This pit was simply a natural trap. It's extremely hard to detect.

This pit was originally a large crater, but more than half of the crater was covered by fallen tree. The fallen tree was also covered with luxuriant ferns. It looked no different than a normal fern fields. It's impossible to detect this large pit.

The other half of the pit wasn't covered by ferns, but the Camptosaurus was very clever and used thick ferns to disguise it. Gulu and Mungo ran too fast and slipped down after stepping onto the empty space.

Now, this Camptosaurus had torn open all ferns covering the gap and the hole was completely exposed.

The Camptosaurus roared at Mungo and Gulu at the bottom of the pit, as if to show off its success, then ran off.

Mungo roared from the pit and wanted to rush up to kill the Camptosaurus immediately.

Gulu nudged Mungo's strong hind legs and said, "Mungo, don't waste your strength. Let's take a rest."

Mungo was very upset. If he had found this Camptosaurus earlier and killed it, or if he had just directly killed the Camptosaurus on that day when the ice wall broke, he wouldn't end up like this.

In fact, Mungo had been looking for this Camptosaurus every day since the day the ice wall broke, but this Camptosaurus was too clever for him to find.

Mungo: "Gulu, it's all my fault. I should have found this Camptosaurus and kill it earlier. And I should have found such big pit here before. It's all my fault…"

Gulu: "Mungo, how can I blame you? It's all my fault. This Camptosaurus hates me. It's because of Pado's group. Pado's group drove his group out of the cave, then the Cryolophosaurus ate up all his group members. Only he survived. So, he wants a revenge on my group. I brought trouble to you."

Mungo blamed himself a lot: "Gulu, you're still a young cub. I didn't protect you well."

Gulu knew it's difficult to change Mungo's thoughts. Mungo always felt that he was still a young cub. Mungo would blame himself for any danger brought to him. Now the most urgent thing was to find a way out.

However, this pit was too deep for them to climb even if he became a human, not to mention when they're in the huge and heavy body of dinosaurs.

Gulu tried to enliven the atmosphere: "Mungo, don't be sad. The most important thing for us now is to find a way out. After getting out, you can bite that Camptosaurus to death. I'll stomp on it. Humph, I'm so angry. We'll kill his guy and let it die miserably!"

Mungo heavily nodded. Gulu was so cute. No matter what happened, Gulu was always so cute.

Gulu really thought this way. It's no use getting angry and sad in this situation. The most important thing was to find a way to escape. Even if he really couldn't escape, he wanted Mungo not to feel too sad. No, he would definitely find a way to escape!

Mungo: "Gulu, we can definitely get out."

Gulu nodded heavily: "Mungo, we need to save our strength now and sit in a cool place inside. It's too hot here. As long as we hear dinosaurs passing by, we'll keep yelling and let them help us find Pado. As long as Pado brings the group, we can get out!"

Mungo rubbed against Gulu, who was always so smart.

A large part of the pit was covered by the fallen tree, which was in turn covered with ferns. Although it's still very hot, it's at least much cooler than the place without ferns.

Mungo and Gulu went to a relatively cool place to lie down, but the daytime temperature here was really too high. The shaded area of the pit was like a steamer, stuffy and hot, but the outside was even hotter, so it's better to stay here.

Gulu: "Mungo, let's talk less. There's no water here. Close your eyes and rest. If you think about those interesting things before, you won't find it too difficult."

Mungo nuzzled Gulu's neck and replied, "Okay, Gulu."

In fact, Mungo felt that as long as he's with Gulu, he would be happy wherever he was and whatever he did.

Gulu knew that they mustn't fall into despair at this moment. Both human beings and dinosaurs had great spiritual strength. He believed that they could escape. And staying with Mungo, even in such a harsh environment, didn't seem too bad. Mungo could always give him the strongest sense of security and the purest happiness.

Mungo and Gulu listened carefully to see if there're any footsteps of other dinosaurs passing by, but the surroundings were very quiet. They couldn't hear even a little footstep coming from a distance, as if they were isolated from the world.

Gulu realized that few dinosaurs would come here, because the migration direction of the migrating army wasn't in this direction. This place was very remote. Migrating herbivorous dinosaurs wouldn't come here, while local dinosaurs who knew about the big pit here wouldn't come to avoid falling into it.

While waiting, Gulu was constantly observing the surroundings and preparing for the worst.

This big pit was full of ferns, even the walls of the pit were full of ferns, but his appetite was too big. These ferns could support him for two days at most. Herbivorous dinosaurs must eat every day. They might starve to death after one day of not eating.  

Mungo, as a carnivorous dinosaur, could normally not eat for five days. In an extremely cold environment like the polar circle, the metabolism of his body would slow down, and he didn't need to eat for 7-9 days. However, in such a hot environment, he may starve to death without eating for more to three days.

There was nothing Mungo could eat in this pit except Gulu.

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Gulu fully knew how terrifying a hungry Tyrannosaurus rex was, but he wasn't afraid that a hungry Mungo would eat him. He knew Mungo would never eat him! He would never eat him no matter what happened!

Although Gulu knew Mungo wouldn't eat him, they couldn't afford to wait and must get help as soon as possible.

Gulu: "Mungo, it's possible that very few dinosaurs would come here. Let's shout together, as loudly as we can."

Mungo nodded, then the two dinosaurs gave out a burst of roars together, but they always felt the sound was muffled in the big pit. They went to the place where there're no tree shade and ferns to roar, even though they felt burnt under the sun.

One didn't know how long they roared. There's no other effect except that Gulu got dizzy. He turned into a dizzy dinosaur.

Mungo: "Gulu, go inside and rest. Your voice is too low. If I roar, it can reach further away."

Gulu had grown into a 2-ton Triceratops and his roar was loud. He knew Mungo said this just to let him rest. He said, "Mungo, I'm not tired. Let's roar together."

It felt like a long time, but it might not have been long, before they got very tired and hot. Time seemed to slow down and feel indefinitely long.

Gulu knew that this wasn't the way to go. They might die of heatstroke before hunger and thirst. Dinosaurs could also suffer heatstroke and get ill. Although their body was stronger than human beings, once they really suffered from heatstroke, they might die faster.

Thinking of this, Gulu said: "Mungo, let's take a rest and shout when it's not hot in the evening. The sound can also spread further in the evening. Pado and Gaya must be looking for us at night. They'll come when they hear our roars."

Mungo knew that Gulu was smart and always come up with ideas. He would listen to Gulu at any time.

So, the two laid back to rest.

Gulu spoke: "Mungo, think about when we were in the polar circle, it's so cold. We all slept tightly together to resist the coldness, think about that time…"

Mungo: "Yes, it's cold at that time…"

Gulu's method was called "mental cooling method", just like "painting cakes to appease hunger". There was really no other way.

Mungo rubbed against Gulu. As always, it made him happy at any time.

Then the two dinosaurs closed their eyes and rested. Of course, it's impossible to sleep. They rubbed each other from time to time. It wasn't too difficult.

As night fell, the temperature became cooler. Gulu's and Mungo's spirits soared. They rushed to the hole that wasn't covered by ferns and roared ferociously.

One didn't know how long they roared. Both of their voice turned a bit hoarse. Their throat really couldn't stand it. Gulu also felt very hungry and almost had no more strength to roar. But he loathed to give up and ate these ferns. He wanted to endure and not eat them since these ferns were too few.

Mungo realized that Gulu must be hungry and persuaded, "Gulu, go eat the ferns. I'll shout. Only when you're full can you continue to shout. Go eat quickly and come again once you're full."

Gulu listened to Mungo and started eating ferns. He's so hungry that he ate most of the ferns at the bottom of the pit before he knew it. Even then, he still didn't feel full, but he didn't dare to eat any more.

According to the current situation, it's impossible for them to be found for a while, nor could they get help from other dinosaurs. These ferns should be kept as lifesaving rations.

Then Gulu rejoined Mungo and roared together.

After roaring for a long time, both of them were tired. Gulu proposed to change shifts and roar in turn. The main reason was that if they needed to sleep at night since it's too hot to sleep during the day. In hot weather, humans couldn't sleep, and dinosaurs couldn't sleep either. However, they needed to keep up their physical strength while waiting for rescue.

Mungo let Gulu sleep first. Gulu listened to Mungo's roars. He felt very safe and fell asleep unconsciously.

When Gulu woke up in the middle of the night to change with Mungo, Mungo didn't want to go to sleep. He always said that he didn't want to sleep and only went to sleep after Gulu spent some time persuading him.


On the other side, Pado's and Mungo's groups were going crazy. They had been frantically looking for Mungo and Gulu since nightfall.

Pado sent more than a dozen Triceratops teams to look for Gulu. Pado and Babana were also looking for Gulu everywhere. Pachi, Dudu and Mila were entrusted to the care of other female Triceratopses in the group.

Each male Tyrannosaurus rex in Mungo's group separately looked for Mungo and Gulu, while Gaya looked for them with her three young ones. There were no strong carnivorous dinosaurs here. So, Gaya, a female Tyrannosaurus rex with her young ones, wasn't in danger.

In this way, the entire night passed quickly.

The location of this big pit's was too far away. Pado's and Mungo's groups never got close to it at all. They were still looking for them elsewhere.

At dawn, all herbivorous dinosaurs began to migrate again while Pado's group remained.

Mungo woke up at dawn and changed with Gulu.

Gulu was hungry again. He ate too little last night, which couldn't feed his huge body at all. He wanted to endure it and go to sleep directly, but he couldn't sleep. Finally, he got up and ate all the ferns left at the bottom of the pit. Although he still didn't feel full, he could at least sleep.

He didn't know how long he slept before he woke up from the heat. After he woke up, he roared with Mungo. If no dinosaur came to save them, they would really starve to death here.

It's so hot at noon that they went under the shade to have a rest.

Half of the dinosaurs in Pado's and Mungo's groups looked for them in the fern fields while the other half went to the forest. They hadn't stopped searching all night till it became too hot in the afternoon.  

Both Pado's and Mungo's groups had made up their minds to find Mungo and Gulu even if they had to dig three feet under the ground here.

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