There were no large carnivorous dinosaurs here and the herbivorous dinosaur group that lived in this area didn't have any fighting capacity. Mungo and Gulu couldn't be attacked. Even if they were attacked, with Mungo's cruelty and strength, it's impossible for him and Gulu to get hurt.

Pado and Babana had been looking for Gulu and Mungo all night without eating. Under the persuasion of Tutan and Paton, they quickly ate a little ferns then continued to look for them again.

At noon, the sun was very high up. Pado and Babana had been searching around the fern fields. Babana's health wasn't as good as Pado's and she's barely holding on. Pado asked Paton to forcibly send Babana back to the forest.

Back in the forest, Babana didn't rest. She continued to look in the forest but still couldn't find them. She was so worried that she couldn't lie down to rest.

Gaya took the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs. The cubs were not strong enough. They stayed up all night and it's very hot at noon. One by one, they walked in the hot weather and fell down, but they still wanted to keep looking for Mungo and Gulu. Gaya could only force them to sleep and rest.

The rest of the male Tyrannosaurus rex were still searching without any rest. They're all going crazy. They couldn't do without Mungo or Gulu! They absolutely couldn't!

After two days of searching in this way, Pado's group and Mungo's group had little rest but they still persisted.

All migrating herbivorous dinosaurs had left here, leaving only Pado's group and the local herbivorous dinosaur groups.

After nightfall on the third day, Pado wearily returned from the fern fields to join the other leading male Triceratopses who were looking for Gulu. They would communicate every day where they searched to avoid repeating the search.

After collecting the information, Pado arranged new male Triceratopses to go out and find Gulu. In order to find Gulu as soon as possible, Pado forced himself to remain calm even though he was going crazy.

Pado would arrange three different groups of male Triceratopses to go out early in the day, middle of the day and late in the day. This way, these male Triceratopses had sufficient energy to go further to search.

Although Pado knew to rotate these male Triceratopses, he never rotated himself. He's already very tired and hardly had much rest these past two days.

Babana had been forcibly "detained" by Pado to rest in the group. Many female Triceratopses surrounded Babana and prevented her from leaving the group.

The three Triceratops cubs were extremely worried. They also wanted to go out to find their brother, but they were also closely guarded.

Gaya took the three cubs with her. Even if she was in a hurry, she still had to take good care of the three cubs. Mungo and Gulu wouldn't want to see anything happened to the three cubs when they returned.

They cried and said to Gaya, "Mom, I want to find brother and Mungo. I want to find them, wu wu, Mom…"

Gaya blocked the way of the three cubs. Now it's nighttime. They could only sleep at night here since it's too hot do so during the day. Gaya must make the cubs sleep.

The cubs were extremely worried about Mungo and Gulu, but they were still sensible. They knew that Gaya was also very worried and couldn't let their mother spend too much energy taking care of them. The three cubs all laid down beside Gaya to sleep.

Gaya also laid down to sleep, but she couldn't sleep and of course the young ones couldn't sleep either.

It's not easy for the little ones to fall asleep one by one after midnight. However, Gaya still couldn't sleep. Her tears unconsciously flowed out. She didn't know where Mungo and Gulu went, or why they couldn't be found after two days…

The three cubs fell asleep but cried out in their dreams: "Brother, Mungo, where have you been, wu wu, why can't we find you? Please come back soon, please come back soon…"

The other male Tyrannosaurus rex had little rest and continued to search at night.

The endless fern fields and forests were full of the roars from Triceratopses and Tyrannosaurus rex, day and night.

Paton and Tutan followed Pado all the time. They're afraid that Pado would have an accident since he hadn't rested or eaten much.

After midnight, the earth suddenly began to shake. Pado thought he was too tired to stand until he saw the big trees in the forest shaking.

Soon Pado responded – shaking!

Almost all dinosaurs had experienced large and small earthquakes, which they called "shaking" because they could clearly feel the earth shaking underneath their feet.

Pado knew that an earthquake was very dangerous, and it may cause more serious earthquakes in a day or two.

The earthquake ended soon, but Pado knew that the group should leave here as soon as possible.

However, Pado hadn't found Gulu yet. He wouldn't give up looking for Gulu. He didn't believe that Gulu would encounter any danger here with Mungo. He firmly believed that Gulu could be found.

Pado had long been praised by all dinosaurs as the best Triceratops leader and even the best leader in Yukan continent. But Pado knew that he had never been a good leader. If he was a good leader, he should have never delayed the entire group for two days to look for his little cub, because lagging behind during migration could cause great harm to the entire group.

In order to find Gulu, Pado was willing to pay any price and even sacrifice the entire group. Pado had always known that he wasn't a good leader. He only became a leader in order to make Babana and his cubs live better than other dinosaurs.

Unlike other leaders, Pado didn't become a leader in order to be the best leader. He never had.

The leaders of any group could "abandon their wives and cubs" for the sake of the group, because they had too many wives and cubs. Of course, these leaders would also die for the group. All leaders believed that their group was above all else.

But Pado never felt this way.

Now, Pado had to let the group go first, because although Gulu was his cub, Pachi, Dudu and Mila were also his cubs. To protect them and Babana, the group must leave.

Pado said firmly: "Paton, you take the group to leave first. I'll come after you as soon as I find Gulu."

Paton shook his head and refused, "No, Pado, we all need to stay and find Gulu. Every dinosaur in the group is willing to stay."

Pado snapped, "Paton, move, the dinosaurs in the group will die if they stay. I can't protect so many dinosaurs. I can only protect Gulu while escaping. Go ahead and take good care of Babana and my three young ones!"

Paton also knew that the group must leave first. Once the bigger earthquake came, everyone would die. He cried and said, "Brother, I want to stay. Let Tutan take care of Babana and the three young ones."

Pado: "Paton, go back immediately and take the group away. If Babana and the three cubs suffer a little injury, see how I'll deal with you then!"

Paton still insisted on staying, but Pado stood his ground. Finally, Paton could only follow Tutan to the group and organize their leave.

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Mungo's Tyrannosaurus rex group didn't have any male willing to leave. Gaya and her cubs didn't want to leave either. They all stayed to continue looking for Gulu and Mungo.

There're still aftershocks. Pado was running through the forest alone. He must find Gulu. He must.

At this time, Gulu and Mungo were starving to death. They had been in this pit for three days.

All ferns in the pit were eaten by Gulu, not even the fern roots were left. There're ferns on the walls of the large pit. All of the ones that Gulu and Mungo could reach had been eaten by Gulu.

Gulu had not eaten for more than half a day. If they couldn't walk out of the pit before dawn, Gulu would starve to death. Unfortunately, they obviously couldn't walk out.

There was no food for Mungo in this pit. Mungo had not eaten for three days. Mungo would die if he didn't eat by tomorrow morning at most.

Now the two dinosaurs were lying on the ground together. They had lost a circle and were very weak.

Gulu and Mungo knew that Gaya and Pado must still be looking for them now. They must be frantic, but there's nothing they could do.

Mungo stood up with difficulty and said, "Gulu, I'll bite down more ferns for you. I can bite them once I jump up."

Gulu replied weakly, "Mungo, you've tried many times. You can't reach."

Dinosaurs the size of Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops didn't have the ability to jump high. Mungo jumped hard in order to bring down the ferns on the higher wall for Gulu. But in reality, it's more like just extending his neck. He had tried many times but could no longer reach any more ferns.

Mungo was unwilling. He felt that he must be able to get the ferns. He couldn't watch Gulu starve to death.

Gulu saw Mungo stick his entire body tightly against the wall, trying to stretch his neck. The scales on his neck highlighted a lot of "bulging veins" that made the skin congested.

Gulu looked at Mungo. Tears unconsciously blurred his line of sight. Mungo had never been so humiliated. Mungo had never been so thin. Mungo was the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex in the entire continent of Yukan. Mungo…

Mungo had gotten weaker. He also couldn't reach the high ferns. His feet slipped down the wall, kicking up high dust.

Gulu stood up with effort and walked to Mungo's side to lie down and said: "Mungo, let's lie down for a while. Don't waste any more energy. Tomorrow, tomorrow morning, Pado and Gaya will surely find us."

Mungo nodded slightly and agreed, "Yes, yes, Gulu."

Gulu put his neck on Mungo's mouth that was gasping for breath because he was too tired and spoke, "Mungo, do I smell sweet? My meat is tasty and my blood is delicious. Tyrannosaurus rex likes Triceratops best…"

Mungo knew that Gulu wanted to tempt him to eat him. Gulu had already tempted him this way more than once.

Gulu wanted to arouse Mungo's primitive instinct, his brutal and bloodthirsty instinct.

But Mungo never had the slightest thought of eating Gulu from beginning to end, even when he was hungry and delirious, even when he was in a daze in his dream.

They had long gone beyond the relationship between prey and predator. Mungo no longer saw Gulu as food. Even if Gulu was just slightly injured, Mungo would become very sad and distressed. How could he eat Gulu? He couldn't.

Mungo: "Gulu, I won't eat you. You're not my food. You're my cub."

Gulu was anxious: "But you're a Tyrannosaurus rex! When Tyrannosaurus rex are hungry, they can even eat their own cubs!"

Mungo: "I'm not this kind of Tyrannosaurus rex."

Gulu could only coax him: "Mungo, eat me. This way, you can at least be full. If you don't eat me, we'll all die. You'll become a starving Tyrannosaurus rex. If you bite me to death, at least I won't hurt much. It's much better than starving to death."

Mungo: "Pado and Gaya will find us tomorrow morning."

Gulu spoke weakly, "We can't hold out till tomorrow morning. Mungo. I feel very uncomfortable. I can't stand it. Kill me, okay? I'd rather be killed by you than starve to death. Just bite my neck. I won't hurt at all."

Mungo: "Then we'll starve to death together."

Gulu knew that if Mungo ate him, Mungo might survive. But if Mungo didn't eat him, they would all die.

Since Mungo didn't want to bite him to death, Gulu thought to himself, anyway, I'll starve to death in the morning. I'll most likely die before Mungo. Please god, let me starve to death before Mungo.

However, Gulu had to tell him something before he died: "Mungo, if Gaya and the group find us before you die, let Gaya and the group break the big trees and push it down to the bottom of the pit. If you lay the trees next to each other with many layers, you can get out…"

In order to make Mungo understand, Gulu said this many times. But Mungo always replied: "We're getting out together, I can't understand what you said. If you die, even if Gaya find me, I still can't get out…"

Gulu knew that Mungo already understood, so he stopped explaining.

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