Chris pointed indifferently to the window. Elizabeth was sitting on her bed looking at them nervously.

"The new hairstyle that George cut for her looks good, doesn't it?"

"I want to take her back! Now!"

"Good." Chris moved over to make way for Mr. Taylor.

Mr. Taylor walked up the steps. He looked at the thick and ornate doors of the Osbornes then paused his step.

"Can you be so kind as to let me take her away?"

"Of course, I'm not that kind." Chris hugged his arms. The morning light that shone on his side profile showed his handsomeness. "Once Elizabeth is gone, I can say to DeNiro that you no longer want to work with us."


"George." Chris raised his head and saw George standing by the door. "Pack Elizabeth's suitcase. Her father has come to pick her up."

Mr. Taylor clenched his fist and returned to his car. The bodyguards stared at him until he drove away.

Chris went upstairs and passed by Elizabeth's room. The girl who stood by the door looked at him blankly.

"Do you recognize your reality? You are far less important to your father than the wealth of the Osbornes."

While accompanied by Chelsea, Lin Yifei finally arrived in London. The moment he got off the plane, he had mixed feelings and a hint of melancholy. The same flight, the same place, only the person sitting beside him had changed.

As soon as he walked out of the tunnel, Lin Yifei saw Kevin Phil at a glance. He was dressed in a long dark trench coat and looked distinguished among the crowd here to pick up their people in the airport.

Kevin took Lin Yifei and his party to his London residence. Lin Yifei also found out that the two-time World Champion and the previous Olympic champion were a real wealthy son. Kevin's apartment was a three-story duplex structure that's not too close to the city center but not as far as the suburbs. The first and second floors hosted living rooms and bedrooms, while the entire third floor had been converted into a fencing room.

Lin Yifei looked at the fencing room and opened his mouth, "Wow…"

Aside from Chris, Lin Yifei had never seen anyone with a fencing room in their house.

"Take a good rest first. Rhett and Michael will probably come for you in the evening." Kevin half-jokingly said.

During his stay in London, Lin Yifei felt extremely enriched. Apart from the usual practice with masters like Kevin and Rhett, Chelsea also found strong training partners for him.

In his spare time, Kevin would take him to enjoy the English afternoon tea` and go to the square to watch tango performance, so his schedule was tight but relaxed.

The two people sat by the fountain, drinking coffee while watching the pigeons flying in front of them and other tourists walking around.

Lin Yifei stretched himself and laid back. "I really want to be this relaxed all my life."

"I can make your life very easy, but are you willing?" Kevin leaned against Lin Yifei's head with one hand and lowered his brows and eyes. The tenderness in his voice was irresistible.

Lin Yifei looked at him quietly then smiled.

Kevin's fingers parted his forehead hair and whispered, "I know your answer. In fact, you are more stubborn than Chris."

The U.S. economy continued to enter a slump while house prices kept on falling. The Taylors and Osbornes' businesses in the U.S. were close to hitting rock bottom. If they continued like this, both of them would go bankrupt.

Chris finished today's exercise. He briefly showered, then wore a bathrobe and walked to his computer to read today's financial news.

The Taylors had already started selling the Osbornes' shares (at a loss). They must free up this money to save themselves.

Mr. Osborne also divested some of his and Chris's investments in Arab, Southeast Asia and South Africa to buy back the shares sold by the Taylors. Not only that, he also began to vigorously purchase the Taylors' shares.

Before long, Chris went to a hospital on the outskirts of New York. DeNiro had fallen ill. In truth, with his advanced age, this was also something that would happen one day.

The ward was full of the Osborne family members, including two important Taylor family members. If DeNiro left during this stormy time, the Osbornes would fall apart.

Chris walked into the ward. Everyone's eyes fell on him.

Before, some people thought that he was just a child with unsophisticated and cold nature, but it was such a child and his father who seized the opportunity during the financial crisis and bought back more than 70% the Osbornes' shares, which deprived the rest of the Osbornes of their rights. He even quietly encroached on the Taylors' assets.

DeNiro's face was a bit pale, and his eyes, which had always been bright and resourceful, also seemed distracted. He waved his hand and motioned everyone around him to leave, then pointed to Chris, indicating that only he could stay.

Everyone wasn't willing to leave. DeNiro must want to give Chris his last words at this time.

DeNiro hit his bed to show his dissatisfaction with the people around him for not leaving. When this old man got angry, the Osbornes' members were still a little scared of him, so they filed out of the room. Their eyes passed Chris from time to time. The teenager's expression was still calm.

When the entire ward quieted down, the haggard DeNiro suddenly regained his spirit, which made Chris wondered if his weakness before was faked.

Chris pulled back a chair and sat by the bed.

"Your father has expected the financial crisis to come. You took advantage of it to take hold of the Taylors' assets."

Chris didn't answer.

"That tens of billion-dollar project is just a shell. The real money was used on other investment projects. Compared with the Taylors and the rest of the Osbornes, you and your father are very good at 'lying in wait'. After three years, you finally got your chance."

"The Taylors is on the verge of bankruptcy. So, I don't think I need to marry Elizabeth. And there's no one else in the Osbornes who can shake the status of my father and I."

"Do you think that I separated you from Lin just for the Taylors?" DeNiro shook his head. He stretched out his hand and patted Chris on his shoulder, "I'm for you. You, a child, will fight for whatever you want, no matter how badly you get hurt. You don't know patience. If you can endure your love for Lin until you're fully fledged, then who else can hurt him? You don't think the Osbornes are important. You just immerse yourself in your own world. But now do you understand that without the Osbornes, anyone can hurt the person you like."

"Is this the same reason why you separated my parents?"

"Ask your father how he understands this." DeNiro closed his eyes and looked tired.

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When Chris walked out of the ward, everyone looked at him, but no one dared to speak. The teenager's expression never showed any hint of his thoughts.

"Chris, you and your father's real goal is to buy the Taylors' assets?" Mr. Taylor grabbed Chris.

"Mr. Taylor," Chris spoke quietly while pulling away his hand. "Next week, I'll send Elizabeth back to the Taylors."

"You b*stard!" Mr. Taylor was about to punch him in the face, but Chris easily avoided him.

According to internal source, the Taylors would file for bankruptcy protection next week. Judging by the current situation, due to the Osbornes' capital injection, a part of the Taylors' estate would also become part of the Osbornes.

A week later, Lin Yifei bought a newspaper on the streets of London with the headline of the Taylor family's bankruptcy. Another financial giant had fallen.

I don't know what happens to the Osbornes'.

Behind him, Kevin took the newspaper away and said with a smile: "Your parents' restaurant is doing well. I believe the financial crisis will not affect them much. As for the Osbornes, I have never seen any negative news about them. Your body is already in England, so let's put everything down and get ready for the round robin."

"Mmm." Lin Yifei took a deep breath. He had a premonition that Chris would come for him soon.

Elizabeth walked down the stairs while George carried her suitcase. She knew that from this moment on, she was no longer the diamond bride envied by others. Her father was completely bankrupt. Mr. Osborne spared no effort to buy the shares in his sister's hands, which still let Elizabeth and her mother live a luxurious life.

But Elizabeth's heart was empty. She grew up to 16 years old. Today, she finally came to face with reality.

"My father is using me. You're also using me."

Elizabeth looked Chris in the eye and spoke. Sadly, she's still infatuated with this cousin. She's infatuated with his indifference and heartlessness. At the same time, she was extremely jealous.

"If there's no Lin, will you like me a little?"

"If there's no Lin, there won't be me now."

Elizabeth showed a pale smile. This was Chris. All of his attention, all of his thoughts and his few amount of tenderness were given to the Chinese boy.

"You will regret it." Elizabeth briefly smiled. She lifted her skirt and walked down the stairs. Her back still looked proud.

That night, Chris received a phone call from his father.

"Chris, I bought you a plane ticket. You're too tired these days. You should take a good rest."

There was an envelope on the desk. George should have put it there. After opening it, it contained the latest flight ticket to London.

Chris's fingers slightly quivered as he said, "Thank you."

All of his forbearance was for this moment. He suddenly hated Kevin Phil. Why did he take Lin Yifei so far away?

Just then, George knocked on Chris's door, looking a little nervous.

"Young master, Mrs. Taylor called to say that Miss Elizabeth never returned."

"Where did she go?" Chris frowned.

"New York International Airport. She took a flight to London one hour ago. She took out nearly 50,000 pounds in cash before leaving."


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