"Let's go now."

Chris's heart was tight, he picked up the ticket and rushed out the door without even picking up his suitcase and his passport. George followed suit.

Chris had long been familiar with Elizabeth's style of conduct, not to mention the addition of Mr. Taylor's poisonous influence. There's no doubt that Elizabeth wanted revenge against him. The best way was to hurt Lin Yifei.

Chris made a phone call to Chen Lin Ji. The person answering the phone was Chen Manman. He got the phone number used by Lin Yifei in London from her.

At this time, Lin Yifei was sleeping soundly. His cell phone rang many times, but he just turned over and continued to sleep. Chris used to take a lot of pains to wake him up, not to mention now that it's the best time for Lin Yifei to sleep.

Chris flung his cell phone on the seat cushion. He placed his hand over his mouth and pondered. Then he made a phone call to Coach Lippmann and got Kevin Phil's phone number.

"Watch Yifei. Someone from the Taylors has gone to London."

With just this simple sentence, Kevin already understood all of his meanings.

"I'll look after him."

When Lin Yifei woke up the next morning, he found more than a dozen calls on his cell phone. The phone calls came from the same number. His heart trembled. Even if this number was reversed, he would still know who it belonged to. It's been a long time. Chris had never called him. Why did he call so many times in one night? Lin Yifei called back, but he got a recording saying that the number couldn't be reached.

What the hell is going on?

Lin Yifei became even more anxious because he couldn't get through the phone.

At this time, Kevin knocked on his door and leaned against it with a warm smile: "Hurry up and wash. Breakfast is ready."

"Ah, good."

When eating breakfast, Lin Yifei seemed a bit absent-minded. He smeared his jam on his hand without being aware of it.

Kevin slightly sighed and took over his bread and spreading knife. "Are you thinking about Chris?"


"Do you wonder why he called you?" Kevin smiled and spread the jam for him then put the bread back on his plate.

"How did you know that he called me?" Lin Yifei thought of something and stood up, "He also called you? What the hell happened?"

Kevin pushed Lin Yifei back to his seat. "Nothing happened. You have always been a gift to my heart. God let you stay with me, but there's a time limit. Now it's time for you to return." (T/N: oh Kevin 😭)


"I mean, Chris is personally coming to take you back."

"Is Chris here?" Lin Yifei froze. So, all of the Osbornes' problems have been solved? He's free now, isn't he?

Kevin stretched out his hand and looked at his watch. "Ah, his plane should be arriving any moment. You'll meet before noon today."

Lin Yifei immediately showed a happy expression. His heart was pounding more excitingly than when he won the World Junior Fencing Championship.

"Today, I discuss with your coach, Chelsea, to let you take a day off." Kevin's finger touched Lin Yifei's forehead. A lonely smile appeared on his lips.

Lin Yifei spent the entire morning waiting.

He looked at his cell phone from time to time, thinking that Chris would call him when he got off the plane.

Kevin funnily looked at him then went to the kitchen to make black tea and prepare snacks.

Finally, the doorbell rang. Lin Yifei hurried to the door.

But Kevin actually put down the black tea and pulled Lin Yifei behind him.

"Kevin…what's the matter?" Lin Yifei clearly felt Kevin's nervousness at this moment.

"Nothing." Chris told him to be careful of the Taylors. Of course, he had to make sure who the other person was before opening the door.

What appeared on the security camera screen was Rhett's flat face.

"It's you." Kevin opened the downstairs gate with some amusement.

But when Lin Yifei opened the apartment door, he was shocked.

Rhett's expression was tense. His smile froze there, and his muscles almost contracted together.

Pointing at his head was a pistol. And the person holding this pistol was Elizabeth.

Lin Yifei's heart tightened instantly, and his brain forgot to think.

Elizabeth's expression was cold. One didn't know if she stayed with Chris for too long, even her cold but determined eyes looked similar.


Lin Yifei's hand froze there.

"Don't call me Liz. Only my parents have the right to call me that."

She waved the gun muzzle. Rhett walked into the room stiffly and said guiltily, "I…I didn't expect anyone to…"

Kevin naturally pulled Lin Yifei behind him. It was his fault. Chris had already reminded him that the Taylors would be looking for trouble, so he cancelled all of Lin Yifei's training in order to keep him at home, but unexpectedly Elizabeth came right to the door and even brought a gun.

Sweat flowed down Kevin's forehead. He had experienced many thrilling matches, but only at this moment did he really face the line between life and death.

"Lin, do you think that by hiding in London, the Taylors can't find you? Oh, no,
it's not you who's naïve. It's Chris. He doesn't know that when someone already lost everything, there's nothing left to fear. Even if he hides you in Antarctica, I'll still find you."

"Even if the Taylors has gone bankrupt, it doesn't mean you've lost everything." Kevin spoke coldly.

"The Taylors' bankruptcy has made me see my father's face clearly and the faces of those so-called friends, and Chris Osborne. I really don't know what else I have left." Elizabeth smiled and looked past Kevin straight at Lin Yifei.

Lin Yifei wanted to come forward, but Kevin stubbornly made him stay behind.

"Wherever you go, you seem to have no shortage of protectors." Elizabeth's finger pulled on the trigger, "You aren't the kind of person who let others to bear the consequences for you. I'll count to three, if you don't come out from behind Kevin Phil, I'll shoot him in the head."

Rhett's body quivered. He closed his eyes.

"You dare not." Kevin looked at the 16-year-old girl. Her eyes were cold and crazy.

"Ok, then try me." Elizabeth's gun pointed down at Rhett's shoulder.

"No!" Lin Yifei couldn't help speaking out. Rhett was a professional athlete. No matter where he's injured, it'd bring irreparable losses to his life. This was a feud between him and Elizabeth. No one else should be involved.

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"Lin!" Kevin held Lin Yifei back, but one didn't know where Lin Yifei got so much strength. He broke free from Kevin and came toward Elizabeth.

Elizabeth decisively moved the gun away from Rhett and landed it on Lin Yifei's forehead.

This sudden change made everyone froze in place.

"Lin –" Kevin tried to drag Lin Yifei back, but Elizabeth made a shot. The bullet shot past Lin Yifei's shoulder and went straight into the tea table. The sound of the broken glass vase seemed to cut people's nerves.

"Whoever comes again, I'll blow his head off." Elizabeth snorted coldly, "Close all curtains."

Kevin swallowed and pulled closed all of the curtains in the living room as she said. The entire living room became very quiet.

Rhett was still standing where he was, looking frightened and unable to move.

Elizabeth and Lin Yifei sat on the sofa together. Her elbow rested on the back of the sofa and the muzzle of the gun pointed at Lin Yifei's temple.

"Do you need tea?" Kevin sat opposite hugging his chest.

"What? Do you want to call Chris?"

"I don't need to call him. He'll come here." Kevin looked at his watch. "He should be here in about half an hour."

Lin Yifei was sitting next to Elizabeth. When she pointed her gun at Rhett, his mood was a mess. But now that the gun was pointed at his own head, his entire thinking suddenly became clear.

"Aren't you afraid?" Elizabeth asked, raising up the corners of her mouth.

"Of course, I am."

"I'm getting bored waiting. Tell me, when was the first time you and Chris met?"

"It was in fifth grade. I just transferred to a new elementary school. He slept on his desk every day."

"Oh? He's always been so conceited that he thinks he can learn by himself even if he doesn't listen."

"No, it's because he has to get up very early in the morning to deliver newspapers to the neighborhood. In the evening, Mrs. Osborne works late at the Chinese restaurant. He has to pick up his mother."

Elizabeth was slightly silent, "How do you know each other? Did he treat you so well from the beginning?"

"Treat me well?" Lin Yifei scoffed, "Chris never wanted to talk to me."

"Then when did you get close?" Elizabeth hit Lin Yifei on the head with a gun. The smile on her mouth looked very frightening, "Don't be stingy. You can't even share such a small thing."

This action made Kevin who was sitting not far away felt a thrill. Even Rhett's face became pale. His eyes stared at the trigger, fearing that she would accidentally press down.

"It seems that we made a small wooden cabin for the school garden party together. Chris glued glass fragments of various colors on the roof and converted it into a music box. When I sold it, Chris was very angry and ignored me for several days."

Elizabeth smiled bitterly. She remembered the music box, which was placed by Chris's bedside, "What happened later? How did Chris forgive you? How did the music box end up back with Chris?"

"Later…" Lin Yifei lowered his brows and looked like he remembered something warm. His lips smiled faintly. "I bought him an old fencing equipment with the money I earn from selling the music box and he forgave me."

Elizabeth certainly knew about that set of protective equipment, which Chris put in his wardrobe and protect like a baby. She accidentally dug it out once and half-jokingly asked Chris why he put such rubbish in his wardrobe. His eyes then were cold enough to kill her.

Don't touch my stuff, Chris said.

From then on, even if Elizabeth sat down on Chris's chair, she would be careful not to leave any marks behind.

"A long time later, we met again in Washington. I asked my friend to buy back the music box."

Elizabeth had been smiling, the kind of smile that made people shudder.

At this point, the doorbell rang.

Elizabeth motioned Kevin to open the door with her chin. This time it must be Chris.

Lin Yifei's entire body tensed up. Now that they had entered such a deadlock, how could they resolve it?

Chris looked at Kevin's face and knew that Elizabeth was already here.

What he was wearing was only a shirt and a thin dark grey trench coat. He obviously came to London in a hurry.

When he entered the living room and saw the gun leaning against Lin Yifei's head, he didn't look surprised. With his hands still in his pockets, he slowly walked to the front of the sofa and sat face to face with Elizabeth.

"Nice to meet you, my fiancé." Elizabeth laughed, "Ah, I remember that our engagement has been cancelled. I should change the name. Chris, my dearest cousin."

"How much did the gun cost?" Chris didn't look at Lin Yifei, but looked at Elizabeth, with unwavering eyes.

"10,000 pounds. Because I don't have a gun license, I have to spend a lot more money." Elizabeth's lips showed a little proudness, "You didn't think that I'll personally come for Lin Yifei, did you? Did you think that I'll also find other people to do the dirty deed like my stupid father for fear of revealing my identity?"

"It is more reassuring to come yourself." Chris seemed to agree with Elizabeth's judgment.

"You're not asking me what I want by pointing a gun at Lin Yifei?"

"Even if you don't blow his head off, you can hurt his leg or shoulder, ruin his fencing career, and torture me with his pain to revenge against me." Chris said flatly.

"It seems that you know me better than I expected." Elizabeth's smile became more arrogant. She lowered the gun to point against Lin Yifei's shoulder, "Where do you say I should shoot first? His shoulder or leg?"

Chris pushed the phone neatly to Elizabeth's face and lowered his voice. "Do you think shoulder or leg is better?"

The picture showed Mrs. Taylor sitting in a chair. Her entire body froze there, as if she couldn't even speak.

Elizabeth's pupil shrank. She suddenly turned her gun to Chris, showing a malicious eyes that didn't belong to a 16-year-old girl.

"What have you done to my mother?! What do you want?!"

"The same thing you want. Speak, shoulder or leg?" Chris's eyes were frozen. He's just repeating the question.

"Let my mother go! Otherwise, I'll kill you!" Elizabeth yelled out.

"I thought you're ready to pay with everything. You even bought a gun." Chris leaned to the side and looked unmoved.

"I said let my mother go! She's your aunt!"

"Aunt? Growing up, she didn't say anything to me, nor did she do anything for me. Such an aunt is just a term on paper."

"Do you think that after hurting my mother, your father will let you go? That's his sister!"

"Once you shoot someone, how can my father punish me?" Chris leaned back completely on the sofa, while Elizabeth stretched out her arm. The gun muzzle was only 2 to 3 centimeters away from Chris's head.

Although the gun was no longer aimed at him, Lin Yifei felt even more terrified. He's even afraid to breathe, for fear that Elizabeth would pull the trigger when he inhaled.

What should I do? How can I take that gun?

Lin Yifei understood why Chris had been infuriating Elizabeth. He's doing so to attract her anger and ensure his safety.  

Chris and Elizabeth seemed to be the only ones left in the world. This was a war between them.

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