Ling doted on his younger brother, but he never indulged him too much. He shook his head. His eyes meant: No, we have to go back.

Rhino was very sensible and didn't want to make his brother angry. He followed his brother to the shore without any anger. Mungo and Gulu walked behind them.

After coming back up, Ling let Rhino wait to the side. Mungo took the initiative to protect and take care of Rhino.

Rhino was a little afraid of Mungo. Although he knew that Mungo and Gulu were both good dinosaur, Mungo still looked really terrifying.

Mungo was very grateful to Ling and Rhino because they saved Gulu. Mungo also liked Rhino, because Gulu liked Rhino. Mungo followed the principle of "love me, love my dog".

To relax Rhino, Mungo asked, "Am I so terrifying? Don't be afraid. I'll protect you. Didn't I hunt a Triceratops for you? Why're you still afraid of me?"

Recalling the delicious Triceratops, Rhino's saliva all flowed out. He instantly feel that Mungo wasn't terrifying. He tried to rub on Mungo's stout hind legs and said: "Thank you, Brother Mungo, that Triceratops was delicious."

Mungo: "You saved Gulu. You deserve it."


Ling called Gulu to the lush fern bushes in the distance and asked in a low voice, "Gulu, do you know where a Carnotaurus group lives?"

Gulu: "I used to live with Mungo where there're Carnotaurus, but there was a huge volcanic eruption and all carnivorous dinosaurs that didn't migrate were burned to death. I don't know where other Carnotaurus live. We have traveled through so many places during our migration, but I haven't seen any Carnotaurus. Still, there must be more living in other places."

Ling: "Gulu, thank you for telling me so much. You let me know that Rhino was actually a Carnotaurus. I always thought that Rhino was a Hypsilophodon with a slightly different size."

Gulu asked very cautiously, "Ling, do you want to bring Rhino to a Carnotaurus group? You may not be able to find one for a long time and it's too dangerous along the way. If you decide to take Rhino to a Carnotaurus group, you can follow our group. There'll be less danger."

Ling: "No, Gulu, I'll raise Rhino. Now I'm the leader and no dinosaur dare to bully Rhino."

Gulu also didn't know what advice to give Ling so he could find where other Carnotaurus lived. Nor did he know how long it would take Ling to find them. The road was also full of danger, even if he followed Pado's group. Now that Ling had become the leader, he and Rhino should be very safe staying here in the near future.

Gulu: "Ling, you can definitely raise Rhino."

Ling: "Gulu, Rhino and I will miss you and Mungo."

Gulu: "I and Mungo will miss you too."

Ling rubbed Gulu's neck. Two dinosaurs slowly walked back together without speaking. There're thousands of words in their heart that had turned into silence. Soon they returned to Mungo's and Rhino's side.

At this time, Rhino laid down by Mungo's feet to rest. He rested his smaller head on Mungo's huge hind foot, looking very comfortable.  

Gulu saw that Rhino was afraid of Mungo in the water before, but now he wasn't afraid of him at all. He's very happy.

Rhino originally closed his eyes, but he smelled the scent of his brother and immediately stood up to rub his neck and asked, "Brother, what did you say to Brother Gulu. Why didn't you let me listen?"

Ling also rubbed against Rhino: "I didn't say anything. Lovely, rub goodbye to Brother Gulu and Brother Mungo. We have to go."

Then Ling and Rhino rubbed Gulu's neck and Mungo's thick hind legs, mainly because Mungo was too high for them. They could only rub on his hind legs.

Gulu and Mungo watched Ling and Rhino raced away until they could no longer be seen. They had been watching in their direction.

However, Ling and Rhino never looked back from beginning to end. They didn't dare to look back. They were afraid that if they looked back, they would want to run back and play with them for a while.

Gulu also didn't know why, his feeling for Ling and Rhino was very special. He thought that Ling and Rhino were just like him and Mungo. One was an herbivorous dinosaur and the other was a carnivorous dinosaur. They were essentially the same.

Looking at Ling and Rhino, Gulu felt as if he saw his past with Mungo.

Pado's group had a rest here for two days. There're plenty of water and large areas of luxuriant ferns that they couldn't finish. Before other migrating herbivorous dinosaur groups came, they should eat as much as they could.

Of course, there're also some herbivorous dinosaurs that didn't need to migrate, such as Therizinosaurus, etc. The lush ferns here could keep them strong. However, there're also many carnivorous dinosaurs around. Pado's group needed to be on guard at all times.

On the early morning of the third day, the sky was still dark, and their surroundings were silent. Pado woke up all Triceratopses in the group and asked them to eat quickly.

Although they were still sleepy and didn't know why Pado wanted them to eat quickly, each of them still ate fast and ate as much as they could. They were scared of being hungry.

Facts proved that Pado always made good judgements.

At dawn, after all of Pado's Triceratopses had eaten enough, Gulu saw a vast army of migrating herbivorous dinosaurs galloping towards here from the distance.

These migrating herbivorous dinosaurs spent three more days walking than Pado's group. They were too tired, hungry, and thirsty. After seeing the lush ferns and forests here and this big lake, they already turned crazy.

The place where the migrating army ran through was extremely dried. Because of their fast speed, they stirred up a dust storm that covered the sky.

Soon, Gulu could only see the dust storm, which completely blocked the sun. He could no longer see the dinosaurs running inside.  

Pado immediately ordered his entire group to start migrating out of here.

Mungo's group, of course, followed.

Gulu ran with his group. When Pado's group ran out of this vast fern field, the migrating army had arrived at the lake.

Pado's group stopped unconsciously and looked back because the sight was too spectacular.

Gulu froze. This was…crazy.

All thirsty dinosaurs jumped into the lake.

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These dinosaur groups hadn't drunk a mouthful of water since they entered the drought area. They also ate dry ferns and leaves without any moisture. After seeing the lake, they all jumped down to drink water and bathe regardless of danger.

In an instant, the huge lake was filled with all kinds of huge dinosaurs.

Gulu saw many smaller dinosaurs stepping into the water but was soon trampled to death by the bigger dinosaurs. Only the nimbler little dinosaurs survived. It's impossible to estimate how many smaller dinosaurs were trampled to death in the lake.

These dinosaurs were all too thirsty. They hadn't drunk a mouthful of water for too long and hadn't found any other water source to supplement their need. They didn't care about whether they would be trampled to death by big dinosaurs. Drinking water was the most important thing.

There're some lucky dinosaur groups who drank water during the journey. Now, they all crazily ate ferns and leaves.

The chaos lasted for a while, but it soon settled down. Some dinosaurs were trampled to death. More dinosaurs were eating and drinking crazily, eating the most fertile ferns in their dreams and drinking water that they couldn't imagine finding.

This was a feast for all migrating herbivorous dinosaurs.

Gulu was sincerely happy for these dinosaurs. He knew too well how miserable hunger and thirst were. He could truly empathize with the incomparable happiness and satisfaction of these dinosaurs at this moment.

Pado's group continued to move forward. They walked ahead. Even just one step ahead of the migrating army would ensure that they could eat the lushest ferns.

Fortunately, the next stretch of the road wasn't so dry. At least, there was still some water content in the fern plants, although the amount was still low due to the large dry season.

Pado's group was very full of food. They no longer needed to eat and walked slower. They couldn't be too far away from the migrating army. Carnivorous dinosaurs liked to hunt migrating herbivorous dinosaurs. If they were too far away from the migrating army, the group would become the only prey for carnivorous dinosaurs, which was too dangerous.

After a while, Gulu looked back. He felt that they hadn't gone far. However, the scene behind them had completely changed.

The migrating army was too large, There're too many dinosaurs and these dinosaurs were too thirsty and hungry. In a short time, such a big lake had dried up and such a wide fern field had been completely eaten, even the fern roots have been dug out and eaten. Meanwhile, the surrounding forest trees had fallen down.  

Especially, the big lake. Not only was there no more water, there's not even a moist soil. After the dinosaurs were through, this lake had the chapped appearance of being dried up for a long time.  

Gulu had to sigh with emotion. This destructive power was too strong. If there were no carnivorous dinosaurs to control the number of herbivorous dinosaurs, even if the entire planet was full of ferns and forests, there would simply never be enough for them to eat.

After eating up the entire fern field and forest and drank the water in the lake, the migration army continued to move forward while leaving behind those local herbivorous dinosaurs who didn't need to migrate to watch their "home" got destroyed in such a short time.

Herbivorous dinosaurs that didn't need to migrate all disliked these migrating ones a lot, but they had no choice but to watch and helplessly accept it as they thought about how to survive after these migrating army left.  

Pado's group always got to fresher fern fields one step faster than the migrating army, so they could always eat the freshest ferns. Pado always planned ahead to quickly find the freshest fern fields.

Most of the time, both in human society and in the age of dinosaurs, this was the case. The strong grew stronger while the weak grew weaker, showing a very serious polarization. The human world called this the gap between the rich and the poor and the animal world called this natural selection.

Pado's group was like a top-level rich and powerful family that stood at the top of the pyramid.

This happened for more than a month. As long as it's the place where the migrating army passed through, the fern field would have no root left and the forest were razed to the ground.

This migrating army needed to go to the southern continent where there's rainy season. Only the fast-growing lush fern fields and forests nourished by abundant rain over there, and the abundant water sources, could let them eat enough.

At present, the continents on this planet hadn't yet split up. The entire planet had only one primitive continent that's surrounded by vast oceans.

Therefore, the migrating army needed to go through the polar region in the north to reach the southern continent, where the raining season was, instead of heading south directly where the ocean barred their path. (T/N: ahh)

The dry season and rainy season on this planet distributed differently from ancient earth. Gulu couldn't infer when the continent would split or when they would form the different continental plates.

Because Pado's group could always find the freshest fern fields, they hadn't suffered much from starvation. In contrast, the groups walking at the end of the line were worse off. They couldn't even find a fern root to eat. 

When Gulu looked back, he often saw some groups eating excrement from Pado's Triceratopses.

In this way, they walked for more than half a month. During this period, they passed through a rift valley and went around to the other side to continue their way.

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