Yuan Zong's words did not leave a trace in Qi Shiqin's heart, his character has already been shaped and mature, not that he can change if he wants to change. Besides, his flaws are not concealed, and the brilliance of the rest of the beautiful side of his body is enough to make people ignore this.

As for affecting the son, it shouldn't be… right?

Qi Shiqin is not stupid either, Yuan Zong's performance is obvious enough, so he is not worried. Because of this, he is even more sad about the death of his best friend, and it is not easy to get a sincere person in life.

Recently, several princes have taken matters more seriously, and as Yuan Zong's body has changed, they have all realized that this time their opportunity has come.

"Xiao Kuanzi, go call Tai Fu, Prime Minister Zhang, Bachelor and others." Yuan Zong coughed several times after speaking, his lungs were like a broken windmill, and he frowned in pain.

Qi Shiqin patted him on the back, inputting supernatural powers, trying to make Yuan Zong more comfortable.

When it finally stopped, Yuan Zong raised his head and smiled at Qi Shiqin, "Looking at your face is stinky, it's like I'm about to die. I'm all taken lightly, so what are you doing?"

Qi Shiqin looked at him with dark eyes and whispered: "Don't put that word on your mouth, it's bad luck."

Yuan Zong wanted to laugh when he heard it, but his chest immediately hurt, and he coughed again violently. He leaned on Qi Shiqin, "Well, you are too emotional and too emotional. I am the one who is destined to die a long time ago."

"No refutation is allowed." As if knowing Qi Shiqin's thoughts, Yuan Zong said this directly.

When I was about to explain something, I saw a dozen people push the door together, "The emperor, the emperor."

"Get up." Yuan Zong said. "Xiao Kuanzi, take that imperial decree over and read it out." He pointed to the imperial decree on the table. It was a decision he made after thinking about it for a long time. His sons are very capable, considering their own truths. Character, his head hurts as much as he thinks.

His father didn't have many good births, but he paid attention to cultivating children from a young age so as not to face his father's situation. However, if you accidentally a few children are very capable, and no one is convinced, there may be more trouble in the future.

It was Yuan Zhou, the eldest prince, who was twenty-five years old. He was calm and thoughtful, and his mother was low. There was no threat of foreign relatives' authority. Moreover, his personality is very similar to him, and he has inherited his own ambitions. Seeing Yuan Zhou always makes Yuan Zong feel that he has seen another self.

Thinking of his weakness and resentment when he first took the throne, Yuan Zong whispered, "Little Liu."

"Yeah." Qi Shiqin lowered his head to look at him.

Yuan Zong: "I'll leave Da Zhou to you. You help me… protect it. Don't worry about going back to your hometown all day. Waiting for Zhou'er to find the next general who can conquer the battle. You… leave it again. OK?"

"it is good."

"Zhou'er." Yuan Zong looked at Yuan Zhou again. This was his first prince, but there was no difference in his heart. The only thing he missed was the temperament and temperament of their father and son.

"Father." Yuan Zhou stepped forward and sat down on his knees in front of Yuan Zong, his expression calm, with a slightly worried expression that he should have.

"Little Liu is not the kind of person who likes rights. He has always wanted to take his husband and children to travel around the mountains and rivers. I leave him to you now. You must not treat him badly. If he wants to leave in the future, you Just let him go."

Yuan Zhou nodded, "Yes, Father, I understand."

Looking at the expressionless face of the eldest son, Yuan Zong was suddenly a little uncertain whether his decision was correct. He reached into his arms, took out a gold medal and gave it to Qi Shiqin, "I know Xiaoliu your temperament, but you are too straightforward and easy to offend people. I will leave you this gold medal for immunity from death today. No matter what your sins are, you can protect your life in peace."

Qi Shiqin sighed, his face pressed against Yuan Zong's forehead, and his voice was light: "I am not a kid who knows nothing. Don't worry about me. In this world, as long as I don't want to, no one can kill me. You see, when I killed the Kingdom of Jin, didn't I just kill for a few days and nights and still be alive."

Yuan Zong was too lazy to explain to this silly Baitian, his eyes fixedly looked at Yuan Zhou. Yuan Zhou knew that his father was asking him for a guarantee. For a moment, his mood was complicated and difficult to distinguish. His father had never been so kind to them. Who is his son?

But he quickly regained his senses: "The child minister will definitely not go against the wishes of the emperor."

Suddenly, there was a noise of fighting and fighting outside, and everyone suddenly had a bad feeling in their hearts.

A little eunuch rushed in, "The emperor, King Ping came in with someone."

As soon as he finished speaking, the door was kicked open. Yuan Ping saw the person inside stupefied and laughed, "The emperor, I heard that you are going to give way today. How about giving it to your brother?"

"Yuan Ping!" Yuan Zong straightened up angrily.

"Come here, come here."

"Don't shout." Yuan Ping waved his hand and said, "The people in this entire palace are controlled by me, and you can't shout anything." Dozens of soldiers poured in and filled the hall. of.

Yuan Zong pointed at the opponent, shaking slightly, "You rebel! I knew you wouldn't let it go so easily." It's just that he couldn't get the handle of the opponent, and time was running out.

Yuan Ping snorted, "This throne is supposed to be mine. Third brother, you should write down the imperial edict of the Zen throne. Otherwise…" He winked, and the guard next to him immediately turned the prince on the side. Pulled over, the little prince immediately cried out in shock.

"Third brother, you have to think clearly. If you don't agree, you princes, I will kill them one by one. I want to see if everyone is gone, who do you want to pass on!"

Yuan Zong: "Dare you!"

"Do you think I dare."

Qi Shiqin helped Yuan Zong's trembling body sit back on the bed, stood up, and said coldly: "The prince."

Yuan Ping has never ignored Qi Shiqin ever since he came in. When he saw him talking to himself, he smiled and said: "General Qi, the king's sincerity to you back then has not changed. How about, do you want to be with me? This kid Yuan Zong is about to die. When you change to an emperor, I'm afraid your life will not be so easy."

"As long as you are with me, this king will make you a one-word king immediately, only under this king. If you want, this king is willing to sit on an equal footing with you, what do you think?"

Qi Shiqin suddenly smiled at the corner of his mouth, full of bloodthirsty taste, "Thanks to the prince's reminder, it seems that the prince still owes me a pair of broken legs."

Yuan Ping's back was inexplicably cold. When he reacted, he felt that there was a cold iron tool lying across his neck, "You, you… General Qi, let's have something to say."

"Say it well." Qi Shiqin repeated it, as if chewing the meaning, "I didn't see the prince talk to me well." He directly stretched out his hand and pinched Yuan Ping's neck, just listening to the teeth. There was a sour voice, and King Ping, who was still very arrogant just now, fell softly to the ground, his eyes still keeping the horror of death.

Yuan Zhou's pupils dilated suddenly, this person…

The crowd didn't expect it, and thought it would be a fierce battle. However, no one could see how Qi Shiqin got to Yuan Ping's side, and he didn't even see a personal figure.

The head was dead, and what was left was just a mob, and soon someone came to pick him up.

Yuan Zong waved his hand, "Okay, you all go out. Xiaoliu, you stay."

Qi Shiqin silently helped Yuan Zong who was about to lie down, and pulled the quilt over him. After a long while, he asked: "Don't you have anything to ask me?"

Yuan Zong was also silent for a moment, before he said, "What are you asking?"

"Ask you why it's still the same for more than ten years?" His tone was rather resentful.

Qi Shiqin couldn't help but laughed, and no longer asked this question. He leaned on the head of the bed, "I am a natural beauty, and you can't learn it. Okay, you won't be the emperor soon. Because you are dying, I will stay with you tonight."

Yuan Zong murmured silently: "…You let go now and don't care about me at all." Mingming was afraid of saying an unlucky word before, but now he takes a bite.

"You don't care about it yourself. Why am I embarrassing myself? You didn't persuade me. I listened to you." Qi Shiqin replied.

"Hey!" Yuan Zong grunted disdainfully, "That's all right, you can go back and your husband doesn't make trouble with your husband."

Qi Shiqin: "We two big men, can there be any trouble. Besides, you are going to die, you can't make trouble."

"Hey, I said you guys owe you pumps, right?" Yuan Zong was a little anxious. This was really opening his mouth and shutting his mouth and wishing him to die soon, why he felt a little panicked. "Besides, you are so tired of me, it is not strange for your husband to find it strange!"

Always hug him and coax him. It's thanks to him that he understands that people really don't mean this, and he doesn't like men himself, otherwise he won't be disturbed by a pool of spring water.

"I wanted to say it a long time ago!" Qi Shiqin fired a death ray at Yuan Zong, "I am two years older than you. Don't call me a six. Is there a kid you can call? No big or small."

Yuan Zong also said, "Just call me, what's the matter? Your kid just saw that I was not the emperor, so he started acting as a demon, right?"

"Call again!"

"Just call!"

After a while, Yuan Zong shouted out of breath: "No, no, no, I'm not coming, my broken body, I can't breathe."

The two were lying on the bed with their hands and feet spread out. Qi Shiqin was also estimating his body. He didn't dare to actually do it.

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