It was a gentle touch, so vague that it went unseen in the dark streets.

"Goodbye, Lin." Rex whispered.

"Goodbye." Lin Yifei said goodbye to him with the most confident smile.

A few years later, Rex became very famous in the French sabre arena and became one of Lin Yifei's strongest rival for the World Fencing Championship.

The streets that night seemed longer than ever. Lin Yifei stood there and watched Rex walking away.

On the other side of the street, Chris stood still.

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The competition had reached the quarterfinal. At such a critical moment. Chelsea accompanied Lin Yifei in the hotel room to replay his opponent's match video over and over again while analyzing their technical points. When time arrived at 9 pm, Chelsea would turn off the TV and pat Lin Yifei on the shoulder to tell him to go to bed early.

That night, Chelsea met Chris in the elevator when leaving the hotel.

The teenager was handsome, cold, and sharp, with a type of restraint that didn't belong to his age. Although Lin Yifei beat him in the team qualifying match, their level was equal. It's hard to say who would win next time.

From the 8th floor to the lobby, the elevator took at least ten seconds. Chelsea looked at the teenager's side face and felt somewhat lonely.

Chelsea stopped the boy subconsciously when the elevator door opened.

"Hey, take it."

Chris reached out and grabbed the item, which was just a small piece of chocolate.

"You're still young. Don't show such a face every day. Act a bit more like a boy, just like the boy I'm coaching now. When he sees chocolate or fried chicken, his eyes will shine."

Chelsea smiled at Chris who stood still and strolled towards the door of the hotel.

Needless to say, Chris knew that the boy in Chelsea's mouth was Lin Yifei.

Chris clenched this chocolate in his hand, which is a classic Ferrero. For a while Lin Yifei became obsessed with sweets, such as mousse cake, toffee and chocolate. He sat on the bed playing online games, next to his mouse was a large box of Ferrero. Occasionally, Chris became extremely jealous of online games and chocolate, since they took all of Lin Yifei's attention, especially when Lin Yifei slightly opened his mouth and the Ferrero rubbed against his lips, leaving a faint trace. Chris would put down his book and sat by the bed to lick and kiss him. He savored the sweetness of his tongue then turn off the computer. Only then would Chris feel that a chocolate was really sweet and delicious.

Before going to bed, Mr. Osborne called Chris.

"Our stock has been rising all the time, and the Taylor family is anxious to buy our stock with their entire belongings."

Chris curved up his lips. "Isn't that great? The more money they pay, the more money we can make elsewhere."

The quarterfinal finally arrived, and Chris's match happened before Lin Yifei's. Apart from Lin Yifei, Chris was the most eye-catching young fencer in this tournament. Many young fencers who had high hopes were beheaded by him. Before the end of the competition, many media had predicted that the final would be between Chris and Lin Yifei.

Some media even nicknamed Chris "Prince of Ice Blade". Lin Yifei almost laughed when he saw the nickname. It seemed that no matter how many times he lived, Chris's nickname would not change.

Chris's opponent was a teenager from China, and his level was quite high. Chris was almost beaten by his opponent in the first set and lost three points in only half of the set, which hardly happened before. Because Lin Yifei's match was just behind Chris, he stood at the aisle and watched. This position even showed the match clearer than the nearest audience seat. The opponent's flexible control of his sabre was definitely of professional athlete's level, with perfect coordination of both shoulders and arms.

At this time, Lin Yifei had already put on his protective gear while holding a mask in one hand and a sabre in the other. He stood in the shadow of the passage with his head turning to the side in order to see Chris's match clearly. His entire body was submerged in the subtle beauty of the match.

Chris saw Lin Yifei's figure when he stepped back. The other side's sabre raised up. Chris was surprised. He had an illusion that the other side's tip seemed to cut through Lin Yifei's figure. Even as his heart raced, Chris blocked the opponent with his sabre then his wrist turned, hitting the other hard.

The light came on. Chris scored.

He breathed a sigh of relief then subconsciously turned his head. Lin Yifei still stood there, shrugging his shoulders. This was his nervous movement.

Little fool. Chris curved up his lips. Only when he's wearing a mask could he freely smile at Lin Yifei.

With this attack, Chris seemed to adapt to his opponent instantly and kept pressing his sabre to score points. His opponent's rhythm became more and more chaotic, while Chris's became more and more stable.

Chelsea walked over to Lin Yifei. He looked at his slightly nervous expression and smiled. "Do you know what makes me feel most incredible?"


"A lot of teenagers are nervous when facing strong opponents, but you never do. But now, because of Chris Osborne, you showed this expression, as if his victory or defeat matters more than yours."  

For a while, Lin Yifei didn't know how to respond to Chelsea.

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"I have had this feeling before. I stood on the sidelines watching him and felt very nervous. It seems that the harder I watch, the more likely he will win." Chelsea laughed in derision, as if recalling some ridiculous thing, but the smile on his mouth was full of nostalgia.

Just as they were chatting, Chris made a last cut that's full of momentum. His opponent couldn't retreat.

The referee announced Chris's victory and he entered the final four.

"Now it's your showtime." Chelsea patted Lin Yifei on the shoulder.

Chris took off his mask as he existed. His posture of stretching a hand to ruffle his hair looked incomparably handsome. He walked past Lin Yifei. His passing by breath caught Lin Yifei's heart.

I want to win. I must win. Only by winning can I meet you in the final.

Lin Yifei's fingertips turned slightly hot. He won his opponent with unstoppable momentum and held his opponent firmly in every game. The poor Dutch teenager lost himself like a prisoner.

When the match was over, Lin Yifei subconsciously looked for Chris in the audience and at the exit.

At this time, Chris was standing in the bathroom, pouring cold water on his face to wake himself up. The smell of Lin Yifei's hair when he walked pass and the elongated lines of his body when he fenced looked so sexy. He only felt that he turned very hot as if the impulse in his mind would soon break through the defense of reason. During his one minute walk through the passage, Chris imagined how he would push Lin Yifei against the wall and kiss him hard. Then he would tear off all restraints on him to feel his skin and temperature then split him apart.  

Chris was going crazy. He fantasized about entering that warm body, crashing in madly and taking possession of it completely.

He stretched out his hand to touch his lower body, where the swelling hurt. Chris pushed open a stall and slammed the door shut. He lifted up his head and gritted his teeth to relieve himself. Lin Yifei's breath and his taste occupied all of Chris's thinking.

"What are you looking at?" Chelsea took Lin Yifei's sabre and asked with amusement.


"Are you looking for Chris Osborne?" Chelsea's smile was somewhat mocking. "That guy rushed to the bathroom after he was sure you had won the match. It seems like he had been holding back for a long time and endured for more than ten minutes to watch your match."

Chris just returned to the hotel that afternoon when he received a phone call from Elizabeth's father.

"What do you mean by sending Liz away?"

"There's no meaning. I need to concentrate on the competition and Elizabeth will distract me." Chris turned on the computer to check the stock price while holding the phone. When he saw today's stock price, his lips pulled out a mocking arc.

"Fine, Chris. Have you talked with your father recently. The shares of some industries in the Osbornes' family have fallen sharply. Have you formulated any strategies to stabilize the share price?"

"For this, I'm afraid you have to gather my uncles to discuss countermeasures. As you know, my father sold a lot of shares in order to invest in the ten-billion-dollar project in Dubai. Who knows that the project ran aground. He is having a headache now. I'm afraid he doesn't have enough energy to deal with the share price of the Osbornes'."

"Since the Osbornes are allied with us Taylors, you should at least show some sincerity to ensure our interests in the Osbornes…" Mr. Taylor chattered on while Chris turned on his computer to play Tetris.

The sound of teenagers laughing came through the corridor.

"Lin, you're really strong! You must win the championship!"

"You didn't see it. That Dutch boy you defeated cried in his coach's arms!"

Chris froze. Mr. Tylor's voice still came across his phone, but all of his entire attention focused on the outside.  

"His name seems to be Jasper. In fact, he's very strong. My coach has been accompanying me to analyze his matches these two nights, so I'm fully prepared." Lin Yifei's voice was calm.

His voice was getting closer and closer. Chris even stopped breathing.

Even without opening the door, Chris knew Lin Yifei's footsteps very well. It was not until after the teenagers went further and further away that Chris's breathing returned to normal.

The semifinal would take place two days later. Lin Yifei had not arranged any training these days. During the day, Chelsea would analyze his opponents with Lin Yifei. The boy named Keane came from Switzerland and had a baby face that looked like Ivey, but when it came to fencing, their styles were completely different. To be able to enter the semifinal, Keane's level was naturally comparable to that of professional players. Lin Yifei inevitably had to focus more than usual.

For the first time since the competition began, Lin Yifei finally lost sleep. As soon as he closed his eyes, Keane's match video kept repeating in his mind. Only after he crossed Keane did he have a chance to look at Chris in the eye. Because he cared too much about the match, he became a little nervous and not like himself.

At ten o'clock in the evening, Lin Yifei went to bed, but by half past eleven, he couldn't fall asleep. Fortunately, the restaurant here opened 24 hours a day. Lin Yifei decided to find something to drink, perhaps his most hated milk.

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