After passing through the rift valley, the weather got hotter. During the day, it's as if the air was burning up.

However, there're still underground water and underground rivers even though it's hot here, so this area hadn't completely dried up. The fern plants and leaves were actually delicious, with plenty of water.

The weather here was very strange. It's very cold at night but dry and hot during the day. The temperature difference between day and night varied greatly.

And Gulu discovered a very strange phenomenon. There were no large carnivorous dinosaurs here such as Giganotosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Allosaurus and Mapusaurus. Even small and medium size carnivorous dinosaurs were almost absent. Only the small Troodontid remained.

Gulu thought that it's really strange.

Even if the temperature difference between day and night here was large, dinosaur's body had a strong ability to regulate temperature, especially the small and medium size carnivorous dinosaurs. They should be able to adapt to the climate here.

A place without carnivorous dinosaurs was a paradise for herbivorous dinosaurs, but most herbivorous dinosaurs couldn't adapt to the hot weather during the day. The bigger the dinosaur, the slower its heat dissipation. Large dinosaurs could resist cold, but they were not able to withstand high temperature and heat.

On the evening of this day, Pado's group rested in a fern field. As night fell, the air got colder and colder. It's so cold that frost fell in the middle of the night. The fern field was covered with a thin layer of white frost that looked like snow-covered ground.

Gulu felt a little cold and woke up in a daze. He saw Pado place his warm belly beside his and Pachi's heads.

There were no large carnivorous dinosaurs here. Pado's group didn't have to worry about being hunted at all. Pado could also watch over them night after night and enjoy the days when he could be on the hot kang` with his wife and cubs.

Babana also placed her belly beside Dudu's and Mila's heads, so that the cubs wouldn't be cold.

They were young cubs who had walked through the polar circle. The cold level that just generated frost wouldn't affect their sleep at all. They could sleep soundly near their parents' warm bellies.

The second day, Gulu woke up early in the morning. While the weather wasn't as hot, they had to eat quickly. Once it's hot, nothing tasted sweet.

Before the sun came out, all groups had already started their journey. They all wanted to leave here as soon as possible. It's really too hot.

These dinosaurs also wanted to travel at night when it wasn't hot and slept during the day, but the temperature during daytime was too high. Even under the shades of the trees, they couldn't sleep at all.  

Not long after the sun came out, the area quickly began to heat up.

Gulu saw many Ouranosaurus lying lazily in the sun.

Ouranosaurus was a local herbivorous dinosaur here. They didn't need to migrate because they had a special tool to "regulate body temperature".

Before, there were no Ouranosaurus where they migrated through. When they arrived here, Gulu saw live Ouranosaurus for the first time. What he saw before were just fossils and restoration maps.

Ouranosaurus, also known as Dauntless Dinosaur, was 7 meters long and weighed 4 tons. It had a large raised "sail" on its back. This sail extended from its back to its tail. Ouranosaurus "special tool to regulate body temperature" was this sail.

It's too cold at night. In the morning, each Ouranosaurus would lie comfortably and lazily in the sun. This sail was equivalent to a "solar heat-collecting panel" that would soon warm up its body.

When the sun was at its peak at noon, this sail acted like a "heat dissipation plate" to help the Ouranosaurus dissipate heat.

Ouranosaurus's huge "sail" enabled them to live comfortably in such an environment of great temperature difference between day and night.

At noon, it's really too hot, but the cubs were still all right. In contrast, the huge body of adult Triceratopses had slow heat dissipation, so it's too hot to walk. Pado chose a dense forest to rest in.

Many dinosaurs rested and enjoyed the cool air in the forest, especially giant dinosaurs such as Argentinosaurus and Diplodocus. They lost heat slower and couldn't walk during noon in such a hot weather.

Gulu saw Ouranosaurus eating in the hot smoking fern field like they couldn't feel the heat at all.

A group of Amargasaurus also ate in this hot fern field.

Amargasaurus was also a local dinosaur here, with a strange appearance. It's 9-10 meters long and weighs 7-8 tons. Its tail touched the ground. The most peculiar thing about this dinosaur was that it had two rows of symmetrical "tall spines" on its long neck. When they're opened, they looked very stylish. These tall spines were somewhat similar to the thin wings of pterosaurs. They're so thin that one could see the large ribs inside these spines. They looked very cool.  

These two rows of tall spines had very good heat dissipation effect. They also had the functions of communication within the group, like showing off when courting, etc.

Amargasaurus lived in such a hot environment while depending on this pair of cooling tall spines. That's why they didn't need to migrate.

Gulu was really envious of these Amargasaurus and Ouranosaurus. There're almost no carnivorous dinosaurs here. Although the weather was violently hot, these dinosaurs came with cooling artifacts and completely adapted to surviving here.

However, Gulu still thought that this area was too strange without the presence of any medium and large carnivorous dinosaur.  

Mungo wandered outside Pado's group again. Gulu wanted to go deeper into the forest, which seemed to run across this extremely hot area. They avoided the hot sun all the way in the forest.

Gulu felt that the absence of carnivorous dinosaurs here must have been caused by some particularly terrifying natural disaster. If they really had died within the past two years, some evidence should be found in the forest.

Pado charged Gulu, "Just stay in the forest. Don't go outside. It's too hot outside, you know?"

Gulu rubbed Pado's neck and said, "Yes, I know Dad. Mungo and I will stay in the forest."

Mungo and Gulu went deep into the forest together. Because there're almost no carnivorous dinosaurs, he didn't make his younger brothers follow.

Carnivorous dinosaurs here should only compose of Troodontid, a small carnivorous dinosaur with a weight of less than 100 Jin, which Mungo could casually deal with. Even Gulu could easily kill one. Needless to say, it posed no threat to them.

The deeper they went into the forest, the cooler it felt. Many large herbivorous dinosaurs rested deep inside.

After a long walk, they reached the deepest part of the forest. Even large herbivorous dinosaurs rarely come here.

Gulu didn't find any abnormality in the forest, until he saw a big pool from a distance!

They came to the front of this big pool. It's very cool here. Waterfall poured down into the pool. Gulu could imagine how cool and comfortable the waterfall was.

Even deep in the forest, Gulu was still felt smoking hot. He wanted to rush under the waterfall to take a shower.

But there're a few Diplodocus standing under the waterfall. They appeared very comfortable there. Their long tails kept on exciting lashing in the air.

Gulu could imagine the joy these Diplodocus felt when they discovered this precious place.

Mungo knew that Gulu also wanted to go for a shower. He roared at these Diplodocus who finally noticed a Tyrannosaurus rex nearby. It's so cool and comfortable here that they all relaxed their vigilance.

These few Diplodocus immediately got scared and ran far away. Even after they no longer saw the Tyrannosaurus rex, they still kept running.  

Gulu said as he ran into the pool: "Mungo is great! I love you so much, Mungo!"

Mungo followed Gulu down to the pool, which was as deep as Gulu's back and reached Mungo's belly.

The water in the pool was very cold. Gulu happily jumped and splashed around.

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When they reached the bottom of the waterfall, Mungo simply sank into the water so that he could be the same height as Gulu.

Gulu tilted back his big head while being hammered down by the pressure from the waterfall and shouted, "Mungo, Mungo, it's so comfortable! So cold!" Water from the waterfall poured into Gulu's mouth and spread its coldness down his throat.

Mungo also learned to gulp down the water while tilting back his head.

The water here was very clear. The clear spring flowing down from the waterfall flushed away all dirt and blood on Mungo and Gulu. Each of their scales was washed to a sparkling level.

Gulu wanted to wash his human body too. It's rare to encounter such a clean water source, but he still wanted to continue to wash his dinosaur body since it's very difficult to cool down.

So Gulu came to the shore. The water on the shore was very shallow. His dinosaur body's head wouldn't submerge under the water. The volume of water from the waterfall here was also relatively small. It's just right to relax.

Gulu first put his human body on the shore, then his dinosaur body laid in the water and allowed his consciousness returned to the human body, so that the human body could wake up while the dinosaur body just lie here to take a bath. It's perfect.

Mungo was watching Gulu.

Gulu: "Mungo, lean on the opposite bank. I'll lie on your belly."

Mungo, of course, immediately followed Gulu's instructions and sat down on the opposite bank, revealing his large belly to Gulu's human body, and acted as a giant Tyrannosaurus rex leather recliner.

The water from of the waterfall was relatively small near the shore and it's directed at part of Mungo's belly. Each splash against his belly looked very colorful under the sunlight.

Gulu swam to Mungo's front. He stepped on Mungo's stout hind legs and climbed onto his belly. Mungo's belly was so large compared to Gulu's human body that he could roll around on it.

Only a part of Mungo's belly had water from the waterfall. Gulu first stood under the waterfall and washed his body. Mungo's head was too big to see Gulu on his belly, so he could only lie there quietly.

Mungo liked Gulu to become a human being and played on his belly. He could feel it when Gulu stepped on belly, laid down, walked, or rolled around.  

After washing, Gulu took Mungo's belly as a giant slide. He slid down from the top, climbed back up and slid down again. Whether sliding or sitting down, Mungo's belly was smooth, comfortable, and not boring in anyway.

After playing on the Tyrannosaurus rex slide for a while, Gulu laid down in the middle of Mungo's two short forelimbs. He gently pushed on Mungo's forelimbs and said lazily, "Mungo, can you give me a loving hug?"

Mungo, of course, immediately embraced Gulu with his forelimbs with appropriate strength, so that he wouldn't slide down and sleep peacefully.

Before the migration began, Gulu would turn into a human form and lie on Mungo's belly to sleep and rest as long as he played in a clear water. Mungo was used to holding Gulu like this.

It's really too comfortable to sleep on Mungo's belly. Gulu soon fell asleep, but he didn't sleep long before waking up again.

Afterward, Gulu returned the human body to its personal space and revived the Triceratops.

Mungo and Gulu had rested well enough. They couldn't stay in the water any longer and had to go back to their group.

Shortly after they got out of the pool, Mungo suddenly shouted, "Gulu! That Camptosaurus!"

Gulu followed Mungo's eyes. It's really that Camptosaurus. He would never forget its appearance.

At that time in the polar circle, because the glacier didn't melt as fast as Gulu said, this Camptosaurus took advantage of this fact to "incite" the anger of the herbivorous dinosaur group, and almost caused an irreparable heavy loss to Pado's group.

Mungo said angrily: "I must bite that Camptosaurus to death!"

Gulu agreed with Mungo's idea. This Camptosaurus was too cunning. If it didn't die, one wouldn't know what kind of trick it came up with in the future. Killing it could prevent future troubles.

Mungo and Gulu started chasing the Camptosaurus. The Camptosaurus was very nervous. It ran fast and looked very desperate.

The Camptosaurus ran vertically out of the forest. Gulu thought that maybe this Camptosaurus wanted to run out of the forest. If it's too hot outside, they shouldn't chase it. And how was it possible that the Camptosaurus couldn't run much faster than a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus rex? Just enough at the level of almost catching up?

As he reached the edge of the forest, Gulu suddenly felt that something was wrong. He hurriedly said, "Mungo, stop chasing!"

But it's too late. Gulu and Mungo stepped down on empty air.

The two dinosaurs rolled down the slope for a long time before reaching the bottom.

Both of their body were all covered in dirt as they sat at the bottom of the pit. This pit was very large and deep. Its slope look very steep. They couldn't climb back up.

There're many bones at the bottom of this pit, all of which were remains of dinosaurs who accidentally fell here and starved to death.

The Camptosaurus stood at the edge of the pit and roared at them a few times, then grabbed a pile of ferns and tore open, revealing a bigger pit.

Although a month had passed, Gulu still occasionally remembered Ling and Rhino.

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