After his rebirth, Lin Yifei felt nervous for the first time surrounded by cameras. On the day of the match, he walked out of the changing room with shaking hands and feet and was laughed to death by his teammates. It made him wish that he could find a crack in the ground to hide. At the end of the passage, Chris stood there carrying a sabre.

He gave Lin Yifei a look. His eyes were still calm.

At that moment, all of the countless complicated thoughts in Lin Yifei's mind disappeared. His heart calmed down.

Chris turned around and Lin Yifei followed him.

Their competitions were held at the same time but on different venues.

As Chelsea predicted before the match, Lin Yifei beat the teenager from Germany. When the referee motioned to start, his series of attacks and steady pace surprised many athletes and coaches present.

Not to mention, he managed to invite Alvin Chelsea to become his personal coach. Lin Yifei immediately became the darling of the cameras.

Lin Yifei won. There's no doubt about it. But this first victory also made him ecstatic. He took off his mask and jumped very high, then ran to the side and hugged Chelsea.

In the stands, his close friends like Katherine, Ivey and Rex all showed happiness for him.

At this point, Chris's match was over.

The two men's venues were adjacent. They met in front of the exit passage when leaving. Lin Yifei stopped, but Chris didn't.

Lin Yifei suddenly felt empty.

When Lin Yifei came out, Katherine gave him a big hug and Ivey was behind her. Rex carried a large bouquet of perfume lilies and sent them into Lin Yifei's arms. "Put it away. This is the first time in my life that I have sent flowers to others."

"Really? Neither of Lily nor Nova has received it?"

"They're smart and will automatically send flowers to me." Rex lifted up his head with a smirk on his lips. Everyone laughed at his pretense of complacency.

"All right, all right, there are other players' competitions behind. I still want to have a good look!"

A line of people returned to the audience. The entire fencing hall was still quiet with only the reverberation of fencing.

But Chris and Elizabeth actually sat in the back row behind Lin Yifei. This made Lin Yifei suddenly nervous.

What is Chris thinking? What is he looking at? Does he occasionally look at me?

When thinking of here, Lin Yifei laughed in a low voice.

This was the fencing hall. Chris should be watching the fencing match on the court, of course.

At the end of the morning competition, Lin Yifei said goodbye to Katherine and them. They were going back to the hotel.

When he went downstairs, his cell phone rang. It was Kevin.

"Where are you now?"

"Going downstairs."

"Which staircase?"

"East Wing。"

At that moment, Lin Yifei was suddenly pushed down.

He fell in terror. His hands reached out to grab something, but there's only air.

Suddenly, someone reached out his arm and grabbed him before he fell to the ground. His entire body crashed into a chest. His breath smelled of fresh men's perfume.

The heart hanging in mid-air finally fell back. Lin Yifei reached for the other's arm and said, "Thank you."

After standing firmly, he realized that the man was Kevin.

"Kevin…why are you here?"

At this point, Lin Yifei realized that Kevin's face looked extremely cold.

Lin Yifei followed his eyes back and saw Elizabeth standing on the stairs. She stared at Lin Yifei as if she wanted to draw a knife at any moment.

"Miss Taylor, what you did just now does not seem to be in line with the upbringing of a noble lady?" Kevin's voice was cold. The oppressive feeling suppressed the other's thinking ability along their nerve.

Elizabeth stood still on the spot and only answered after two or three seconds, "I didn't mean it. Isn't Mr. Phil quite in time to act as a hero to save beauty?"

Kevin smiled, "I should report this matter DeNiro Osborne. It'll let him think more."

"How do you…know Grandpa DeNiro?" Elizabeth's face changed.

"Despite the fact that the U.S. has such a powerful Conglomerate like the Osbornes does not mean that there are no other aristocrats in Europe." Kevin replied. He then clasped Lin Yifei's shoulder and turned to leave.

"How do you…know the Osbornes? What do you mean by European aristocrats?" Lin Yifei expressed surprise.

"It doesn't mean anything." Kevin opened the car door. He pushed Lin Yifei in then sat on the driver's seat. He leaned against the steering wheel and laughed, "Of course those who know the Osborne Conglomerate know about the Osbornes. After attending several banquets and listening to the gossip of the upper class, I heard about DeNiro of the Osbornes. I have no right or power, but I do have some money."

"So…were you just scaring Elizabeth?" Lin Yifei froze.

"Of course." Kevin looked at Lin Yifei. "Did you sprain anything just now?"

"No. You came so coincidentally and so quickly that I didn't have a chance to hurt myself."

"Not coincidentally, didn't you tell me you were on the stairs of the east wing? I came to see you and wanted to pick you up for lunch."

At this point, Elizabeth looked at the ticket in front of her and gnashed her teeth.

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She quickly overtook Chris, who was carrying a sports bag in front of her. She grabbed him by the arm and wanted him to turn around, but Chris just shook her off.

"Don't touch me. I don't want to be pushed down the stairs one day."

Elizabeth laughed, "Ha, you sent someone to look after your Lin? Don't you remember what you promised DeNiro?"

Chris laughed. "You're mistaken. I sent someone to watch you, not Yifei."

"Chris!" Elizabeth raised her voice.

"George will personally send you to DeNiro. You can figure out how to explain your impulse."

"This is how you find an excuse to get rid of me, so that you can look at Lin without care, right? Just like being in the audience today, you think I don't know that you didn't watch the match at all. You have been watching the back of that person sitting in front of you!" Elizabeth's hysteria caused many passers-by to look back.

Chris came up step by step and pressed her against the wall, hitting her on the shoulder and making her cry out.

"Do you know that he once fell down the stairs at the Osbornes?"

"That's why you covered all the Osbornes' stairs with thick New Zealand wool carpet." Elizabeth gave a mocking smile.

"That day he shed a lot of blood. My father held his head and his hands were covered in blood. He slept for many days without waking up." Chris's icy breath swept across Elizabeth's skin. The two of them were close, but not even halfway intimate.

"What do you want to do…"

"I want to throw you down the stairs. You'd better not appear in front of me or I can't stop myself."

Once he finished saying this, Chris let go of Elizabeth.

After Chris walked away, Elizabeth, who had soft legs almost sat down on the ground.

The next morning in Sports Weekly, a photo of Lin Yifei having lunch with Kevin was published. Before the dinner table, Lin Yifei's napkin fell down. Kevin patiently folded it back for him. The action looked like he's holding Lin Yifei in his arms. The title said that the world champions is more interested in Chinese teenager. The content quoted Kevin's explanation of Lin Yifei match, which clearly expressed his appreciation of Lin Yifei.

Just like Kevin's evaluation of him, Lin Yifei performed well all the way to the top eight. Everyone held a little celebration for him. At the end of the celebration, Rex asked Lin Yifei to go out for a walk.

The night outside the hotel was humid.

Lin Yifei and Rex walked side by side.

"I remember the first time I saw you taking part in the high school match. your natural and sharp posture prevented me from moving my eyes." Rex nodded and looked at his toes.

"Ah, that's right, it's because of that…"

"That I like you?" Rex chuckled, "I still like you now. Seeing you remaining calm under so many cameras, I found myself liking you even more."

"Rex-" Lin Yifei's eyebrows rose and showed a helpless look.

"What's the matter? Does the fact that I like you make you so distressed?" Rex turned around and watched Lin Yifei while walking backwards.

He was a handsome teenager. His red hair and striking eyes had become somewhat dreamy under the reflection of the city night lights.

"No, it's my fortune to be liked by you." Lin Yifei hit him on the shoulder. Maybe he was scared by this guy's strong kiss in the lab, but he would always remember that this guy insisted on liking him regardless of his rejection.  

"Lin, I'm going back to France." Rex stopped when he finished this sentence.

Lin Yifei looked at him. The shop lights beside him reflected on Rex's side face, which looked serene and elegant.

"Going back…"

For a while, Lin Yifei didn't know what to say. For the first time, he found that he had unconsciously become accustomed to Rex's existence.

This person liked him, but had never given him any pressure. He accompanied him all the time. That's why even after Chris left, Lin Yifei never felt lonely.

"My parents are back together again, so I want to go back to France. And after watching your match, I feel like I need to go back even more."

"Why?" Lin Yifei frowned. Rex smiled and reached to touch his brows.

"Don't show such expression. I will loathe to give up. I'm old enough to take part in the World Championship. Once I go back, I'll apply to the France Fencing Association for qualification. One day, we will meet at the World Championship and even the Olympics. At that time, you will finally look at me seriously." Rex said this with confidence.

All of a sudden, the entire street seemed to be cut off. Only the dim light of the building in the distance were left.

Pedestrians on the street were moving along. Only Rex and Lin Yifei were still standing in their place.

In Lin Yifei's eyes, Rex suddenly became extremely dazzling.

"So, the next time we meet again, we will be rivals." Lin Yifei's lip opened its radian.

"Yes." Rex's hands were in his pockets. He leaned forward and tilted his face to kiss Lin Yifei's lips.

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