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A teenager cracked open the door and looked coldly at him, "It's you. What can I do for you?"

"Lin almost had an accident."

The pupil of the teenager constricted. "What's wrong with him?"

Kevin pushed open the door and walked straight in to sit down by the table.

"He almost got kidnapped. Because he inhaled some anesthetic, he has to stay in the hospital."

The teenager's breathing finally resumed. He walked to stand in front of Kevin while leaning against the table.

"Chris, I don't care how complicate your Osbornes' internal strife is, but Lin shouldn't be involved."

Chris clenched his fist.

The Taylors must have been pushed to their edge. Otherwise, how could they use such a dirty mean? No…it's his carelessness. They had always been unscrupulous.

"You know, Lin has been waiting for you."

Chris heard these words. His frowning brows didn't relax. He remembered how Lin Yifei looked at his eyes after the match, which caused thoughts to grow wildly in his heart. He couldn't sleep at night.

"I know."

"So, how long do you need to deal with this mess?"

"Less than one year." Chris didn't like Kevin Phil's concern for Lin Yifei that seemed to be more than friendship, but if it weren't for his concern, Lin Yifei would undoubtedly have fallen into the hands of others today.

"Good." Kevin adjusted his collar and lowered his voice to say, "In less than a month, Ghosn High School will have a holiday. I'll take Lin with me to England."

"You want to take him to England?" Chris lengthened his voice to show his displeasure.

"Yes, I'll take good care of him. Wait till you solve your trouble, then come and meet him there."

After saying this, Kevin got up and left.

Chris sat in the room, thinking about something. Suddenly he strongly landed a punch on the table and cursed in a low voice 'F***'.

When Lin Yifei woke up, it was already the morning of the next day. Mother Lin stood by his side and watched him open his eyes before she let out a sigh of relief. When Lin Yifei was fully awake, a female police officer came to him and asked him about what happened inside the restroom yesterday. The storm gradually subsided and Lin Yifei returned to school.

Chris went back to New York while Lin Yifei's life continued as normal.

To his surprise, Kevin, who should have returned to England, stayed behind and planned to remain in Washington until his school holiday.

"Are you worried about me? I'm really all right. Didn't the kidnappers also get caught?" Lin Yifei took the phone and asked Kevin why he's still in the U.S. If Kevin delayed his practice because of him, he would feel very guilty.

"As long as there's a fencing hall, it's the same everywhere. It's just that this time the Junior Championship yields surprising results. My coach wants me to pay attention to the sabre fencers in the U.S. who'll compete in the upcoming World Championship. In the next month, I'll hold discussions with some professional athletes here to learn more about U.S. fencing." Kevin spoke very sincerely, as if his decision to remain really had nothing to do with Lin Yifei.

"Ha ha, if you stay here, I can practice with you."

"Practice? What about your midterm exams? You'd better get through them first. Because of the championship, you missed a lot of lessons."

"Don't worry, I won't fail these classes."

The school took good care of Lin Yifei. After their regular class, all of the teachers would help him with his lessons. The 11th grade curriculum was a little more difficult than before. However, after the teachers explained the materials, there's no problem for Lin Yifei to keep up with the progress. Although Lin Yifei's results in the midterm exams weren't particularly excellent, they were better than what the teachers expected.

After the exams, it was time off for the holidays. Lin Yifei happily returned to Chinatown.

Chelsea came to their home and had a long talk with Lin Yifei and his parents. This conversation confirmed Lin Yifei's decision become a professional athlete, which was also supported by father Lin and mother Lin. After all, their son was admitted to Ghosn High School because of his fencing, and the winning prize of $30,000 USD was also earned due to his fencing. Obviously, their son had amazing talent in this field. As his parents, how could they not support him?

"I plan to take Lin to England this holiday." When Chelsea said this decision, father Lin and mother Lin obviously showed their surprise.

"Why does he need to go all the way to England?"

"Have you forgotten that we decided to let Lin take part in next year's World Championship? So there will be a round robin and qualifying match in the next six months. At present, England is at the top of the pyramid. Out of the top eight fencers in the world, it accounts for three. This time I want to take Lin to England and arrange several high-level professional athletes to play against him. This way, Lin's level will improve quickly."

Without Chelsea naming these 'top professional athletes', Lin Yifei already knew who they were. A few days ago, Rhett and Michael also called to ask him if he would like to come to England during his vacation. They couldn't wait to 'compare' with Lin Yifei, the champion of the World Junior Fencing Championship.

"Mom, Dad, I want to go." Lin Yifei firmly expressed his wish. What he could learn from Rhett and Michael was experience that he would never get if he remained in the U.S. to participate in the High School League.  

"How can Mom not let you go? I'm just a bit reluctance since we just met again after you came back from school." Mother Lin took Chelsea's hand and spoke seriously, "Coach, please take care of Xiao Fei for me. He went to travel before…Chris was with him when they went to England two years before, then Chris transferred…Every time I see the child now, he's alone. I feel worried."

At the mention of Chris, Lin Yifei's heart slightly ached.

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He wasn't the only one alone. Chris was too.

By this time, Chris had already returned to New York. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Elizabeth sitting on the sofa.

Her expression looked heavy and cold, but she had lost the madness from when she was forced to leave. Even when Chris walked upstairs, she didn't intentionally mention Lin Yifei or say some bitter words to stimulate him.

"George, how long will you keep me here?"

Elizabeth vaguely felt the tense relationship between the Taylors and the Osbornes.

She once dreamed of sitting in the living room of the Osbornes' as its mistress`. Now this wish seemed to have come true, but she had no freedom at all. Even the internet and phone that she used were under control since she's under house arrest.

The news of Lehman Brothers filing for bankruptcy was playing on TV. Elizabeth swallowed hard. Another investment company with close ties to the Taylors had fallen.

While the assets of the Taylors and the rest of the Osbornes were rapidly shrinking, Chris and his father didn't seem to have been hit hard. Their main capital had already been divested then reinvested in other overseas industries that were less involved in the financial crisis. Now Elizabeth doubted whether they are intentionally lowering their stock prices to trap the Taylors' money.

George came along with a plate.

"Miss Elizabeth, the young master said that your hair is too long. He asks me to tidy it up for you."

"My hair?" Elizabeth raised her eyebrows. Chris never paid much attention to her. When did he care whether her hair was too long or too short?

"In the afternoon, young master's former classmates in New York will come here. You forget that today is young master's birthday."

Upon hearing George say this, Elizabeth felt a little funny. She always put Chris first, but since when did she start to forget his birthday?

After today's birthday, Chris is still not an adult, but in Elizabeth's mind, he was more terrible than any adult.

George began to comb Elizabeth's hair, then his scissors flashed cold light as they moved around.  

Elizabeth felt the fallen hair touching her ear, making her heart feel like it's sinking.

Different from the luxury villa, Chris's birthday party was very simple. He invited a few friends to have a meal. Most of the chatters at the table were done by these friends. Chris seldom took part in their conversations.

For this birthday party, he only invited two friends, KK and Michael. During their conversation, Elizabeth found out that they were less of Chris's friends and more of Lin Yifei's. They all talked about Lin Yifei's victory over Chris in the Junior Championship. This atmosphere made Elizabeth unable to breathe. She left the table early.

In the evening, Chris's cell phone kept ringing. He continued to pay attention to the financial news as if he hadn't heard it. The U.S. economy had fallen to a low point.

George knocked on Chris's door. "Young master, Mr. Taylor called."

"Cut off the phone line."

"Yes, young master."

In this way, Mr. Taylor kept calling Chris's cell phone all night until his cell phone ran out of battery.

The next day, he came to the house in person but was stopped by the Osbornes' bodyguards. The two bodyguards and he were at loggerheads. He could only shout, "Chris Osborne! Come out for me!"

Elizabeth looked at her father from the window. She was eager to go downstairs but was stopped by the bodyguards outside the room who threw her back into the room.

Chris unhurriedly walked out of the door. Mr. Taylor took out his gun and aimed it at him. This made the bodyguards outside also take out their guns. Chris slowly walked up to Mr. Taylor and let him point a gun to his chest.  

"Why don't you shoot now? If you shoot me here, Elizabeth will have her head blown off."

"What do you…you…what do you mean by sending Liz's hair to me!"

"A gift. Didn't I tell you that if you touch a strand of Lin's hair, I'll give Elizabeth's finger to you? If you let Lin shed a drop of blood, I'll give Elizabeth's head to you."

Mr. Taylor's gun slightly quivered. "Where's my daughter? Where is my daughter?"

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