Chris then turned around without any nostalgia. Only he knew how hard he gritted his teeth to endure the urge to embrace Lin Yifei.

His fencing style had change, becoming more powerful and dazzling.

The audience in the fencing hall gradually dispersed, but many people were still commenting on the match just now around the DV.

Elizabeth stood where she was, unable to even move a single foot.

The match made her vaguely understand that Chris didn't need to say anything to Lin Yifei or make any intimate moves. As long as they both held their sabres, they could communicate. The more unfeeling Chris's sabre was, the crazier his infatuation with Lin Yifei became. Because there was no one else in this world who could make him so absorbed and forget everything.

Lin Yifei stood not far away. His expression was extremely calm as he drank the precious mineral water. He took the towel and wiped the sweat from his head. Several teenagers came to talk with him. They chatted very excitingly.

Elizabeth sadly realized that such a Lin Yifei would be extremely bright even in the darkest place. No one could hide his brilliance.

She couldn't bear it anymore. She took her cell phone to a quiet place and dialed DeNiro's phone. When the call was connected, her entire body trembled.

"Grandpa DeNiro…Chris can no longer fence. As long as there's fencing, his relationship with Lin can't be cut off!"

"Why cut it off?" DeNiro's voice sounded calm.

"What…" Elizabeth stood there stunned.

"If it's cut off, Chris won't have to endure any longer. What he needs to learn is patience."

"Grandpa DeNiro, I thought…you were on my side…"

"Of course, I'm on your side at the moment. But Elizabeth, what I want to tell you is that marriage is never equal to love. If you want to tie Chris's heart with marriage, it's childish and ridiculous. If you succeed in marrying him, are you sure you can endure Chris loving another? Even if that person isn't Lin."

"How can I…endure?"

"Learn." DeNiro's tone sounded mild and slow, but it was cold. "Since you're a person who wants to be the mistress` of the Osbornes, you need to show the mentality of a mistress."

The phone was hung up and Elizabeth understood DeNiro's intentions for the first time.

It didn't matter whether Chris was still in love with Lin Yifei. DeNiro only used this method to make Chris learn to endure. The mistress of the Osbornes' family was just a decoration and would not occupy any position in Chris's life. Elizabeth had abandoned all of her dignity. What she wanted wasn't such a hollow position.

In the evening, Lin Yifei was lying on the hotel bed. He had just taken a shower. His hair was still wet.

The boy in the same bedroom threw a towel on his head, "Wipe your hair! Otherwise, you'll be in trouble if you catch a cold."

"Oh, thank you…"

"No need. At first you were so strong that you swept us all away. I was a little jealous. But after today's match, I suddenly felt that it's a despicable thing to envy you since I don't have the determination you have to give my all to confront an opponent."

Lin Yifei lowered his head somewhat shyly.

The U.S. team's entry list for the World Junior Fencing Championship was thus confirmed with the names of Lin Yifei and Chris written on the men's sabre single.

When class was over on Monday, Lin Yifei walked to the door. The sun still had a dazzling charm at 4:30 pm. Under the shade of a nearby tree, a familiar tall and straight figure stood against its backlight. The figure was as quiet as a statue and seemed to have been waiting for a long time.

"Chelsea?" Lin Yifei froze.

"Do you wonder why I come here?" Chelsea tilted his head and smiled. He shaved his beard, looking fresh and capable. His slightly curled forehead hair was combed to the back of his head, revealing elegant eyebrows. The dark gray leisure suit and striped scarf restrained his sharpness and showed a somewhat mature image.

"Yes, we don't have practice today. However, you look very different…"

"Because, I have decided to be your coach."

"Be my coach? Aren't you already my coach?" Lin Yifei was somewhat puzzled.

Chelsea chuckled and took Lin Yifei's shoulder: "Come on, I've discussed with your school. You can use the fencing hall every night. They expect you to win the World Junior Fencing Championship."

"Aha…" Lin Yifei laughed and suddenly had an ambition he never had before.

Chelsea's network was beyond Lin Yifei's imagination. He hired three college students as sparring partners for Lin Yifei. Each one of them had rich experience in competitions.

"I can't afford to pay them…" Lin Yifei whispered awkwardly to Chelsea.

"It doesn't matter. Can you afford to hire me as your personal trainer?"

That was to say, the fees for all these sparring sessions would come out of Chelsea's own pocket.

"Don't worry, I have nothing but money now." Chelsea's upturned mouth appeared a bit lonely.

Having gone against top athletes like Kevin Phil, Rhett and Michael, these sparring sessions weren't enough. At first, these college students thought that they were only practicing with a rich middle school student, but after they were defeated by Lin Yifei, they realized that such a high salary was not easy to earn.

Chelsea had no hope for these sparring partners to beat Lin Yifei at all. All he needed was for them to be there so he could give constant guidance during practice.

Less than a week later, these sparring partners resigned one after another. Although Lin Yifei had always been humble and courteous, their self-esteem couldn't stand being constantly defeated by a 15-16 years old.

Just when Chelsea had some headaches, a savior came.

Rex came in with his protective gear on while still smiling a little frivolously.

"Compare to looking for those useless college students, it's better to find me. Besides, I'm free."

"Rex-" Lin Yifei hugged him, "It's best to have you!"

At first Chelsea didn't think much of Rex, but after only a minute, Chelsea's view changed.

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Times had really changed. These young people would be the ones to reach the top.

With Rex's high-level sparring, Lin Yifei's shortcomings were more easily exposed. Chelsea no longer shouted and distracted him during practice and would only correct Lin Yifei in an harsh manner at the end of the round.

"Initiative! Initiative! All you think about is getting the initiative back. Have you ever wondered why Rex was able to hold you back just now? It's not because of his rhythm or because he didn't leave any opening for you! It's because his footwork matches his upper body better than yours!"

"Where is your cut! On his sabre or on his shoulder! Why did one stick to one move to the end? What about feint? Where's the transfer? Do you think one plus one equals two?"

Chelsea never had so many blue veins standing out this violently. Before, he always just held his arm while his eyes were always looking at him.

Rex often thought, fortunately this guy wasn't his coach. Otherwise, he would have vomited blood and died.

The formal competition would be held after the semester ended. There would be a round of intensive training before the competition. Before that, Chris had to go back to New York.

They were in the Osbornes' limo.

Elizabeth listened to music while her eyes glanced at Chris.

He's holding a notebook laptop, looking at all kinds of information with very focused eyes. Every time the car stopped or turned, the vibration seemed to have no effect on him.

Only at this time could Elizabeth have no qualms about appreciating his beauty. She was infatuated with this cousin. The first time she saw him at a family gathering, she seemed to see the little prince in the winter palace. No one could enter his palace and he didn't care about anyone's approach.

More than half an hour later, Chris seemed to have read all the news and opened a video.

Elizabeth froze. It was a video of Lin Yifei's match.

He held his chin up and looked very carefully.

"Chris!" Elizabeth was very angry. "Why are you looking at Lin Yifei's video like this?"

"In order to win next time." Chris made a gesture for Elizabeth to shut up.

Elizabeth was trembling with anger. She knew that she could no longer call DeNiro, because Chris hadn't violated any agreement with him. He was only studying his opponent now.

Chris frowned constantly as he replayed Lin Yifei split stance. Then his eyebrows slowly stretched and he let the video continue.

Elizabeth knew that at this time he's no longer studying the duel between them, but just looking at Lin Yifei.

If it had been in the past, she would have laughed at Chris's misery since he could only see the person he liked this way.

But now, she knew that the most ridiculous person was her.

Back in New York, Elizabeth's most anticipated day finally arrived. DeNiro would personally preside over her engagement ceremony with Chris.

Although they were young, they're already adults in a family like Osbornes.

The engagement ceremony was very luxurious. At the Osbornes' mansion in New York, members of the family came one after another. Even the Taylor family's dignitaries came. Elizabeth's father could hardly close his smiling mouth.

Chris on the ladder nodded with a half-mocking smile and watched the rest of the Osbornes' family wore a mask of fake laughter even though they're clearly not happy with Chris's consolidation of power.

Elizabeth looked like a diamond princess today. She appeared elegant and luxurious. She put her hand in front of Chris, because Chris would not lose her face under DeNiro's gaze.

Chris held Elizabeth's hand but didn't exert any strength. His hands were cold while his face had no expression. He led Elizabeth down.

DeNiro naturally smiled today. The Taylor family was proud of DeNiro's support. Recently, the shares of some industries owned by the Osbornes had fallen. The Taylors had bought a lot of shares while taking advantage of the situation. Their purpose of obtaining the decision-making power in the Osbornes was quite obvious.  

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