Elizabeth's performance today was perfect. Even Chris's cousins could hardly hide their jealousy. If it weren't for Chris, how could they lose the chance to have such a diamond bride?

When Chris put the engagement ring on Elizabeth's finger, she almost cried.

The dinner lasted until early morning.

DeNiro made a gesture towards Chris and the two entered the study.

Elizabeth looked at their back and seemed nervous about what DeNiro would say.

Chris was sitting at the desk with his legs spread. His hands rested on the armrest while his head slightly tilted. No one would believe that he's sitting opposite from DeNiro with such an unruly posture.

"You did well today. No one can see what is hidden in your mind."

"But in truth you know, don't you?"

"Yes, how long are you going to let the Taylors be arrogant?" DeNiro asked with a smile. His amiable voice revealed a chill.

"It depends on how greedy they are."

When Chris got up, DeNiro spoke again, "I heard you lost the qualifying match in the junior fencing team."

"The opponent is too strong."

"Yes, I also watched a video of the match. Although you lost, it's not because you threw the match."

Chris slammed the door and went out.

This semester, Lin Yifei worked very hard and didn't go to bed until 10 o'clock every night. His morning exercises were no longer so casual. Chelsea would run with him with a stopwatch. And the evening training never stopped. Rex was now feeling more pressure. As if to compensate for not paying him, Chelsea would give him pointers after every practice. His words were brief but specific.

This period of time, Lin Yifei began to have cramps. Sometimes he couldn't sleep because of the pain.

Ivey, who was in the same room, gradually discovered it. At first, he thought it's due to sport injuries and got really nervous. He also called Katherine. The two wanted to take him to see a doctor. Later, after describing the place of pain, the doctor said to eat more nutritious things. Sleep time should be guaranteed, and exercise should not be too excessive.

After Chelsea learned about the incident, they reduced the training time at night from 8 to 10 o'clock every day to 8 to 9 o'clock.

In the evening, Lin Yifei would apply hot towels to his sore spots. Sometimes, that guy Rex would send him food late at night.

This semester finally passed. It meant that the kick-off wasn't far away.

Training began again. Chris came to Washington from New York. This time, it's really a totally closed training. The junior fencing team was sponsored by Ewenhaus, the largest fencing club in Washington, which not only provided first-class training venues, but also arranged accommodation in luxury hotels near the club.

Chris was accompanied by Elizabeth in addition to the coach. Several other players were whispering about Elizabeth's identity.

When everyone put down their luggage and assembled in the fencing hall, Elizabeth also came to the hall.

Lippmann gave a brief introduction to the training content then handed out the training form to everyone. Each fencer had their own trainings.

The men's sabre team had five players, among whom Chris and Lin Yifei would take part in the single. Lin Yifei would also take part in the team event (T/N: as a substitute?). There were also three other players who're part of the team competition. Round robin training was to be organized within the team.

The morning exercise was over. Chelsea and Lin Yifei were walking along the corridor, analyzing the exercise from this morning.

Lippmann waited for them not far away. He made a gesture towards Chelsea. The two entered a room as if to say something.

Lin Yifei returned to the changing room with his sabre. A group of boys were laughing and joking. Some even took off their jackets and messed around. Lin Yifei followed their laughter, especially when his roommate pressed him down and two other guys sat on him. Lin Yifei was pinned down by them and could only beg for mercy.

Chris went out in silence. Lin Yifei saw his cold face through the gap between their arms.

At this time, several other members began to talk.

"I heard that Chris Osborne comes with a lot of people. You see, everyone brings one coach at most, but what about him? There's still a girl. Don't tell me that girl is his assistant coach!"

"And he always looks so cold. It's really uncomfortable!"

"When I wanted to shake hands with him this morning after my practice with him, he looked like he's giving me alms."

Lin Yifei just listened and didn't speak.

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"Only Lin can control that guy. He only lost to you!" Charles, who was in the same room, put his arm around Lin Yifei's shoulder. "Remember to fix him when you meet him!"

A group of people went out of the changing room to have dinner. Elizabeth was leaning against the wall outside the door and seemed to be waiting for someone.

Charles had long disliked this proud-looking girl, "Chris went out already."

Elizabeth smiled and looked at Lin Yifei. "I'm waiting for him. Lin, Chris may not have told you that I'm engaged to him."

Lin Yifei smiled, "It doesn't matter."

Charles frowned, feeling that the atmosphere was somewhat unpleasant. He grabbed Lin Yifei's shoulder and said, "Hey, let's go! Go eat! I'm starving!"

The other two boys also shouted.

"Yes, let's eat then take a nap. There'll be two hours of practice in the afternoon."

The fencing team acted very humane. Although it's completely closed-door training, the real training time was only two hours in the morning and evening. The rest of the time could be allocated by oneself, such as doing basic training or accompany others to train.

Lin Yifei took a deep breath when they pulled him away.

He knew Chris too well. That guy was so stubborn. He couldn't be really with Elizabeth who's equally proud. But even so, he still felt very painful. The pain spread from the depths of his nerve to his fingertips. During lunch, he even couldn't hold the fork and dropped it. The sound of the fork colliding with the ground was also the collision between his heart and mind.

Chris was sitting at a distance from their table.

"I told him we were engaged." Elizabeth raised her eyebrows, looking somewhat smug, because she could hurt Chris by hurting Lin Yifei.

Who knew that Chris didn't even look sideways at Lin Yifei, but ate lunch silently.

"Aren't you going to ask how he reacts? He just smiled, as if he only heard some gossips." Elizabeth gracefully forked the salad into her mouth.

Suddenly, Chris picked up the knife and stuck it in front of Elizabeth with a thud.

Everyone in the restaurant looked at them.

Elizabeth looked at Chris with her head tilted back. His eyes were calm and there's no cruel expression. But just for a moment she had no doubt that Chris really wanted to kill her.

"Can you eat quietly?"

At this time, a waiter came quickly.

"Can I help you, sir?"

"Yes." Chris pulled up the knife and put it on the waiter's plate. "This knife is too blunt. Please change it for me."

"Oh…okay." The waiter glanced at Elizabeth's pale face and turned to leave.

The restaurant seems to have restored its original calm atmosphere.

Charles and the group were shocked.

"Oh my God, that scared me to death!"

"I thought he was going to kill her!"

Lin Yifei blinked. He knew Chris must have lost control just now.

At the end of the afternoon's practice, Lin Yifei took a slightly tired shower and went back to the hotel with his protective gear on his back. He had become sleepier recently and his legs were vaguely aching. He knew that it's because he's growing up during this period of time.

His head almost hit the glass door of the hotel, but fortunately someone put his palm against his forehead.

"Does training make you this tired?"

An elegant voice rang in Lin Yifei's ear.

"Kevin?" Lin Yifei's eyes lit up. "Why are you here?"

"Hmmm…" Kevin smiled enigmatically. His finger flicked Lin Yifei's forehead. "I was given a lot of money to give training feedbacks."

"Ha ha, then you must show mercy when commenting on me."

Kevin took Lin Yifei's bag and put it on his shoulder. "Let's go. I'll walk with you to your room."

"I heard Chelsea say you have a growth spurt recently." Kevin stretched out his hand to measure him, "Ah, it's true. Last time, your head only reaches a bit past my shoulder. Now, it had reached my nose."  

"Yes, because I'm growing faster, sometimes my legs have cramps."

"There's no way. This is the price of growing up."

As soon as the elevator door opened, Chris and Elizabeth stood outside. They were about to go downstairs for dinner.

"Hi, long time no see." Kevin smiled politely at Chris, but there was no expression on his face.

Two people entered the elevator. When Chris and Elizabeth walked by, Lin Yifei's finger ran across Chris's hand unexpectedly. This touch made his heart raced.

Once he returned to his room, Kevin soaked a towel with hot water and applied it to Lin Yifei's knees. "You can sleep for a while. I'll call you for dinner at six."

Lin Yifei nodded and fell asleep soon after touching the pillow. Kevin sat by the bed, kneading his calves and knees. The palm of his hand massaged along the lines of his legs and sensed their temperature as well as their urge to grow quickly. Kevin smiled gently and bowed his head to kiss his knee.

A week later, the World Junior Fencing Championship officially kicked off. A total of more than 300 young fencers from all over the world took part in the single and team competitions. After Sunday's welcome dinner, the group match would start on Monday.

The result of the single competition came down. Lin Yifei saw his own name and then looked at Chris's name. Both of them were far away. One was in Group B, the other in Group H. This meant that they wouldn't meet anytime soon.

"Your first match is against the fencer from Germany." Chelsea told him, "According to his strength, he isn't your opponent. But don't take it lightly."

"I know…"


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