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Large earthquakes likely led to large ground fissures, landslides, and mudslides, which were all extremely dangerous. Fortunately, there's no mountains here in the plains. The only thing they needed to worry about was ground fissures.

At this moment, Mungo and Gulu were in more danger inside the pit than the dinosaurs outside. It's likely that the earthquake would cause the ground to collapse and bury them alive inside.

The earth beneath them was shaking hard. Gulu could hardly stood firm on all four. Mungo's body also swayed badly. His tail kept on swinging side to side, which barely allowed him to remain standing without getting thrown to the ground. 

Even now, Mungo still reflexively tried to cover Gulu with his huge body. Mungo's body was very long, being more than 10 meters. There's more than enough room to cover Gulu under his belly.

Gulu saw debris and huge chunks of soil rolling down, but none of them hit him. He looked up and found that Mungo had entirely covered him.

Mungo and Gulu currently stood inside the big pit. There're many fallen trees covering the pit. This posed a potentially serious safety hazard to them.

Gulu hurriedly spoke, "Mungo, let's stand over there. These trees might fall on us."

Mungo also thought of this. Just as they were running out, a large tree was fell by the earthquake. Gulu ran faster. Seeing that the tree was going to hit Gulu's head, Mungo dashed forward at an accelerated pace.

Gulu was protected by Mungo while the tree hit Mungo's back with a loud bang.

Mungo shook off the soil and dirt on his body. There's nothing wrong with him. He could break this large tree with one foot. It's nothing to him at all, even though it hurt a bit when hitting his back.

Similarly, the tree couldn't really smash Gulu even if it hit him. Triceratops had long evolved into a tank-like body. It would just make him dizzy.

Gulu didn't have time to look at Mungo and ran forward. During this time, trees fell down one after another. Many of them fell on Mungo's head and back. Gulu was completely protected by him and didn't get hit.

Even if these dozens of large trees smashed down at the same time, they were mostly hollow inside since they'd been dead for a while. Only a few that hit Mungo and made a dull sound were solid trees. They fell on Mungo and broke to pieces, sending wood debris flying everywhere.

The trees that had covered the pit were all knocked down. The entire pit's suddenly opened up.

Gulu hurriedly asked, "Mungo, are you all right?!"

Mungo shook off the sawdust and replied, "Gulu, I'm fine. These dead trees can't hurt me."

Gulu saw that Mungo's head had some scales scratched off, with blood flowing out.

Mungo appeared paler covered in sawdust. He's also very thin and weak because he's been hungry for so many days.

There're tears in Gulu's eyes. Mungo was already like this, but he still said he's fine because he didn't want to worry him. Gulu thought that Mungo was both domineering and cute.

Just before, Gulu heard a dull sound. It should be from the solid tree falling down. Maybe one of them hit Mungo's head.

Mungo still kept Gulu under his body.

Gulu shouted: "Dad, don't come down or push down any more trees! Wait till after the earthquake. It's too dangerous now!"

Pado responded, "Gulu, I know. Don't be scared. Dad will definitely save you!"

Gulu: "Dad, you must be careful. Tell all dinosaurs in the group to be careful. The ground is likely to crack. Don't fall in!"

Pado: "Dad knows, don't worry."

Every dinosaur in Pado's and Mungo's groups crashed into these trees during the violent shaking of the ground. They were unwilling to stop. The later Gulu and Mungo were rescued, the more danger they would face. Another earthquake could happen again any time. An even bigger earthquake might still be waiting for them.

In the distance, the local Amargasaurus and Ouranosaurus hid on the ground inside the forest. Each dinosaur laid on the ground trembling with fear.

In the wild, when an earthquake occurred, it's safer to hide in the forests than on the plains, because the geological structure of the flat fern field may not be as strong as the forests with many interconnected trees. Trees that naturally grew in the wild wouldn't be knocked down by the earthquake, because the roots of these trees were buried deep in the ground.

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There was a loud bang and Gulu saw a fist-sized crack in the wall of the pit. Dusty thick smoke immediately appeared in the crack.

Gulu and Mungo kept retreating, because it's very likely that this fissure would spread to the pit.

But fortunately, the earthquake stopped at this time. The fissure on the ground just hit the wall of the pit but it's not large enough to cause the ground to collapse.

The ground fissure was very long and without end in sight. Gulu guessed that it's a very long fissure spreading at the junction between the fern field and forest.

Gulu didn't know how long the earthquake lasted, but it's at least five or six minutes when the violent shaking occurred. Gulu couldn't see what's going on outside. Fortunately, the big pit hadn't crashed down and bury them alive.

On the fern field outside, many ground cracks appeared and blew out dusty smoke.

Fortunately, there're no high mountains in the plains. Landslides and mudslides were the most terrible and destructive aftermaths after earthquakes occurred.

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Right after the earthquake, Pado organized the Triceratopses in the group to push more trees into the pit.

Mungo and Gulu hid in the innermost part of the pit to avoid getting hit by the pushed down trees. When enough trees were pushed down, they would use them to fill this bottom part of the pit.

Gulu commanded the operation. Pado relayed his orders while the rest of the Triceratopses and Tyrannosaurus rex acted as the main transportation force.

They didn't have much time. Earthquakes during the age of dinosaurs were different from those of modern times. They may occur intensively for the next few days, with the magnitude getting higher and higher, which made them extremely dangerous.  

In order to prevent the pushed down trees from hitting Gulu and Mungo, these trees were slipped down vertically against the wall of the big pit. They stood in the pit against the wall.

After the walls of the pit became lined with large trees, Gulu and Mungo pushed these trees down to cover the bottom of the pit one by one. After one layer was covered, they pushed more trees down and started another layer.

All dinosaurs remained alert. They pushed down these trees amidst the hot sun and sweltering heat.

Some trees were so high that Mungo's Tyrannosaurus rex bit them into two pieces. However, some of the trunks were so thick that they couldn't even be bitten off.  

While working this way, night eventually fell. Gaya hunted an adolescent Ouranosaurus for Mungo and dropped it down. Pado and Babana bit many ferns and dropped them for Gulu.

Pado made a detailed schedule. While some Triceratopses went to rest and eat, others would go on working. After the first group finished eating, they would come back to replace the second group.

Mungo's Tyrannosaurus rex group was also a part of this work and rest rotation.

There're more than 3,000 Triceratopses in Pado's group and with more than 2,000 adults. Even though the cubs couldn't participate, it's still very efficient for so many Triceratopses to work together on the same task.

Mungo's Tyrannosaurus rex and Pado's Triceratopses cooperated very well.

This was probably the strangest sight in the entire continent of Yukan. Not only were these Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratopses not fighting, they're also helping each other. It's really incredible. The local dinosaurs here were all stunned.

After a night of ceaseless efforts, the tree gradually filled up the huge pit.

Gulu and Mungo watched themselves getting closer to the ground.

When the first ray of sunshine shone on the earth, Gulu and Mungo finally came out of the huge pit filled with trees!

Guji, Gudong and Guga immediately surrounded them together with Pado, Babana, and the rest. They rubbed against each other like they couldn't be affectionate enough.

Pado's group looked at them and roared in unison. All Triceratopses in the group were very excited and happy.

The male Tyrannosaurus rex in Mungo's group also roared together.

With the rising sun, everything became so full of vitality.

Gulu didn't expect them to actually come out alive. He looked at Mungo, Pado, Babana, Gaya and his brothers and sisters, together with all the Triceratopses and Tyrannosaurus rex then at the flaming sun. All of this was truly wonderful.

Pado and Babana looked at Mungo, who was so thin and didn't look like a Tyrannosaurus rex, with tears in their eyes.

Before, Pado and Babana were always worried that Mungo couldn't control himself in a state of extreme hunger and ate Gulu. A hungry Tyrannosaurus rex would even eat its own cubs. Even if Mungo took Gulu as his cub, he might still eat him when he's hungry. This was the natural way of survival for Tyrannosaurus rex.

But Mungo was really too strong. Every Tyrannosaurus rex in his group was also very strong. Mungo never starved at all.

Before, in Pado's and Babana's view, Mungo didn't eat Gulu only because he's never starving. They  never knew whether he would eat Gulu once he's hungry. They always believed that he would.

Now they saw Mungo looking so skinny and starving to death, but he still didn't eat Gulu, the only source of food available.  

Pado and Babana felt very guilty about their previous suspicion and distrust of Mungo and had irreparable guilt.

Mungo lowered his head and said to Pado and Babana, "I didn't take good care of Gulu. It's my fault that you're so worried."

Pado and Babana rubbed Mungo's scrawny body and spoke, "Mungo, you already did well."

Gulu hurriedly told Pado and Babana about how they met the Camptosaurus and how they were led to the trap as well as all of their grievances with the Camptosaurus in the past.

Pado was very angry and wanted to kill the Camptosaurus immediately.

In fact, after the leaving the polar circle, Pado also looked for the Camptosaurus, but the Camptosaurus was too smart and alert that Pado couldn't find it.

At this time, Mungo and Pado were both thinking that they must find the Camptosaurus as soon as possible.

Gulu saw many cracks on the fern ground. Although these cracks were not large enough to make the ground collapse, another major earthquake would make the area very dangerous.

They couldn't stay here. They must leave at once. This was the epicenter of the earthquake. It's too dangerous to stay.

Pado immediately organized the group to move forward. Mungo's group also followed Pado's group.

Mungo was very thin now, but it didn't prevent him from leading more than ten male Tyrannosaurus rex with great power and momentum.

Pado's group and Mungo's group walked for several days while taking less time to rest. They were trying to catch up with the migrating army.

During this period, Mungo's group had been hunting the local Ouranosaurus and Amargasaurus. Either one was easy to hunt for a Tyrannosaurus rex. There's basically no danger.

Although they were in a hurry and walked fast, Mungo and Gulu still grew a lot of meat back because they ate well. Soon, they almost returned to their original size and would fully recover in a few more days.

Gulu had been observing the terrain along the way to prevent as many deaths to their group as possible during the next earthquake.

At last, they finally caught up with the large migrating army, but they're still more toward the end of this large army.

After another half-day walk and toward to the evening, Gulu saw the Great Rift Valley that shocked his dinosaur heart. It looked just like the Great Rift Valley of East Africa in the 21st century.

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