Pado was a leader. He's the most powerful Triceratops leader in the entire continent of Yukan. The cubs all trusted Pado a lot. Words that came from Pado's mouth seemed to hold infinite power.

Gulu also looked at Pado. He's indeed the most powerful Triceratops leader. In truth, Pado didn't know when they would get out of here. Pado said these words to give spiritual encouragement to the young cubs. Most of the time, for both human beings and dinosaurs, in a do or die situation, they could still hang on through their tenacious willpower and endless spiritual motivation.

Although Gulu knew that Pado was just giving spiritual motivation to the young ones, he still believed in Pado's words because he also needed this spiritual motivation.

Gulu saw the Triceratops cub without parents that laid on the ground stood up after hearing Pado's words. It seemed to possess endless power at once. It walked steadily step by step, even though every step was extremely difficult.

Pado tirelessly ran circles around the group, repeating and encouraging every dinosaur.

In fact, Pado was also hungry and tired, but this was his responsibility as the leader of the group.

Tutan and Paton came to Pado's side. Paton said to Pado, "Brother, let us take over for a while. Go and rest or you'll be exhausted."

Pado: "This can only be called by me to get the best results. You can help me watch the group and prevent some disturbances. Even if some young ones fall down, the adult Triceratops in the group shouldn't step on them because they might still stand back up."

Although Pado was now the most powerful Triceratops leader, he had always cherished and pitied the weak due of his younger life experience. Pado's and Paton's parents died early. It wasn't easy for the two brothers to survive to now.

Paton looked at Pado and remembered many, many things about him and Pado migrating with the groups when they were young.

At that time, they also passed through a very dry place, with little food and no water. Pado's body was much stronger than he was. Pado could still walk, but he could no longer walk and fell to the ground.

After he fell to the ground, Pado kept watch over him while rubbing on him and encouraged. "Paton, hold on a bit more. Brother promise you. Brother just asked the leader. He said we can get out of here in a day and a night at most. There're the most luxuriant and freshest ferns outside. Their taste will explode in your mouth…"

At that time, Paton thought that he would die. After listening to his brother's words, he swallowed hard and finally had the strength to stand up. He believed that his brother would never cheat him.

Paton still remembered that when he fell down, the adult Triceratops in the group almost stepped on him when they passed by. His brother used his own body to protect him and shouted, "Don't step on my brother! Don't step on my brother! Please, don't walk here. You'll hurt my brother!…"

Without his older brother, Paton didn't know how many times he would have died.

Just now, Pado told Paton not to let the adult Triceratopses in the group step on the small Triceratopses that fell to the ground. He knew that it's because his brother remembered how they followed the group to migrate when they were young. He fell to the ground and was almost trampled to death by adult Triceratopses.

Gulu saw that Pado was very tired. Pado must be tired and hungry now, but his roar wasn't weakened at all. He kept circling around the group and saying the words that inspired each dinosaur's heart.

Gulu knew that Pado must do this himself no matter how tired or hungry he was. Neither Paton nor any other male Triceratops in the group could do it for him, because Pado was their group leader and Pado was the most powerful Triceratops leader in Yukan. Only when these words came from Pado's mouth could the dinosaur's heart be stimulated with the best effect.

Pado, for the sake of his group, could push through no matter how bitter and tired he was.

Gulu knew that although Pado was tired and hungry and also wanted to rest and fall to the ground to catch his breath, he couldn't even lower his roar, because he was the hope and support of the entire group.

Pado was so tired yet Gulu could do nothing. He's very sad.

In this way, Pado ran around for most of the day. At night, the group rested and ate in a fern field. Pado also ran around the group shouting the same words then laid down on the ground to rest. He's really too exhausted.

Gulu didn't bother Pado. What he needed to do now was to feed himself, regardless of the food. He couldn't let Pado worry about him and his siblings.  

The fern plants here were dry and had no moisture. They were not ferns at all and could only be regarded as hay. Babana took the four young ones to eat.

However, these ferns couldn't fill their stomachs. After eating for a while, their stomachs were still growling, and they were still dizzy with hunger.

Mungo had been looking for slightly fresher ferns for Gulu, but he couldn't find them.

In the middle of the night, Gulu heard Ling's roar in a daze coming from outside the group. He thought that he had heard wrong, but he still opened his eyes and really saw Ling and Rhino!

At this time, Pado also woke up and immediately took Gulu to Ling's side.

Ling excitedly said to them, "I know a shortcut out of here. Will you take your group to follow me? I won't cheat you. Believe me."

Gulu immediately replied, "Of course, I believe you. This is my Dad, Pado. My Dad also believes you!"

Pado quickly said, "Thank you, Ling. Of course, I believe you. Without you, I won't know how many more members of my group would have died of thirst."

Ling: "Don't thank me, Pado. Gulu and I are good friends. It's right to help each other. The new road isn't easy to walk but there's no danger. I'll take you. The young ones can just walk in the middle."

Pado: "I'll immediately organize my group to follow you."

As he spoke, Pado had already gone back to wake up all dinosaurs in the group to follow Ling and Rhino.

Gulu also returned to Babana's side. Pado let the younger members of the group walk in the middle.

Mungo saw that Pado's group had set out and followed with this group. Gulu saw Mungo coming after them with this group and felt relieved.  

This road was really difficult to walk because it's very narrow. At most, only 10 Triceratopses could walk side by side. They were surrounded by cliffs on both sides. Ling let the young ones walked in the middle to prevent them from falling down due to fear after seeing such a high cliff.  

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However, there's no other danger during the entire process. They just needed to be very careful.

Fortunately, Triceratopses had good night vision and adult Triceratopses had good psychological quality. They walked through this section of road calmly. After walking through this section of road, the land became broad and flat.

The entire group stay silent throughout this journey, but every Triceratops was dreaming of the many, many, many delicious and freshest ferns that they could eat soon. Every dinosaur in the group walked very fast, almost breaking into a trot.

At dawn, the air was already filled with the fragrance of fresh ferns and leaves. It's very rich. Every Triceratops in the group was drooling crazily. Almost all Triceratopses started to run, running faster and faster as if they no longer felt their exhaustion.

When the first ray of dawn shone on the earth, Gulu saw many ferns, a forest, and a lake in the distance!

The bright green lake stirred with glistening waves in the sunshine. On one side of the lake was a vast and luxuriant fern field. On its other side was a large forest.

The golden sun shone on this vast fern forest lake, just like a fairyland.

Gulu felt as if he was dreaming. He couldn't believe that everything in front of him was real. Did they really come out, or were they seeing a mirage because they're too hungry? Wasn't this too beautiful to be real?

Although he couldn't believe that it's real, Gulu still ran desperately alongside the group and rushed to this dreamland with fern field.

Soon, Pado's group reached the fern field.

Gulu dived into the thick, lush fern field that's taller than a person and ate crazily. The taste from every bite exploded in his mouth! It's so delicious!

Only after he ate till he couldn't swallow a mouthful more did Gulu lied on his back over the soft thick ferns. His belly swelled like a giant balloon filled with hydrogen gas. He couldn't believe it, all of this was real!

Ling was also eating. He hadn't eaten such delicious ferns for a long time.

Before Rhino came here, he already ate a lot of meat. So, he's very full. He also tried to eat ferns, but no matter how many times he tried, he still couldn't eat them. They tasted so bad!

Gulu and Pado walked towards Ling and Rhino together and expressed their sincere thanks to them.

Ling and Rhino got rather embarrassed.

Gulu hurriedly asked: "Ling, how are your injuries and Rhino's? How's your group?"

Ling: "Our wounds have mostly healed. My group is also better now. All dinosaurs left behind like me and Rhino. In recent days, many Hypsilophodon has joined my group. They're all Hypsilophodon who can accept Rhino. Now my group has more than 300 dinosaurs."

Gulu: "Wow, Ling, you're so strong! In just a few days, so many dinosaurs joined your group!"

Ling proudly replied: "Of course, I'm a very famous Hypsilophodon in our area. They all came for me. Now every dinosaur in the group likes Rhino. I would never let those who don't like him enter."

Gulu felt heartfelt joy for Ling and Rhino. Ling's and Rhino's days would surely get better in the future. Ling had become the leader. Ling's and Rhino's hunting skills were so strong and they're both so smart. Ling could surely be able to raise Rhino smoothly.

Mungo wandered outside Pado's group. He wanted to see Gulu being full and happy.

Gulu certainly saw Mungo. He said to Pado, "Dad, I want to go out and play with Mungo. I want Mungo to take me, Ling and Rhino out to play together. We'll stay near here and won't go far."

Of course, Pado said yes.

Gulu knew that after this parting, he may never see Ling and Rhino again. Hypsilophodon didn't need to migrate. Ling and Rhino would remain here while they continued to migrate.

Although the ferns and forests here were very lush, they were all raised by this lake. After another two days, when the army of migrating dinosaurs arrived here, this lake would be completely drunk while the ferns and forests would also be completely eaten.

Therefore, Gulu wanted to have a good time with Ling and Rhino. This parting was probably their final farewell.

Ling and Rhino also knew that they might not see Gulu again after this parting. They also wanted to play more with him.

Mungo brought Gulu, Ling and Rhino deep into the fern field. Here was the end of the lake. The water was very shallow and clear. One could either go down to the lake or play in the fern field on the bank. There're almost no dinosaurs here.

Rhino and Mungo first went into the water.

Ling and Gulu walked behind. Ling quietly asked, "Gulu, have you ever seen a Carnotaurus, or a carnivorous dinosaur that looks like Rhino?"

Gulu: "Of course, I've seen one. Rhino really looks like a Carnotaurus."

Gulu used to live in a place where there're Carnotaurus. It's just after the volcanic eruption, all the carnivorous dinosaurs there should have died. He didn't know where other Carnotaurus lived. In short, after migrating all the way here, he hadn't seen any other Carnotaurus.

Ling nodded and vowed, "I'll definitely raise Rhino well and make him the strongest Carnotaurus!"

Gulu also echoed, "You can definitely raise Rhino well and make him the strongest Carnotaurus!"

Ling and Gulu went down into the water together.

Rhino splashed around in the lake and said, "Brother, the water is so comfortable. It's so fun."

Gulu looked at Mungo while Mungo also looked intently at Gulu.

Gulu: Mungo, why are you wearing Pinru`s clothes!

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