave. He always sat beside Juan Juan and accompany him during class. Anyway, all of the courses in his class had been learned. There's no need to listen anymore. It's better to accompany Juan Juan here.

As a result, Xiao Juan's entire day of kindergarten life was very nourishing. Apart from occasionally thinking about little Dad, he's not afraid of strangers. With older brother Tang leading, he's not afraid to go anywhere.

And Tang Luoke, for the reason of helping Juan Juan to make friend, also had more interactions with several children and felt that they're not bad.

In the evening, Tang Sibo came to pick them up from school. Juan Juan took Tang Luoke by his hand and waved goodbye his new friends today. Then he pounced on Tang Sibo with a big hug.

Tang Sibo was very gratified to see his son saying goodbye to these radish heads. He picked them up one by one and walked to the front school gate while asking them if they had a good time today.

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Of course, Juan Juan was very happy. He kept telling Tang Sibo about what happened today and how many children he made friends with. It's also rare that Tang Luoke didn't have a smelly face, but he still acted very reserved and just said 'not bad'.

After picking up the two little guys, they all went to pick up Su Fu from work together.

Su Fu didn't see Juan Juan all day today. He missed him a lot and was always worried about whether Juan Juan would cry in kindergarten because he's too shy. So, as soon as he got off work, he immediately waited by the roadside early.

Tang Sibo said that he'd keep a lower profile, so he really just parked the car on the side of the road. Su Fu didn't act polite and immediately opened the front passenger seat door. This familiarity made Tang Sibo felt that they were an old couple. He's in a good mood.

"Little Dad! I miss you so much!" Juan Juan couldn't get down since he's sitting on the car seat. He could only happily shake his arms and legs to express his joy.

Su Fu stretched out his hand to touch Juan Juna's head and smilingly asked, "Really happy at kindergarten today?"

"Happy! Older brother Tang accompanied Juan Juan. Juan Juan wasn't afraid! Juan Juan also met many children. They all like Juan Juan!" He started telling Su Fu about today's happy things while clapping his hands. He basically repeated everything he just told Tang Sibo, but he's still enthusiastic and never tired from his joy.

Su Fu was also very happy to hear him. There's a feeling that his baby was finally starting to grow up. He couldn't help but feel his nose becoming sour`.

"Juan Juan is lovely. Xiao Ke is also great. He's really a good older brother." Su Fu praised them with a smile.

The two little guys couldn't help but held their heads up and accepted his praise.

Juan Juan also thanked Tang Luoke by saying, "Older brother Tang is really great. No matter how many small partners I made, older brother Tang is still my favorite."

Tang Luoke heard this, and his eyes narrowed happily.

In fact, when some children approached Juan Juan today and wanted to make friends with him, young master Tang was a little upset. He felt intolerable like his younger brother was getting robbed.

However, Tang Luoke couldn't bear to see Juan Juan disappointed when he looked at him expectantly and asked if he could make friends with them. But fortunately, he's still Juan Juan's favorite brother!

While the two little guys were chatting together about the kindergarten, Su Fu asked Tang Sibo about the procedure, mainly about how much tuition he would have to pay.

Tang Sibo naturally didn't want his money, so he first mentioned the account name. Su Fu expressed his understanding and showed no objection. As a result, Tang Sibo went on to say that the dean was too scared to accept the money when he saw that Juan Juan was his big brother's son. The tuition was free.

Su Fu was stunned and couldn't speak a word with his mouth wide open. His heart thought: Is big brother Tang so scary?

Tang Sibo was afraid of Su Fu's struggle with tuition fees and immediately changed the subject. Su Fu felt helpless but was soon distracted.

Since no one wants the tuition fee, then let's just forget it.

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