At this moment, a lot of soil in the pit fell down as the ground began to shake, but it stopped after a while.

Gulu and Mungo both knew that it's earthquake, but they didn't care. The worst case was just to be buried alive inside.

Mungo expected some ferns to be shaken down by the earth's movement this time. Unfortunately, all that rolled down was soil. There's no ferns at all. He looked forward to a bigger earthquake, followed by some smaller aftershocks.

Gulu said to Mungo, "Let's sleep outside. Maybe Pado and Gaya can find us when they pass by."

Mungo and Gulu walked to the part of the pit without ferns to lie down. Although they all had no strength to roar again, Gulu wanted to give Mungo a chance to survive.

It's very cold at night. The two dinosaurs laid tightly together. Gulu was leaning against Mungo's big belly. Mungo's belly was warm and comfortable.

Gulu looked at the dark sky curtain. The stars in the age of dinosaurs were really beautiful. The Milky Way was clearly visible in the dark sky.

Mungo followed Gulu and looked at the sky.

Gulu: "Mungo, do you remember the first time we met? I saw myself in your big eyes and found out that I'm a Triceratops. Do you know? I was almost scared to death at that time, because I knew that Tyrannosaurus rex like to eat Triceratops…"

Mungo: "Of course, I remember. I really wanted to eat you at that time. If Gaya hadn't forbidden me, I would have eaten you…"

Gulu: "Now you're starving to death, but you refuse to eat me. You've changed, Mungo. You don't love me."

Mungo: "Do I love you if I eat you?"

Gulu: "Of course! I'm a Triceratops. Tyrannosaurus rex loves Triceratops best. You don't even want to eat Triceratops, can you still say you love me?!"

Mungo: "Then I don't love you."

Gulu: "You really don't love me! I'm so angry! The kind of anger that can't be coaxed!"

Mungo: "Don't be angry with me. If you're still angry, I'll keep coaxing until you're not angry anymore."

Gulu: "Alright, I forgive you for the time being. Mungo, let's recall the past. Do you remember that you taught me how to fight against Tyrannosaurus rex? You made me a big swimming pool to swim with Guji and Gudong using the footprint of the big dinosaur…"

Mungo listened quietly. As long as he was with Gulu, even if he was starving to death, Gulu could always speak so many happy things. He's not sad at all. He's very happy.

At some point, Gulu and Mungo both fell asleep while remembering their beautiful past.

Gulu woke up early in the morning on the next day, but he pretended to be dead. He wanted Mungo to think he's dead.

Mungo actually woke up too, but he leaned firmly against Gulu and didn't move. He knew that Gulu was going to die. He hoped that he could also die soon, and die with Gulu.

Pado shouted as he ran: "Gulu, Gulu, Mungo…"

In fact, Pado knew that any dinosaur that hadn't been found for three days must be dead. Even their bones might have been completely eaten up. But Pado couldn't think of any dinosaur here who could defeat Mungo. That's why he didn't believe that Mungo and Gulu were death. So, he must find them.

When the morning sun rose, the first ray of light shone on the earth. Pado looked at the endless forest. Suddenly his mood went out of control. He roared as tears uncontrollably flowed out. As the most powerful Triceratops leader, he had never cried like this.

Pado complained about himself: "I'm really useless. Gulu, Dad is really useless. Why can't Dad find you? Gulu, where are you? Gulu…"

But Pado quickly put aside his useless emotions and continued to run and shout in the endless forest.

At this time, Gulu and Mungo vaguely heard Pado's voice. They thought that it was just an illusion, until Pado's voice got closer and closer.

Mungo and Gulu, who were already starving to death, stood up instantly, as if they possessed infinite strength. At the same time, they responded to Pado with their greatest roars.

Gulu: "Pado, Dad, we're here! Can you hear me? Pado!…"

Mungo: "Pado, Pado! We're here! Pado!…"

But they were so weak that almost no sound could be heard from the pit.

Pado vaguely heard Gulu's voice and kept looking for it. He had hallucinations many times before. Every time he felt that Gulu calling him, he ran there but couldn't find him.

Whether he was hallucinating or not, as long as there's a glimmer of hope, he would run there without hesitation.

Soon, Pado ran to the vicinity of the pit. Gulu's and Mungo's voices became clearer. He quickly rushed forward.

Gulu heard Pado's footsteps that was about to enter the pit and shouted, "Pado, be careful! Don't fall in!"

When Pado's figure appeared above the pit, Gulu and Mungo saw the radiant light around him. Their tears unconsciously came out.

Pado looked down at Gulu and Mungo in the pit. They looked so thin and weak. They must be starving to death.

Pado's reaction was quick. He immediately bit the ferns and dropped them. He kept biting ferns and dropping them. Soon, he dropped a lot.

Gulu greedily ate the ferns dropped by Pado and said as he ate: "Pado, Mungo is starving to death. Please go hunt a dinosaur for Mungo and drop it! Pado, please, go!"

In fact, Pado was surprised that even though Mungo was starving to death, he hadn't eaten Gulu! This was totally inconsistent with a Tyrannosaurus rex's temperament.

Without waiting for Gulu to push again, Pado spoke, "Gulu, I'll go right away! Mungo, I'll be back soon!"

As he said this, Pado had already rushed out. He chose the nearest prey, an adolescent Ouranosaurus.

The Ouranosaurus was lazily lying on the fern field in the sun.

Pado walked slowly past, pretending to be eating fern plants. When he walked to the front of Ouranosaurus, he suddenly launched an attack and pierced its neck with one horn, killing it instantly.

It's still a little far from the large pit from here. In order to bring the prey faster, Pado didn't pull out his horn from the Ouranosaurus's neck. Instead, he used this horn to drag and drive the corpse to the pit.

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This Ouranosaurus was still an adolescent, weighing less than two tons. Pado weighed seven or eight times as much as it. Pado, as the most powerful Triceratops, had great strength and could walk very fast even when dragging his prey. (T/N: Pado can do anything, lol)

Soon Pado returned to the pit. He took out his horn from the Ouranosaurus's neck and gently pushed the corpse with his head. The dead Ouranosaurus fell into the pit.

Mungo's saliva flowed to his chin when he smelled the blood. He pounced on the Ouranosaurus crazily.

Gulu looked at Mungo like this and felt that there was no happier time than now.

Pado continued to bite the ferns and dropped them for Gulu to eat.

Mungo was so hungry that in an instant, an Ouranosaurus weighing nearly 2 tons was completely eaten, leaving no residue.

Tyrannosaurus rex usually only ate 500-800 Jin of meat at a time. Mungo was too hungry and ate two or three times as much as usual.

Mungo became full. Gulu was also full of the ferns fed by Pado.

After feeding Mungo and Gulu, Pado still looked very worried. He walked back and forth around the pit and said, "What do we do? How can you come out?…"

Gulu: "Dad, don't worry. I have a solution. Go and tell Gaya and them that we're here. They must be worried about us too. Then you can bring all of the Triceratops in the group to knock down these trees…"

After listening to what Gulu said, Pado regretted very much. He shouldn't have let the Triceratopses leave. Despite the impending earthquake, he still wanted the Triceratopses to rescue Gulu first! Regardless of the cost!

Gulu suddenly realized that by this time, the Triceratops group probably already left. Pado alone stayed behind to find them. All dinosaurs knew that an earthquake was very dangerous. Pado had no reason to keep the group here.

Pado: "Gulu, don't be scare. Dad will go after the group immediately. The group only left last night. They mustn't have gone far. At most one day, Dad will bring the group back. Dad will bring Gaya and them here first. With Gaya throwing you food, Dad will feel relieved."

Gulu: "Pado, it's too dangerous for the group to return. If there's a big earthquake, many dinosaurs may die."

Generally, small earthquakes were followed by large earthquakes, because the mainland was slowly dividing during this period. Although Gulu had not really experienced a particularly large earthquake, many dinosaurs had experienced it. Gulu heard Gaya and Babana say that many dinosaurs died in the previous large earthquakes.

Gulu understood that Pado wasn't only his Dad. He's also the leader of their group. He couldn't let all dinosaurs of the group return to die just to save him.

It's not that Gulu was acting noble and preferred to be trapped in the pit rather than being rescued by the group, but he had to make clear the interests with Pado to let him judge. There're also Babana and his three younger siblings in the group. He didn't want them to come back.

Pado: "Gulu, don't worry about it. I must rescue you. I'll come back one day at most. I'll come back. I'll tell Gaya and them first. They will come soon."

Mungo rubbed against Gulu: "Gulu, there won't be any earth movement before we all get out."

Gulu rubbed Mungo back and hoped, "Yes, Mungo, there definitely won't."

This place was really too remote. Pado left his own scent along the way to ensure that he could find his way back.

Mungo and Gulu were not worried at all now. They knew that Pado would come back to save them.

In the afternoon, Gulu and Mungo heard the roar of Tyrannosaurus rex. They're the voices of Gaya and Mungo's brothers.

Then Gulu heard the sound of many, many Triceratopses running. Gulu and Mungo were shocked. Pado couldn't catch up with the group that have been walking all night and bring them back this quickly, unless the group never left at all!

Their guess was right. Pado's group never left at all. None of the Triceratops in the group was willing to leave. They wouldn't leave until Pado and Gulu return to the group.

The Tyrannosaurus rex quickly ran to the pit.

Gulu shouted: "Mom, Guji, Gudong, Guga, we're all right. Don't worry. Just push down some trees to fill up the pit and we'll climb out!"

Gaya looked at Mungo and Gulu, who were extremely thin. Tears came out in an instant. The three young Tyrannosaurus rex cubs kept shouting at Gulu and Mungo, "We'll push the trees right now!"

Munroe and the other male Tyrannosaurus rex had joined the tree pushing army. Soon, Gaya also joined. The young cubs couldn't push the big trees, so they watched from the side in order to avoid adding to their burden.

Under Pado's organization, half of all adult Triceratopses in the group knocked down the trees and the other half pushed them with their big heads into the pit.

At this time, the earth began to shake violently, much more so than last night. Loose soils kept falling down into the pit.  

However, none of the dinosaurs stopped or fled because of the terrifying earthquake. They hit the tree harder or pushed them faster.

Tears had already blurred Gulu's vision. He didn't know how many dinosaurs would die in this great earthquake.


T/N: Wow, just how big is this pit? It takes ~3,000 Triceratopses to fill it up with trees?!

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