Gulu saw Mungo lying on the shore but he didn't know what he's trying to do. His tail was high up and he stood in the water with a pair of stout long hind legs. It's wonderful, so to speak.

Mungo was lying on the bank looking for something. His tail wagged in the air and his tall body reflected in the water, which fascinated Gulu.

Of course, Mungo, as a dinosaur, didn't realize what was wrong with his actions at all. In contrast, Gulu as a human thought more. He thought that Mungo was really beautiful.

Gulu didn't expect Tyrannosaurus rex's thing to be so thick and crazy in size. It's reflected in the clear and transparent lake water and was surrounded by lush green ferns. It's really too beautiful and tempting.

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Mungo turned around with a string of red berries in his mouth. He was laying on his back looking for them before. He knew that Gulu really liked berries.

This kind of berries grew by the edge of the water. Every time he passed by it, he would search for them and brought some back to Gulu. However, this kind of red berries wasn't easy to find.

Gulu looked at Mungo. These red berries reflected Mungo's image. He thought that Mungo was really a tempting beauty.

Is there such a beautiful dinosaur in the world?!

After thinking about it, Gulu felt that something was wrong. Mungo was a Tyrannosaurus rex!

Gulu: Okay, I must be single for too long! That's why seeing a Tyrannosaurus rex made me tempted!

Mungo took the red berries to Gulu and expressed with his eyes, "Gulu, your favorite food."

Gulu's saliva flowed to his chin long ago. He ate all these berries with one fast bite. The long-lost sweetness and juice filled his mouth instantly. He felt that he's happily flying to heaven.

Mungo rubbed against Gulu while Gulu rubbed back against Mungo.

Ling and Rhino looked at each other and felt that the two dinosaurs were a bit strange.

Rhino: "Brother, Mungo and Gulu are like our parents."

Ling: "Yes, I think so too…"

Mungo and Gulu both showed a face of bewilderment: Hmm? Parents?!

Gulu: "Why?"

Rhino: "Because our parents act like you now. They often look at each other like this."

Gulu: …Gee, there seems to be something wrong.

As a young Carnotaurus who just broke his shell less than half a year ago, Rhino didn't know many things, but he knew that his parents loved each other a lot. That's why he knew that two dinosaurs loving each other looked like this.

Ling had grown up. He understood that Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops couldn't be like their parents because they're completely two different kinds of dinosaurs. Besides, Gulu had to wait at least half a year to reach adolescent age. Now he's only a young one.

For a while, the atmosphere remained a bit awkward. Ling hurriedly said, "Let's play. Let's soak up more water. Once other dinosaurs come, the lake will soon dry up."

All Hypsilophodon jumped into the water immediately after finding a water source to let their skin absorb a lot of water, which could maintain the body's water demand for many days. This was a natural habit formed by dinosaurs who lived in arid and barren land for a long time.

Gulu also hurriedly agreed, "Good. Good. Let's play with water."

Speaking of which, Gulu and Ling had swum back and forth for several times in the shallow water. In an environment with long-term drought, it's really great to be able to soak in the water.

Gulu also saw Pado's Triceratopses soaking themselves in the shallow water not far away. Along the bank of the lake, they bathed themselves in the cool morning sun. The climate here was too dry. It wouldn't feel this cool at noon.

As the youngest cub, Rhino energetically played around the most. He continuously swam around. He put Ling on his back then crawled on Gulu's back. Because Mungo looked too fierce, he didn't dare to climb on his back.

Mungo spent most of his time in the water quietly watching them and watching Gulu play with them. When he saw Gulu like this, he also felt happy.

Gulu let Ling and Rhino sit on his back. He could now easily carry both of them and swam around with them on his back.

Rhino rubbed his head against Ling: "Brother, I'm so happy. Brother Gulu's back is so big…"

Ling: "Brother is also very happy…"

After swimming for a while, Gulu said, "Rhino, I really want to touch your horn. Can I touch your horn?"

Rhino: "Of course you can."

After saying this, Rhino slipped down from Gulu's back. Ling also slipped down with him.

Gulu: "I want to change into a human to touch it. But my human body is very fragile. You have to be lighter to touch me."

Rhino got very excited: "Uh-huh, Brother Gulu. I heard. I also want to see your human body. What is a human? Is there any difference between a human and us dinosaur?"

All dinosaurs in the continent of Yukan heard that Gulu could turn into a human being. This human being was different from any other kind of dinosaur. It's very different. However, few dinosaurs had seen Gulu's human form. Even if they had, it's difficult for these dinosaurs to describe what a human being looked like.

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Mungo swam closer to Gulu.

After Gulu turned into a human, Mungo first rubbed his head against Gulu. Every time Gulu became a human, Mungo was very excited. He thought that Gulu's human form was very good-looking.

Both Ling and Rhino were stunned. They finally realized that a human originally looked like this. At first, they thought that a human looked strange, but after staring for a while, they thought that it looked good. A human wasn't like a dinosaur whose entire body was covered in scales. A human body seemed to be shining with light, just like the white clouds in the sky facing the first ray of dawn. It's really beautiful!

For a Tyrannosaurus rex, human being was too small. When leaning against Gulu, Mungo's head was bigger than Gulu's entire body.

Most of Mungo's body was in the water. Only his head was exposed, but he still looked terrifying.

Gulu leaned lightly against Mungo's big head. Although Gulu was a 1.92 meters man, his wrist wasn't as big as Mungo's smallest tooth.

The entire picture was full of magical effects. Gulu's appearance had the value of an immortal who could fully afford the leading role of a game. Mungo also looked more ferocious and terrifying than those monsters in the game and provided a very strong visual impact.

Rhino: "Brother Gulu, can I touch you? I'll do it gently. Very gently."

Gulu: "Of course you can."

Mungo watched nervously. Even though he believed in Ling and Rhino and felt very grateful to them, he's still afraid that they might accidentally hurt Gulu.

Rhino gently rubbed his head against Gulu's arm. He felt that the human skin was like water and like sunlight. It's very magical.

Ling also used his head to rub Gulu's arm, then widened his eyes in surprise.

Gulu touched Rhino's horn. It's a little soft Q-bomb. It's pointed and shaped like a cat's ear, but it grew on the head of such a terrifying Carnotaurus. Although Rhino was still a cub, his mouthful of fangs was already frightening.

The sharp horn that looked like soft Q-bomb cat ears were so cute that Gulu couldn't help rubbing them with his hands many time. Rhino remained still when rubbed. He liked it.

When Rhino moved, the horn also moved slightly. Now this horn wasn't yet strong. As long as the muscles on Rhino's head moved, the small horn would also move slightly. It's adorable.

This Carnotaurus's horn looked cute and cool. However, it was too small compared to the body of Carnotaurus and had no defense function. It's simply used to scare the enemy. In Gulu's human mind, this horn was really cute.

Then Gulu changed back to Triceratops form. In Triceratops form, it's more comfortable to rub Rhino's Q-bomb horn. It's just like Mila's horns that hadn't completely hardened, and similar to Pachi's and Dudu's horns when they were younger. Rubbing them felt very comfortable.

After Gulu changed back to Triceratops form, Rhino freely rubbed his horn on Gulu. He liked to rub his horn everywhere to sharpen it.

Rhino rubbed his horn on Gulu's neck, his stomach, and his thick forelimbs. Gulu felt comfortable from this. His entire dinosaur body fluttered his four feet happily in the water.

Then Rhino threw himself into Ling's arms and said, "Brother, Brother, look at my horn. Has it become a little stronger?"

Ling carefully touched Rhino's horn with his five fingered front claws and said, "Yes, it has."

A sign of Carnotaurus growing up was that it's horn would become hardened and no longer grew. Rhino wanted to grow up quickly.

Rhino: "Brother, I'm happy today. Brother, hug me. I want my brother's hug."

Ling opened his long forelimbs and held Rhino in his arms.

Rhino: "When I go to bed tonight, my brother can't beat me. Oh, I didn't make any mistake today. My brother should reward me and give me a hug."

Ling: "Today isn't over yet. After it's over and Rhino hasn't made any mistake, Brother will reward you."

Rhino nodded reluctantly and replied, "Okay, Brother doesn't spoil me."


Gulu looked at the Carnotaurus cub in Ling's arms and recalled his appearance that day. On the day of the battle, Rhino didn't look like a cub at all. Even Gulu was surprised and forgot that he's a cub. Because Rhino was a fierce fighter that day.  

On second thought, Gulu felt that Rhino was the best Big V` on the scene that day. The "dinosaur heads" harvested by him was the most. He killed the other side's leader, cleaned up the lines and controlled the entire battlefield. In that battle, Rhino combined the best speed, hunting and defense into one. His skill was simply divine.

Yet such a powerful Rhino was still acting like a cub and played in Ling's arms wanting to be coaxed and held.  

Mungo also didn't know why. Seeing Ling and Rhino like this, he also wanted Gulu to act spoiled with him. But Gulu never acted spoiled with him to this extent, even when he was still very young.

Mungo felt a little sad recalling it.

What Mungo didn't know was that Gulu's human form was already an adult with adult mentality. It's impossible for the adult Gulu to act completely spoiled like Rhino. The amount that he acted in front of Mungo was already beyond his adult mind. But he had absolute trust and dependence on Mungo.

Gulu knew that Ling and Rhino couldn't play here for too long. Ling had just become the leader of his group.

So, Gulu said, "Ling, you have just become the leader of your group. It's better not to leave the group for too long. You should go back quickly."

Ling really did need to keep a closer eye on the group now. Although he still wanted to play with Gulu and Mungo because they would soon part, they still had to eventually say farewell regardless of how much longer they played together.

Ling: "Then we'll go back first. We'll definitely meet again if we have a chance. By then, Gulu will grow into a Triceratops leader as powerful as Pado."

Gulu: "By then, Rhino will also grow into the most powerful Carno-, um, Hypsilophodon leader."

Originally, Gulu wanted to say that Rhino would grow into the most powerful Carnotaurus leader, but Rhino always believed that he's a Hypsilophodon, so he changed his words.

Gulu believed that Ling would slowly make Rhino understand the difference. One or two sentences could hardly change Rhino's "self-awareness obstacle". After all, Rhino had never seen a Carnotaurus before and grew up in a Hypsilophodon group.

But Rhino hadn't played enough. He acted spoiled in Ling's arms: "Brother, can you let me play a bit longer, just a bit. I still want to have fun with Brother Gulu…"

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