Happy time is always short. Yuan Zhou is busy preparing for the succession. Yuan Zong seems to be a lot more empty and quiet here, and Qi Shiqin stays with him.

That night, Yuan Zong suddenly woke up. He pushed Qi Shiqin who was sleeping next to him, "Xiao Liu, wake up."

"What's wrong?" Qi Shiqin's voice was especially sleepy.

Yuan Zong: "The moon seems to be particularly round tonight. Let's get up and take a look. Hurry up, let the Yushan Fang have a snack, and bring some golden stems and lotus stamens. I haven't drunk for a long time. The fading bird is here."

Qi Shiqin rubbed his face and decided to get up. He put on his clothes neatly, and turned around to see Yuan Zong was still tossing his clothes there, "Hurry up."

"You come and wear it for me." Yuan Zong didn't bother to make it anymore, and said directly.

"No." Qi Shiqin immediately refused, "Call the servants from outside to come in."

Yuan Zong: "I order you to wear it for me!"

Qi Shiqin smirked: "Haha."

Well, it looks like it's not working anymore. Yuan Zong could only curl his lips, unwillingly take the clothes and let out his anger.

Qi Shiqin looked at him speechlessly, walked over and threw it on him one by one, "First this, then this, this, hurry up, I will let the servant prepare what you want."

After finishing everything, two people appeared on the roof above the palace, riding the night breeze, drinking small wine and talking. Gradually, Yuan Zong put his head on Qi Shiqin's shoulder, as if he was asleep.

"The emperor, general, the wind is strong at night, so let's go back to the temple to rest alive." The shrill voice of Zhang Gonggong sounded softly, for fear of awakening the sleeping emperor.

Qi Shiqin took another sip of wine, picked up the person, and jumped off the roof. While watching Zhang Gonggong's heart jumped, he felt something was wrong. The emperor's hand didn't seem to have any strength at all, as if he wanted to slide down.

He trot to keep up with Qi Shiqin's pace.

Not long after, a screaming and screaming voice pierced the quiet harem, "The emperor is dead."


Yuan Zong did not misread his eldest prince. They did have similar qualities. The only difference was that Yuan Zhou was even more cruel. He also doesn't need the company of others. There is no place in his heart for anyone to station in. Maybe in the future he will feel that the heights are too cold, but at least for now, he only has the ambition to sweep the world.

For several of his brothers, Yuan Zhou directly found reasons to pull out their power, and those who dared to resist would only get stronger suppression.

Of course, Qi Shiqin helped. But it didn't make Yuan Zhou's heart fluctuate in the slightest. In his heart, this world and this power should belong to his Yuan family.

Within a few years, Yuan Zhou took control of the court and established Jin Yiwei to monitor courtiers.

Da Zhou is thriving under his powerful wrists, strong soldiers and strong horses.

In the fifth year, the Great Zhou declared war on the surrounding areas. Qi Shiqin was sent to the front line. The small countries joined forces to fight the Zhou Dynasty, and eventually all died under the iron hoof of the Great Zhou's soldiers.

The territory of the Great Zhou Dynasty has greatly expanded, but it is easy to fight the world and it is difficult to defend the world. It is good not to have various disputes in the territory at that time. As a result, Yuan Zhou stopped continuing to expand and began serious governance.

Qi Shiqin thought for a while and asked the emperor to resign. At this time, his name was already in the ears of the people, and Yuan Zhou had been guarding him in his heart, and Qi Shiqin also understood it.

Qi Ge has grown up, even for his son, he should step down.

Sure enough, Yuan Zhou stayed a few times. Seeing Qi Shiqin's firm attitude, he stopped insisting. It made up for Qi Ge.

Leaving the two brothers in the south, Qi Shiqin took Wei Jingshu to start their happy time of traveling in mountains and rivers. All the famous mountains, rivers, and beautiful places have left their footprints.

In their later years, they quietly returned to the house of the two children, afraid to meet people. There is no way to do this. When you are 30 years old, you can still say that the constitution of each body is different. But you are in your 70s or 80s, and you are still the same as you were back then, so you are a little bit unreasonable.

You know, in the years when Yuan Zhou sent him to fight, there were a lot of suspicious eyes on them when Qi Shiqin was in his forties. Just because of his majesty, no one dared to really question.

And Yuan Zhou may also understand in his heart that Qi Shiqin's strange speed was always stored in his heart when the palace changed. This is also one of the reasons why he dare not really weaken Qi Shiqin's power unscrupulously in recent years.

"Father, mother." Qi Ge's gaze shifted over his parents' faces for a while, still a little unbelievable.

You must know that his hair is growing white, and his father still looks handsome and young. Some people believe that his mother said that he was a little lady who had just been married for two years.

"Okay, let's go in." Qi Shiqin put his hands on his son's head.

"Father, you actually know that you will come back to see your two sons!" Qi Ge complained.

"I haven't seen it for a few years. I told you to say that it's like I haven't come back for many years." Qi Shiqin said. On the one hand, it is not to cause trouble for appearance, on the other hand, both of his sons have already married. With his own son and grandson, Qi Shiqin will not stay with his two children for a long time.

The children have been accompanied by too many people, and they can go out to live the little life of two people with confidence.

"Then you are going out this time?" Qi Ge asked.

"Not going out." Qi Shiqin answered quickly.

Seeing his son's smile, Qi Shiqin swallowed the words that were still in his mouth. Did not say that he felt that Xiao Fu Lang's life had come to an end before he came back.

His ability can kill and save people.

But this natural aging is not allowed to change.

A few days later, Qi Ge eagerly ran over to find his parents to fly the kite. It was a beautiful day and all the houses were dispatched.

"Father, mother, I called my second brother to fly a kite together. The weather is so good, let's all go." He is old, but he is also interested in these.

In the garden, on a large lounge chair, two people hugged each other to sleep, the blue silk entangled and spread, and the sun shone on the delicate and clean skin, indescribably quiet and soft.

Qi Ge unconsciously lowered his voice, "Father, daddy, did you hear what I said?"



After a while, he stretched out his hand trembling, but sat on the ground in shock, tears running down his cheeks.



A sorrowful voice sounded, and Qi Ge cried and hugged his father and mother.


Thousands of years later.

"Lao Zhang, come here soon." The fat man didn't know where he touched accidentally, and a coffin rose from the ground.

Zhang Yi also noticed the movement here, he walked over, "What's the matter?"

Zhang Yi was a college student, and there had been tomb robbers in the family for several generations, but he had already been cut off. Zhang Yi knows a little bit. He doesn't even think about finding burial objects in other people's graves, but he is particularly interested in such exciting things.

When he was tidying up the old things at home, he found something about the tomb of the legendary general Qi Shiqin. He was curious and wanted to come and see it.

Fatty grew up with him and came with him.

According to ancestral legends, the tomb of General Qi was in this generation, but many tomb thieves came out completely in a daze, and many died directly in it. Zhang Yi also wanted to try his luck. It may be because of predecessors, and after too long time, many institutions have already failed.

After Zhang Yi and the fat man escaped some organs, they entered a secret room.

The two didn't understand anything, so they pushed open the lid of the coffin together.

I shook the flashlight inside, but didn't shake his face directly. After all, normal people were a little panicked when they saw the skull. Suddenly the fat man exclaimed, "Oh my God, it's done, Lao Zhang, let's do it."

"Look at what this is"

The fat man drew the sword away, and suddenly there was a burst of cold light, as if a deep cold air rushed towards him. Although the craftsmanship is thousands of years ago, this piece is not inferior to the modern one, and it is even superior.

The fat man said excitedly: "This should be General Qi's saber. If you look for it, his gun should be in it too." He stroked the sword affectionately, which was sold on the black market. How much money is there!

Zhang Yi hesitated and said, "Fatty, it's not good." He had been a dry addiction. It would be okay if he took some unimportant things, but the general's personal belongings were the generals he admired since he was a child. . This made him feel extremely ashamed.

"What's wrong. You don't take me." As expected, the gun was also there. Seeing Zhang Yi's look, the fat man said, "After you go out, you ask your grandfather for directions. Let's buy these. Then we won't have to worry about the future."

The fat man laughed exaggeratedly, as if thinking of his own good days in the future. Although they were only looking for the tomb on a whim, Fatty also had this idea of ​​picking up leaks in his heart.

Zhang Yi did not answer the conversation. He said with a trace of fear and uncertainty: "Fat, fat, you…you look at the people in the tomb, well…as if not dead."

"Wh, what?" The fat man jumped three feet away and said, "Lao Zhang, don't be scary!"

Zhang Yi: "I didn't scare you, come and see for yourself!"

The fat man staggered over, and also exclaimed, the two people embracing inside were actually lifelike, looking like they had fallen asleep.

The hearts of Fatty and Zhang Yi were beating violently, and they were relieved after they were sure that the two in the coffin were really not breathing.

After a long time, the fat man was in the mood to make a joke. He hit Zhang Yi with his arm and asked, "Old Zhang, it is said that General Qi's wife is a brother, and he should be the one in there. My dear, the two of them The long one is so beautiful."

Zhang Yi nodded, "Of course, it has been mentioned many times in the history books that the generals are quite handsome, and in the notes of their youngest sons, they also said that their parents are one of a thousand looks, especially the general Fulang. It is said to be the first beauty at the time."

The fat man laughed, "Notes. Haha, I didn't expect that someone started to write diaries so early in ancient times. It's really interesting. The ancients are no more relaxed than our primary school students now!"

Zhang Yi pushed his glasses. "It is said that writing a diary started with Qiguo, saying it helps to improve IQ and writing ability."


Fatty: "Speaking of which there is no such S*x as a brother now, let's go and see how this brother is different from a woman." When he said that, the fatty stood up and took a flashlight to shine on the people inside.

Looking at that beautiful face, the fat guy was a heterosexual and couldn't help swallowing his saliva. This is really like a character who is not contaminated with the slightest dust!

"What are you doing!" Zhang Yi slapped hard—and hit the fat man back with the hand that he wanted to touch his face.

"What are you doing!" The fat man asked furiously. "Does it work so hard? I just want to see what's different, can't it?"

Zhang Yidao: "Just look at what you do. It is said in the history books that the older brother is a little slenderer than a man, has less strength, has a more delicate appearance, and can have children. Others are no different."

The fat man became a little angry. They grew up together. Zhang Yi obviously looks down on him like this. He said: "I said Lao Zhang, I know you like General Qi, and I don't object, but I hope you can respect him. I."

When he said that, he held a flashlight again, trying to move the person out to have a look. It was too deep in the coffin, and he was a little unfriendly to the fat man's figure. Even if it wasn't for the gender that no longer exists in reality, this strange scene like a living person is enough for him to study it.

Zhang Yi wanted to stop him, but was stunned by the fat man.

After Zhang Yi stood still, he tried to persuade him. He suddenly saw the stiff back of the fat man. He asked strangely, "Fatty man, how did you stop?" This can't be discovered by conscience.

There was a sound of unknown meaning in the fat man's throat. Where the light of the flashlight in his hand was, a pair of dark eyes staring at him with cold murderous aura, under the strong light, without blinking.

Zhang Yi soon found out, and he also froze in place. He prefers General Qi and regards others as an idol, but this does not mean that he can accept the general's body resurrected in front of him.

He trembled and said: "Qi…General Qi? I, we, no, not intentional, yes, sorry, we will leave immediately."

Qi Shiqin didn't even look at him, his voice seemed to have a thousand years of chill, and asked the fat man, "What are you going to do?"


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